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Photo 1: Franking 3  Ascom Hasler  Smile Photo 2: Franking 3  Ascom Hasler  Smile Photo 3: Franking 3  Ascom Hasler  Smile Photo 4: Franking 3  Ascom Hasler  Smile Photo 5: Franking 3  Ascom Hasler  Smile
Ascom Hasler
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Germany - Sachsen-Anhalt
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techn. Connection data: 100-240 V, 50 60 Hz; 0,2 - 0,4 A Reference Manual: available inspection sticker: 05/1998 specification by the manufacturer to 2,400 stampings per hour letter thickness to 6, 35 mm telesetting via modem cost center management Automatic date 2-line Display Multi-language user guide security code can be programmed favorable for high values ​​extreme consumption Connection for postage scale, printer, PC with TMS online with the desired amount refillable mass and Weight Width: 262 mm Height: 341 mm Depth: 168 mm Weight: 6,3 kg Options Briefschliesser catch tray technically functional reference to the offered item: Our house recycled assets from resolutions and insolvent companies. Each purchase our General Conditions (all warranty and guarantee reservation of ownership such as the transfer of risk already in the contract, the exclusion until the purchase price has been paid, etc.) are regarded as agreed upon the contract. The full conditions can be found as a PDF file attached. Subject to prior sale. VAT reclaimable. On request we organize the shipment for you. Next sale to the public: Saturday: 22 February 22 March and 26 April 2014 in the period 9-12 clock or by appointment Nationwide purchasing or marketing of machinery, technical installations and equipment of all kinds

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€35 EUR plus VAT (EXW)
≈ $48.34 USD (päivittäin muunnetaan todellinen hinta euroa) plus VAT
(postikulut pyynnöstä)
MEDCO Congreß-und Handels GmbH Halle - Kaikki tämän myyjän tarjoukset (582)
Mr. Wolfgang Seeliger
Magdeburger Straße 23
06112 Halle


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Machine tarjous: Franking 3 Ascom Hasler Smile