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In-Line large format sheet metal Storage System; Capacity pallets Type1 LxWxH: 3.000x1.500x130mm, 3.0t, 520pcs., Type2 LxWxH: 3.000x1.500x355mm, 3.0t, 40pcs., Type3 LxWxH: 3.000x1.500x500mm, 3.0t, 275pcs .; Max. Places at Option and Type1: 1.356pcs.; storage and retrieval machine with weighing device on 74m track; System dimensions: LxWxH 74.970x5.860x9.900mm (without stations); 14 cross stations + 1 longitudinal station for shuttle; Control Siemens S7; KASTOlvr; SAP interface; 400V/50Hz 80kW; H... more
Capacity cassettes: LxWxH: 6.500x680x600mm, 1,5t, 2.606pcs. + 66 free spaces for hiking cassette principe; Total storage places: 2.671pcs.; 6 storage and retrieval machines as gantry crane in double blocks; System Dimension: LxWxH 31.190x48.960x16.550mm (without stations); 6 vertical orbital stations with weighing and lift out; 3 orbital stations; Control Siemens S7; KASTOLVR; SAP interface; 400V/50Hz 570kW; Hall 32 G8xlg9 more
removed from space desire can be helped with installation D8fmiv9 One or more chassis can be omitted. Dimension 18 X 5 meters Built in 1990 Storage capacity max. 6 PCs chassis à 30 pallets total = 180 pallets (with the current classification) more
Pallet flow rack (or push back), 400 kg / pallet, 345 pitches - used -: Site price only €24,63 per pitch! Price from location: now only €8.500.-instead of €17.250.-, dismantled and loaded! Manufacturer: Jungheinrich Type: DLB Construction year: 2013 7 fields with 3 pallets per level with 3 levels 1 box with 2 pallets per level with 3 levels maximum palette number in depth: 5 units maximum pallet weight: 400 kg Clear channel width: 3,000 / 2,000 mm Upper edge 1st Edition: 565mm ... more
Length ca 17 m Wider approx. 3,5 meters Height about 4.5 meters dismantled ready complete with connection parts fix material, etc. 9qeoclcac more
Rotary wrapper Brand: Cyklop Model: 01510 Year: 1991 Voltage: 380 V three-phase Overall dimensions: 160 cm x 275 cm x 263 cm State: not tested G7rfveh more

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