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Photo Preview:
Photo 1: Ecoworxx Pellet Press type PM 22 E  PM 22 E (28081)
PM 22 E (28081)
Machine condition:
ready for operation
Offre type:
Nouvelle machine offre
Machine emplacement:
Germany - Bayern
Données techniques:
Complete device for producing pellets from

- NEW -
Make Ecoworxx
Type PM 22 E

Standard equipment:

- Compact, modular construction
- With integrated Euro-pallet feet
- 4 sides for hand pallet truck or stacker useable
- Surface area of ​​about 0.80 m x 0.8 m
- Height 1.4 m
- Weight about 380 kg dep. of equipment
- Including tools
- Total electric power 4,0 kW
- Connection value 3 x 16 A at 400 V, 50 Hz

- Seperate main drives with high quality
German gear motors
- Press incl 2.2 kW variable speed adjustment
- 1.5 kW incl shredding drum speed adjustment
- 0.25 kW including internal conveyor screw speed adjustment

- Integrated electric two-point addition of moisture
- Storage and mixing region below shredding drum
and screen deck
- Internal metered material supply to the pressing chamber
- Continuous Robust molded flexible tool setting
- Easy changing dies for various pellet diameter
and strength
- Adjustable, variable pellet length
- Optional mechanical and electronic interfaces
e.g. of raw material supply and pellet removal
- Optional extension of the input funnel possible
(e.g. cover or torque arm)
- Average throughput volumes
about 30 kg / h - 70 kg / h (material-dependent)

Fully assembled and ready for use.
Made in Germany
Static Lot number: 84793010
Total weight: 380 kg
Product no. 13000

Flat matrix 6/30 mm 90 degrees for PM 22E
Flat matrix with 6 mm holes
Statistical Lot no. 84799080
Total weight 5 kg
Product no. 13002

Located in 97447 Gerolzhofen
- Free on truck-
Numéro de référence:
Ajouter numéro:
€19.900 EUR plus VAT
≈ $27499.81 USD (quotidienne converti, prix réel en euros) plus VAT
(frais d'envoi sur demande)
Kirchner GmbH - Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen - toutes les offres de ce concessionnaire (688)
Mr. Christian Orth
Nikolaus-Fey-Str. 17
97447 Gerolzhofen


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Machine offre: Ecoworxx Pellet Press type PM 22 E PM 22 E (28081)