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Carbide tool grinding and lapping machine Bkv3w2h Table 1: 610x250mm, Tilting, Longitudinal and vertical adjustment Table 2: 210x230mm, Tilting, Longitudinal and vertical adjustment Wheel diameter 150mm MARCELS MASCHINEN CH more
Lüscher XPose! 160 CTP drum platesetter with 128 laser diodes, built in 2005 -CTP internal drum platesetter -128 infrared diodes 830nm -maximum plate format 1700x1370mm -min. plate format 520x360mm -Resolution 2400dpi -Dual function with approximately 40 IIIB plates per hour Baqvmxj3u8 -retractable register pins for all formats -Plate edge sensor -with TIFF spooler Q2 for Xpose with PC -with a development machine and stacker Fully functional in production to visit. more
CTP-system Luescher Year of construction: 2012 Location: Germany Condition: good Available: now consisting of: 2 x X-Pose! 230 UV 96 High Power Laserdiods, including control processor Max. plate format: 1130 x 950 mm Min. plate format: 430 x 360 mm Plate thickness: 0,15 – 0,40 mm Baeaomensf HAASE OE 46 FU CTP-plate developer, negative Working width: 1050 mm Operating side left Plate length: maximal 290 mm Speed: 30 – 250 cm/minute, adjustable Passage height: 900 mm ± 70 mm (830 – 970 mm) N... more
Fpenz8ovLuescher XPose 130 UV - CTP year 2006 64 UV diodes size min. 360 x 500 mm size max. 950 x 1.130 mm plate thickness 0,15 - 0,40 mm plate processor Luescher (ATAG) about 39.700 h about 540.000 plates Sleepring about 80860 k harlewuin PS level 3 rip in production in Poland immediately available more
MultiDX! 220 Thermal PrintQ User Interface Version on Dell Navigator Rip Version 8.3.1 on Dell Maximum print from size 31.5 x 23.6 x 2 inches 3x8 Thermal laser diodes 830nm The CTP system for demanding offset applications The MultiDX! Thermal was developed for narrow web and label printing. The standard configuration of the MultiDX! Thermal is able to image all common offset plates: ●Thermal offset plates ● Waterless offset plates MultiDX! 220 UV The CTP system for all offset and s... more
UV CTP Platesetter System Luescher X Pose 130 year: 7/06 32 diodes 6604 hours 44827 plates Slipring 51498 with RIP with Kodak Polychrome Plateprocessor Located Germany Availaable now Price on request 88degu088 more
Laser Type: LM-2-Laser 864 Diodes) - 830 nm - Thermal-CTP Dumttq Min. Plateformat: 380 x 250 mm Max. Plateformat: 760 x 650 mm Productivity: up to 12 plates/h Manual Loading Incl. 1-Bit-Tiff-Connection + Windows-Computer more
semiautomatical platesetter for uv-plates, 64 laserdiods 405 nm, resolution 2400 dpi, max. plateformat 1130 x 950 mm, measurements platesetter 2908 x 1367 x 1640 mm, 1900 kg Bhw0qif optionally with processor, stacker, burn-in-oven price on request, transport and installation worldwide on request more
Luescher XPose 130 UV - CTP 64 UV diodes size min. 360 x 500 mm 8cr3u2f0a size max. 950 x 1.130 mm plate thickness 0,15 - 0,40 mm plate processor Luescher (ATAG) about 39.700 h about 540.000 plates more
VLF Luescher Xpose! 260 UV CtP-system age 2012 Top condition - for imaging of conventional offset printing plates, but also for flexo printing plates and varnishing plates in one machine, world-first! - max. plate size 1650 x 1370 mm - plate thickness for metal plates 0.25 - 0.5 mm - flexo plate with a max. thickness of 6,35 mm ! - resolution 2400/2540 dpi - 64 laser diodes 405 nm - 16 laser diodes 940 nm - chemical filtration unit TBH FP 150 (age 2011) - with Tiff-Shooter - dimensions 3575... more
Semi-automatic Platesetters for thermal printing plates, 48 laser diodes, resolution 2400 dpi, maximum plate format 1130 x 950 mm, exposure machine dimensions 2908 x 1367 x 1640 mm, 1900 kg under maintenance, now available 028bx7tp Price on request, supply and installation worldwide more
Highwater Torrent Rip Version 6 with Tiff-output for Luescher CTP systems - software version 6.0 SP 4 d - Postscript Level III, PDF - Input by hotfolders or apple talk printers - output as tiff file for example for Luescher Xpose CTP systems (output by network to a Q2-Spooler, this Q2-Spooler is not included!) - with Option Trap Pro Lite for automatic generating of trappings at the files Sclfpnif - pre-installed, based on server system Dell PowerEdge 6400 - Pentium III Xeon Quadprozess... more
4up/6up indrum thermal ctp-system Luscher Xpose 75 age 2003 PC controller with Tiff shooter (pre-installed on Dell PowerEdge Server) Highwater Tiff-out Rip (pre-installed on second dell PowerEdge Server) * Autofocus system * resolution 2400 dpi * 32 Thermal laser diodes with 830 nm, each 1 W * high precision technology, easy handling * long life laser diodes * max. plate size: 760 x 760 mm * min. plate size: 380 x 250 mm Mtuqls * plate thickness: 0,15-0,3 mm * min. 10 Micron * data ... more
Luescher Xpose 230 UV CtP-system with PHS, Tiff-Shooter and Plateprocessor for imaging of conventional UV offset printing plates Cpxsc age 1-2009 - max. plate size min 430x360mm, max 1130x950 - plate thickness 0.20 - 0.4 mm - 128 UV-laser diodes 405nm - speed approx 27 Plates per Hour - automatic plate handling system PHS with 4 cassette insertion slots an for pallets with 600 plates includet paper - internal autoplatepunch and 780mm - deloader conveyour - Plateprocessor more

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