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We have a Buhrs - W+D BB700 14K servo envelope inserting system available. The condition of this machine is very good and has BSC 3.0 software installed. BSC 3.0 is the latest software platform which manufacturer W+D has to offer. Other feeders and camera's optional possible! Year of built: 2008 Configuration: - 6 station base - 6x RF2 rotary feeder - Divert bin - Autoloader envelope station - Conveyor Envelope formats: D2p9uk8 - min. 229 x 162 mm - max. 335 x 250 mm Product formats: - mi...
inserter with 1 channel pinless continuous, 5 stations possible second channel also for merging speed 12.000 env/h (inserter BB700 from 1st install 2015) envelopes DL/C5/B4 cont. cutter pinless K945/ K995 with 2*Cognex camera, 1-up and 2 up. Double knife for chip out. 5 stations, (RF2 rotary feeders), reading in station 1+3 Bjng2cvjvy 2 check bins 1 Vertical stacker conveyor 1x mailroom factory 1x Kern unwinder DR6 150 with vacuum box (only as option) option: weight on the fly, Kern feed...
6 gathering section 4 x rotary feeders (selectiv) Bg73haladr turnover, conveyor, D/V - pump Müller cutsheet channel with autoloader and reading
Москва Russian Federation
8805 km
good condition (used)
Three Kern 658 enveloping machines for sale Enveloping line 658 2006 y/v , mileage 9683505 letters. Speed - up to 8,000 cycles per hour. Envelope types - C5/C65; Work with both endless forms, and with sheet documents, and for this machine has a cutter to trim the necessary format. It also has the ability to work with roll. Modular design, compact and small footprint (less than 3x3 m including service area). Document management: OMR/BCR; Document size: from 77x88 to 320x430 mm (density 60-240 g/m...
Folding and inserting machine SI-4400 from Hefter-Systemform with less than 90.000 insertions. The general condition of the machine is accordingly; according to Aviso, it can be visited in Vienna/A. The machine has two feeding stations for documents in A4 format, as well as a feeding station for insertions in envelope format. Izf30q9
6 station swingarm machine, overhaul 2020 completely new PLC machine control (no pitney bowes control) Operation via color touch panel electronic gripper controls, Program can be extended at any time and adapted to customer requirements, various reading systems can be integrated Roller ejection with programmable divert bin Nford Warranty 1 year
We have a Buhrs - W+D BB600 14K year 2006 servo envelope inserting system available. The condition of this machine is very good but we will give this machine complete maintenance. Other feeders and camera's optional possible! Year of built: 2006 Configuration: - 6 station base Jwzqvq - 4x RF2 rotary feeder - 1x HF3 vacuum friction feeder - Divert bin - Autoloader envelope station - Conveyor Would you like to see this machine? No problem, please come over and see it for yourself!
München, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
8130 km
good (used)
Kern 3000 inserter with a speed of 28.000 env/h envelope sizes: DL,C6/5, C6 (no C5) continuous channel cutter / merger K990 / K 940 OMR-reading pinfed 2 enclosures vertical stacker with long conveyor. 2 check bins Options: - post box system - a second identical machine in stock for spares - unwinder UW4 150m - unwinder LX550 with add. vacuum unit YOM 2000, Kern refurbished in 2004, with long envleope feeder (generation K3500) extended. Imm available ex Showroom Nuremberg Testing and vie...
W+D inserting system BB 700-16K-R/R S2 total only 155.000 cicles, software BSC 3.0 • 8 gathering section • 4 rotary feeder RF2 (right) Suy38c • 1 rotary feeder RF2 (left) • 1 friction feeder HF2 with vacuum (right) • 1 shuttle feeder SF2 (right) • 1 free feeder position • vacuum closure section with eject gate • hand scanner • color marker • autoloader SL2 (incl. integrations - kit for SF2 feeders) • Large conveyor • Müller - channel consisting of: • 1 x 6989D Transfer unit with ...
This inserting system is factory refurbished and in very good condition. The price includes commissioning and training by a factory technician. 12 months warranty. Bflu8fbncn Technical Specifications: Tower feeder with feeding stations for documents, inserts and envelopes: 4. Large capacity feeders for envelopes (up to 500 envelopes): yes Envelope formats: C6/5, C5, C4 Automatic, simultaneous operation with different envelope formats: yes Filling thickness, envelopes, max.: 2.5 mm Folding types:...
Two similar machines available. Currently disassembled, on pallets, ready for shipment. O2u3z Price per piece.
Москва Russian Federation
8805 km
good condition (used)
GRUTZMACHER enveloping machine (Grutsmacher Challenge) (Folding machine with A4 large capacity feeder, with a reading chamber, buffer table + friction feeder + rotary feeder, then a conveyor with envelope feeder, sealing unit and output conveyor. Npc3t Packing speed up to 15,000 letters per hour Machine with the ability to work with multiple attachments on the selection of the bar code. Automatic paper feed to the paper feed storage tray for folding. Year of manufacture 2006. Everything works.
We have a Buhrs W+D BB300 10K envelope inserting system available. Is in the KERN red colour and is then called KERN 4300 but is a 100% Buhrs ITM BB300 envelope inserter. This machine is built in 2007 and is prepared for a Mueller transactional channel for feeder/collating/folding A4 documents. Mueller system can be offered in or excluded at the machine Although the machine only has processed 23 million envelopes in its life, also this machine will get the maintenance it needs before being sol...
München, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
8130 km
inserter with 2 channels continuous, 8 stations speed 12.000 env/h envelopes DL/C5 1. channel cont. cutter K980 with 2*OMR, 2-up, pinfeed, LZUG, Mittelschnitt 2. channel cont. cutter K980 with 2*OMR, 1-up, pinfeed, RZUG 8 stations, (3x ZSVD, 1x ZSL), add. enclosure stations or unwinders on request KUV inserter diverter Bpigq2ps 3 check bins 1 Verticla stacker conveyor Inserter has been de-installed by Kern CH and is for imm availabity ex Showroom Nuremberg. Inspection possible.
Winsen / Luhe Germany
7717 km
reconditioned (used)
autoloader is suitable for all Buhrs BB 700 and BB 600 feeders - Bebxl7bxe2 but not for envelope feeder
This inserting machine has been overhauled in the factory and is in a very good condition. The price includes commissioning and training by an in-house technician. 12 months warranty. INSERTING UNIT SI 4000-P Envelope size, min./max.: 110 x 225 mm/ 353 x 353 mm Envelope weight, min./max. 75-110 g/m Feeding size, min./max.: 93 x 210 mm/ 300 x 315 mm Feeding weight, min.: 60 g/m Envelope content, max.: 12 mm Automatic setting of the envelope station Enveloping speed, max.: 3,600 cycles/h Self-cle...
SM15 - industrial modular system for packing into envelopes of different formats Bhqhij78jk The car is in working condition. Large volumes of packaging in envelopes of marketing materials. Universal system with various options. Up to six marketing material feed stations, additional modules. production capacity of up to 300,000 envelopes per day throughput of up to 15,000 envelopes per hour
We have here a very nice, as new, W+D envelope inserting BB 700-16K-R/R available! This is a true gem and your chance to buy a like new envelope inserting machine for the price of a used one! Like new used W+D BB700 system, Year 2016 This machine has only processed 155.000 envelopes in it's life, Software BSC 3.0 · 8 stations feeder track · 4 Rotary feeders RF2 (right) · 1 Rotary feeder RF2 (left) · 1 Friction feeder HF2 with Vacuüm (right) · 1 Schuttle feeder SF2 (right)...
München, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
8130 km
cutter pinfed for Kern inserters K3000 or K3500. With DE also for K2500 comes with Merger K940. Reading OMR YOM 2001, prestine condition. 2pcmmimz7 Imm avialable ex Showroom Nuremberg
shuttle feeder AS 25 / R (right) for Buhrs BB 300-10K Bfmwmlpx8u other Buhrs BB 300 systems needs extra adapter plug new feeder in colour RAL 7035
Heemskerk, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
7458 km
The Buhrs / Winkler and Dunnebier RF2 vacuum rotary feeder that is specially developed for the Buhrs-ITM BB600 and the Buhrs BB700 envelope inserting systems. The Buhrs RF2 vacuum rotary feeder can be retrofitted on most BB600 and all BB700 LL envelope inserting systems in the market The RF2 vacuum rotary will seperate the material with three suction cups and has bottom fed. This feeder is capable to feed material with high speeds. Baamapyntp All feeders we offer for sale are completely checke...
München, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
8130 km
inserter with 1 continuous channel, 2 enclosures speed 8.000 env/h, C6-B5 comes with cutter K976 with OMR read head, 1-up 2 check bins, long conveyor first install 1994 imm available ex UK Bwuaj
Turning module for connection with Buhrs BB 300 Solo/10K/600/700 dimensions: Length 12mm width 500mm Oqsp2
We have a Mueller Apparatebau single sheet feeder transactional channel available. Meant for feeding - reading a reading code - collating - folding A4 documents and place it into a Buhrs ITM inserter but you can also use it stand-alone or connect it to a other brand machine. Nii3b
We have a Buhrs/KERN FSH folding feeder available. This feeder is meant to be installed on a Buhrs ITM BB300 inserter for feeding and folding A4 documents. Bdp2l7jw7r
Heemskerk Netherlands
7458 km
ready for operation (used)
Do you want to sell your envelope inserter mailing inserting machine? Caontact UMS for a quick deal and fair price! Bcbiwtsoxw
We have a as new KAS 465 HS envelope inserting machine available, with transactional channel/feeder for feeding/collating/folding A4 documents with reading or counter. 4 insert feeders (friction), 2 with extra camera for matching and 1 separate booklet feeder straight on track. Original counter is 2.726.070 This KAS 465 HS envelope inserter, year 2017 but only just 2.726.070 envelopes processed. This machine was bought new by the same customer where the machine was at up to the last minute. ...
We have a two (2) Buhrs - W+D BB700 14K servo envelope inserting systems available. The both machines need maintenance but we offer these as-is for dealer prices first. Machines run on BSC3.0 software, being latest software. Other feeders and camera's optional possible! Year of built: 2006 Configuration: - 8 station base - 6x RF2 rotary feeder - Divert bin - Extra divert bin - Conveyor Envelope formats: - min. 229 x 162 mm - max. 335 x 250 mm Product formats: - min. 210 x 148 mm - max. 324...
We have a Buhrs W+D BB300 10K SOLO envelope inserting system available. This machine is built in 2006. Year of built 2006 6 station base Configuration: Buhrs BB300 - 10K SOLO 6 station base Gcyzpon 5 rotary feeders Divert bin Turn over belt Conveyor belt More and other feeders possible. Reading camera's for matching optional! Machine has just come in. We need to get started with all maintenance so we can now still offer it also as-is if you like
We have a Buhrs - W+D BB700 14K year 2006 servo envelope inserting system available. The condition of this machine is very good and the machine is completely maintained. The machine is prepared for a Mueller transactional channel for feeder/collating/folding A4 documents. Mueller system can be offered in or excluded at the machine This BB700 is complete with turn over belt, alignment table and mailtable. Inkjet can be offered optional. Other or more feeders and camera's optional possible! Yea...
We have a CMC 400 Evo - Evolution available Year 2015 Counter: 30 million, always at the same customer in use 3 insert station - 2 of them with reading MB transactional feeder with 2D reading 3 high speed deck accumulator with folding station Potrait to Landscape Pinfeed cutter 2D Face up face down Bsvxh2m7hr Available directly for a very interesting price!

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