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Front weight, rear weight, counter weight, tractor weight-euro three-point shooting category 2/3-hitch-heights-adjustable feet can be dimensions uprated surcharge 1140/800/H1200 mm Weight 1000 kg Qlpdu0rtn more
Running butts, stub axle, axis-max Gewichtb 750 kg recess 49 mm 14x available-price-piece weight 6.5 kg / piece Ql08xsf2f more
Front weight, rear weight, counterweight, tractor weight Euro three point linkage category 2/3 Dgkhj39 Coupling -Aussparungen for lighting and indicators -can be charged at an additional cost Dimensions 430/1155/H1000 mm Weight 1000 kg more
Brake drum bore with keyway 28 outer diameter 220 mm inner diameter 200 mm recess 67 mm 8x Tromeln available-price-piece Weight 21,5 kg / piece Ql0ne3z7k more
PTO shaft, PTO shaft-Aufname 1 3/8 "6 teeth (35 mm) length 80-100 cm-They are suitable for Düngerstreür, sprayers, band or circular saws, Forestry Winches, Wood splitters, Tedder, rotor rakes, wagons and many other units - 12x PTO available-price-piece weight 16 kg / piece Ceswjjxu more
Profile wave-sided toothed gearing -1 35 x 105 mm -2 gearing 42 x 150 mm overall length 405 mm multiple waves present price-piece weight 4 kg / piece Qlazjke2l more
-Pendeldüngerstreür container volume 275 l stainless polyester container Qky29cwyz more
PTO shaft, PTO shaft Walterscheid manufacturers, Jon Deere, granite Parts PTO recordings, Universal Joint, protective tubes-part re-used part is only sold complete price fully-Weight including packaging 425 kg Sq9ww8 more
Hood, John Deere Type 2030 LS With logo-Dimension 1165/550/H160 mm Weight 10 kg Liddx more
Hood, John Deere Type 1750 Power Synchronous With logo-Dimension 1310/560/H260 mm Weight 16 kg Qlyw7gz9u more
Hood, John Deere type 318-With logo-Dimension 920/380/H180 mm Weight 2 kg Qlyxqjfhw more
Length: 800mm Width: 400mm Height: 350mm Pakq9nmo8 Iron kontergewichte 850 kg 10 x available for tractor or grader unit price: 490€ more
SILOQUICK - green goods fork, new -EXTRA stable AUSFUeHRUNG- even for CLAAS Xerion geeignet- -5. 200mm wide -folded: 3,000 mm wide Height Center: 1,400 mm Side height: 1200 mm -19 heavy load skewers each 1,250 mm long Pressure retaining valve Load holding valve Weight CA. 1,900 kg Bf9z0vcns -stable construction -English production Recording simple requests! (3 point, quick Coupler,...) There is a video clip to the unit see YouTube. Just search for 'Bulk fix' Delivery and ... more
We offer new joint shaft PTO with telescopic tube in Lemonform, joints and pipes like Bondioli, length 450 mm euro 48.00 up length 1200 mm to EUR 119.00 Excl. VAT Xeowfj8kg more

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