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Sewing-machines for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Coverstitch Machine NEW, with 5,6 mm Needle gauge, complete on Unit with 220 Volt servomotor Bjfqtbtvhp more
Automotive Workplace for stub seams with 1,3 mm cutting distance - sewing head Dürkopp Adler 867 190322 M - MK sidecutter for heavier materials - cutting distance 1,3 mm ( other distances available ) - thread trimmer - backtack - footlifter - quick stroke - 2nd stitchlenght - 2nd thread tension Bdz7buoie7 - complete with sewing stand more
Mammut P1S upgraded with a portal lifter. This plant was a test facility for carbon processing. Convertible for quilt production. Single needle quilting machine MAMMUT P 1 S 340 Portal quilting machine with a fast sewing head type 725 max. sewing field 3,500 mm x 3,600 mm Bhkjfu9udq Additional equipment : * electronic thread trimmer for upper and lower thread * Bobbin thread bobbin monitor * Technology package incl. needle cooling Retrofitting of mounting plates for mounting of a Hole unit Two a... more
7 x industrial sewing machines Manufacturer: Pfaff Guys: Pfaff 442-R 463-6 433-490 and Manufacturer : Dürkopp Adler Bilabrzdih 2x Dürkopp- Eagle 244-555 2x Dürkopp- Eagle 244-555 more
sewing machine with bent arm(assembly of overlapped seams) Biyhxhlef2 more
Brandnew Coverstitch machine, with 3 Needles, needle gauge 6,4mm, complete on unit with 220 Volt servomotor Bjfqsorj9n more
Dürkopp Adler 867 190322 M - thread trimmer - backtack E0od8jupa - footlifter - quick stroke - 2nd stitchlenght - 2nd thread tension - complete with sewing stand with electric lift more
Trimming machine for cleaning from garments with excess threads. Bcbl87n90u more
Sewing machine brother Exedra E-100 mark II, foot lifter FB II, MD-816 (B); Buy an industry Naehmaschien of brother here Sewing machine brother Exedra E-100 mark II,. Foot lifter FB II, MD-816B,. DB2-B737-413 380V Find more articles in our shop! Wrzvc more
Sewing automat, Juki DDL 8700B7, electronic regulated conveyor belt dependent on sewing machine feed rate, 2000 x 800 x 815mm, other heights are possible with no extra charge, sewing speed 0-16m/min, Base construction out of 50 mm square profile, 1200 watt electrical consumption. including main switch, emergency stop, tape belt conveyor with automatic tape follow up. Bgxww0tsa0 more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Including controls. C7rhthitu more
Brandnew Sewing machine from Simac Brand, with thread cutter, footlifter ands automatic Backtack, with lights and servo Motor 220 Volt Xkwxk more
2 needle unisonfeed postbedmachine with - 230 V Servomotor Gdblhg8 - thread trimmer - backtack - footlifter - quick stroke - 8 mm needle distance more
UNION SPECIAL crochet sewing machine, in excellent condition with NEW electronic motor. Bcbl28chsk more
Rimoldi sewing machine 261-10-2MD-08/518-10 Button seaming machine Machine Item condition: used, a thread guide on the reel holder would have to be replaced. Dmj72s2 You can find more articles in our other offers! more
JUKI Brand, DDL7000A, Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine with Auto Thread Trimmer. Bh9t32c2sl more
Three phase current: 380/ 220V, including automatic thread trimmer, magnetic drive, thread tension release, synchronizer, quick-ttop and switch box. G7rg0hx more
Universal Sewing machine with all options, thread cutter, foot lifter, back tack automatic, LED Lamp, servo Motor 220 Volt Bjbrdnd9hw more
CNCsewing automat - sewing head M-Type - sewing area 600x 200 mm - very good condition N0ygr - bobbin thread sensor - programming software DACAD 5000 more
Brother CB3-B912-1 sewing machine properties: Sewable button size: 8 to 30 mm outer diameter 2.5 to 6.5 mm at buttonhole spacing needle bar stroke 48 mm Speed 1,500 rpm Bczisks83h Item condition: used You can find more articles - new and used - in our shop! International shipping costs on request! more
Durkopp adler 867-190122 heavy duty single needle flat bed sewing machine with drop feed,,thread trimmer, complete with table and electronic motor 3famnekj more
(1) Flat Weld Sewing Machine MAUSER: number of needles: 4 (2) Sewing Machine UNION SPECIAL U 160: stitches: 6/ 8/ 12 (3) Buttonhole Sewing Machine REECE S2-BH. F0yuk3jmi more
Universal Sewing machine, with all options, with thread cutter, foolifter back tack automaticx, LED lamp, for light and medium material, complete with 220 Volt Servo Motor Evmfkkixs more
single needel unison feed longarmmachine complete with - 230 V servo motor - XXL Hook 32 mm Pugnee - pneum. footlifter - arm clearance 70 cm - stand and table more
LINEAR PFAFF sewing machine for ruffles, with top feed thread trimmer. Gyk8poq2s more
Dürkopp Adler Kl. 564-1/01 Chainstitch machine Bhb0k072cx Manufacturer: Dürkopp Adler Designation: Kl. 564-1/01 Type: Chainstitch machine Item condition: used International shipping costs on request! more
One-needle stitch machine with triple transport and horizontal XXL hook. The machine with automation is designed to work on medium heavy materials. The machine comes standard with automatic thread cutting, presser foot lifting and locking functions. It has an integrated engine in the head, a simple to use control panel and an additional, easily accessible panel of function buttons. Technical Specifications: - Thread thickness max: 15/3 Nm - Needle thickness: 90 - 160 Nm - Needle system: 134-35... more
Pattern size: 100x60mm max., sewing speed: 2500rpm (at 3mm-pitch), stitch formation: single needle lock stitch, stitch length: 0.1-10mm, stitch number: 20000 max., with shuttle hook. Year of make: ca. 2004. 7d3ab7ldk more
Brandnew Sewing machine with thread cutter, footlifter Backtack automaticly, with lights and 220 Volt servo Motor Nzrdj more
2 needle unison feed longarmmachine equiped with - longarm 70 cm - needle distance 6 mm Bi2mj3f3xl - thread trimmer - footlifter - 2nd stitchlenght - 2nd thread tension - quick stroke - LED sewing light - backtack more
PFAFF 3306 button sewing machine - button fixing and wrapping machine - Air system - high speed - automatic foot lifter Bhb0ifdioo - AutomaticThread Trimmer Item condition: used You can find more articles - new and used - in our shop! International shipping costs on request! more
Bruce Lockstitch BRC 6380EHC-4Q Computerized version of a heavy-duty, top and bottom-feed lockstitch machine (JK-6380) with integrated servo motor and operating panel on the head. Befq0egj3l Automatic functions: thread trimmer needle positioning sewing parameters programming auto bartacking option auto presser foot lifter more
Stitch type: 401, double chain stitch seam, sewing speed: 200 - 1800stitches/min, depending on material, needle distance: 6 - 2000mm, needle system: 794 HFR, stitch length: 8mm max. 7duove8ca more
Decorative edge sewing machine Xkvyc more
Juki DDL 7000A-7 single needle lockstitch with bottom feed - thread trimmer - backtack - footlifter - 230 V servo motor Pughiu more
Delivery to any country. 12 pcs are available for sale. B2gcgr8t more
PFAFF 3306 button sewing machine - button fixing and wrapping machine - Air system - high speed - automatic foot lifter - AutomaticThread Trimmer Puaggq Item condition: used You can find more articles - new and used - in our shop! International shipping costs on request! more
A series of high-performance 3-, 4- and 5-thread overlocks, equipped with an integrated energy-saving motor mounted in the head directly on the machine’s main shaft (DIRECT DRIVE system), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and lower power consumption. The modern design of the machine provides better ventilation of the motor and thus faster and more efficient operation, and as a result, a longer machine life. The world’s first industrial overlock with a built-in operation panel with vo... more
The following machines are for sale: sewing machine Pfaff 483-6/01, sewing machine Pfaff 483/900/99, sewing machine Pfaff 463-6B, button bar machine Rimoldi 066-11-13, buttonhole machine Pfaff 3116-958/01. B0z9n83q3 more
Lockstitch needle feed and Pullerfeed machine, with thread cutter footlifter and Backtack automaticly, with 220 Volt Servo Motor Nzqeb more
Demo machine complete with stand, table, thread trimmer, backtack, panel, 2nd stitch lenght Xrjxuykv more
Jack Lockstitch A5 is the latest lockstitch machine equipped with an integrated, energy-saving Direct Drive motor mounted in the machine head directly on the main shaft. The engine guarantees reliable and quiet operation. Machine head equipped with smart and easy to operate operation panel with voice guide (language: english, chinese) and 3-level shinning LED light, make it more convenient for work and reduce visual fatigue. Automatic functions: auto thread trimming needle positioning auto bar... more
There are two sewing machines available: (1) PFAFF 1295: needle system: 134-35 LR, needle size: 110-150Nm, max. sewing speed: 1900/min, max. stitch length: 6mm, Stichtyp: 301, max. clearance under the sewing foot: 14mm, clear workspace: 270x270mm, with needle transport and alternating sewing foots (2) PFAFF 471: with needle transport, sliding gear transport and lining cut. Bdkon7qcfi more
speed Chainstitch machine with thread cutter, footlifter, and Backtack automaticly Biueaswzt7 more
A series of modern overlocks with a built-in control panel, with the highest sewing speed, needle positioning and the ability to return to factory settings. The integrated Direct Drive motor guarantees quiet, reliable operation and low power consumption. The improved construction of the BRUCE Overlock machine ensures better lubrication of the components as well as prevents oil leaks. Integrated LED lighting. B2rvxjok Technical parameters: Max Sewing speed: 5500 stitches/min Max Foot Lift: 5,5 ... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Working width: 5000mm, including Steam Generator DINO BREMEN CD 72 K, year of construction: 2011. Berfxi89tu more

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