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Ich möchte eine gebrauchte eiserzeugungsanlage abgeben. die anlage ist seit 20 jahren nicht mehr in betrieb. sie eignet sich als Ausstellungsstück.durch die Salzsole hat rost angesetzt. bitte melden sie sich bei mir.

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Air Cooler FANU 3BK07205AA AA01
Fan filter, fan line, air cooler Bdkcm3a7m3 -2 x fans per line Fan Pope type Multifan 4318/2 -7 x fan lines available Price per piece Weight 0.75 kg
Air Conditioning Chamber Epsilon Echos 25 ST1P
temperature max.: Ein-Austritt: 12 / 7 ° length: 1105 mm width: 675 mm height: 1385 mm control voltage: 230-24V /50Hz weight of the machine ca.: 318 auf Anfrage! kg air conditioning system consisting of 8 ceiling devices and 4 wa ...
Aircooled pack. Chiller CIAT LDST 0800
Aircooled packaged Chiller ,4 scroll compressors, Bhlwqekjxt 2 circuits,R410A, with hydronic module,tank and double pump Cooling Capacity: 216 KW ( 62 TR) in working order,tested
Cooling piston compressors Mycom N8WB HEM / N8WB
• Mycom cooling compressor. • Type : N8WB HEM. • Serial number : 83 72 27 • Prod. Year : 2010 • Riefrigerent : NH3. • Motor : 37KW. • Ydelse 147KW (ved -32,5/-10.C) • Mycom cooling compressor. • Type : N8WB Bee ...
ventilation ducts
3 x ventilation ducts 3.200 mm (L) x 2.400 mm (H) x 2.000 mm (B) 3 x ventilation ducts 3.200 mm (L) x 2.400 mm (H) x 1.600 mm (B) Nu8nr
chiller, process cooling, chillers ICS Cool Energy iC770
Prodition system, immediately available. Cold water set i-Chiller iC770: -Cooling power: 139kw with an exit and entrance temperature of 7°C/12°C and an ambient temperature of 35°C. -integrated P3 pump -Voltage: 400V/3-PE ...
Accumulator kmp VA-59-11 SRD
Accumulator for refrigeration compressor, chiller, refrigeration compressor, chiller, refrigeration compressors, compressor Bdj9wol720 -1 x accumulator available Award pieces 132/132/H490 dimensions mm Weight 3.9 kg
Compressor sets BITZER 44DC-14.2Y
Type 1. Bitzer 44DC-14.2Y Capacity at -10 ° C 30 kw Length 1,700.00 mm Width 600.00 mm Height 900.00 mm Artikelnr.: #02477 Xf8c8
Aircooled pack. Chiller Climaveneta NX/LN/K0452P
Aircooled packaged Chiller ,2 scroll compressors, 1 circuit,R410A, Low noise Cooling Capacity: 114 KW (33 TR) in working order,tested Xgodo
Chiller GWK weco 24 WB
Rated cooling power: 23.5 kW at flow temperature: 15 ° C Ambient temperature: max. 45 ° C Compressor drive power: max. 8.87 kW Current consumption: max. 21A Performance regulation: 100% Cooling water quantity: 5.2 m³ / h Minimu ...
Water chiller 300 kW MTA ARIES Tech 140 SN
304 kW, MTA cold water chiller, air-cooled, type: Aries AST 140SN M.T.A. S.p.A. Standards: Eco-friendly refrigerant R410A; 4 parallel scroll compressors in 2 independent cold circuits; crank tub heating and phase monitoring; St ...
refrigerating machine, chiller ICS Cool Energy iC10C
Cold water set, industrial calculator, process cooler i-Chiller Compact iC10C -Cooling power: 4.52kW -Dimensions (LxBxH): 660x486x876 mm -Einsatzweight: 98 kg -Electric main power supply: 230/1/50 V/Ph/Hz -Available pump print: ...
Air Cooler Roller SV1
Air cooler, evaporator, cold storage, refrigerated containers, cooling cell Gfusl7x -2 x fan 0,58 kw 1200 Watt Weight 16 kg
Special Machine KÜBA SGBE 33
temperature: -5 bis +12 °C wall thickness max.: 80 mm dimension L-W-H: 14,3x4,4x3,6 m Cold Storage Plant with wall thickness of 80mm - thermal insulation PU Foam, accurate dimensions and foamed without Chlorofluorocarbon / CFC - ...
Aircooled pack. Chiller Climaveneta NX/K0602P
Aircooled packaged Chiller ,2 scroll compressors, 1 circuit,R410A, Cooling Capacity: 166 KW (47 TR) in working order,tested Bhlwnya3xl
Refrigeration unit 135kW Gessner DynaCiat LGN500
DynaCiat LGN500 3x400V R407C refrigeration unit, 7065297 148x120x87cm Gessner Cooling capacity 135kW 36.9kW consumption 1.4 / 22 Bar, 29 / 29.5 Bar 2008 2x Performer SZ300A4ABB scroll refrigeration compressor, UE116030854 PS = 20b ...
circulating cooler Huber Unichiller P007
Sale against bid! Technical status: very good, ready for use Technical data: see photo The following services are not included in the offer: Transportation and re-commissioning of the equipment at the customer's premises is not in ...
Refrigeration machine ICS Cool Energy iC303
Voguide system, immediately available! i-Chiller iC 303: Selling power 9.6KW for 7/12°C and 35°C ambient temperature Uy33bui7l Umumstemp. -5°C (option-15°C) to max + 46°C, Cold water entry emp. At the vaporizer min/max:- ...
Air Cooler Goedhart VCS 116310
Air cooler, evaporator, cold storage, refrigerated containers, cooling cell U737k -1 x fan Fan diameter 500 mm Lamb Elen spacing 10 mm Housings from drip tray -2 x cooler available Award pieces Dimensions 1700/1200/H970 mm Weigh ...
ONI 200 kW cooling system ONI ONI 200 Kw Kuehlanlage
ONI 200 kW cooling refrigeration refrigeration cooling system cooling water supply used, from winding cooling system is dismantled and stored in the container ONI 200 kW cooling system for cooling water supply ONI cooling tower wi ...
Aircondition - climate chamber Ruhaak Frimair ORD20 AODE
Climate chambers (e.g. for cooling computer systems) Capacity: 53 kW, 18 000 cbm/h Cooling media: Glykol Dims.: each approx. 3400 x 900 x 2000 mm 1 pce. operated only 3 hours 1 pce. operated only 6 months 3 pces. operated approx ...
Indoor heating Air heater Tent heating Wolf KG 100 8000 m³/h
Wolf KG 100 hall heating 8000 m³ / h Manufacturer: Wolf Type: KG 100 Hall heaters Air volume: 8000 m³ / h Voltage: 380V Engine 1500 rpm More articles - new and used - can be found in our shop! Be3fvsq7is International shippi ...
Falling film Chiller BUCO P8129-1F07-1S
BUCO Falling film chiller Ex Display, never used Type P8129-1F07-1S Medium Prop.Gl.35% Nm7sf
Termotek P810 cooling unit Termotek P810
Here Termotek offers a cooling unit Model P810 + water filter An inspection is possible on site. Technical data can be found in the attached document. Delivery condition: EXW Kastellaun / to self-collector Bheijtasek All informat ...
Air Cooler Goedhart VCS-100010
Air cooler, evaporator, cold storage, refrigerated containers, cooling cell -1 x fan Lmxjj Fan diameter 500 mm Lamb Elen spacing 10 mm Housing made of stainless steel Drip tray Dimensions 1200/1450/H720 mm Weight 186 kg
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