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Magnetic separator AMIS Überbandmagnet

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Magnetic separator
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The AMIS overband magnet is ideally suited for the continuous removal of loose metals or in inclusions. They can be used for the recovery (recycling) of metals and for the removal of unwanted metal parts (contamination). The AMIS overbelt magnets are used in belt direction or in transverse direction over flat or trough-shaped conveyor belts, whereby an arrangement in transverse direction is to be preferred because of the better metal separation. The metallic parts are pulled out of the basic material flow and ejected automatically and continuously. This makes the AMIS overband magnet an ideal solution for the protection of downstream machines.

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AMIS Maschinenvertriebs GmbH

Contact person: Herr Thomas Ottenthal

Im Rohrbusch 15

74939 Zuzenhausen, Germany

Contact persons:
Mr. Thomas Ottenthal
Machine ID:
e85f4a5ca6601a57 - Machineseeker

Registered since: 2002

137 listings online

Ob gebrauchte Schneidmühlen und Shredder, oder sonstige Recycling-Maschinen – bei AMIS finden sie alles was Sie für effektives Recycling benötigen. Aber auch in punkto Zubehör und Ersatzteile hat der Gebrauchtmaschinen-Spezialist einiges zu bieten.
Neue Zerkleinerungsmaschinen bester Qualität finden Sie bei uns von ZERMA. Von Schneid- über Beistell- und Feinmühlen, bis hin zu Siebmaschinen und Waschanlagen – hier bekommen Sie Recycling-Maschinen der neuesten Generation.

AMIS Maschinen-Vertriebs GmbH
Im Rohrbusch 15
74939 Zuzenhausen

Vertretungsberechtigt: Thomas Ottenthal, Anette Stork

Registergericht: Mannheim
Registernummer: HRB 341115
USt-IdNr.: DE162855213

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Phone: +4962264489030
Fax: +49 (0)62267890-222
Contact persons:
Mr. Thomas Ottenthal
Machine ID:
e85f4a5ca6601a57 - Machineseeker
Fax: +49 (0)62267890-222

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Zuzenhausen, Germany Germany
dealership location
ready for operation (used)
The AMIS magnetic roller is used to separate iron impurities from the conveyed material. It is installed as an end roller in a conveyor belt and is therefore a very cost-effective metal separator. For higher material layers, a magnetic roller can be combined with an overband magnet. The magnetic roller works very effectively and is virtually maintenance-free. Bgfdxrzzm more
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AMIS offers a wide range of conveyor belts as standard accessories for our shredders and granulators. We can also integrate belts into existing lines. All tapes are ruggedly built to meet recycling requirements, corrugated belts and the ability to integrate metal detectors, overband magnets and magnetic head rollers are natural options. Kpdhuzu more
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18.5 kWWoodMiscellaneousThe ZPP 18 has a built-in steam exhaust from the pressing chamber, as well as 2 central lubrication points. It is compact, user-friendly and robust. The roller sets, the contact pressure and the output are perfectly adapted to the flat dies. The pellet diameter can be changed within a short time. The substructure can be made of metal (especially for lift trucks and forklifts) or supplied on rollers, making the press mobile despite its heavy weight. Bfsjgwqqkv more
30 kW Bfsjgm9kwu WoodOther For the industrial production of rectangular briquettes The ZBP 500 briquetting pressable materials into highly compressed briquettes. The briquettes can be stored well and transported easily due to the stackability. In the pressing chamber of the hydraulic pressing unit the briquettes are formed by means of a pressure cylinder. This allows the production of up to nine birketts per minute with a pressing force of 1,000 -1700 kg/cm². Standard equipment:Safety limit swit... more
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Machine number: 8819 Kmd23rk Gauss/Steinert overband magnet with switch cabinet Dimensions: 800 x 2000 mm Drive Geared motor 2.2 kW more
Overbelt magnet for 800 belt width, transverse removal, clearence height 250 - 300 mm Bjkes8apuc more
Including steel construction Bjkcoda3a2 more
Oven plates for product stacks in the warehouse See material data sheet AnnaMullit panels 400 x 300 x 15 mm about 200 pieces Gutt08j Requirements for separation Keralpor 99 Company Kerafol 2 pieces together 400 x 300 x 2mm 150 pieces available (2 pieces each) See material data sheet as well as spacer tubes each approx. 550 pcs D 30 x 50 mm D 30 x 80 mm more
belt width 800mm Length 1800 mm Dimensions: 1200mm+motor x 1900 mm x 750mm Weight: cca 1500kg Bhn8teiinq more
Voltage: 220V, frequency: 50/60Hz, power: 2000VA, year of construction: unknown. Dvt7w3 more
Measuring device DEA Mistral 101509 Producer: Hexagon Metrology 2rxqja YP: 2000 Axis X ... 1500mm Y axis ... 1000mm Z axis ... 900mm Table dimensions ... 1500 x 1000mm Max. Workpiece weight ... 1200kg Software PC-DMIS 2014.1 The machine is in good condition, possible to test under power. more
Travel X-axis 1500 mm Travel Y-axis 1000 mm Travel Z-axis 900 mm Table dimensions 1500 x 1000 mm Max. weight of workpiece 1200 kg Dyhqq02 Subject to change of technical parameters. Description It is in very good technical confition. Possible to test under power. Software PC-DMIS 2014.1 Contact me for price and more information. more
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grinding diameter:820 mm grinding length:4000 mm centre height:450 mm max. workpiece weight:ohne Lünetten: 4000 kg dimensions of grinding wheel:915 x 130 x 305 mm Rotation speed of workhead :3 ÷ 250 1/min z-travel:längs: 4300 mm x-travel:quer: 510 mm Bfucjsyhsh workhead motor:22 kw spindle drive:37 kW total connected load:90 kW dimensions:9200 x 3800 x 2630 mm Weight approx.:27 t CNC controller:Siemens 840D mit Schleifzyklen ELECTRONIC WHEEL BALANCING DEVICE:MARPOSS P 7 AUTOM. DYMAMISCHE RADA... more
-Tischabmessung 715 x 640 mm Bhhekcbszc -Tischabmessung Rolltisch (optional) 500 x 480 mm -Arbeitshöhe 910 mm -Spindeldurchmesser 30 mm -Schwenkbare Spindel -5C bis +30C -Höhenverstellung der Spindel 100 mm -Aufspannlänge 105 mm -Max. Werkzeugdurchmesser 200 mm -Max. Werkzeugdurchmesser versenkbar 180 mm -Frästischöffnung 200 mm -Spindeldrehzahl 1800 / 3000 / 6000 / 9000 U/min -Motorleistung 2,8 kW / 400 V -Gewicht 190 kg komplett mit: -Großer Arbeitstisch aus Grauguss -Geschwindig... more
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