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Other machinery for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
0 70 ltr. motor 1,1 kW / 1500 - 3000 U/min. internal dimension 498 x 387 x 410 Trog mm total power requirement 1,1 kW B3kdyucm weight 140 kg range L-W-H 730 x 650 x 910 mm more
Leipzig, Germany Germany
dealership location
6727 km
through-put width: Siehe Text mm pass through height: Siehe Text mm Numbers of turbines: 3 Stck. space requirement approx.:: Höhe ges. ca. 4,5 m Shotblasting Line for Springs application area: - for automatically cleaning of beam technical work of springs in troughput transportation trough the plant via drag chain. - troughput speed of the chain adjustable plant consists of: - machine housing, internal ( (high - alloy tool steel - hardened) with interchangeable beam plates - conveyor system -... more
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
dealership location
6377 km
- Producer Venjakob - Width 1080 mm - Height 1120 mm Bg33gwrxue - Depth 520 mm - mobile - Wiht mobile cleaning basket aus Stahl, H:250 x B: 440 mm - Location on stock more
The device is very easy to operate without any programming knowledge. - Englisch user software and user manual - CE approved, according to European directives - External PC with network cable - Fiber laser 20W (optional: 30W, 50W) - Wavelength 1064nm - Marking field size 110x110 - Marking software EZCAD in German / English - Marking speed 7000mm/second - manual focusing of the laser - Max. Component height approx. 370 mm - Focusing of the laser via electrically adjustable Z-axis Bdtqfntsjo - ... more
Round vibrator R 420 Euro Year of construction 2016 Operating hours: approx. 2,259 Manufacturer: Rösler Pneumatically operated separating flap Speed control by means of frequency converter Harhvjz Plant can be visited by prior arrangement. more
dimensions = 15.0 x 5.0 x 5.1 m , contact Arthur - 501517255 Bg30eh2rbf more
Trough vibrator Walther Trowal V175 x 65 Deburring, edge rounding, smoothing surfaces, polishing surfaces, degreasing, cleaning surfaces, pickling, descaling, derusting Dwhn73 Effective volume: 520 dm³ Max. filling weight: 600 kg Max. workpiece diagonal: 1700 mm more
▪ overall dimensions 7940 x 3735 x 2525 H mm ▪ Waschkorbmaße 400 x 630 x 400 H mm ▪ Tank contents approx. 300 l per pool ▪ US performance 2.4 / 4.8 kW ▪ HF frequency 30 kHz ▪ Power consumption approx. 40 kW ▪ Power supply 230/400 VAC; 3 pH 50 Hz + PE + 0 ▪ Suction line min. 800 m³/h ▪ Suction channel 6 x 63 Ø mm ▪ Air 5-7 bar Bedaf2cefz ▪ Plant consisting of pool, dryer and buffer tank ▪ Goods movement about auto transporter, Max 50 kg ▪ Pool 1: pre-wash with pressure immersion (Jet) ▪ Pool 2: b... more
Pneumatic Lifting and lowering agitator with cover for 20 - 30 liter container / hobbock Technical data: - Cover diameter 400 mm, suitable for 25 - 30 liter containers / Hobbok. Wp80ajvz - agitator, pneumatic with 2 blades, diameter 100 mm stainless steel, Length of wing arm approx. Mm - connection suction lance and return lance 1/2 zol - Pneumatic hoisting gear, lifting height approx. 500 mm - second hand - Location: D-32825 Blomberg more
Plasmatreat plant complete with rotary head RD 1004. plant for plasma pretreatment of plastic-metal-glass etc. The system was used to activate plastic components before the bonding process. Ready for operation until disassembly. Sale unaudited. C02k2fj2 more
FIBER MARKER - 30W 100x100mm Ni2xf The WS-RT fiber marker series is a high-performance laser marker, used for engraving, marking of all metals and most other materials. The fiber laser technology used in Wenia's merits makes the device unrivaled in the engraving or marking process. The lifetime of the laser generator is approx. 100,000 hours and is completely maintenance-free during operation. The WS-RT series is characterized by a very high speed of marking the line, which is 7000mm / s and... more
TiOx planar target 2600*100*6 mm with TiOx purity 99.9% Bfvwt3f8jz consists of follow: TiOx tile 162.5*100*6 mm - 16 plates Cu backing plates: 325*106*6 mm - 6 plates 332*106*6 mm - 2 plates In Total we have 8 x TiOx planar targets of length 2600 mm or 64 TiOx planar sputtered plates 325 - 332 mm. more
We're selling our "Betona" pickling, paint stripping. Jcdgiff more
▪ 12x6m 585 x 330 x 400 H mm ▪ Dimensions 760 x 460 x 720 H mm ▪ Contents of tank 68 l ▪ Heat output 2000 W ▪ Mains voltage 230 V / 50 Hz ▪ Weight 57 kg ▪ Pool completely in stainless steel 1.4301 ▪ Heating with Plattenresistoren (offline) ▪ Complete thermal insulation of ▪ insulated door of ▪ manual Oberflächenskimmer with overflow weir ▪ Dry run protection for heating Ifqxttro0 ▪ Drain valve on pelvic floor and overflow in 1.4436 more
Pneumatic Lifting and lowering agitator with cover for 20 - 30 liter container / hobbock Bg32q8l372 Technical data: - Cover diameter 400 mm, suitable for 25 - 30 liter containers / Hobbok. - agitator, pneumatic with 2 blades, diameter 100 mm stainless steel, Length of wing arm approx. Mm - connection suction lance and return lance 1/2 zol - Pneumatic hoisting gear, lifting height approx. 500 mm - second hand - Location: D-32825 Blomberg more
Wickede (Ruhr), Germany Germany
6439 km
1 pcs for sale. High Frequency High Voltage Power RF Generator. Radio frequency high voltage generator, plasma generator. Water cooling system, pump not included. Input: 15KV DC 2A, Max 2kW Output RF CW: max 12 kW Output RF Pulse: max 100kW, 7KV / 14A, T.P max 10ms Operating frequency: 13.5 MHz Cooling: minimum 50l / min, 4 bar Size: 180 x 70 x 170 cm, (including wheels) Main parts: 2pcs Eimac 3CW30,000H7, 06980 Water Cooled Power Triode, 6.3V, 160A, 45kW, 110MHz 2pcs Comet CV05C-500M / 5 6-500p... more
Manufacturer: Engraving Machine Model: Laser Tec Co2 3bylzt3m Production year: 2018 Weight: 300 kg dimensions: - length 2.02 m - width 1.4 m - height 1.1 m Laser power: 100-180 W Device power: 1500 W Power supply: 220-240 V Working area: 1400x900 mm Equipment: - water pump with accessories - wiring - tools - blowing with accessories CZR80 - water filter CO2 laser cutting machine is used for engraving or cutting in various materials such as acrylic, density board, plastic, acrylic acid, rubber, m... more
The Z700 from Leybold is offered here. It was retrofitted by AIS Dresden in 2007, which means that it has been automated and functionally extended. The key data are as follows:- Automation of the whole plant in 2007- Pendulum motion in coating- Vacuum measurement Pfeiffer on the state of the art- 2 gases, MFCs from Bronkhorst. Alternative replacement MFCs are supplied - AE Cesar 1325 2.5kW HF generator- AE Matchbox VM5000 5kW Matchbox- 2 x ADL Maris GS60 6kW cathode power supplies- substrate hol... more
▪ Size 1360 x 800 x 1900 H mm ▪ Payload of 1050 x 600 x 900 H mm ▪ door dimensions 630 x 900 H mm ▪ carrying capacity 100 kg ▪ Completely in stainless steel 3iouq7u2 ▪ Moveable cart with 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors ▪ Detachable hood with 2 opposite jobs ▪ The workplace a laminated glass with 2 gloves ▪ simple replacing of the gloves using hose clamps ▪ inclined floor with drain valve ▪ more stable floor grid ▪ Crane slot in the cabin ceiling Optional accessories: ▪ Rinsing pistol or shower inc... more
- Producer Lacont - Type AW 06.08 - Year of construction 2003 - Width 600 mm - Length 800 mm - Height 250 mm - Collecting volume 100 Ltr - Carrying capacity 1000 kg/m² - Location: on stock Crptquz more
approx. 15,000 m² Chartek 7 and 1709 were applied. 2018 a complete overhaul for 13,400 € was done. Invoices for evidence are available No9gp more
Mobile workstation for surface inspection of components with matt or glossy surface function: -Auditing of matt surfaces with up to 4,000Lux e.g. leather -Auditing of reflective surfaces with 1,500Lux e.g. painted parts, glossy plastic partsShowing surface defects e.g. dents, scratches, colour inclusions etc.-Auditing of matt surfaces with up to 4,000Lux e.g. leather -Auditing of reflective surfaces with 1,500Lux e.g. painted parts, glossy plastic partsShow surface defects e.g. dents, scratches,... more
LAS 24 Nail embosser - Marking field 30x80mm - Optional marking range 30x130 or 60x130mm - Marking depth ≤ 0,3mm - Interface RS232, USB W98s0 - LC colour display - Marking up to ≤ HRC 62 - Without compressed air - Low maintenance - trolley more
Mass flow controlled plasma system. First generation plasmacoating system. Controller, jambox, 1000Amp source, powderfeeders, gun 9MB, spare unit with MFC. Bdum0ofrnt Contact us for more thermal spray equipment. GTV, multicoat, diamondjet HVOF, powder hoppers, spare parts etc. more
▪ Dimensions 740 x 580 x 745 H mm ▪ 12x6m 585 x 450 x 455 H mm ▪ Pool content 107 l ▪ Heating power 4000 W ▪ Mains voltage 230 V / 50 Hz ▪ Weight 74 kg ▪ Pool completely in stainless steel 1.4301 ▪ Welded version in 2 mm sheet thickness ▪ Indirect heating with Plattenresistoren ▪ Complete thermal insulation ▪ isolated ▪ manual upper surfaces Kimmung lid with overflow weir ▪ Dry run protection for heating ▪ Digital display for bathroom heating and dwell time ▪ Drain and overflow valve in acid-pro... more
Königswinter, Germany Germany
6431 km
ready for operation (used)
Aluminium washing block company BECK BE-AL 2500 Incl. Post filter cassette 592/490/292 Bel3y03syx Year 2014 more
Here we offer a plasma reat FG 3002 with 1 rotation plasma system. Plasma system Type Model: FG3002 Voltage: 3-400 V/32 A low/Icu: 0.64 kA/- Fit: 50 Hz Type: FG3002 Delivery: (See picture) Bewjpeadrc (Changes and errors in the technical data, information is reserved!) We can answer more questions on the phone for you. more
Innolas ILS TT single scan photovoltaic industry Item condition: Used Innolas ILS TT single scan Photovoltaic Industrial laser Innoscan 20 mm to 1030mm P 728 Nkjcd The article is from a Commons resolution. All of our used and tested article ran smoothly until the expansion. Used article, we grant a right of return by two weeks. For further questions or a an express delivery you please contact with us. Scope of delivery see article photo. more
Fully automatic laser cleaning system LCS 1000 Decoating and decoating • Partial decoating Selective stcoating • Large-scale decoating Removal of evaporation layers Cleaning and degreasing Baking moulds • Tire shapes • Pressure rollers • Molded article tools CFRP/GRP tools Bfin8kgdm0 PVD tools Labeling and marking • Labeling metals • Labeling of plastics • Labeling glass Activate / Pre-treat • Pre-treatment for coating Pre-treatment for soldering and welding • Oxide layer removal • Adhesive ... more
Bessenbach, Germany Germany
6599 km
unexamined (used)
Connection value: 0.75 kW Pressure range: 0-10bar Bfhg8gjzz8 more
The equipment is possible to coating in thin film for metal. Sputtering It works with vacuum technology. Mqtxt The price is without pump! Maximum machinable workpiece size: 1000 × 300 mm. Cabin size: 1900mm x 700mm more
SELMERS POLYETHYLENE EXTERNAL COATING LINE STOCK NR: 13104 ORIGIN: DUTCH LOCATION : GREECE BOUGHT/ORDERED: 2000 POWER(kW): 575.9 THERMAL POWER(kW): 900 DIAMETER RANGE(mm): 114.3 (4.5’’) UP TO 1524(60’’) THICKNESS RANGE(mm): 2 UP TO 14.5 Basaiwvi LENGTH RANGE(m): 6 UP TO 16 Notes: The control of the machine was upgraded by Selmers during 2012. The line is 100% operable and in excellent condition. Dealer: PROFIT MACHINERY POINT LTD more

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