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Paternoster / Storagelift for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
7 pieces storage lift, Kardex, approx. 6.30m or 1x 6.90m high (can be shortened), 2 tray sizes, 215/230kg per tray, 1 unit 150kg - second-hand -: Block 1: Units 1, 2 and 3: Price per piece: 14.950.-€ (net) plus reassembly and transport, etc.! Block 2: Units 15, 9 and 8: Price per piece: 17.950.-€ (net) plus reassembly and transport, etc.! Equipment 7: Price per piece: 13.950.-€ (net) plus reassembly and transport, etc.! Please note that the units are placed in blocks and are open on ... more
The following offer is for sale: For roll storage Technical data: Machine: Paternoster carousel rack Height: 2,20 m - 5,90 m (other sizes on request) Fabric width: 2.0 m - 5.0 m Connection: 400 V / 16 A Control: Key switch Safety precaution: Protective grille on front / chain guard Gondola: 14 pieces - depending on height [...] [...] General Information: Are you looking for a carpet paternoster? We have used - generally overhauled - plants of all current types and manufacturers in your desi... more
Device width: 3370 mm Device depth: 1530 mm + 300 mm Shelf Unit height: 5850 mm Number of subjects: 40 shelf load: 180 kg Vke00qg7 shelf width: 2950 mm shelf depth: 520 mm shelf height: 220 mm Power supply: 380 V Device has already been dismantled. more
The paternoster is fully functional and has been checked annually according to regulations. This has a total width of 3.45 m and a total height of 4 m. The maximum bearing length is 2.5 m. Bgzp3mv23v There are 16 sticks. Pond liner is currently being stored. beam load max: 200kg / total load max: 2160kg more
The sheet metal storage is in top condition and immediately ready for use. Bgznrs8xy0 more
technical data: Lifting height: 700 mm Width: 860 mm Depth: 1230 mm Tilt angle: 60 ° min. pad width: 725 mm Ptrqvq electro hydraulic rubbed on more
Storage paternoster, Kardex, height approx. 3,53m, 240kg / gondola - second-hand -: Priority for self-dismantling! Price ex location: 3.500.-€ (net) plus disassembly etc. Manufacturer : KardexType: SYS 251-1513.5-4 Year built: 1991Max. Load per gondola: 240kgMax. Capacity: 3.600kgCapacity: max. 1.000kgNo. of gondolas: 15 piecesLength : 3,00 m Depth : incl. shelf : 2,00 m Height : 3,53 m Depth : 62 cm Height : 31 cm Length of shelf : 2,50 mCondition: goodAvailable: immediatelyLocation: D-93499 Za... more
unit width: 2850 mm Device depth: 2050 mm unit height: 11000 mm Number of shelves: 115 Load capacity: 225 kg Bg2vrj9ysm Total payload: 18000 kg shelf width: 2500 mm shelf depth: 622 mm shelf height: 50 mm Control: C 2000 Power supply: 380 V Device has already been dismantled. more
Stock Paternosta Fabr.KARDEX Type:140-300/24Bj.1984Fach Anzahl:24 Fach Größe:1400mmX300mmX300mmLoad per compartment: 500KgMaße: Width 3,2m Depth 1,8m Height 3mLoad in total : 12 000Kg Bhfh7klng more
Price for all paternosters incl. cutting machine + disassembly / + delivery / + assembly/ + acceptance test is free of charge (only for Germany - other countries on request) Grui9ah The paternoster set is from a lock house and will be used until January. A visit is possible at any time - Location: 38640 Goslar All machines are fully functional and maintenance and inspection have been carried out every year - documents are available. Inventory: 4 pieces Paternoster height: 4,05 m / for roll wi... more
Wang, Austria Austria
dealership location
7070 km
good (used)
In the field of 3D Thermoforming, we also offer presses, Turn over systems, film storage brushing machines, and membrane on machineseeker! Lb7nr9jz0 Paternoster For the membran press membrane press FOILS-STORAGE-PATERNOSTER for the foil-roles stock and at the membrane press Technical Description: Height of the paternoster 3800mm Max. foil width 1500mm Max. foil diameter 500mm 12pcs bearing rods Size of the paternoster 1000x2370x3800mm Inclusive foil transporter (trolly) Drive capacity 1,... more
2 pieces Lagerpaternoster, Kardex (Bellheimer), 4,15m high, 180 or 650kg per gondola - used -: Prices per device (net) from location, disassembled packed and loaded etc.! Costs for reassembly by a specialist company on request! Device 1 (180kg): 11.950- € Device 2 (650kg): 15.950.- € Price for both lager paternosters: 25.950.- € (net) from location, dismantled packed and loaded etc.! Paternoster 1 Manufacturer: Bellheimer / Kardex Type: SYS-182-1616.25 Built: 2002 Ab. Total payload: 2,... more
Type:138/228/50re SoGeraetenr:10490Bj.:1991Height: ca.6200 mmWidth: ca. 3350 mmDepth: ca. 1380 mm 300 mm TabletopNo. of shelves: 50Table width: ca. 2650 mmTable depth: ca. 380 mm Height: ca. 200 mmShelf load: 149 kgTotal load: 7450 kgColor: beige Bftikmy3xc more
unit width: 2800 mm Device depth: 3150 mm Unit height: 7500 mm Number of shelves: 44 load capacity: 235 kg Total - Payload: 2 x 33150 kg shelf width: 2450 mm shelf depth: 864 mm shelf height: 50 mm 7yan2jk Power supply: 380 V Device has already been dismantled. more
Lauterbach (Hessen), Germany Germany
6576 km
as good as new (ex-display)
DESCRIPTION The following offer is for sale: For long goods or spare parts / materials Technical data: Machine: carousel rack Height: 2,20 m - 5,90 m (other sizes on request) Fabric width: 2.0 m - 5.0 m Connection: 400 V / 16 A Control: Key switch Safety precaution: Protective grille on front / chain guard Gondola: 14 pieces - depending on height Please send further inquiries by e-mail General Information: Gutupor Are you looking for a carpet paternoster? We have used - generally overhauled -... more
Gebhardt load lift / type 146.2 / built 2001 / load capacity 980kg / inner height 2,000mm / Very good conditions Dimensions cabin width (not yet available) Exit heights / height of floors 3,200mm and 6,300mm / height Total approx. 8,500mm Elevator A with 2 x exits rear / entrance front Elevator B with 3 x entry or exit at the front Be3t0smeyc Motor holder on top / side more
2 pieces heavy duty - bearing paternoster, zip, approx. 7m high, 500kg per gondola - used -: Prices On request!! Manufacturer: Zippel Type: ZM 500 Built: 1991 Device dimensions: Depth approx.: 1.55m Width: approx.: 3,25m Height: approx.: 7m Cuoyqdt Number of gondola: 23 Gondola dimensions: quite large gondolas – exact measurements can be added Monday! Max. gondola load / support set: 500kp (equivalent to approx. 500kg) Total load: 11,500 kp (equivalent to approx. 11,500kg) Condition: good, r... more
Type:138/266/42Geraetenr:10488Bj.:1991Height: ca.6200 mmWidth: ca. 3350 mmDepth: ca. 1380 mm 300 mm TabletopNo. of shelves: 42Shelf width: ca. 2650 mmShelf depth: ca. 380 mm Height: ca. 230 mmShelf load: 188 kgTotal load: 7896 kgColor: beige Bftijzwrpa more
Bad Liebenzell, Germany Germany
6623 km
ready for operation (used)
unit width: 1600 mm Device depth: 2700 mm Unit height: 5900 mm Btv70ev Number of shelves: 28 Load capacity: 250 kg Total payload: 2 x 10000 kg shelf width: 1250 mm shelf depth: 825 mm shelf height: 70 mm Power supply: 380 V Device has already been dismantled. more
Lauterbach (Hessen), Germany Germany
6576 km
refurbished (used)
Paternoster system (4 units available) overall height: 3,00 m Fabric width: 5.00 m (total approx. 5.85 m) Bfhyihduqb Depth: 2,36 m Capacity roll: 1,50 m / Ø 685 mm = approx. 75 pieces. Capacity roll: 1.50 m / Ø 200 mm = approx. 198 pieces. Capacity roll: 5.00 m / Ø 685 mm = approx. 25 pieces. Details: - Left and right new cladding - galvanized. - Machine was completely overhauled and checked. - New paint finish in RAL 7035 We would also be pleased to offer you delivery and assembly. The mac... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Number of rolls: 48, length: 6700mm, width: 4000mm, height: 2800mm. Nmntr more
Storage lift, shuttle, cardboard, about 13.80m high (shortable), table size: About 2250x813mm, 220kg/Tablar, with many tablares – used-: Price: €19,950 (net) dismantled and loaded from location, plus remontage and transport, etc.! Manufacturer: Kardex Type: Shuttle XP-250-2250x813 Built: 2003 Equipment height: About 13.80m Device width: Still needs to be clarified (but expected to be about 2.60 – 2.70m) Device depth: Still needs to be clarified (but should be about 2.70m deep) Table count: A... more
Geraetenr: 95.003231/001 Unit height: 10,000 mm device width: 1580 mm depth: 2680 mm shelf number: 52 shelf depth: 830 mm shelf length: 1320 mm total load: 2 x 5000 kg shelf load: 200 kg Bbv7mxgbmu Colour: light grey more
Bad Liebenzell, Germany Germany
6623 km
ready for operation (used)
construction width: 2650 mm construction depth: 1160 + 300 mm Shelf construction height: 2300 mm Number of shelves: 14 Load capacity shelf: 100 kg compartment dimension width: 2200 mm depth: 325 mm height: 240 mm Bgxo3px3gs Power supply: 220 V Device has already been dismantled. more
Schneider roller paternoster carpet paternoster Manufacturer: Schneider Presentation Technology GmbH Width: 4 meters (rolls) Model: 425-400-TEB0 Year of construction: 1992 Single load: max. 200 kg Total load: max. 2200 kg Unload: max. 400 kg overall dimensions Width 4.8 m Depth 1.05 m Height 4.2 m Bc3fs9s9el -Made in Germany- -GEBRAUCHTWARE- very good condition --Ware must be dismantled in 09488 Wiesenbad OT Schönfeld-- Of course we can also take over the dismantling for an ext... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Capacity: 14 rolls, load capacity: 3.5t, length: 4870mm, width: 1420mm, height: 5030mm, weight: 1.6t. Bfb7b8r0l7 more
3 piece storage lifts, shuttle, Kardex 1600 × 825 mm, 215 kg / shelf - used-: price per piece from site: €13.500.-(net) including disassembly, plus re-Assembly and transport. Price at time of purchase all 3 devices (per piece): €11.950.-(net) including disassembly, plus fitting, from site! Manufacturer: KARDEX type: SHUTTLE 1600 x 825 x 4000 Year built: 1996 / 1996 / 1997 Height: 400 cm Width: 193 cm I0q87zuoo Depth: 280 cm Tablarmaße: 1600 x 825mm capacity per shelf / bottom: 215 kg Number of... more
Grünstadt, Germany Germany
6547 km
excellent (used)
Geraetenr: 72050 Unit height: 13310 mm device width: 3200 mm depth: 2060 mm shelf number: 60 shelf depth: 620 mm shelf width: 2880 mm C3qv0swo Load capacity per compartment: 330 kg total load: 40,000 kg control: 260 MM Color: beige/Green Automatic doors can be changed to 3 outlets- more
Width: 2950 mm Depth: 920 mm 300 mm Storage Height: 2500 mmNo. of shelves: 16 Load capacity per shelf: 120 kgShelf dimensionsWidth: 2600 mmDepth: 320 mmHeight: 240 mmPower supply: 220 VUnit has already been dismantled. Y2qcz2 more
modernized LTG StoreControl basic machine with new control The version control extension extended optional 4 identical Paternoster are available External dimensions: Height 3980 mm Width 3500 mm Construction depth 1530 mm 24 vehicles each with 350 kg payload in the scan utility dimensions: H = 220 mm B = 2850 mm T = 490 / 530 mm Chain jump 267 mm Tray in 1000 mm above OKFF with countertop in stainless steel Colour grey / blue, surface cleaning possible traces of use, Motor power drive 1 x ... more
We are dissolving a training facility. All machines have always been cleaned and maintained. All machines were subject to the permanent safety checks required by training companies. All machines have fewer hours of operation than normal ordinary people who are constantly working in production. Here we offer 2 pieces of warehouse paternosters. B/H/T 1900mm/3000mm/1000mm DPN 248-287 If you are interested, make us an offer. We will be creating a complete compilation of the accessory in the next ... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Number of load carriers: 9, load capacity per carrier: 1.2t each, total load: 10.8t, controls: INTERTEX Terminal S3001 Rev.4. Pbef878 more
4 x storage lift, shuttle, Kardex and Megamat - used-: Prices on request! More pictures will follow! Manufacturers of Kardex and Megamat Condition: good (regularly maintained) Available: As of mid November 2018 Location: Switzerland More pictures will follow! 4 x KARDEX bearings LIFT (4 x identical) POS 1 SERIES NO.: 51027 48 TABLETS YEAR: 2001 TYPE: 14448/25/5460 Tablarmaße: 2450 x 800 mm Sizes: 2800 x 2900 x 5450 mm Max weight per floor 170 kg GESAMMTGEWICHT 18000 kg POS 2 SERIES NO.: 5... more
Gruenstadt, Germany Germany
dealership location
6547 km
3 pieces bearing lift, Hänel, approx. 7,90m high (shortenable), tray size: approx. 1.300x825mm, 500kg / Tablar - used -: Price per piece: 14.950.-€ (net) plus reassembly and transport, etc.! When purchasing all 3 devices: 12.950.-€ (net) / device plus reassembly and transport, etc.! Customer performance: Unloading and connecting to electricity, accessibility. In addition, free position forklift and possibly scissor lifting platform. Manufacturer: Hänel Built: 2 x 1998 and 1 x 2000 2 piec... more
4 pieces storage lift, shuttle, cardium, approx. 10.90m high (shortenable), tray size: approx. 2850x864mm, 240kg / Tablar, with many tablars - used -: On request! A complete Kardex 500 XP system (4 shuttles) with its Minmax fire extinguishing system is available! Manufacturer: Kardex / Bellheimer Metallwerk GmbH Type: SH-500-XP 2850x864 Execution: 06.005405/002 Be3erqsuqz Built: 2006 Dimensions per device: (WxLxH): approx.: 3100 x 3200 x 10900 mm Ab. Total payload per shuttle: 2 x 33,000 k... more
modernized machine with new ltG-StoreControl Basic Control extension to the Extended version optionally possible 2 identical paternosters are available External dimensions: Building hoe 8050 mm Width 3500 mm Construction depth 1760 mm 32 Traegers with 225 kg payload each in the light usable dimensions: H = 4250 mm B = 2870 mm D = 630 mm Chain jump 457 mm Storage table in 1000 mm over OKFF with worktop with corrugated rubber ESD Colouring light/dark grey, surface cleaned, traces of use possi... more
Nauen, Germany Germany
dealership location
6693 km
reconditioned (used)

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