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Foto 1: Profile machining centre EMMEGI Phantomatic T 4 A Foto 2: Profile machining centre EMMEGI Phantomatic T 4 A Foto 3: Profile machining centre EMMEGI Phantomatic T 4 A Foto 4: Profile machining centre EMMEGI Phantomatic T 4 A Foto 5: Profile machining centre EMMEGI Phantomatic T 4 A Foto 6: Profile machining centre EMMEGI Phantomatic T 4 A
Phantomatic T 4 A
Anno di costruzione:
Macchina condizione:
in excellent condition
Offerta tipo:
Usato macchina offerta
Macchina posizione:
Germany - Baden-Württemberg
Dati tecnici:
The Phantomatic T4 A machining centre has a physical protective guard, which totally protects the operator and contributes to reduce the noise level.
The protection allows however an easy and quick access to the support clamps for the profile loading/ unloading and a pratical access to the machine’s back in case of any eventual maintenance request.

Machine’s programming:
The Phantomatic T4 A is quickly and easily programmable, thanks to a special software package developed by Emmegi. Such software, operating in Windows 2000 environment, is one of the most important features of our working centre, allowing the operator to program the machining in a simple and intuitive way.

Clamps positioning:
After the programming, the machine carries out the automatic positioning of the no. 4 pneumatic clamps on the X-axis by means of a pneumatic device installed on the side of the spindle aggregate.
This allows the operator to lay on the standard machine one profile (2 profiles with optional software), to be machined against the relevant pneumatic reference stop, with the certainty of having the clamps always in the right position.

Profiles positioning:
The Phantomatic T4 A machining centre is equipped with n. 2 pneumatcially driven drop-away reference stops, designed x1 and x2, located on the left side of the machine and no. 2 pneumatically driven drop-away reference stops, designated x3 and x4, located on the right side of the machine.
The reference stop can be selected by the operator during the programming, to lay the profile in the most convenient position for the machining, as described in the following table.

Axis stroke:
□ X (longitudinal axis): 3400mm
□ Y (transversal axis): 300mm
□ Z (vertical axis): 350mm

Positioning speed:
□ X 56 m/min
□ Y 22.5m/min
□ Z 22.5 m/min

Aix acceleration:
□ X: 4,68 m/sec²
□ Y: 1,84 m/sec²
□ Z: 1,84m/sec²

Electrical spindle characteristics:
□ Power in S1 service: 5.5KW
□ Speed: variable from 500 to 18.000rpm
□ Collect chuck: ISO 30 DIN 69871
□ Shank: special design
□ The spindle cone is kept clean by a jet of air during tool change

Tools lubrication:
The “Phantomic T4 A” is equipped with a tool magazine, which slides horizontally, and has six slots available to accommodate:
□ No. 1 2-way angular spindle (max width 239mm)
□ No. 4 ISO 30 collet chucks
□ No. 1 Blade holder with blade up to 180mm or no. 1 ISO 30 chuck

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€24.500 EUR plus VAT
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M. Hille Import & Export technischer Anlagen, Maschinen - Tutte le offerte di questo rivenditore (35)
Mr. Markus Hille
Eigenheimweg 6
03051 Cottbus-Gallinchen


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