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Trust seal for ATMH Werkzeugmaschinen-Handel GmbH

Trust Seal

ATMH Werkzeugmaschinen-Handel GmbH
Scharpenbergerstr. 96-98
58256 Ennepetal
Valid until:
February 8, 2024
Issued on:
August 17, 2017

Managing Director
Machineseeker Group GmbH

What is the Trust Seal?

Machineseeker certifies selected dealers with the Machineseeker Trust Seal. Before it is awarded, a standardized and comprehensive verification process is conducted by experienced Machineseeker employees. The Trust Seal serves as orientation for buyers. They can identify dealers who are very likely to do honest and righteous business without having to do their own evaluation.

Of course, disagreements may still arise during the buying process. Machineseeker is not liable for violations of the law by buyers or sellers active on Machineseeker.