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Foto 1: Punching machine Renz DTP 340 M
DTP 340 M
Anno di costruzione:
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Nuova offerta di macchine
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Germany - Bremen
Dati tecnici:
Renz DTP 340 M electric punching machine Powerful tabletop dance system. Versatile with interchangeable punching dies. Be combined in a modular design with the binding machines Renz WBS 360 for wire bonding and Renz PBS 340 for plastic binding. German brand. Working width: 340mm, punching capacity: 35 sheets, punch: Off switchable, punching Orientation: Vertical, edge distance: Variable, weight 40kg, Size: 360 x 490 x 250mm (LxWxH). Equipment: Punching Tools ausstauschbar. Available for wire binding, round hole or square hole, in 3:1 and 2:1 pitch, with or without thumb holes, and for plastic binding in the U.S. and Europ division. Tools are open on the side and double closure suitable (2x340mm), rapid conversion by Einhängsystem, Punching capacity up to 20,000 sheets / hr. Delivery without stamping tools. Available as an option. Machine retrofitted with stroke counter.

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27568 Bremerhaven


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Macchina offerta: Punching machine Renz DTP 340 M