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Ultrasonic cleaning plants for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Korschenbroich, Germany Germany
dealership location
6372 km
also ultrasonic basin URT A7-3 material VA basket dimensions 700 x 300 mm Govaz9n more
Solvent cleaner ultrasonic Basket 480 x 320 x 200 Bejuk0dd7v more
1. SCOPE OF SERVICES - KKS-KTR-450P-3T-2211 Ultrasonic small parts cleaning system - Control: Siemens Simatic IPC 2. DOCUMENTATION - Complete documentation available in Italian language (if required, the documentation can also be supplied in German, French or English) 3. TECHNICAL DATA External dimensions (l x w x h): 1950 x 1700 x 2000 mm working height: 1150 mm Number of storage tanks: 3 Volume feed tank: 170 mm Working chamber volume: 100 l Process sequence: cleaning 1, rinsing 1, cleaning 2,... more
For sale is a used ultrasonic cleaner with an integrated robot. In the appendix you can see the details of the attachment as PDF. Bfh3zvbn9j more
Korschenbroich, Germany Germany
dealership location
6372 km
also ultrasonic basin URT At basket dimensions 470 x 250 mm weight of the machine ca. 400 kg 2roflm more
15L Stainless Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital Control LCD NC Heating with Basket:. time setting: 0-30 minutes digital timing; temperature setting: 20-80 ℃ digital thermostat; material: the inner container and the outer shell are made of high quality stainless steel. 799fibne Bath's inside dimensions are: 330x300xH150mm more
Stainless steel ultrasonic system - 3 Chamber + drying - automatic carrier for the transportation of the components in the other pools. -Bad movement for eieneren speed up the cleaning process. The plant has been working at the client and is complete, including 13 baskets, which fit on the conveyor belt, which is additionally (not shown), so can that basket on the conveyor system loading the dryer. A visit is strongly encouraged. Bevi9ayq3a Sale is carried out exclusively on traders, without ... more
Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany Germany
dealership location
6689 km
6,0 m3/min rated current 9 A total power requirement 2,5 kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m Gvx2d0 swarf cleaner more
- Ultrasonic Swing Tub 80 Litrer without heating - Installation tray for solvents - hinged lid with handle - Limit temperature monitor type 603070 Vse7lm - Evaporation tub lid with handle - Adjustments 2.466 mm length x 850 mm depth x 1880 mm height - Power supply 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz (3L + N + PE) - Max. Connected load 1.5 kVA more
We sell our one year old, barely used ultra sonic cleaning tank with a volume of 5200 l due to a relocation. Ultrasonic cleaning both side lenghtwise: 5640*2440*1500mm Dbg2ujywk Included is Circulation&recycling system: 2340*1240*1200mm Electric Control cabinet: 1340*740*2350m Heating power: 60 KW more
DeSonic PL 120
St. Johann, Germany Germany
dealership location
6678 km
as good as new (ex-display)
4847: 1 gebr. Ultraschall - 4-Kammer Anlage Fabr. SCHOELLERSCHALL TIG 253 - Generator Nyidn Bauj. 1985 Anlagenfüllung 51 l Korbgröße ca. 250 x 110 x 200 mm, Platzbedarf ca. 2000 x 600 x 1300 mm EXW Nähe Heidelberg more
DeSonic 1 chamber ultrasonic cleaning system Bg2wgfscms more
like NEW, only 350 h !!! - dual chamber System, separation of the cleaning and rinsing media - additionally ultrasound cleaning systems - basket dimensions LxWxH: 670 x 480 x 300 mm - max. basket weight: 100 kg - machine dimensions LxWxH: 2200 x 1400 x 2110 mm E0tnyk0e0 Price new: € 75.000,- more
Ultrasonic cleaning system with lifting and oscillation Outside dimensions LxWxH mm: 940x785x955 Total height in mm: 1670 Inner dimensions LxWxH mm: 630x350x420 Filling volume in lt: 80 Dofmuze7i Ultrasound: 3-sided sound (floor, front and rear) Power: 2000 W Frequency: 25 kHZ Cover and warning basket Lifting traverse: Pneumatic lifting crosshead with long stroke + short stroke oscillation (approx. 20 strokes/min, approx. 50 mm stroke, lifting load approx. 50 kg) Electrics: 230 V, temperature co... more
11 pieces Amsonic AM-12L ultrasonic cleaner with oil separator. All as good as new: On average, little more than 30 operating hours (see below) List: 1. Serial number: 150829 ; Engine hours: 1h ; Year: 2015 2. Serial number: 150824 ; Engine hours: 34h ; Year: 2015 3. Serial number: 150843 ; Engine hours: 6h ; Year: 2015 4. Serial number: 150839 ; Engine hours: 24h ; Year: 2015 5. Serial number: 150827; Engine hours: 282h ; Year: 2015 6. Serial number: 150825 ; Engine hours: 6h ; Year: 2015 7.... more
Tank dimension: (lxwxh) 900 x 600 x 500mm Total dimension: (lxwxh) 1.080 x 780 x 750mm Grhplk3c Wash tray outside dimension: (lxw) 840 x 540mm Loading cap. 60kg Filling volume cap. 240 Liters Ultrasonic Power: 12KW two ultrasonic activators, sidewards mounted heating power: 6KW, 30-70°C Electrical power 400V/50Hz Drainage valve, overflow valve, electrical heating, Generator with booster function, Frequency 40kHz, niveau control, incl. manual cover, incl. tray without optional lifter function more
Semmelroth Year of manufacture 2010 Top condition!!! Module system T 60 / 5 Cleaning 1 - Cleaning 2 - Rinsing - Rinsing - Drying Dimensions 2,800 x 600 x 850 mm (LxWxH) Useful size 500 x 300 x 290 mm (LxWxH), Process sequence from right to left. Welded tubs 2 mm, V4A stainless steel, The degreasing (cleaning) zones are equipped with ultrasound. Continuous power 600 watts, ultrasonic 25/45 kHz switchable, heating power 3000 watts, filling volume approx. 55 litres. Mzrwnrrh The bathtubs rinsing an... more
Double-Chamber water spraying system Basket 600 x 600 x 500 Bejuieirjm more
Köln, Germany Germany
dealership location
6406 km
gebr. Ultrasonic cleaning system make FINN SONIC/WIWOX Model MC-170/I. No.: 523168-50-03 built in 2003 Vspiwq Internal dimensions 440 x 650 x 440 mm maximum load 160 kg Pool volume 200 l Heating power 6.4 kW External dimensions: Width 1250 mm 1150 mm deep Height 1000 mm Weight approx. 250 kg more
CleanMax Single Stage Ultrasonic Cleaners The CleanMax range of industrial sized single staged ultrasonic cleaners are designed to be used in industrial applications where heavy duty cleaning demands and performance are widely required. Due to mobile design the CleanMax range are mainly used for maintenance in the medical, laboratory and health industries where precise cleaning and mobility are essential needs. - Tank capacities between 40 to 160 litres. - Constructed entirely of stain... more
System size: approx. 2200 x 1300 x 2070 mm (WxDxH)Size of the cleaning tubs: approx. 600 x 450 x 350 mm (WxDxH)Basin 1 (left) Heated active basinBasin 2 (right) Heated sinkUltrasonic generator MW 2000 PCI Martin Walter Bfvamgodpf more
Ellenberg, Germany Germany
6707 km
good (used)
ULTRASCHALL GREAT Bez78ztfh8 Branson See pictures more
Well preserved Lösemiitel complex with loading unit Basket 480 x 320 x 200 Nk9nn more
Ultrasonic cleaner with PLC, specially designed for medical needs. Capacity: 50 Liter 7mdcfvs Automatic filling: Available Automatic dosing: Available Lid: Pneumatic piston Programmable: Yes with PLC Liquid level control: Available more
Last service check in december 2019.Till now in use. Bhfbz3fdv7 For cleaning metal and ruber parts. more
AutoClean Ultrasonic Celaning System AutoClean ultrasonic cleaning systems, specifically designed for the high and precision cleaning demands of transportation industries such as the aviation, naval, railway and even the engine remanufacturing and repair industries. The AutoClean range has been designed with engine components in mind, cleaning all types of parts from cylinder heads, injectors, engine blocks, brake discs, gearboxes and radiators could all benefit. The AutoClean’s cleaning abili... more
Himberg, Austria Austria
7159 km
ready for operation (used)
automatic cleaner for metals based Perchlohrethylen (Per.) Vxpal7lt more
1. cleaning tank with ultrasonic Size dimensions: 1000 x 1720 x 1700 room contents: 1 m3 inner dimension 127x60cm depth 130 cm 2. rinsing, aeration tank Size dimensions: 1000 x 1720 x 1600 inner dimensions 125x60cm Tiefe130cm Capacity: 1 m3 3. containers for draining and drying 83gjquoc0 Size dimensions: 1000 x 1720 x 1600 cubic capacity: 1 m3, inner dimension 125x60cm depth 130 cm 4. containers for the formation of layer against corrosion Size dimensions: 1080 x 1690 x 1700 capacity: 1,1 m3 ... more
INTERSONIK MINISONIK series provides fast, reliable and economic solution in parts washing! Perfect parts washing systems for degreasing and precise cleaning Operation Principles: High frequency (25 kHz) which is obtained in liquid, creates millions of microscobic air bubbles loaded with vacuum energy, strike to dirty surfaces and explode and so oil, chip, carbon, lime, blood tissue are removed. Minisonik ultrasoniks washer are available in 4 different size, 4l , 12l , 18l and 28 liter versio... more
MultiClean Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaning System MultiClean cleaning systems are available with 2, 3, 4 or 5 tanks from our standard range as well as larger quantities for special machines at request. Tanks can included multiple configurations including pre-washing, ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, passivation and drying. Pre-Washing Pre-washing is generally used for very dirty and greasy parts before precise cleaning to remove rough contamination to save time, energy, water and cleaning chemica... more
Ultrasonic filter cleaning machine, provides perfect cleaning for any type of filters. Easiest, safest and quickest method for cleaning your filters. Tailor made design for tank capacity and basket size. Constructed with AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 is also available on demand) Timer for ultrasonic power. Automatic or manual liquid fill / discharge Electrical heating with resistances. Ikieuzv 28 Khz ultrasonic power. A lot of extras and options are available. Please feel free to... more
CleanMax-N Single Stage Ultrasonic Cleaners The CleanMax-N range of industrial sized single staged ultrasonic cleaners are designed to be used in industrial applications where heavy duty cleaning demands and performance are widely required. The CleanMax-N range are widely used for cleaning parts in the automotive, aviation, metal ware and many other industries where precise parts cleaning is essential prior to surface treatment or final assembly. The CleanMax-N range also offers a large amount ... more
INTERSONIK is established in 1988 and since then manufacturing industrial cleaning machines both ultrasonic type and sprayed type. INTERSONIK always has high standarts and aims to provide solid and durable products to its costumers. Ultrasonic washing machines are designed and manufactured with the 30 year of experience and engineering that belongs to INTERSONIK from A to Z. Ber8vv39tl K model ultrasonic cleaning devices are perfect parts washing systems for degreasing and precise cleaning. So... more
INTERSONIK ROBOWASH provides effective washing solution for mass production of metal industry! Perfect parts washing systems for degreasing and precise cleaning. With the Automatic Cartesian Conveying Systems, Besicwar07 full automation is provided in Industrial Washing and the process is carried out very fast with no need of an operator. Application Areas: ► Surface cleaning prior to coating and painting process ► In automotive industry, pistons, valves, engine blocks, shock absorbers and all ... more
SONDA is an economic solution for gaining an ultrasonic cleaning unit. If you have your own stainless steel tank and want to convert this tank to a ultrasonic washing unit SONDA is the ideal match. We can produce SONDAs regardless of the dimension. What you should do is simply tell us your tank's dimensions and mount the unit to your tank with a simple operation. Nl8or Operation Principle -Every single immersible SONDA units work with its own separate high frequency generator. -Immersible SONDA... more
Ultrasonic cleaning tank with special dimensions. We can produce giant ultrasonic tanks according to your needs. This tank has 4.000 kgs liquid capacity and produced from stainless steel. Lzqp0u2x more
INTERSONIK MIDISONIK series provides fast, reliable and economic solution in parts washing! Intersonik ultrasonic cleaners are perfect parts washing systems for degreasing and precise cleaning. Operation Principles: High frequency (25 kHz) which is obtained in liquid, creates millions of microscobic air bubbles loaded with vacuum energy, strike to dirty surfaces and explode and so oil, chip, carbon, lime, blood tissue are removed. Midisonik ultrasonic washers are available in 4 different size, ... more

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