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Albert frankenthal for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Three-roll round, three-roll sheet bending machine, bending machine, sheet metal bending machine, 3-roll bending machine, profile bending machine 7qtnt8rs -electrically driven -Max. Sheet width = 2500 mm -Max. Sheet thickness = 10.0 mm -Roll diameter down 182 mm -Roll diameter above 215 mm -Delivery via gearbox -Dimensions 4510/1150 / H1590 mm -Weight kg more
2 "MONOMATIC"-automatic-reel-pasters for NONSTOP N2rtl 4 "Y"-printing units 1 folder "AF 16" for 630 mm cut-off 1 "BALDWIN"-counter-stacker "Megatronic 108" For this press all pre-press equipment is available, too more
Beading machine Albert Steel Stuttgart TYPE SM 70 FY 1960 Working length 320 mm sheet thickness 1,5 mm Bjczbuhbbx Foot pedal right + left Weight 300 Kg more
The ALBERT SDA spindle direct drive is a universal usage cash Linearantriebssytem for various fields in engineering. Spindle direct drive is perfect as a single-motor drive applications for linear drive applications. Several SDA can be synchronized electrically via the mounted engines. With four sizes and a versatile range of accessories the construction of the ALBERT SDA Spindeldirekantriebes can be adapted the specific requirements and needs. The fully encapsulated housing unit, is equipped... more
Swivel bending machine Albert steel 2040 mm working length 2mm sheet thickness built in 1969 Everything works on the machine. Bbhrgqbvap more
V. alberti Polar/CN CNC Processing centre (All changes, mistakes in technical data, info and prices reserved. Availability subject to prior sales. No guarantee on printed data!) (Alle aenderungen und Irrtuemer in den technischen Daten, Angaben und Preisen sowie Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten!) Best woodworkingmachines from the Netherlands Holland Die besten holzbearbeitungsmaschinen aus die Niederlande Exynrf0h De beste gebruikte machines uit Nederland more
CNC BohrmaschineFabrikat: AlbertiTyp: Vector SHNeumaschine Diese CNC Bohrmaschine bearbeitet Werkstücke von oben mit 29 Spindeln und verfügt über 4 gesteuerte Achsen. Wahlweise ist die Vector als "Modulo-SH" mit insgesamt zwei Bearbeitungsköpfen (oben mit 30 Spindeln und unten mit 7 Spindeln) erhältlich. Bearbeitungskopf, von oben arbeitend Manuelle oder automatische Beschickung und Abstapelung mit Werkstücktransport längs Monolithischer Rahmen im geschweißten starkem Stahl Unabhängige Steuer... more
Multi-spindle head, drill beam, multi-spindle drill head, articulated multi-spindle head, row drilling machine, dowel drilling head, dowel drilling machine, drilling gear - comes from an Alberti drilling rig W77ht78dm -max 18x drills -Admission - alternating right / left rotating -Distance drill 50 mm -Distance drill 25 mm -2x drilling heads available (1x left / 1x right) -Price pieces -Dimensions 1090/380 / H580 mm - Weight 210 kg / each more
Code: 0136 Brand: ALBERTI Model: 2.2 Veneer guillotine Technical data: Cutting length mm 2200 Cutting height mm 70 Mechanical Cutting - Pneumatic press-device Manual rear register Overall dimensions: mm 2800 x 1200 x 1300 h 2rxobe Weight kg 1200 more
CNC WORKING CENTER type ALBERTI EDIT 3000 second hand machine C0mnxhbj composition : 1. boring head with indipendent mandrins X - Y , horizontal and vertical 2. vertical router 3. horizontal router CNC 90 by TPA volt. 380/50 more
C.N.C. WORKING CENTER (POINT TO POINT) with 3 axis (X-Y-Z) Working Axis 3 X0tx0il7 Gantry (Portal) machine Numerical Control PTP 400 (PC) ? Working table with pods and rails Support rails quantity 8 Max. useful working area (X - Y - Z) mm 3000 x 1250 x 60 Working areas (No.) 2 Vacuum pump (capacity m3/h) 40 (?) Separate electric and command cabinet WORKING GROUPS (TOP): Independent vertical boring spindles (No.) 27 Independent horizontal boring spindles (No.) 4 (?) Drilling head motor-power (Kw... more
CNC BohrmaschineFabrikat: AlbertiTyp: Vector DHNeumaschine 6 gesteuerte Achsen und zwei große Bohrköpfe sorgen für eine hohe Produktivität bei der Vector DH. Diese Anlage kann manuell oder automatisch beschickt werden. Zwei Bearbeitungsköpfe, von oben arbeitend Manuelle oder automatische Beschickung und Abstapelung mit Werkstücktransport längs Monolithischer Rahmen im geschweißten starkem Stahl Unabhängige Steuerung aller Achsen mit Bohr und optional mit Beschlageinsatzzyklenoptimierung 6 unab... more
CNC BohrlinieFabrikat: AlbertiTyp: SyncroNeumaschineLinie mit 5 gesteuerten Achsen zum vertikalen Bohren von unten. Optionen ermöglichen zudem nuten, fräsen und das Einsatzen von Beschlägen.Man kann diese Syncro Linie sehr gut mit der BMF Serie von Alberti kombinieren. Autom. oder manuelle Beschickung mit Werkstücktransport längs Monolithischer Rahmen im geschweißten starkem Stahl Unabhängige Steuerung aller Achsen mit Bohrzyklenoptimierung 5 unabhängige Achsen X1 Vorschub Gurtförderer, 100 m/... more
CNC MontageanlageFabrikat: AlbertiTyp: BMFNeumaschine - Anlage zum automatischen Einsetzen von Beschläge, Sockelteile, Schubladenläufer [...] - Ausrüstbar mit automatischen Schraubgeräten, Leimangaben und Einpresswerkzeugen - Anlage erweiterbar mit vielen möglichen Hardware-Zuführstationen. Diese Alberti Linie kann nach Ihren Vorgaben individuell konfiguriert werden. Maschinenbett aus geschweißter Stahlrohrstruktur, der obere Teil besteht aus Aluminium-Rahmen Bestandteile der Linie: - Beschic... more
Make APV Homogenisers AS Albertslund, Type R.14.38, No 1-00.744, New 2000, Material Stainless steel, Working pressure 250 Bar, Piston homogeniser (1x), Twin stage , Number of pistons: 3, Motor 3 KW, 400 Volt, Floorspace 1,2x0,8 M, Total height 2,0 M, Weight 450 KG What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a reduced price compared to new. They are ready for shipping to any destination worldwide. You are welcome to inspect our machines in Barneveld, The Neth... more
Tyres: 4 x SE, drive wheels new ! Steering wheels: approx. 80 Load capacity: 3.500 kg Construction width:1.300 mm construction height: 2.300 mm overall length: 2.750 mm fork length:1.200 mm Nwpfh lifting height: 4.950 mm - Hydraulic mini levers - Sideshift - Full cabin with heating - 3rd and 4th valve with hose assembly - Lighting - 2 front working lights - Flashlight more
axes 3 axes control Dialog 11 workspace (x – y- z) Bjr92j0w2f X-axle 400 mm Y-axle 400 mm Z-axle 400 mm spindle speed rpm. 4.000 vertical milling head • Range on spindle trestle 50 mm • barrel lift 80 mm • swiveling range +/- 90 Grad /degree working tool holder SK 40 tool magazine 20 working tools operating condition ready for operation – under power Weight ca. 2.200 kg Dimensions (L ... more
VILABLAREIX (Gerona), Spain Spain
dealership location
6540 km
Make BKG Bruckmann & Kreyenborg GmbH Münster, Type TWE A-2000, Motor 6,5 KW, 380-420/660-690 Vol, [...] 961008/1, With GEA Ecoflex plate heat exchang, Material Stainless steel, New 1997, Motor 6,5 KW, 380-420/660-690 Volt, Extra Specifications With pump make KSB Frankenthal, type Etachrom BC 40-200 motor 11 KW, 400 Volt, Tempered water system with electric heating (40 KW) Dimensions (LxWxH): 390 x 150 x 270 CM What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a re... more
Manufacturer: Clark Type: Front loader Type: CEM 25 S Drive: Electric Tyres: 4 x SE Load capacity: 2.500 kg construction width: 1.150 mm construction height: 2.760 mm fork length: 1.150 mm lifting height: 6,370 mm - 3. valve with hose assembly - Sideshift - Worklights - Canopy with windscreen - battery 80 Volt / 560 AH - Charger 80 Volt/ 80 A - white tyres, high lifting height Own weight: 5089 kg Wkjatb0x more
mobile Shrink tunnel heat-resistant conveyor belt up to max. +300 degrees. 12 heating elements 500 watts each PLC-controlled temperature control between +80 degrees to +250 degrees Water evaporator with dosing valve and tank The control with display switch cabinet Dimensions (L x W x H) approx.1,500 x 1,100 x 1,500 mm Bjr9ya7y80 electrical connection value 9.5 kw Belt speed 0.5 m - 10 m / min (adjustable via frequency converter) Fan speed FU-controlled, drive decoupled from the fan wheel ... more
Aciera F3 W20 Universal freesbank Specificatie maker Aciera Puh2ki Type F3 Bj. onb. Besturing conv. As-verplaatsing X-as 300 mm Y-as 300 mm Z-as 135 mm Hoofdspil Toerental 100- 2000 Omw/min Opname W20 extras Heidenhain digitaal Various accessories more
Make BKG Bruckmann & Kreyenborg Granuliertechnik, Type TEW A-2000, No 961008/2, New 1997, Material Stainless steel 1.4301 (304), Rotating sieve /"Centrifugal dryer + tempered water system", Sieve sizes dia. 400x1050mm, With inspection hatch , Motor 6,5 KW, 380-420/660-690 Volt, With sieve cage , Floor space 3,9x1,5 M, Total height 2,7 M, Extra Specifications With plate heat exchanger make GEA Ecoflex, type VT-20 CDS10 With pump make KSB Frankenthal, type Etachrom BC 40-200, motor 11 KW With temp... more
COMPLETE LINE - GOSS Sunday S-5000 Web Offset Rotary Components: CONTIWEB TS-F81 reel station and unpacking station, CONTIWEB ECOSET oven and folder. + Components: CONTIWEB TS-F81 Reel Station and Unpacking Station, CONTIWEB Oven ECOSET and Folder year 2010 C7nlcez Second press brake ALBERT FRANKENTHAL / TYP V7 / 7 year 2018 NELA / AOF / T211 Plate bender year 2010 Plate turning table NELA / AOF / T211year 2010 3 Transport tables for NELA plates / 1 for belts and 2 for rollers 3 Capture Units ... more
axes 3 + 2 control HEIDENHAIN MillPlus workspace X-axis 500 mm Y-axis 400 mm Z-axis 400 mm b-axis Both axis mechanical, electronic angle display C-axis B and C spindle speed infinitely variable 20 - 9000 rpm feed (mm/min.) longitudinal/transverse/vertical up to 10.000 rapid traverse longitudinal/transverse/vertical 12 m/min Tool holders SK 40 Table clamping surfaceø 700 x 500 mm tool changer 16 tool places table rotatable 360 ° table ... more
Cover FP3 Universal freesbank N23oh Specificatie Manufacturer Cover Type FP3 Bj. Onb. As-verplaatsing X-as 500 mm Y-as 300 mm Z-as 400 mm Hoofdspil Toerental 40 - 2000 Omw/min Opname Iso 40 extras Koelolie arrangement Spaanopvangbak Univrersele table Div. reedschaphouders Mitutoyo DRO ( 3-assen ) more
Offered here are 2 robots including controller are part of the offer: A) Fanuc R 2000 iB/125L robot (6 axes); fixture for glass handling installed year of construction: 2008; operating hours: approx. 25000 h (34048 h in standby) B) Linear unit (7th axis, max. travel distance approx. 9m) C) Controller R 30 iA, year of construction: 2008 Yjwsdpwr D) Fanuc R 2000 iB/125L robot (6 axes); fixture for frame handling installed Year of construction: 2008; Operating hours: approx. 18000h (40224 h in stan... more
item number: 2383 Serial number: S050668 Year of construction: 2006 Connected loads: Flsau8uvo V 230 ~ 50 Hz 1.25 kW Coolant: R404 A Temperature range: -18 to -16 degrees measurements: Height: 124 cm width: 135 cm depth: 65 cm Weight:approx. 110 kg Net capacity: 209 litres - for 7+ 7 ice trays 4.7 litres (7 containers included, see photos) Cladding: powder-coated sheet steel, cream-coloured - Front windscreen sloping - Safety glass - can be opened on both sides; - bright interior lighting - Ener... more
Boehringer VDF 250 C/DL 1000 Control: B32T turning length: 1000mm Bivae7g7wk Main drive: 43kW (S3 60%) Max. torque at main spindle: 1600NM Speed range: 22.4 - 3550 min-1 feed speed: 0.001 - 9999.999mm /min Rapid traverse speed: 10000mm /min Drilling force: 15kN ( at 40% ED ) Tooling system: Drum turret with 12 cylindrical shank holders, thereof 6 positions with driven tools. (Speed range 20-2500min-1, in 2 gear steps) Tailstock: quill actuation: hydraulic | quill force: 15kN Sleeve size: 30DIN ... more
Year of construction: 1995 Material flow (min. max.) :   5-42 mm Bjwajbrfcd Power demand:  1. 5 KW Bar length (max.):  3,200 mm Feed force (max.): 550 N Adjustment speed: 0-400 mm/sec.  Feeding speed:  700mm/sec. Charging time: 30 sec. Weight:  1. 200 Kg Dimensions:  B. 4090 mm/ D. 750 mm/ H. 1500-1980 Operating voltage:  400V/ 50Hz Control voltage: 24 V DC Compressed air: 6 bar more
Maho MH 600T Universal freesmachine Specificatie Manufacturer Maho Type MH600T year 1988 Besturing Heidenhain CNC 332 ( TNC 355 ) Bjk2293asg As-verplaatsing X-as 600 mm Y-as 400 mm Z-as 400 mm Hoofdspil Toerental 20 - 4000 omw/min gereedschap-opname Iso-40 extras Vertical kop met quill Electronic handwheel RS232 aansluiting Various reedschaphouders more
Shredder from Doppstadt - AK 430 Profi with fire damage Price on VB Bjtmlimxyp more
Manufacturer: BOKU Machine number: 11848 Year of construction: 2011 - Stainless steel kettle/ stainless steel kneading arm - 2 clocks/ 2 speeds - Right- left rotation - manual controller - flour dust cover (completely intact and without any damage) - mobile maximum batch sizes: in dough: 120 kg Weight: 450 kg Technical data: Operating voltage: 400 V Frequency: 50 Hz Rated current: 14 A 6 kW - V-belt new - Wiring and 16 A CEE plug new Good condition, completely cleaned, technically che... more
MB Sprinter 906, 110HP, Complete Engine + manual gear box +Turbo + ECU + etc, very low milage 57000 miles warranted. H2lz0h2 more
Here we offer a robot system for the use of silicone/adhesive application on frame profiles and glass handling of ESG panes ATTENTION: Also to be delivered in single components! Total area approx. 15 x 12 m safety fence height: 2m Safety fence length: approx. 42m are an integral part of the plant: A) Fanuc R 2000 iB/125L robot (6 axes); glass handling fixture installed year of construction: 2008; operating hours: approx. 25000 h (34048 h in standby) B) Linear unit (7th axis, max. travel distance... more
Lathe from Ferdinand C. Weipert Bjtmggiyd8 Model: W 630e Year of construction: 1957 & Lathe from Ferdinand C. Weipert Model: W 800e Year of construction: 1965 more
machine no. : 4177 - simple service - 2 rollers included - (there are various motifs to choose from, more rollers available at extra cost/ 300 € net per piece; - 10 matching trays (black baking trays) included - Volume new - New castors / 2 parking brakes - Painting new Technical data: 380 V, 5.8 A, 50 Hz, 2400 W The machine is completely cleaned, technically checked and tested. DGUV regulation -3 current test; test report will be handed out; - very good condition, immediately usable; N3zaj more