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The BTS-MF550hd Tyre baler was designed for specialized Tyre recycling plants. The Tyre baler solves space and thus storage and transport problem. Baler compacts up to 80 scrap Tyres in easy stackable Tyre bales. Compacting creates an enormous volume reduction, available storage and cargo space so the allowed transport weight can be exploited efficient.

° Extended cylinders produce a more compact bale
° Can bale a variety of waste products including tyres, PET-bottles, textiles, computer screens and other heavy duty materials
° Fully automated bale ejector, simplifies removal of bale
° Retaining Claw system to reduce spring back
° CE-certified
° Made in Europe

Up to 80 tyres in one bale
Up to 26 Ton in a 40ft container
Up to 300 tyres per hour
Up to 70% storage saving
Up to 55% transport saving
Technical details

Tyre Baler
Height: 3500mm
Width: 2115mm
Depth: 1200mm
Weight: 1935kg
Transportation Ht: 2500mm
Power Supply: 380-400V (three phase)
Motor: 11kW 32 Amp
Pressing Force: up to 50 Ton
Noise Level: 75 decibels

Height: 1200mm
Width: 1500mm
Depth: 769mm
Weight: up to 650kg (depends on material)
Cycle Times: 50 seconds

Loading Aperture
Height: 880mm
Width: 1500mm
Depth: 769mm

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Beckmann Technik & Service KG - Semua tawaran agen ini (50)
Mr. Henning Beckmann
Bökerhof 3
33034 Brakel


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