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Herr Philipp Gärtner

Wiesenhofweg 18
A - 8142 Gradenfeld/Wundschuh


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Maschinen Gärtner
Maschinen und Werkzeuge für die Holzbearbeitung

Neumaschinen und geprüfte Gebrauchtmaschinen für Holzbearbeitung Maschinen für Holzbearbeitung
Spezialmaschinen für Holzbearbeitung

Seit 45 Jahren bieten wir unseren Kunden Qualität und Technik angepasst an den individuellen Bedarf und Betriebsgrösse von der Standardmaschine über Spezialmaschinen bis zu CNC-gesteuerten Bearbeitungszentren

Funktions- und werkstattgeprüfte Gebrauchtmaschinen für alle Anwendungen

Sicherheit des laufenden Betriebes durch individuelle Beratung und Service

Verlässlichkeit durch unser Reparaturen - und Ersatzteilservice

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individual wooden grinder Maweg Saturn D
Zc9b37gType: Saturn D used machine grinding unit down and above  width: 200mm maximum workpiece thickness: 160mm Year of construction: 1985 Location: Warehouse / 82281 Herrnzelll more »
circular saw Felder K73
Type: KS73 used machine Height and tilt adjustment manaual Mttxow arm length: 1200mm cutting width: 800mm motor power: 3kW Year of construction: 1995 Location: Warehouse / 82281 Herrnzell more »
band saw Hema Garant60
Y99weu3Type: Garant 60 Weel diameter 600mm Motor power: 2,2kW automatic motorbrake year of construction: 1981 Location: Warehouse / 82281 Herrnzell more »
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Machine offers
band saw Hema Garant60
Type: Garant 60 Weel diameter 600mm Y99weu3 Motor power: 2,2kW automatic motorbrake year of construction: 1981 Location: Warehouse / 82281 Herrnzell
veneer press Joos HP70
Typ: HP70 3nu2tgwze Used machine pressing surface: 2500 x 1100 mm opening: max. 340 mm electrical heated Power: round about 15 kW Year of construction: 1973 Location: Warehouse / 82281 Herrnzell
glue spreader Joos LAM1300
Type: LAM1300 used machine working wide 1300 mm maximum passage hight 120 mm 2 rubber roller Mtpu3s Roller Ø round about 185 mm feed round about 19 m/min Year of construction: 1989 Location: Warehou ...
Tool and Cutter Grinder Trumpf Quicksharp 6840-H3
Article number: MA1004 Manufacturer: Trumpf Type: 6840-H3 Year of construction: 1989 Machine number: 968 Length [mm]: 600 Msiof Width [mm]: 600 Height [mm]: 1800 Weight [kg]: Approx. 350 Pow ...
Punching - nibbling machine Trumpf TC2000R
Article number: MA1016 Manufacturer: Trumpf Type: Trumatic 2000 Year of construction: 2001 Machine number: 700444 Control: CNC Bosch type 3 Length [mm]: 6000 Width [mm]: 4100 Height [mm]: 2070 ...
Punching nibbling TC 500R -1600 Trumpf TC 500R -1600
Article number: MA847 Manufacturer: Trumpf Type: TC 500R-1600 Year of construction: 1996 Machine number: 040917 Control: Bosch Intrum graph CC220 Length [mm]: 6900 Width [mm]: 5800 Height [mm] ...
Punching Punching TC 500R Trumpf TC 500R
Machine called CNC punching machine Manufacturer TRUMPF TYPE TC 500 R Built in 1994 Control Bosch CC220 CNC control Number of tool stations 18 Working area x 2535 mm Y 1280 mm technical data: ...
Laser cutting machine Trumpf TC 600L FMC
Machine description CNC punching laser machine Stock no. MA788 Manufacturer TRUMPF TYPE TC 600 L FMC Built in 2000 Laser type TLF 2400 Turbo Laser power 2400W GES. 48972 operating hours Resona ...
Press Brake Trumpf TrumaBend V130 X
Press brake machine name Stock no. MA837 Manufacturer TRUMPF TYPE TrumaBend V130 X Year of construction 1998 Ofev7bx3h Weight-12900 kg Size B L 2210 x 3640 x H 2885 mm Hours of operation 24368 ...
Veneer Press Buetfering
Veneer press 2qiq2u Brand: Buetfering Electrical heating - we offer it as cold press Working dimensions: 2500 x 1250 mm
3D Laser Cutting Machine Prima Power Rapido 5
used 3D Lasercuttingmachine Manufacturer Prima Power Type Rapido 5 Year of made 2005 Working hours 87.300 h Laser cutting hours 74.000 h Working area 3000x1500 mm Laser type Rofin Sinar dc 035 Las ...
Sheetfedoffset Heidelberg Printmaster PM 52-4+
+ Version, incl. N+P, Alcolor Dampening, Straight Machine,EasyPlate, Prinect Classic Center, Vacuum-Belt Feed Table,Hydrostar Compact (Baldwin Basicliner),Programable Ink-Roller Washing Device,Program ...
Sheetfedoffset Man Roland R 704 3B LV HIPRINT
RCI, Color Pilot D Densitometre D / Teleprecense, Powder Grafix Cantronic, Ink Temperature Control beta.c, Pneumatic Sidelay Control, Electro Mechanical Double Sheet Control, Kersten Ionization Devic ...
Sheetfedoffset Komori LS 440 P
Installation May 2009, Komorimatic, APC, PQC with PDCS2 AMR, KMS4 - Komori Management System Automatic Blanket Washers, Automatic Ink Roller Washers Automatic Impression Cylinder Washers Gu0wgw Prese ...
Sheetfedoffset Man Roland R 304 HOB
Straight Machine 4/0 RCI Rolandmatic + Baldwin CPL Powdersprayer All Washers Fkxvgccba Carton Device High Pile
Sheetfedoffset Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102-2 P
CPC 1.04, CP Tronic, Autoplate, Preset Feeder, Alcolor, Technotrans, Grafix Betatronic 100, electronic double sheet control, Perfector 1/1-2/0, 2hgvv7kj Washers
high pressure cleaner Kaercher HDS-SPEC S
Kärcher pressure washer HDS-SPEC S, built in 1983, 380 volts, 4 kW, checked and ready for use with Lance. Sr3h30 The advertisement was translated automatically and some translation errors may have ...
Sheetfedoffset Man Roland R 305 P
MnrwxPerfector 2/3 - 5/0, Rolandmatic dampening system, RCI + CCI, CPL, High Pile Delivery, Powder Device Grafix Cantronic, Carton Device, Overhauled in 2014
Sheetfedoffset Man Roland R 702
Straight Machine, RCI remote control for ink and register, Suction tape feeder board, APL, Roland Deltamatic dampening system, Inktemperature control, 3evibpjmc Technotrans cool- and circulation devi ...
Sheetfedoffset Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52-2+
+ Version, CP-Tronic, Autoplate, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans cooling device, automatic inkroller-washup device, automatic blanket-washup device, 33chl9ibh automatic impression cylinder washup dev ...
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