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Format Saw SCM SI 400 E

9.300 €
Fixed price not including VAT
Year of manufacture
Type of offer
Biertowice 256, 32-440 Sułkowice, PL


Machine type
Format Saw
SI 400 E
Year of manufacture
good (used)


9.300 € Fixed price not including VAT
Sułkowice , Poland Poland


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sliding table length 3200mm
scoring unit setting from the control panel
blade angle controlled from the panel
blade up/down controlled from the panel
right fence controlled from the panel
angle fence
max blade diameter 400mm
start/stop buttons on the carriage
blade speed 3000/4000/5000 RPM
scoring blade speed 8500 RPM
automatic correction of material dimension after blade angle change


EMI Damian Gielata

Contact person: Herr Maciej Kurowski

Biertowice 256

32-440 Sułkowice, Poland

Contact persons:
Mr. Maciej Kurowski
Machine ID:
A4140269 at Machineseeker

Registered since: 2011

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Phone: +48122005153
Contact persons:
Mr. Maciej Kurowski
Machine ID:
A4140269 at Machineseeker

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Used machine Year of manufacture. 2006 condition: completely checked with new SPS control cutting length 3200 mm Cutting width 1500 mm max. cutting height 130 mm Motor 5,5 kW 3000-4000-5000 rpm with electronic control of 5 axes swivelling control panel with 12" touch-screen On/off switch in the trimming carriage Angular cutting device with LCD display Bh77ilal9a Scoring unit Pictures show machine in not yet overhauled condition availability: approx. 3 weeks after receipt of order Location: Hochh... more
Sawblade tiltable:45 ° Bfge8du7l2 Length of the rolling table:3050 mm cutting width:1000 mm Motor output:5,5 kW Cutting height:110 mm Saw blade diameter:400 mm Speed:3200/4500/6000 U/min. weight of the machine ca.:900 kg :Handrad - :Handrad - :Skala - :manuell - :Skala - :ja - :ja - :funktionsfähig Set :900 kg more
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max. Sägeblattdurchmesser : 400 mm Motorleistung : 5.5 kW max. Schnittbreite : 1300 mm Sägeaggregat : schwenkbar 45° Wagenlänge : 3800 mm Sägeblattbohrung : 30 mm Bedienpult : unten am Maschinengehäuse Höhenverstellung : elektrisch Schwenkverstellung : elektrisch Schwenkwinkelanzeige : digital Schnittbreitenanzeige : Skala Ablängen am Queranschlag : 3200 mm Anzeige Queranschlag : Skala Einstellung Vorritzer : manuell PSV- Schutzhaube : Ja separater Gehrungsanschlag : ja automatische Mo... more
squaring capacity: mm 3800 max diameter of  blade : mm 400 diameter of scoring unit blade: mm 120 max cutting height with mm 400 blade at 90° (at 45°): mm 130(92) main blade speed:rpm 3000-4000-5000  main motor power: kw 5,5 scoring unit motor power : kw 0,75 3 controlled axis the gantry-mounted type blade guard Bhrpjz779w CE-Mark more
I sell the format sliding table saw with scoring SCM SI400-E, year 2005. Full digital incl. parallel fence. Top control panel. Condition very good. Available immediately. Bifmnjcbnp more
Saw unit swivels 46 ° on both sides. Programmable, electric saw blade adjustment Control unit with electronic display for saw blade tilt and lift Torsional rigidity and vibration-free working Easier plate feeding due to large trimming frame with roller Telescopic ruler with 2 professional folding stops Excellent cutting precision scoring unit equipped with its own motor - easily adjustable from the outside saw blade diameter of 400 mm scoring saw blade with a diameter of 160 mm 2-position saw... more
Sägeaggregat : schwenkbar 45° Wagenlänge : 3200 mm max. Sägeblattdurchmesser : 400 mm Sägeblattbohrung : 30 mm Motorleistung : 5,5 kW max. Schnittbreite : 1000 mm Mu0lmw Bedienpult : unten am Maschinengehäuse Ausführung Bedienpult : mit Tasten und Digitalanzeige Höhenverstellung : elektromotorisch Schwenkverstellung : elektromotorisch Schwenkwinkelanzeige : digital Schnittbreiteneinstellung : manuell mit Feineinstellung Schnittbreitenanzeige : Skala Führung Schiebeschlitten : Stahl Ablän... more
Control unit with electronic display for saw blade tilting and lifting Cast iron saw unit guarantees torsional rigidity and vibration-free operation Easier board feeding due to large edging frame with roller Telescopic ruler with two professional folding stops Excellent cutting precision - sliding carriage is guided with high precision and smooth running by a ball contact system that has been proven thousands of times Bhsktatcdi scoring unit equipped with its own drive and easily adjustable from... more
SCM SI 350 CLAAS format saw Production year 2016 TECHNICAL DATA: - max cutting height with 350 mm disc at 90 ° 118 mm with 350 mm disc at 45 ° 81 mm - 45 degree blade inclination Bhqj8obygl - rotational speed of the saw 4000 rpm - rotor speed of 8500 rpm - 5.5 kW saw engine power - engine power of the undercutter aggregate 0.75 kW - max cutting cross-section with trolley 3.200 mm 3.200 x 3.200mm - cutting width with 1.270 mm parallel stop - diameters of extraction connectors: on a 120 mm body... more
Class si 400ep Max. saw blade diameter with mounted scorer mm / inches 400 / 16 Maximum saw blade projection from table to 90°/45° mm / inches 140/97 5.5/3.8 Cutting width on rip fence (Rip capacity) mm / inches 1270 / 50 Pubwle Max. squaring stroke of sliding table saw mm / inches 3200 /126 Three-phase motor Hp 15 more
Technical data: Trimming frame 3200 x 650mm Saw table dimensions 1000 x 685mm Slide dimension (LxB) 2600 x 360mm Format cuts 3200mm Max cutting height +90° / + 46° / -46°: 136 / 97 / 60mm Max cutting width to the left of the saw blade 2600mm Cutting width with parallel stop 1270mm Saw blade swivel -46° / +46° Max saw blade diameter 400mm Precresing saw blade (optional) 160mm Speed Main saw blade 4000 min1 Be3mme9p9c Engine power 400V / 50 Hz 7.0 kW Suction nozzle diameter 120mm Suction nozzle sa... more
Sankt Peter im Sulmtal, Austria Austria
dealership location
easy and precise operation, advanced design & ergonomic shape - SCM surface planers equpemnd: operating panel on top electric adjustment of feeder table digital display of chip removal perfect joints every time with concave/convex device planer head and knife holders with indication marks for easy positioning protection system is perfectly integrated into the machine base (SCM patent) lockable main switch thermal circuit braker switch autom. motor brake emergency button CE technical data: ... more
Electronic-programmed circular saw with +/- 46° double blade tilting It allows simultaneous use of a 400mm saw blade and 160mm scoring blade both for 90° cutting and ±46° tilted cutting, guaranteeing the maximum cutting height on veneered panels and solid wood. Nova si x Max. saw blade diameter with mounted scorer mm 400 Maximum saw blade projection from table to 90°/+46°/-46° mm 136/97/60 Cutting width on rip fence mm 1270 Squaring capacity mm 2600 x 2600 Nfstn Three-phase... more
Brand new machine, Still in Plastic folio. 3200 mm Sliding table Max. Sawblade : 400 mm Ns7fd Max. Sawblade projection 90/-46/+46 : 136/97/60 mm Max. motor output: 7 KW Max. motor Scoring Unit : 0,75 KW Blade tilt : -46/+46 degree Powered Parallel fence : 0 - 1250 mm Sawblade speed : 3500/5000 Rpm. Ready 3UP Digital Display above the saw. more
Code: N0764 Brand: SCM Model: NOVA SI X - CE Standard Circular saw with +/- 46° double blade tilting with 3 controlled axis - Version READY 3 UP - CE Standard equipped with following optionals : Start buttons integrated into the sliding table Squaring frame with Compex device Squaring fence with n° 2 LCD displays for position reading Technical data: Max. saw blade diameter with mounted scorer mm 400 Bdpwfkioac Maximum saw blade projection from table to 90°/+46°/-46° ... more
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Sankt Peter im Sulmtal, Austria Austria
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as good as new (ex-display)
craftsmanship and bespoke The advantages of an exclusive choice. Buying a "L'invincibile " machine means you get a customized solution, thanks to experience, technical research and Italian creativity. Features: 5-axis electronic control overhead control panel, rotatable electronic adjustment for scoring unit automatic rip fence with movement on screw and ball pushing linear guide start / stop pushbuttons integrated in the carriage “Quick Lock” squaring fence sliding carriage with 'arc' pro... more
Squaring stroke : 3200 mm Motor power : 7kW Cutting width on paraller : 1270 mm Y0bzfxy 10. years warranty on sliding table Max. saw blade diameter with mounted scorer : 400 mm Blade tilt : 45 ° For more informations please contact us. more
I sell the format sliding table saw with scoring SCM SI400-EP, year 2018. Saw blade diameter max. 400 mm, Cutting height max. 140 mm, Cutting width on parallel fence max. 1270 mm, Saw blade tilting 45° (height up to 97mm), Aluminium sliding table length 3200 mm Full digital incl. parallel fence. Top control panel. Condition like new. Available immediately. Nzppx more
Sicar F 520 Thicknesser working width 520 mm Working height min/max - 3/ 300 mm digital display Planing shaft driven by a 5.5 kw motor shaft diameter 120 mm shaft speed 4500 RPM number of knives 4 table on four supports Cfsk2wz Graduated feed rate 5-8-12-18 m/min 3 towing rollers from above 1 roll in the table 150 mm extraction spigot CE standard dimensions 100 x 900 x 1000 mm weight 560 kg more
Your contact persons in our company: Mr: Andre Evering Mr: Marcel Brahms Mr: Simon Blank We offer you here a used pallet rack cross beam of the manufacturer SSI Schäfer for purchase. Technical data of the pallet rack cross beam: Shelving system: SSI Schäfer Type: PR 350/400 Bisthhwxeg Included in the scope of delivery: 01x pallet rack cross beams, second-hand Material colour: orange INP profile: 100 x 50 mm Agraffe: 5 HK (hook) clear width: 3.600 mm max. load per pair of cross beams 2,000 kg, wi... more
CNC FLEXIBLE DRILLING LINE with automatic handling equipment. Composed of the following machines: V03035) LOADER "TOMASSINI" Mod. Rapid with motorized rollers table. V03036) TRANSFER at 90° "TOMASSINI" (Connecting Rollers Table with 90° conveyoring belts) V03037) Gantry CNC-FLEXIBLE through-feed DRILLING MACHINE "MORBIDELLI" Author 660 It can simultaneously process 2 panels together (Max workpieces lenght-depth: mm 600 each) V03038) BRUSHING Machine "SIRIO" for the panels cleaning Bbq0... more
1000930 Four side planing machine SCM type Sintex, Spindles: 4, Spindle arrangement: bottom - right - left - top, Strzys Working width: 180 mm, working height: 105 mm, Including planer heads, Further technical data: see PDF more
3-head, 6-axis CNC machining centre for structure beams, roof chairs, ceiling and wall elements with log-house unit ROUTECH OIKOS 4000RT (SCM Group) The maximum size of the workpiece 300 х 800 х 14000 mm. Processing from all sides without beam overturn. Blockhouse unit. Interchangeable 12 tools. D8gkiux Very little was at work. Technical condition - like new. Currently disassembled, packaged and ready for shipment. Before disassembling, it was tested and set up by the manufacturer. Perhaps assis... more
Working width min/max. 23/180 mm Working height min/max. 6/105 mm Minimum length single workpiece 300 mm Feed rate 6/12 m/min spindle diameter 35 mm Spindle speed 6000 rpm each Spindle arrangement: bottom 7,5 kW right 5,5 kW Bizb9b3sf7 left 5,5 kW top 7,5 kW Length of infeed ruler 1700 mm weight: 870kg incl. tools, documentation more
Number of spindles 9 St. Working width 230 mm Working height 140 mm ! Machine in order for sale ! SCM Topset 23 Version 32U Number of spindles: 9 pcs. Reinforced motors: 7.5 instead of 5.5 kW Spindle assembly: Dressing spindle / 2 x right / 2 x left / 2 x upper / 1 lower u. 1 glass bead saw 8 + 9 Sp horizontally adjustable via axis control, 9 sp (on / off, up / down) Strip system automatic 3 u. 9 sp. Horizontal spindles with axis control up / down (mass adjustment) Vertical spindle 3 u... more
- NEW - Manufactured by Holzkraft/SCM Type FS 41 Classic Tersa - With TERSA cutter for fast and Planer blade change - This particularly quiet operation - Helical steel auger for constant and uniform wood collection - The extremely long planer from enabling a lightweight piece Dressing the workpieces - Large fence with the opening of the can Remain planer in its position - Opening to the rear planing - The weight of the machine ensures high maximum precision and smooth operation - Powerful... more
spindles: 4 spindles 6,000 rpm spindle diameter 35 mm 4 planing heads with 3 strip planing knives each Feed m/min 6 + 12 m/min Manual height and width adjustment Work area: Planing width: 23-180 mm Biaqkwytvy Diffuser height: 6-105 mm workpiece length: min. 300 mm Feed speeds 2 pieces Connection 400/50 Volt / Hz suction connection: 150 / 120 mm Dimension: length 3340 mm width 1050 mm height 1630 mm Weight 900 kg more
SCM Olimpic K400 Edgebander Technical data: • Panel thickness 8-60 mm • Edge band thickness on a 0.4-6 mm roll • Minimum workpiece length 140 mm • Glue pot + extra Gluepot • Transfer speed 11 m / min • Sawing unit Yes • Milling unit Yes • Circular unit Yes • Radius scraper unit Yes • Flat scraper unit Yes • Cleaning fluids Yes • Extractor diameter 80, 4 pieces • Voltage 380 volts • Dimensions LxWxH 3349 x 1305 x 1498 mm • Weight 1327 kg • CE Yes • Year of construction 2015 • Machine no. Ah 1181... more
SCM four-sided planing machine Sintex, planing width: max. 180mm, planing height max. 105mm Bhciak28at more
Only used for 3-4month! European safety regulations (CE norms) olimpic k 560 composition T-ER2 (40) Volt 400 EU Frequency 50 Hz "StarTouch" electronic control instead of "Touch 7" RT-V PRE-MILLING UNIT VC-S4.1 GLUE POT UNIT K-SEL END CUTTING UNIT R/K TRIMMING UNIT ROUND X ROUNDING UNIT RAS-K EDGE SCRAPING UNIT "RC-V" glue scraping unit "SP-V" brushing unit "Autoset" kit It facilitates the machine set up operations when changing work (for ex. 1st-2nd passage) and edge type/thickness (for e... more
Four side planer (4 Spindles) SMA-REF-6616 Type: 4-side-planers Manufacturer: SCM Model: Sintex Year: 1995 Spindles: 4 spindles 6.000 rpm each 7,5 kW Working range: Planing width: 23-180 mm Paning height: 6-105 mm Features: motor. feeder Leitz heads incl. hose 3 in 1 Condition: in use ready for your test Npp2t Location: Western Germany Dimensions: Weight: 1 ton Availability: on demand more
max. wheel diameter 254 mm gear width 50,8 mm max. module 8 min. module 1 Control Sinumerik 840C Blade Diameter 180-330 mm C0xdpqa Knife thickness 19-50,8 mm shaving wheel spindle turning speeds 10 - 400 U/min shaving cutter - diameter 180 - 330 mm shaving wheel width 19 - 50,8 mm centering diameter 63,5 mm longitudinal stroke of the head 120 mm cross stroke of the head 30 mm cross stroke of the head 210 mm head swivability +/- 90 ° feed - Z 0,2 - 4 mm rapid traverse Z-axis 210 mm/min speed y... more
Pressing force 400 to Stand width 2,550 mm Delivery time approx. 6-8 weeks from the date of placing of the order Pressing force: 400 to Stroke: 500 mm Light stand width: 2,550 mm Table width: 4,000 x 2,550 mm Installation height: 700 mm Working speed: 2 mm/sec Rapid response: 20 mm/sec Engine: 7.5 kW Horizontally movable cylinder: 1,800 mm Btvxmc7 Hydraulically movable stand: 2,900 mm Length: 4,000 mm Width: 4,000 mm Height: 2,600 mm Weight: 20.500 kg Horizontally movable cylinder 1,800 mmHydrau... more
Computer, on-board computer, organizer, type of Organizer 2 Compilot 400 Qlxwefpeg -2 x Organizer available Award pieces Weight 0,8 kg more
table size 1.250 x 850 mm presspower 400 ton Bikv99um0q ram stroke 30-160 mm number of stroke 40/min Price EXW more
Dear Sir or Madam, We have the following oil transformers in stock from year of construction 2006 to 2015 in top condition. SERVICES: 630KVA to 3500KVA VOLTAGE: 6kV to 33kV on 400V or 690V 1000 kva 20 / 0,4 KV 1250 kva 20 / 0,4 KV Bhbvgkuzrp 1600 kva 20 / 0,4 KV 2000 kva 20 / 0,4 KV 2300 kva 12 / 0,4 KV 2300 kva 20 / 0,4 KV 2500 kva 15 / 0.4 also 20 / 0,4KV 22KV 2000 kva 30 / 0,4 KV 3500 kva 30 / 0,4 KV 3500 kva 20 / 0,4 KV Other sizes and voltages also available from 100 KVA to 3... more
The device is in a tech-good condition 3 months warranty Nkden 2 pieces in stock more
Distance between columns 2.750 mm, Distance top of table to spindle nose 1.600 mm, fixed cross rail, 2 tables 2.500 x 4.000 mm, coupled 2.500 x 8.700 mm, power 58 kW, revs 1 – 1.800 rpm, base speed 136 rpm, max. torque 3.500 Nm, feeds and rapids 1 – 10.000 mm/min, traverses x y z 9.502 x 5.515 x 1.000 mm, quill movement 500 mm in 4 steps, automatic tool changer with 60 pockets, automatic mounting, 4 x 90° indexing and heel clearance for RAA Electric and mechanic remanufacturing in 2017 with • Ne... more
Here we offer a HS simulators temperature cabinet. Temperature-70°C to + 100°C Heat up: 6 K/min. Cool: 6 K/min. Jddejhyy Interior dimensions: Width 750 mm depth 730 mm height 770 mm Control HS Performing cable 155 mm/160 mm Voltage 400V, power 18.5A, power 12 kVA Refrigerant R404a Type: HS 400 T 70 For you as a buyer for security the following information! The following points are executed at our offered chambers in advance: 1. Functional review and replacement of necessary components 2. New f... more
For sale, used, sturdy plastic boxes stand manufacturer SSI Schäfer RK 400 in excellent condition. B73f38fu Dimensions: L = 41 cm W = 16cm H = 6, 5cm Color: Blue Net price 2.20 EUR per piece. Shipping on request. Net price for commercial customers from EU countries. You can pick up the boxes directly in our camp, we have constantly about 20000 different boxes in stock. more