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We offer for sale: Used drive-in rack, Brand: Jungheinrich type: Hubertus 32 stand 5.542 x 1,050 mm 28 positioning Rails about 4,850 mm 28 positioning Rails about 3,150 mm 224 consoles Yrrdjg Channel length 8,000 mm Pallet height 1.900 mm Channel width 1,350 mm Number of pallets in depth: 10 Number of pallets height: 3 Total number of pallet places: 210 Dimensions: Width: 1200 mm Depth: 800 mm Pallet weight: 1,000 kg Execution: Stand: Blue ... more
Condition: newsy, 3 years old system 4200 pallets of space 1 T / Pallet load capacity With 9700 mm high frames 9nkpo73wh With drive-in racking, pallets are placed so they can slide backwards on a rail, thus storing them more deeply and creating more space in the warehouse. Drive-In Racking involves the forklift entering the racking from one side to load or retrieve the pallets which are stored more deeply. Do you need shelves or accessories in other compositions or designs, please cont... more
low range single drive shelf, approximately 180 pallets, 600 or 1,000 kg / pallet, height used approx. 3, 65 m --: Price from site: €12.500.-(net) dismantled and loaded! Manufacturer: Jul By the Court Type: Packing retraction shelf system Year of constr.: 2014 / 2016 Shelf 1: L: 15,000 x T: 3,440 x H: 3,550 mm. 10 channels side by side, clear width 1.390 mm 4 pallets at a time in the channel 2 pallets stacked A total of 80 pitches for Euro pallets 1 200 x 800 mm. up to 1,000 ... more
We sell here used shelf stand Bito P3. The shelf stand sin in very good condition and can be visited on the spot. The stands have a height of ca. 5500mm and a depth of 1300mm. Price: €95,00 Excl. VAT Pro stand Price: €113,05 incl. VAT Pro stand Bborf8x7yb We have currently 35 stands in stock. more
Orange pallet rack Manufacturer: Dexion with length traverses CE100 100x40mm maximum authorized load 2600 kg Shelf area (basic shelf): Gf0lint9e With 5 levels, each consisting of: -4 x support - 8 x quest Rack box (mounting shelf): With 5 levels, each consisting of: -2 x posts - 8 x quest Dimensions: Shelf height: approx. 5000 mm Depth: 750mm Length: 2650mm (total length 11 fields) Total length of ca max 30 m 1 x basic shelf + 10 x mounting shelves Incl. metal protec... more

Paint Storage Container Eko 20

Via Udine 32B, 34071 Cormons, ITItaly
7093 km
good (used)
TECHNICAL DATA: Bbmrbfu8az Payload Kg: 880 more
Here are offered for sale: A used drive-in rack system,. from stock conversion Maxrac EC Topp, new year 2010 ex works warehouse 21698 Harsefeld   532 pitches more or reduced quantities possible. Total: approx. 4,000 parking spaces available Bbsinrv2ee Installation available, please enquire. Please compare our offer! Our shelves are certified according to ISO 9001:2000, that means: constant quality control! Meet MAXRAC shelves the European standard FEM DIN EN 15635 BGR 234 of the... more
Loading capacity: 1T/pallet Length of the rail: 1580 mm or 3350 mm + component console (you can buy it separately too) Drive In Pallet Racking is installed in warehouses and distribution centers that need a cost effective, high density storage solution for their pallets and products. Because of its design, drive-in pallet rack is a first in, last out (FILO) storage system. Drive in racking is best used with a large quantity of like-products that are not time sensitive, in order to best ... more
from plant closure! 1 x panel width = 2.700 mm 1 x panel width = 1,800 mm Depth = 1,100 mm max specialist. Shelf load = 2700 kg max. Bay load = 7200 kg 2 frame 3000 mm high frame 1 3.500 mm high 6 wooden shelves 38 mm thick 2 x collision Mounting bracket mass transport L / B / H = 3,500 / 1,200 / 800 mm NP EURO 1,400.00 + VAT. Ep9s3roiq more
Heavy duty - running-in shelf for Euro pallets used to 1 to, up to 15,000 pallet places available, frame height - 10 m-: Price per pitch from site: only €22,50 (net) dismantled and loaded! We reserve the right to a minimum purchase! Manufacturer: CALTON Year of build: 2008 (in use) Frame height: approx. 10, 50 m Eca0x3ixo Floor plus 3 levels Load-bearing capacity per pallet: 1,000 kg Current embedded pallet height (including products): approx. 2, 60 m Condition: good - very go... more

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

AnklamGermany dealership location
6692 km
10 1x 2x & field-shelf 4-box Uprights 5000mm height approx per box with 3 compartments and a 3m length delivery on demand Ch3t0ipl more
Heavy duty - drive-in rack system for Euro-pallets, 1 000 kg, approx. 230 pitches - used -: price from site: €5.950.-(net), dismantled! Manufacturer: Dexion Type: P-90 Deepstor Year of construction: 2011 Frame: P90-H Field width: 1,370 mm Frame height: approx. 4, 50 m Conditioning consists of about 7 channels Pallet weight: 1,000 kg Load per layer: 9,000 kg Max. Field capacity: 18,000 kg Pallet width: 1200 mm OK 1st Edition: 2,205 mm OK 2nd Edition: 4.005mm Edition pairs per box:... more
Used drive-in rack system for Euro-pallets, 800 kg, approx. 1.080 pitches — -: 73qvipobu Price per pitch from location: 22.-€ (net), dismantled and loaded! Manufacturer: should probably be - clarified Dexion Year of constr.: must be - submitted but not really old for Euro pallets 1,20 x 0, 80 m Maximum weight per pallet: 800kg Frame height: 7, 56 m Block 1 capacity: 504 pallet places External dimensions (width): 21.340mm Capacity block 2: 576 pallet places External dimensions... more
We offer metal trays. Very often used as a subject in heavy duty and pallet racks. technical data: 8s9foyeqr Width: 890mm Depth: 1120mm Number of sticks: 3 units Capacity: At box 500kg, when setting up a pallet of 1000 kg Net price: €13 per piece Other dimensions available. Please send us a request! We have also other Rack Accessories, as well as shelves in the offer. Do you need something? Like to take contact with us. On request, we can organise transport. After enteri... more

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