Wastewater treatment technology Offers
Reaction vessels, batch plant, solid matter separator, utility sink, painter washing station, water treatment, tool - and water purification Qkt8kewui Delivery as is as seen Batch plant with a reaction tank 105 litre Dimensions 1400/840/H1800 mm Weight 290 kg more
Cold storage WELLAIR, very good condition, panels Fabr. BRUCHA Beeuw903kc Dimensions: L: approx. 20,500 mm, B: approx. 15,700 mm, H: 3,910 mm, cold room is divided by a partition wall in 2 areas, 1 x approx. 20,000 x 10,600 mm, inside: 212 m m², 1 x approx. 20,000 x 4,800 mm, inside: 96 m m², interior height about 3,830 mm , Facilities: 2 STK. refrigerator doors, passage: 1 x 2.000 mm, 2 PCs. refrigerator sliding doors, passage: 2 x approx. 2,800 mm, 2 PCs. high speed doors incl. control, pass... more
Netzsch NE 100 B Progressive cavity pump Article no.: RE-HU-2019-1202-PE89 e Product: Netzsch Manufacturer: Netzsch Vhrmid9f Type: NE 100 B Machine-number: 203092 Kom.-Nr: 305198 Capacity: ca. 50m3/h Motor: 11 kW more

Wastewater treatment plant

Rosenthal am Rennsteig, GermanyGermany
6311 km
unexamined (used)
Used waste water treatment plant with oil separation and dosing pump, precipitation, neutralization was used as a secondary circuit on a washing machine, at the moment not cleaned in an industrial laundry! 2 stainless steel containers Nkou2 1 plastic container PP with agitator of 1mischbehaelter with agitator 1Elektonik control unit div. pumps/RohrePVC more

screw press ISHIGAKI SP - HF 08

Fritzens, AustriaAustria
6462 km
excellent (used)
Type SP - HF 08 Drive power screw 2.2 kW Screw speed 0.1 - 1.0 rpm Yrzuq8 Frequency range 10 - 100 Hz Rated current 4.95 A Voltage 230/400 V Washing water consumption 200 - 300 l per wash cycle 25 l / min. at 3 bar materials: Outer cylinder 1.4301 Sieves 1.4301 Screw 1.4301 Rem. Product-carrying parts 1.4301 or PE Operating conditions: Medium: digested sludge Dry matter in the inlet: 2.0 - 4.0% Organic share OTS: 50 - 55% Mud temperature: 25 - 35 °C pH of the sludge: not... more
liter capacity: 0,42 l/s feed pressure: 40 J/kg frequency: 50 Hz Ysouiow7 current- max.: 110 W voltage: 220-254/380-440 V protection class: IP44 weight of the machine approx.: 4 kg pump - unused available : 9 pieces more
This machine is part of an online auction at: Onlineactionmaster COM / Agribidding COM (Auction lot: 2510 – 83 Closing: Wednesday januari 30th Exhibition day: Thursday januri 24th 14:00 till 16:00 Adress: Ossebroeken 6, 9411VR in Beilen After free registration you can place a bid. Jfcmpvh more
System: piston diaphragm pump Manufacturer: Abel Type: FDG 322 Machine number: 3506 Year of construction: 1989 2quixy Performance: 15 m3 Pressure: 15 bar Engine: BBC, 11 kW, 50 Hz more
Manufacturer: Putzmeister Type: KOS 1050 HCB, THS 332 HCB, HA 45 C title: Dick fuel pump + hydraulic power pack Hours of operation: 13827 h used, all parts of the plant available with all clamps slide valves and tubes Control cabinet electrical and plant electrical systems must be 0mw3f7c newly laid by a specialist and installed the plant is two times price exists for a plant more
The application of HDR 777 in combination with professional high pressure cleaning leads to decisive advantages. Use of the HDR 777 permits savings of up to 85% for fresh water and detergents for vehicle and engine washes. Also concentration of hydrocarbons after treatment with HDR 777 is within limit values for waste water discharge. Bdt9elfdhv • Waste water seperating agent • Dirt trap mounting kit • HDR/HDS/ASA mounting kit • Stainless steel • Germ deactivator • Fresh water remote... more
liter capacity: 0,42 l/s feed pressure: 40 J/kg frequency: 50 Hz current- max.: 0,26/0,45 A Bkekg2fm voltage: 380-440 / 220-254 V protection class: IP44 weight of the machine approx.: 4 kg pump - unused available : 1 pieces more
Rotary piston blowers used 2 piece with 3.5 KW power; 2.4 m³ volume flow; 1460 highest operating speed; 1.0 bar suction pressure absolute pressure; 0,45 bar final compression pressure; Pressure difference delta p 450 mbar; Serial number: 213202 1979 Serial number: 213203 1979 The general condition is a very good one for the ages, was until early 2017 in operation, has been serviced regularly (no documentation), dense and without spills. Operating instructions, new air filter elements and res... more
self-cleaning continuous band filter system with flat Jet spray nozzles including 3vp29cat Dirt and high pressure pump; Filter capacity approx. 400 l / min; Filter belt loop 1080x5000mm; Filter surface 1.5 m2; Filter fabric 60 m; V2A version more
-System: Used Westfalia Separator as semi-mobile dewatering unit Manufacturer: Westfalia Model: full coat screw centrifuge Design: as a semi-mobile dewatering unit Type: CF 7000 / UCF 646-00-35 Power: 110 kW Year of construction: 2012 Screw drive: 30 kW, IP54, 50 Hz -Accessories: inlet pipe for the feeding of sludge -Decanter connectors: solids discharge chute 1.4301, Central chute, including sample tap 1.4301 -Sludge feeding: rotary piston pump Börger CL520 Flow rate: 50-120 m3/h Power: 11 kW ... more
-complete plant for sludge drying (e.g., sewage sludge, other sludges or muddy fertilizer) -compact design on steel structures -many components made of stainless steel -low space requirements -Components from reputable manufacturers -Year of manufacture unknown Bdoh3euu3y -very good condition, only about 3 months in operation more
B3soiypy Throughput: Approx. 15 liters/second Incl. control cabinet more
Temperature range: 7-15°C, water circuit volume: 150l, pump flowvolume: 15.5m³/h, refrigerant: R 407 C. Iwe0xan more
Execution separator 400 The euro P separator is made according to the highest standards in stainless steel for all major components with contact with the medium. It is optimized for (input) liquids with TS-contents up to about 7-8 of the separator is suitable % (e.g. pure slurry or treating substrate on biogas plants or in industrial applications to separate fibres from liquids) to the Separation of solids from liquids in a wide range of applications. Usage range of as Gülleseparator liquid ... more
Attachment: eccentric screw pump Manufacturer: Netzsch Type: NE 69 A Machine number: 253233 Year of construction: 1994 Capacity: 25m 3/h 8uikec3ct Engine: Dietz KW: 5.5 Voltage: 400V Connection suction side: DN 100 Port side: DN 100 Length: 2300 mm more

Agitator Flygt 4410

Ohrdruf, GermanyGermany
6229 km
excellent (used)
- slow-speed BANANA-agitator - 2,3 kW Nhzur - 1375 rpm - srew diameter: 2500 mm - 14 pieces available more
Suitable for recycling of waste water of flexo printing presses. Consisting of: chamber filter press with single-acting cylinder, high pressure piston pump, submerged pump, dosing pump, dry doser, pH-value measuring, control unit. Condition: as new. Ksligpp more
Machine: eccentric screw pump Manufacturer: Netzsch Type: 3 NE 08 Ptd7wy Machine number: 253173 Year of construction: 1994 Capacity: approx. 300 l / h Engine: Dietz Speed: 1390 RPM KW: 0.55 Voltage: 400V Connection suction side: 3/4 inch Connection pressure side: 3/4 inch Length: 800 mm more
Double shaft prepress-screw DDA:VP - 370:A 270, trough: approx. 2.800 x 660 mm, screw-diameter: approx. 370 mm L0tw2 2-cylinder slurry pump SP2180-400, conveying capacity 8 m³/h incl. distribution station incl. hydraulic-unit with 55 kW more
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