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Machines and parts cleaning equipment for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
cleaning tank -large cleaning container -Internal dimensions see photos -5 power levels -Price per piece -Number 2 pcs Bfkr07byyu Dimensions 595/380 / H660 mm -Weight 38 kg more
Pneumatic opperator ! The industrial liquid and clamp vacuum is designed to extract coolant, chips and oil from the machine sump. It filters the chips and pumps the filtered refrigerant back into the machine container so that it can be reused. The Industrial liquid and clamp vacuum cleaner has the following advantages: Strong extraction thanks Fflf2pcci BIG tank capacity Tank Capacity : 6,5 L Max. Capacity: 180 L/Min Max. Air : 8,3 Bar Material 304 Stainless Filter 170 x 300 mm Double pip... more
speciaal product Laborex with roller conveyor and truck factory DAF B0q30hj3 more
Korschenbroich, Germany Germany
dealership location
6372 km
electric rotating basket ja oil skimmers ja Bgyduzeyqh wash-rinse in a closed tank system ja Wash-rinse in a closed tank system ja steam vapor extraction ja folding door ja timer ja dimensions basket 1.000 x 1.000 x 1.300 mm capacity 1 t dimensions of the machine ca. 2.500 x 2.600 x 2.750 m more
From a customer return we offer a nearly unused cleaning system with the following equipment features: Cleaning system type W 90 H10 - front loader - Gate lifting device via pneumatic cylinder Basket diameter 900 mm usable internal height 1.000 mm Fqr7w2kwa Basket load 200 kg Complete stainless steel version with - electrical indirect bath heating - reinforced vertical centrifugal pump incl. frequency converter - Side tank with trough filter - Bag filter system with electronic differential press... more
Cleaning containers, heat pools -Container: made of VA Fg9b2ekyk -Usable height: 250 mm -Heating power: 3 kW -Voltage: 220V -Total dimensions: 880/360 / H765 mm -Weight: 24 kg more
Power:9 KW Steam output:10 Kg/Std. Water consumption :12 l/Std. Ndryd total power requirement:9 kW connected load frequency:400 V more
DOLFIN new quality product in the Netherlands Request information without obligation and it will surprise you very positively Top spraying washing machines at very attractive prices with very extensive options , machines completely customizable to your liking Above chargers PYM series with basket diameter 800/1000/1200/1250/1400 Front loader KBN 1 series with basket diameter 1400/1500/1700/1900 Front loader KBN 2 series with basket diameter 1400/1500/1700/1900 is equipped with extra flushing tan... more
Filstra suction capacity 600 cbm/h; 2.500 PA 1,25 t Traglast 3 x 1.200 x 1x200 x 2.200 mm total power requirement 40 kW Ovg7uxw weight of the machine ca. 4 t dimensions of the machine ca. 8.000 x 6.000 x 6.000 mm more
Operation Wheeled for mobile use - everywhere it is needed. Easy moving because of handcart design. By pressing the foot switch the self priming IBS Special Pump moves the cleaner from the drum through the pipe to the brush. During the manual cleaning process fresh liquid is flowing out and the soiled liquid flows back into the barrel. The heavy dirt particles fall down to the bottom of the barrel. The pump sucks fresh cleaning agent from the middle of the drum. An extended service life of t... more
These parts washers are designed for spray washing, using aqueous detergents at a temperature of 60°C maximum. All machines are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and they are models for one wash treatments. These machines function thanks to the basket’s motorized rotation around its vertical axis and they are suitable for washing small and medium-sized parts, with moderate weights. Bjd0dtvfiv more
Cleaning container, security container, cleaning container, cleaning table -with drip pan and drain pipe -Robust steel construction -Table thickness 50 mm Nsvkz -Dimensions 1230/1230 / H900 mm -Weight 440 kg more
through-put width:0 mm working heigth:0 mm Numbers of turbines:1 Stck. Bbwyjdyts2 Steam production:6,5 - 8 bar total power requirement:6 kW weight of the machine ca.:56 kg more
parts mesh basket for sprayers basket with lock 400x200x170 mesh 5mm Hymbaar more
parts-cleaner brand: ROLL type: RWTVM048-032-020-02 Flhm7chb0 new in: 2001 more
Machine is coplete with a 200 Liter Buttom new Cleaner and drip pan ! Operation By pressing the foot switch the self priming IBS Special Pump moves the cleaner from the drum through the hose to the brush. During the manual cleaning process fresh liquid is flowing out and the soiled liquid flows back into the drum. The heavy dirt particles fall down to the bottom of the drum. The pump sucks fresh cleaning agent from the middle of the barrel. An extended service life of the special cleaner is ... more
The used parts cleaning machine Perkute SP 120, is in a visually good condition. The parts cleaning machine is made of stainless steel. Special features are the oil skimmer, with a large skimmer disc, which is located at the edge of the parts cleaning machine and filters the oil out of the parts washing machine. Oil and floating particles are separated via a lateral outlet, so the liquid remains longer durable. The 3D spray nozzle system ensures an even and good washing result. To support this, ... more
Cleaning tanks, containment, cleaning tanks-steel Eg9fdsryw Tank ø 295 x 235 mm Screen basket ø 265 x 100 mm -6 x devices available Award pieces 310/370/H740 dimensions mm Weight 8 kg more
METAL WASHING MACHINE -capacity 100kg - max temperature 65 C - power 2kw og heating Jfdads9 -power consumpsion: 3kw -spraying pressure 2 bar -low output 60l/ -filling capacity 45 liters more
Metalas mc 100 fine 100% working tent to see new parts nw heating element nw bearings motor nw mechanical seal N0yjv 100% all right just needs some paint more
Aqua Clean one-bath metal cleaning system in stainless steel with lifting door. incl. the following accessories: - max. effective height 1.100 mm - Steam vapour extraction - Oil separator, OSD-B 20 - autom. level control - motorized drive of the upper nozzle frame - Transport trolley technical data: loading carriage: 1.000 x 1.000 mm max. payload: 800 kg Tank capacity 700 litres heating capacity: 12,0 kW Pump pressure: 4.00 bar / 290 l/min Ficfmvewe more
Application Heatable for aqueous cleaning agents. Removes oil and grease contaminations in no time. All purpose application for the fully automatic cleaning of heavily contaminated large parts such as motors, transmissions, agitators etc. but also for small parts from the production, manufacture and maintenance, e.g. studs, sleeves or ball bearings. Thanks to the timer, temperature pre-selection as well as individually adjustable spray nozzles it is possible to customise the cleaning process t... more
Method: Pressure flood cleaning with spray pipes below the bath level, 5 spray pipes enclosing the goods, current dimension 200 x 200 x400mm. Can be enlarged by about 20% in width and 30% in length. After pressure flooding, the surface oil is placed in a side pocket by by a special flooding device (separate pump circuit). Pumps: Lowara standard pumps in stainless steel (medium parts), main pump fitted with new seal and mechanical seal. Heating: Digitally controlled heating (Greisiniger) up to 70... more
Longitudinal multi-station system Troken with heating and transport systems Control - S5-115 Workflow Station 1: Clean in aqueous solution, hot with ultrasound Filling 710 liters, heating capacity 27 kW Station 2: Bjmrw7c3 Rinse in aqueous solution Filling 710 liters, heating power 18 kW Station 3: Passivate, watery hot Filling 720 liters, heating power 27 kW Basket Dimensions: Lenght-800mm, Breight-600mm, Height-140mm Batch weight - max 100kg Mains voltage - 380V / 50Hz Compressed air - 6 bar D... more
Steam production:120 kg/h Steam production:12 bar total power requirement:72 kW Numbers of turbines:8 x 9KW Stck. weight of the machine ca.:450 kg Industrial steam generator GIOVE 72 KW Quick steam generators Stationary - Electronically controlled - 1-circuit system steam - Voltage 400 V / 3-phase - Power 72 KW - thermal output 61 848 kcal / h - Working pressure max. 12 bar - Number of steam generators 8 - Steam output 120 kg / h - Temperature 188 ° C in the boiler - Temperature at the no... more
METALAS MC100 AS A NIEW , WORKING TO SEE NEW PARTS NEW WATERBAK NW PART NW GASPING NW CORF NW BASKET PLATEAU NW HEATING ELEMENT NW MECHANICAL SEAL NW BEARINGS MOTOR 15 to 20 machines in stock parts sales Bj0mxrfsnm sale/purchase/exchange soap powder and liquid F71 more
Bupi metal cleaning system, single bath system with return filter basket, hinged door, exhaust fan, automatic level control and oil separator. The wash item rotates via a friction wheel drive through the spray jet of the fixed nozzle pipes on all sides. Very good used condition. Wire basket Useful dimensions: 720 x 720 x 640 (H) mm N32z9 max. payload 500 kg Tank capacity: 200 litres heating capacity: 6,0 kW more
Price is only for the machine. The Machine can also be sold with new Cleaner and drip pan. Just ask ! Operation The fitted cover protects the work surface (closed) and is an additional spill guard (open). By pressing the foot switch the IBS Special Pump moves the cleaner from the drum through the hose to the brush. During the manual cleaning process fresh liquid is flowing out and the soiled liquid flows back into the drum. The heavy dirt paricles fall down to the bottom of the barrel. The ... more
The Aqua Clean 2.0 front loader series, is a degreasing system designed for the industrial maintenance sector. Here the nozzle system rotates around the component. A tank with a capacity of approx. 800 litres ensures a very long bath life. This ensures that even with extreme soiling, which is introduced into the parts cleaning system over a continuous period of time, the cleaning result is as long and consistent as possible. In addition, the cleaning system has an oil separator installed which s... more
Spiral washer, used for cleaning small parts like bolts-nuts-screws etc. Tunnel type spiral washer, parts are loaded via vibrating table and transferred via spiral conveyour. Washing-rinsing-drying options are available. Bh8o2tovcc more
Delivery rate: 12 l/min Interior dimensions: approx. 1035 x 580 x 390 mm Engine output: 0.35 kW (400 V) Device not explosion-proof. Ndg29 Article in stock. Viewing possible at any time. more
Magido Lavatronix stainless steel cleaner for medium-sized parts. Basket diameter Ø 780 mm and maximum loading weight 150 kg. Connection voltage: 400V - 3 phase This machine is very suitable for cleaning medium-sized machine parts with warm water and a cleaning agent. Because of the stainless steel construction, the machine can be used in various industries. The rotating basket is driven by the water pressure. The machine is standard equipped with a low water protection. fully insulated oil skim... more
Complete sewage equipment 1. cca 200meters of complete cables for operating sewage robot and camera 2. cable for camera 3. joystick operating panel 4. power compressor CLEARLINE TECHNOLOGIES LTD 5. 3X SEWAGE ROBOTS FOR DIFFERENT SIZES OF TUBES 6. 1X ROBOT WITH CAMERA FOR CHECK IN Hd2rzpms 7. MANY SPARE PARTS AND GRINDING HEADS FOR ROBOTS CUTTING Its many more parts but we are not able to upload complete items photos. more
Perkute 82T Jet Cleaner TOP condition INNOVATIVE Usable basket 785 mm Usable height 630 mm Loading height 865 mm Admissible basket load 500 kg Tank capacity 130 litres Pump motor 1,5 kw/ 2 PS Electr. heating 6 kw Supply voltage 380V/ 50Hz Max. washing temperature 80°C Bho2yhzxll Thermostat controls the desired washing temperature Weekly timer for the individual parameters The cleaning plant is in a very good condition and has been used very little. Extremely high basket load of 500 kg! The mac... more
Please give us your quoted price available appr. 01/2021 Sales only within Europe, incl. Turkey ===== Without packaging; Technical data please see handout in attachment. Bfplhbwg9j German text leading language. Without any guaranty and warranty, including completeness of tools & accessories as well as environmental and safety regulations. more
Pero parts cleaning machine ROT 3/U, Very good condition, everything works and is tight. Ready for immediate use. For data see PDF. Iowfyjrj Inspection on site possible, delivery from site for self dismantling. more
Kermad spray washer with work Electronic basket drive Bjlohdilxy Basket 130 cm Oil skimmer Pneumatic lift door more
exhaust air cleaning plant, order nr. 1806, for ammonia treatment, consisting of: 1 NH3-washer with counterflow principle, 2 independant/redundants fans, 1 dosing unit, for sulfuric acid, 1 active coal-adsorber with control and pumps V0wmqqy more
Effective dimension of cleaning chamber (LxWxH) 500 x 500 x 500 mm Max. weight of object being cleaned 24 kg Cleaning capacity (Eurocard format - 160x100 mm ) Max. 136 PCB / cycle (standard DMT populated) Cleaning agent volume 70 litres Rinsing DI water volume Compaclean II 70 litres Compaclean III 35 litres (each tank) Heating temperature cleaning max. 50 °C (optionally 60°C) rinsing max. 50 °C drying max. 110 °C Typical cycle time (depends on application) 45-50 min. Pzskoivn Control system in... more
Please give us your quoted price Sales only within Europe, incl. Turkey ===== Without packaging; Technical data please see handout in attachment. German text leading language. Without any guaranty and warranty, including completeness of tools & accessories as well as environmental and safety regulations. Gc9huxxh more
Fellbach, Germany Germany
dealership location
6655 km
excellent (used)
Used cleaning equipment in good condition is to be returned in the middle of the year. Uw79duq The machine is still in use and can be inspected. Details see PDF more
IDEA SP-25500 spray washer with work (pump torn) complete with lift door Oil skimmer Electronic basket drive 100cm basket Cea3wvxi more
We offer you: Parts washing system Manufacturer: Maschinenbau Silberhorn Type: Chamber cleaning system KRM 1B D500 Year of construction: 2008 Power supply: 230/400V 50Hz Power consumption: 12kW max. back-up fuse: 20A Detergents: aqueous cleaners filling quantity: 160L measurements: width: approx. 1200mm depth: approx. 1000mm height: approx. 1800mm Diameter washing basket: approx. 480mm Weight: approx. 350kg Condition as good as new Scope of delivery see pictures Location: 22946 Trittau Item no.:... more
Operating hours: 7.500 h For cleaning with watery basis 2rkzby - passage profil HxW: 35 x 145 mm - throughput weight: 25 kg/h - belt load: 5 kg/m - exhaust ventilation: 400 m³/h - dimensions LxBxH: 2300 x 800 x 2000 mm - feed height: 1000 mm more