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WEIBERT Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen from Hösbach Rottenberg

WEIBERT Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen

Herr Josef Weibert

Buchenweg 25
63768 Hösbach Rottenberg


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Wir sind Händler für gebrauchte und neue Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen.
In unseren Verkaufsräumen von über 1000qm bieten wir Ihnen ein umfangreiches und qualitativ hochwertiges Maschinensortiment.

Sie suchen eine gebrauchte oder neue Holzbearbeitungsmaschine oder bieten Sie uns Ihre freiwerdende Maschine zum Ankauf an.

Rufen Sie uns an, oder schicken Sie uns einfach ein Fax. Verkaufsanfragen werden bei uns sehr diskret bearbeitet.

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Press Joos
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Long belt sander Fulda Record
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Milling heads
various milling heads Dwsgve G&-4136-M3U4A more »
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Press Joos
Joos Press with hand crank C9upkqufi G&-4138-M3U4A
Long belt sander Fulda Record
Fulda Record 490 Long belt sander Fw0e2jf G&-4137-M3U4A
Milling heads
various milling heads Dwsgve G&-4136-M3U4A
Extraction system Spänex
Chipnex Extraction unit with drive unit D= 120mm Bhlzkn8snc G&-4135-M3U4A
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table extension AIGNER
Aigner Table extension 1100 x 175 x 40 mm with support leg G&-4130 Bhiydcldg0
Dressing thickness Planer Weibert form9-250
form9 - 250 Surface thickness Planer Planing width 250 mm Planing height 180 mm A and excerpt reel rubberized Motor 2,3KW 400V 230V 50 Hz Feed speed 8 m / min 7wz7opveo Length 1090 mm the machine Maximum chip removal durin ...
Circular sawing machines Martin
Martin sliding table saw - sliding table 2600mm - 45° tiltable saw blade - 3 speeds 2800 - 6750 -7000 U/1 - Rip fence 1050mm - Saw blade diameter: 400mm - Motor 4,8kW 400V 50Hz - • • - G&-4131-M3U4A Bhhad8qpda
Edge grinding with oscillation Weibert WJ-KS26
WEIBERT WJ-KS26 new Edge grinding with Oscillation (the original) It should already be a Waleed! -3 KW 400V(4 PS) S1 100% n = 2840 min. Grinding table - 750x300mm table height 200 mm belt 850x200mm belt size 2600x150mm swiveli ...
Saw-milling machine Weibert FR3
Saw-router Weibert FR3 new - Format sliding table 2000mm - cutting height: 103mm - Outrigger table cpl. - Saw blade: tiltable, max.315mm - 3KW Motors (4KW) 400V 50HZ - Milling cutter: rigid 90° - Milling machine rpm: Speeds: 1500 ...
Sheet-bending machines
Sheet metal bending machine Bhg837goc7 width 2100mm G&-4127-M3D34
Dressing thickness Planer Weibert SD 510 Eco
SD 510 Eco Surface and thickness planer Plane width 510mm dressing table length 2250mm 4 Strip knife shaft Planer fence 1500 mm 90°-45 Machine grey cast iron tables 5.5 KW (7.5 PS) 400V thicknessing ta ...
Shears plate shear Bombled-Paris
Bombled-Paris Guillotine shears width 2060mm G&-4124-M3D34 2qpuslk
Circular sawing machines Elektra Beckum PK 255/ 3400 DNB
Elektra Beckum PK 255/ 3400 DNB sliding table length 1,5m Saw blade 45° tiltable Engine power 3,4 KW 400V 50HZ n= 3800 U/1 Haritsr cutting height 80mm 3 circular saw blades 250x3,2x30mm Z 80 VW Z 60 Z 24 ...
Surface thickness Planer Weibert ADM 260
ADM 260 Surface and thickness planer Plane width 260mm Giwkrqb 3 KW engine 400V 50HZ 3 Knife shaft with slotted hole drilling device for removal G&-4121-A7794 VAT not identifiable!
Circular sawing machines Weibert Z400EL
Weibert Z-400-EL Bhdu0xhd2a Sliding table saw sliding table 420x3200 mm anodized, cutting length 3500 mm Motorized height adjustment and inclination of saw blade 3 cutting speeds: 3000/4000/5000 1/min Car. Star/De ...
Euro pallets
approx. 100 Euro pallets Nprwb well used also single delivery 7,-€ net per piece
Compound miter saw Weibert KAP 305JL
Massive die-cast aluminium underframeMotor S1: 1800Wight: 23kgHM-Circular saw blade-D: 305mmIdle running speed 4200 rpmSwivelling -45/ 45° extendable backgauge low-noiseBelt drivechmaler laser line exactly marks the cutting lineD ...
Milling machine Boettcher & Gessner BG
Table milling machine spindle 30 mm Motor 3 KW 400 V 50 HZ Right - left run Shaper fence G & 2720-M3520 Baadotp2ky Accessories: wood-made feed
Drechsel machine Weibert D510F D510F
Wood Turning Lathe Precision device for professional users, with grey cast iron variable speed control high degree of spindle concentricity Spindle can be fixed all 15° LCD speedometer One hand operation of the tailstock an ...
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