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Code: 0385 Brand: BCR - ITALY Model: K 50 R - CE Standard Edge bander for pre-glued - CE Standard Fk3fysn Technical data: Automatic edge cutting group Edge-banding group Max working height 50 mm Min working height 10 mm Automatic feeder of the panel Single-phase motor Overall dimensions: mm 1500 x 750 x 1400 h Weight kg 130 more
Edgebander Fabr. Ott, type XM 2508-F BJ. 2009 Baxlxo2k Serial No. M/53134 7 units, bending, milling, formatting/joints, RADIUS milling, cleaning, anti-static, polishing wheel, working length 9.000 mm, control, Fabr. Beckhoff, type version 4.0 more
Edge banding machine HolzHer SPRINT 1310-1 Built in 2003 Edge thickness 3 / 5 mm Workpiece thickness 6-45 mm Workpiece length of min 180 mm Feed 11m / min equipment: Roller + Strip magazine Glue job station Printing unit Bcoga3i9ss End trimming unit Milling unit Scraping unit Buffing unit more
Bordatrice HOLZHER mod. Triathlon 1488 v Bcnsumy8jq more
Capable of applying up to 3mm tape. Iejcdxz Glue pot. End saws. Top and bottom trimmers. Edge scrapers. Buffers. Sound safety hood. CE Conformity. Cleaned Checked & Tested. more

Polymac ERGH03 Edgebander Polymac ERGH03

Glasgow, United KingdomUnited Kingdom dealership location
5536 km
good (used)
Polymac ERGH03 Edgebander (Used) Rehh3axr Serial Number : 12208 Year Manufactured : 2001 more

Laser edge, zero joint, Edge banding Schugoma TMS1810

Schmallenberg, GermanyGermany dealership location
6490 km
Kantenking table machine 45 ° for zero joint, laser edge x x x Look at the concept (foto) for your edgebander x x x - with edge indent and cutter - for edge processing max. 4 m/min - stationary use - with control unit for temperature u. pressure regulation Ghuhffz2 - up to 65 mm edge height - up to 3 mm edge thickness - automatic edge feed with sensor - sensor for automatic cutting - stepless speed regulation of the edge feed - automatic panel more
CATALOG NUMBER HL 001 PRODUCT FEATURES Bander edge G-MAX 360 is the ideal machine with an automatic feeder for simple plates, which applies adhesive directly onto the disc. Wood veneer may be a PVC or coiled up to 3 mm or, in strips of up to 4 mm. The machine has a pre-milling, and automatically cuts the veneer, and at both sides of the work material is a unit for up-down milling. 20 long rolls smoothly and quickly feeds the material. Edgebanders G-MAX 300 is directed to plants that do not have... more

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