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Working width 1800 mm Roller width 2000 mm pressure 50 t Pressure line 270 N / mm Number of rollers 2 Stück Upper roll 360 dia Roller covering Stahlwalze - verchromt Heating - upper roll Gasheizung Lower roll S-Walze Roller covering Flexroll-Manchon diameter of lower rolls 350 / 435 mm Clouth speed 50 m/min 2qvuae Weight 12 to dimensions of the machine ca. 6,0 x 4,0 x 3,0 m • Inlet side with metal detector. • At outlet with Sochor arm and hydr. center winder, with gas heating, more
Working width 3400 mm Roller width 3600 mm Number of rollers 3 Stück Upper roll 640 dia Roller covering Baumwolle Middle roll 160 - 220 dia Roller covering Gravur-Dessin Srtxxo Heating Thermoöl Lower roll S-Walze dia Roller covering Plyamid - 500 mm Pressure line 100 N / mm Pressure total 40 to • Machine is in mint condition, was hardly used, • Inlet with metal detector • Outlet with big batch winder SALVEDE, • Heating of the embossing roll via thermic oil, without its conditioning, • ad... more
The ball fiber opening machine / fiber opener is mainly used for producing PEARL spherical cotton products by silicon empty cotton. This kind of cotton products is used in garment, bedding, pillow, and other stuffing object. It can make the products look richer, and more spring. The advantages of the machine are power, working capacity, no vibration, low noise, and the ease and safety of use. You can adjust and customize the size of the final product. The fiber opener machine presented in the vi... more
The machine is suitable for carding various kinds of short fibers, such as wool, cotton, waste, polyester foam particulars, and microfiber, etc. Fiber feeder can store hundreds of kilograms of fiber, then convey to the next carding machine. Therefore, it can save a lot of labor cost, as well as improve working efficiency. The convey speed is adjustable. The advantages of the machine are power, working capacity, no vibration, low noise, and the ease and safety of use. The machine presented on fil... more
The line for the production of non-woven polyester wadding is equipped with three feeders, which ensures continuity in the supply of raw material. Raw material is weighed from feeders and transported by conveyor belt to the pre-opening unit and strewed. After passing through the pre-assembly, the fibers get the right comb and go to the vibration chamber, which as a fixed fleece is transported to the carding machine. Two fleeces leave the carding, which crosses the stacker and stretcher, and all ... more

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