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Foto 1: filter, fan, pipes SCHEUCH LIGNO SFDW Foto 2: filter, fan, pipes SCHEUCH LIGNO SFDW Foto 3: filter, fan, pipes SCHEUCH LIGNO SFDW Foto 4: filter, fan, pipes SCHEUCH LIGNO SFDW Foto 5: filter, fan, pipes SCHEUCH LIGNO SFDW Foto 6: filter, fan, pipes SCHEUCH LIGNO SFDW
Anno di costruzione:
Macchina condizione:
very good
Offerta tipo:
Usato macchina offerta
Macchina posizione:
Austria - Oberösterreich
Dati tecnici:
Model SFDW 05/11-C-07

offer typ: second hand filter unit – state of the art
availability: immediately
location: Upper Austria
machine condition: perfect

YOM 2007

with fully automatic on-line - all cleaning filter tubes by compressed air pulses

Filter area approx. 474 m2
capacity 80.000 m3/h (max. 90.000 m3/h)
Suitable for all kinds of wooden dust
No of filter units # 7

385 filter tubes, 165 mm DM, length 3.375 mm
Filter material Ligno 01

Filter housing ST 360 B
max. under pressure 4.000 Pa
max. temperature mechanical parts T1 - 80 deg. Celsius
Magnetic valves 220 VAC 50 Hz IP 54

Filter gaskets ST 360 B

Filter execution:
Housing made of 2,5 - 3 galvanized metal sheets
incl. premounted filter ceiling with pneumatic filter cleaning system
Pressure tested according to EG- 87/404/ EWG, with CE certificate

1 service door per unit
1 valve heating against artificial freezing, 220 VAC
1 pressure unit for each valve per filter row
1 dust pipe inlet per unit

1 dust collection tray, 60 deg with extraction screw, DM 300 mm and gear motor, SEW, 400 V, 50 Hz

Impuls- filter equipment
1 support frame, galvanized
height 4.000 mm
weight 1.124 kg

1 operating platform for servicing works incl. latter and safety devices
weight ca. 736 kg

1 rotary gate valve Model Zsl 0400 nk- 34
motor 2,2 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz
weight ca. 172 kg

1 return air duct from filter to production hall for 80.000 m3/h

Return air/ circulating air gate – throug flow adjustable
fire protection flap – closes automatically when temperature increases over 70 deg. C.

Return air duct consisting of:

Connection part to filter
Air Circulating flap with motor
Exit air duct
Fire protection flap
All pipes and ducts for return air, galvanized

Safety arrangements (fire/ explosion)
5 blow out discs ATEX tested
1 explosion relieve venting
1 explosion relieve venting for rotary valve – ATEX testet
1 explosion relieve venting for pipes

1 level gauge for dust collection tray
1 rotary protection gauge for extraction screw/ gate valve
1 filter temperature measurement device

1 fire extinguishing line with 2 spray cones/ unit
inclusive “C”-connection
inclusive vertical “C” connection piping

SCHEUCH Ventilator unit – SEPAS top of the line model
Model VEK/ VEB – 18/24 VEB-B2-H2/H2/H2

capacity min. 12.000 – max. 80.000 m3/h at temperature of 20 deg. C.
motor 112 kW, 400V 50 Hz,

Ventilator execution
Housing with galvanized metal sheets, including noise cancellation damper
Ventilator integrated in housing – motor outside

Incl. ventilator support frame
Anti kickback device
Service/ control openings

SCHEUCH activating air system
capacity 2400 m3/h
motor 3 kW, 400 V 50 Hz, IP 54

Incl. activating ventilator
Suction/ pressure line with galvanized pipes
Suction line noise cancellation damper
Pneumatic gate valve
8 activating units in galvanized metal sheets

Control cabinet SEPAS – PLUS with
multifunctional touch – panel to control the complete filter unit and all belonging equipment
Main switch
Emergency stop button
Control cabinet light
Frequency transformer

SCHEUCH suction piping
Model NW 1000

Panel thickness of pipe 1,25 mm
Panel thickness of bow 1,25 mm

Galvanized metal sheets, all 1,5 m long, bows D 1,5
Incl. cover plates and adapters
Total length of piping approx 250 m
Approx.. 30 pcs. Electro- pneumatic sliding valves

GRECON – fire protection system
Spark recognition system and fire extinguishing system
Aggiungi numero:
PRATTES Maschinen-Handels GmbH - Tutte le offerte di questo rivenditore (77)
Mr. Werner Prattes
St Peter i. S. 32
8542 St. Peter


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