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Control Weight Bb8edcefkd Dimensions (L/W/H) more
Here we offer an ASTEC microflow Monair to 20 recoveries. ASTEC microflow Monair 20 exhaust ventilation ASTEC microflow Monair 20 exhaust ventilation Here we offer 20 suction an ASTEC microflow Monair. ASTEC microflow Construction: coated steel frame Glass clear acrylic sides, front / back glass Polypropylene waste bins Fan centrifugal Alarms: Low air flow Controls a network / from Power supply 230V / 50 Hz single phase Double socket Gas tap Faucet Filter saturation alarm Acid de... more
Offered from a bankruptcy is a ready extraction and filter unit by ULT Model ACD VF 1000 Year 2012 230 Volt Suction connection 150 mm Extraction unit 200 mm Dimensions in mm approx. 1250 x 680 x 800 Weight 125kg Bbmzwk0of2 Nominal power 1000 m³/h The Absauganalge is suitable for vacuuming and filtering of vapours and odours. Chemical gases and vapors dry, non-explosive She can be used with folding arms directly as machine extraction and extraction. more

Radial fan in plastic Hürner-Funken GmbH 16-RU 315 MN/0/1420

Gewerbestraße 7, 63599 Biebergemünd, DEGermany
6596 km
excellent (used)
Centrifugal chemical-resistant plastic Casing and impeller of fan are suitable chemical-resistant plastic and aggressive media in the process exhaust air. Manufacturer Hürner spark GmbH 35325 Mücke Atzenhain Type 16-RU 315 MN/0/1420 Factory No. 2-29191/00 Ehdvfe7 Built in 1999 Air flow / volume 2166 / 1900 m³/h Power 1.50 KW, 1619/1420 RPM. Pressure difference PA 1287/990 Conrad Meiseberg home electric motor Type 90 L-4 DR No. 304987 3.4/6 A, 50 Hz, 1.5 KW, 230/400 V Star/De... more
Laboratory safety cabinet / microflow workbench / suction cupboard Gf277vqmo A) MDH, Microflow Biological Safety Cabinet, very good condition. A second security bench / security cabinet is also available, but unfortunately not complete. Year 1998, 1105W, 1200x750x1400mm, inside 950x550x670mm B) GELAIRE Flow Laboratories, S.N. 30641, Mod TC48, 660W, BJ 1988, 1300x800x1400mm C) Freudenberg, airflow rate 1500mc / h / filter model 53390473, s.N. 1070000259, 610x1524x68, BJ 2007 more
Selling a range of suction pipes, sheets; T piece; Y pipe clamp, connect clamps etc Everything from VA diameter 80 2 piece 1000mm / 1 St 700mm long diameter 100 8 1000mm / 2000mm long 12 St diameter 120 8/5 St 2000mm long diameter 200/1 St 2000mm long 90 sheets 100/120 flaps 2 * 100/4 * 120 etc see pictures A grid box full sheets etc Bj8lrfhy more
Gcvewev -for operation in a vacuum system (without own motor) -good condition more
Here we offer an extraction. Wägearbeitsplatz with fresh air curtain Ventilation tested according to DIN EN 14175-3 (5.4.4) - compliance with the defined workplace exposure limit - construction of chemically well-resistant, plastic-coated mild steel - Vibration-free stand when an analytical balance to the decoupled from the hazardous goods workstation granite block - no drifting of the weighing sample with fresh air curtain in the front level Outside dimensions (WxHxD): 1200 x 1300 x 850 mm int... more

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