Chemico-pharmaceutical machinery Offers
DISPERMAT LC VMA-GETZMANN The DISPERMAT® LC is a universal laboratory and pilot plant dissolver which is characterised by its wide power range, making it suitable for small as well as larger product quantities. The separate control panel provides speed settings (rpm) from zero to 20,000 rpm.The quiet high quality motor allows for quiet running even at a high speed. According to the application the DISPERMAT® LC dissolver can be converted into a bead mill, basket mill, vacuum dissolver, homog... more
Closed stirring vessel, Make Norde Veenendaal / Zondervan's Sneek, New 2000, Material stainless steel 1.4401, Capacity 24000 Ltr, Vessel sizes dia. 2850x4300mm, Slope bottom, Dished top side, Manhole dia.500mm, Top connections (5x) dia.50mm , (2x) dia.60mm, Outlet (2x) dia.70mm, Working pressure 1,0 bar, Test pressure 3,0 bar, With jacket (300 Ltr), With paddel stirrer, Motor 5,5 KW, 400 Volt, Mounted on legs, Floorspace 3,2x3,2 M, Total height 6,8 M, Weight 5000 KG Grub7np more

Fire resistant explosion-proof chemical Denios BMC-S 180-4 EI60-1

Boven-Leeuwen, NetherlandsNetherlands
5851 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Fire resistant explosion-proof environmental storage Brand: DENIOS AG Type: BMC-S 180-4 EI60-1 Year: 2016, but unused! Capacity: 480 liters Beep8dpwgb + Fan VR134; 1400 liters / min. External dimensions: 1858x1775x2463 Internal dimensions: 1542x1487x2100 Switch box with control panel. Fire resistant from the inside out and vice versa. Extraction fan for ventilation. more
max. temperature: 1150 Grad size of opening: 1000/500 mm depth of chamber: 1280 mm total power requirement: 63 kW weight of the machine ca.: auf Anfrage t dimension L-W-H: Ofen: 2550 x 2100 x 2400 mm Ixvqk9fls dimension L-W-H: Untergestell: 1580x1550x580 mm Heating furnace with base frame made of stable welded construction usable space lined with fireclay brick; size=B: 1000xW:600xD:1280 Door flap with door fuse / limit switch, stop protection top and bottom more
Length: 1200mm, width: 1000mm, height: 2100mm, connected load: 21kW, machine is unused, without accessories. I0x2o9xvs more
Compressed air cleaner KEVAC KC50 ATEX category 2 See used, very good condition, pictures. Year 2015 Storage tank capacity 50 l Required air flow rate 180 m³/h Maximum volume flow cleaner 408 m ³/h Beelv7gldy Suction inlet diameter 70 mm Negotiating price: € 1.350,--net ex warehouse Explosion-proof vacuum, compressed air operated Specially designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Product is in stock. Transport available on request. Visit any time after a... more
Make Koenig AG, Type KW14, No 3560, New 2007, Heat exchanger, Horizontal, Tube material mild steel, Shell material mild steel, Tube capacity 2024 Ltr, Working pressure tubes 0,1 bar, Max. temperature 300 Degr.C, air, Shell capacity 2360 Ltr, Working pressure shell 20 bar, Test pressure shell 32 bar, Max. temperature 220 [...] water, Floorspace 2,2x1,7 M, Total height 2,2 M, Weight 4500 KG What you can expect from Foeth: ✓Machine is in working condition ✓At a reduced price compared to new ✓... more
BOSCH RUR 012 - TLQ 022 - AFV 6015 Ampoule Filling Line. After [...]: BOSCH / Bausch & Strobel Year of reconstruction: 2000 and not used after the reconstruction. (in the process of reconstruction, the electric part was completely replaced, mechanical parts were repaired or replaced)  Line consists of the following: Ampoule Filling and Sealing machine ? Manufacturer: Bausch & Strobel ? Model: AFV-6015. ? Output up to 12.000 ampoules per hour. (depending on application) ? Line was running 1, 2 an... more
Sell a CFM model 3156 cleaner. This stammz from a pharmaceutical production site closure -Manufacturer: Nilfisk/CFM -Type: 3156 -Wet / dry vacuum -for the food industry -Approximate weight: 60 kg -Year of construction:-revolutions: 2850 RPM Us8ybssd -Power: 1,5 kw -Supply voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz -Hopper capacity: 25 L -Diameter connection for the vacuum tube: 50 mm -Dimensions (Lxwxh) in mm: 700 x 450 x 1300 -optical condition very good -with various suction nozzles, - second-hand -... more
capacity 0-1000 l/h with Sartocon Slice filter holder, rotary piston pump, peristaltic pump, flow meter, digital data recorder, diaphragm valves. Piping, frame with control cabinet in stainless steel, tank 35 liters, Siemes SPS S 7 control panel. Uryaixgb The complete documentation (GMP) is available. more

Pressure vessels Seitz DB 110

Polzing, AustriaAustria
6551 km
reconditioned (used)
Stainless steel pressure vessels 131 liters pressure Interior 3 bar, temperature of 133 ° C Max coat content 25 litre pressure 2 bar Bed3aumuhg Material polished 1.4571/1.4401 interior parts Propeller stirrer with stuffing box sealing more
Our mobile wrapper model year 2019, is one of our demonstration machines, was only used on the roadshow as a demo machine, condition very good, with warranty, fully tested and maintained, on request with optional accessories such as a wide Tastriemen (for disposable, Cheppaletten etc. also suitable) Battery upgrade for a higher battery power possible against surcharge. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. For a delivery outside of Germany, we will glad... more
Reactor, Make Mavag Verfahrenstechnik AG, No 69.6909 (29 543-2), New 1996, Material stainless steel 1.4435/1.4301, Capacity 990 Ltr, Vessel sizes dia. 1000 x 1350mm, Dished bottom, Dished top side, Manhole, Top connections 3x dia. 30mm, Outlet dia. 45, Working pressure vac/6 bar, Half coil jacketed 60 Ltr, Max. temperature 125 °C, With propellor stirrer, Motor 3,0 KW, 400 Volt, Mounted on legs, Floorspace 1,5x1,3 M, Total height 2,5 M, Weight 1000 KG, Extra Specifications sproeibol dia. 30mm, ... more
SNOWBELL MACHINES PVFB 240 Powder Filling and Stoppering Line- Manufacturer: SNOWBELL MACHINES [...] - Model: PVFB-240 - Year of manufacture: 2013 - Type of dosing ? vacuum (the vacuum pressure required to pull the powder into the port from the hopper.) - Format part for vials 10 ml: - Size of vials: diameter 22 mm, height 40 mm; rubber stopper 20mm; - Output up to 14400 vials per hour. (240 vials per minute) - Machine size: length 3900 mm, width 1020 mm, height 2630 mm. - Power supply: 50 Hz., ... more
1 refurbished Corob paint mixing system D 410 S / M. The machines were fully cleaned and serviced are immediately ready for use. On request you might like to visit the machines and or we will send you more detailed photos. Nadmr Manual is available. Incl. color spectrometer and label printer. We have the appropriate shaker of Corob also in the program. 3 units available We advise you, your RyFo team! more
This complete system made of stainless steel with various mixers, valves and pumps served as a pilot plant for a large production. This is now sold due to bankruptcy. In the first unit, dosed and mixed. In the second unit (with double jacket and oil heating circuit), the product was dried over various heating and stirring intervals. Volume of the two plants: approx. 75L The large containers can be easily expanded with the help of a forklift. The plants are covered with plexiglass-sheets. Th... more
The machine was made FA. gzhy (Guangzhou Hongyun mixing equipment co., Ltd) which, The control cabinet and the software was manufactured in Germany and put into operation: In the control panel components are of success. Companies mounted. -ABB -Danfoss -Murr Elektronik Bebxyxejcg -Phoenix Contact -Mushroom -Siemens The operation of the machines via a Siemens Panel No. 6AV6 642-0AA11-0AX1. Signs of use: Low wear Function: Tested Scope of delivery: With container Housing: Paint i... more
Zcmycir33 pass through height: - mm length: - mm width: Ø 110 mm depth: ca. 140 mm degree: 1200 °C voltage: 220 V total power requirement: 750 Watt dimension machine [...]: 400 x 220 x 320 mm on sale as is! inner lining with Shamrock, shamrook has slightly cracks. [...] more
Nutsche filter/dryer, Make Seitz Enzinger Noll Maschinenbau, Type EFT 30, New 1989, Material stainless steel (2.4610 Hastelloy), Filter surface 0,054 M², Capacity 58 Ltr (nett. capacity 50 Ltr), Vessel sizes dia. 305 x 750mm, Platen sizes dia. 305mm, Vessel can be tilted, Top connections 2x DN20, 1x DN25, Solids outlet dia. 100mm, Liquid outlet DN20, Working pressure vac/3,6 bar, With jacket (21 Ltr), Working pressure 3,0 bar, Max. temperature 140 °C, With stirrer, Motor 1,1 KW, 230/400 Volt E... more
Crimping machine for vials 10 ml, 14400 per hour. - Manufacturer: SNOWBELL MACHINES [...] - Model:VCM - Year of manufacture: 2013 - Crimp capping vials with alu caps Bedykayvcy - 8 capping heads. - With laminar - Format part: FLIP-OFF alu caps diameter 20mm. (size of vials: diameter 22 mm, height 40 mm, volume 10 ml with rubber stopper 20mm) output up to 14400 vials per hour. (240 vials per minute) - Machine size: length 960 mm, width 1020 mm, height 2630 mm. - 50 Hz., 380 V., 3.4 kW. Type of... more
The Interior of the oven unit on 1850 ° C Max can be heated with two separately controlled heating zones. The material into a furnace to reaction occurs via a feed by means of a powder conveyor. The evaporating material is deposited above the Chamber as fibers on a graphite plate spinning. By a half rotation of the disk, the resulting material into a second Chamber is scraped off and can be taken up during the process through a system of locks. The oven was used for the production of 3C-SiC-Fas... more
FRYMA VME-250 vacuum mixer Construction: Stainless steel Working Capacity: 250 L Bd2mf77bhc Power: 208-230-460v Build Date: 1992 Note that there is 1 x used unit in total. This machine is being sold by Tender, with submissions closing on the 22 February 2019. more
Vertical pressure tank, Make Kaspar Schultz Brauereimaschinenfabrik und Apparatebauanstalt, No 6668, New 2010, Material stainless steel, Capacity 124 Ltr, Vessel sizes dia. 440mm x800mm, Dished bottom, With cover, Outlet dia. 25mm, Working pressure 3 bar, Max. temperature -5/20 °C., With jacket 1,6 Ltr, With propellor stirrer, Motor 0,18 KW, 220-240/380-420 volt, Speed mixing shaft 850 rpm, Mounted on legs, Floorspace 1,2 x 0,8 M, Total height 1,3 M, Weight 160 KG What you can expect from Foeth... more
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