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MC with throughput for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
The new numerical control universal drilling machine for woodworking shops and craftsmen with very good price / performance ratio. Dswjgmy2 machine incl. options: sensor for work piece calibration / measuring pressure booster for drilling spindles in Z - axis automatic lubrication system incl. SCM software "Maestro cnc" qwerty keyboard 10'' Touch Screen dDrilling head and grooving operations with 11 independent spindles and integrated blade in X direction max. workpiece dimensions X-Y-Z = ... more
Technical specifications: X-Axis travel: 2540 mm Y-Axis travel: 910 mm Z-Axis travel: 150 mm Axis speeds: 20 - 50 m/min Spindle speed: 18000 Rpm Spindle motor: 6 kw Vertical drills: 12 Horizontal drills: 8 Power supply: 26 kW/68A Dimensions: Length: 4000 mm Width: 2010 mm Height: 1970 mm Weight: 2600 Kg Other lohmeyer applications: CNC MACHINING CENTERS BAZ 825 IQ Working area 2500 x 900 mm BAZ 830n IQ Working area 4000 x 2100 milling BAZ 850n IQ Working area 3050 x 1600 mm BAZ 875 IQ ... more
Drilling and hinges inserting machineMake: Priess & HorstmannType: BAT - III - CNCYear: 1995 for drilling and inserting of hinges, as well as drillings for drawer adapters, buttons, handles and centering marks for special fittings on covers, sliders and other fronts. Technical data: Working width: 190 - 1000 mm Working depth: 100 - 600 mm Workpiece thickness: 16 - 25 mm Working height: 1000 mm Servo - positioning system: Desired and actual value display for the X and Y axis by CNC. Cycl... more
SCM Routech Area travelling CNC machining centre / router with tool magazine, 12m x 4.5m bed with vacuum system, Extraction, Texa Ego 10BT cooling unit, LP-HFD laser projectors (ceiling mount), control workstation with wireless control Bmwwkkvk99 more
Working dimension X 3050 Working dimension Y 1250 Working dimension Z 80 Number of routing spindles 1 Main motor power kW 9 Tool changing positions 4 Borer vertical 20 Machine table special execution Special workpiece clamping system Clamp gripper Horizontal drills in Y 1 Saw aggregate 90° turnable Dowel insertion yes Safety device enclosed cabin Working area vertical yes Weight kg 3500 Condition very good Bnco2wys2o more
Working piece length 20-1250 mm Working piece width 50-800 mm Working piece thickness 10-60 mm Horizontal drilling gear with 1 spindle Glue and dowel unit Glue nozzle which is able to adjust the amount of glue applied Dowel dimensions 8x30 mm / 8x35 mm Control PowerControl System WoodWop Weight 1500 kg Dimensions (L x W x H) 2250 x 1540 x 2285 mm Location D-32683, Germany Big892d3dg (Subject to errors, technical modifications and prior sale) more
Exhibition machine Year of construction: 2020 Equipment and technical data: Campus V7 software package including Cabinet Control Base drilling unit 7883 with 1,7 kW and 15 spindles Milling unit 7830 with 10,3 kW Bmw2ugtrzz Tool magazine 7827 4-fold pick-up Slide formatting cutter Vacuum system Eco 1 circuit 8 m³/h Manual operating device 21.5 Flat screen 16:9 Manual lubrication- Combined lubrication points Workpiece measurement laser Air conditioning unit for cooling the switch cabinet Location... more
Year: 1997 Technical specifications: X-axis: 4330 mm Y-axis: 1350 mm Z-axis: 110 mm Tool changing: 14 pos Number of milling spindles: 2 Rotation speed: 24000 rpm Dimensions: Length: 7500 mm Width: 3450 mm Height: 1900 mm Obymj Weight: 6000 Kg Notes: Availability immediately more
Barntrup, Germany Germany
dealership location
6496 km
CNC processing centreBrand: VitapType: K2 920New machine All type of operations: - Vertical drilling (from bottom) - Frontal horizonthal drilling - Rear horizonthal drilling - Lateral drilling - Drilling for hinges (from bottom) - Multiple drilling for shelves (from bottom) - Blade group for grooving (from bottom) - Routing head group (from bottom) STANDARD Number of vertical independent spindles n° 9 Number of horizontal spindles on X axis n°(2+2) Number of horizontal spindles on Y Axis n°(2+... more
Usefull working area: 3.050 x 1.200 x 120 mm. 1 Electrospindle 12 HP F63 1 Automatic tool change 12 positions 1 Drilling unit: 10 vertical + 6 horizontal + saw in "X" diameter 1 vacuum pump 100 m3/h Software DXF Bm7vygwhzw more
working width 1000 mm Cupo73l workpiece length - max. Unbegrenzt mm work height max. 60 mm more
Uniteam ULTRA CNC CIS/2.6 - 2012 - 2x 17kW spindle - 2x 8 magazine + 2x saw blade + 1x chainsaw - Hydraulic groep - Vacuum pump BECKer - Cooling group - Discharge table 18.000x4.000mm with guide rails and roller system (not in use) - Supply table 18.000x5.000mm with discharge tray (not in use) - 6 vacuum tables (panels) - 6 clamping feet (beams) (not in use) - Documentation + manual Blk0hybtqv Training for machine use can be provided more
Ljubljanska cesta 45, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenija Slovenia
7146 km
excellent (used)
CONTROL SYSTEM • Numerical control with PC interface • Windows 7 operating system • BiesseWorks software - machine and office version SYSTEM AND OPTIONALS OF THE PANEL HANDLING • Motorized transfer conveyor for the automatic introduction of the panels • Motorized transfer conveyor for the receiving of the panels • lateral grippers to clamp the panel BORING UNITS • Nr. 2 boring units ( 1 top side + 1 bottom side) , each one with the following specifications: Bm7vpis9ay • Nr. 13 independent spi... more
Made in Italy Technical specifications: Control unit: CNI XP600 X-Axis travel: 3200 mm Y-Axis travel: 1315 mm Z-Axis travel: 150 mm Horizontal drilling: 4 Vertical drilling: 12 Tool Changing: 12 positions Main motor power: 12 Kw Rotation speed: 20000 Rpm Capacity vacuum pump: 250 m³/h Dimensions: Length: 1800 mm Height: 2300 mm Width: 2100 mm Weight: 3200 Kg Approx. Bmgdrwcu9a Notes: Availability immediately more
CNC portal processing centre incl. stationary feeder ZPS50Brand: HOMAGType: PROFI BAZ230/40/16/3/KCYear: 2002Machine 1 left - Machine 2 right Basic machine - Rigid machining portal in heavy, stable design with high-precision linear guide system - Backlash-free preloaded rack and pinion drives with digital AC servo motors for the drive in the X-axis BOTH SIDES on the portal truss - Unit carrier with linear guide system, ball screw and digital AC servo motor for positioning the Z-axis, travel dis... more
Via Case Nuove, 25, 21018 Sesto Calende VA, Italia Italy
6769 km
excellent (used)
Numerical Control with Xilog Plus Software Working field in X axis 4300 mm Working field in Y axis 2200 mm Full nesting plan Panel detachment system with 4 suction cups With automatic loading device with lifting table With automatic unloading device with motorized belt N ° 1 3-axis vertical electro-spindle, with automatic tool change, 13 KW motor, Hsk type cones Automatic tool change system with 12 positions - positioned on the operating head Drilling head with 11 spindles arranged as f... more
TECHNICAL DATA Vtk9km N° 3 horizontal drilling heads and 3 verticals, 3500 rpm; N° 1 glue end dowel injector. Dowel dimension : min. Ø 6 x 25 mm. ; max . Ø 10 x 40 mm. Machine designed for a single diameter and dowel length. (Optional: 2nd diameter and dowel length) N ° 1 high capacity vibrator with supply of dowels to the injector N ° 1 pump with low pressure glue pump. Optional: medium pressure glue pump N ° 4 panel locking clamps Working area : X 1300 mm. ( 2 working areas ); Y 50 mm. ; H... more
CNC machining center IMA BIMA 310 120/300 Vs7k3y Commission number 23111, tool changer 18-fold, 6 consoles, drilling unit 8 in Y- and 7 in X-direction, main spindle with C-axis, drilling unit 4 kW, travel range of main spindle X approx. 3000 mm, centre of spindle Y approx. 1480 mm, with vertical drilling spindles Y approx. 1200 mm, with horizontal drilling spindles Y approx. 1250 mm, Z approx. 440 mm, machining range with standard units, X approx. 3000 mm, Y approx. 1200 mm, software IMA WOP 3.0... more
CNC precision machining centre for complete machining - drilling, grooving, milling. Compact design and powerful technology with throughfeed technology for carcasses, furniture construction, interior fittings and much more. Software version December 2016. Hvebam0qg more
Technical specifications: X-Axis travel: 3210 mm Y-Axis travel: 1300 mm Z-Axis travel: 130 mm Milling range: 3500 x 1400 mm Vacuum pump: 100 m³/h Workpiece thickness: 130 mm Tool changer: 16 Dics Ofel7 Router head: 12 kW Vertical drills: 13 Horizontal drills: 4 Rotation speed: 24000 rpm Dimensions: Length: 6710 mm Width: 4230 mm Height: 2500 mm Weight: 3405 Kg More info: Woodworking machine with 3 axes + additional horizontal motor in perfect condition. Included 2x aggregates - Extra feature... more
CNC throughfeed boring machineMake: VITAPType: ACOUSTIC for creation of acoustic panels for noise reduction Boring machine with through feed panel, boring from the bottom and automatic panel return to the operator. Technical data: N.1 drilling head 55 spindles x 32 mm. system n. 55 adaptors for quick chucks The heads rotate at 2800 rpm Lubrication: seals with grease Max. thickness of the panel 50mm Max weight of the panel: Kg 80 Max panel size : X no limit, Y 1250 mm, Z 50 mm Min panel size: ... more
Machining Center Model POKER V: it is a flexible and complete work center; allows for a short time to process, mill, rough, grind and pantograph a part in one working cycle. On request, it can be equipped with automatic parts loading and unloading systems. POKER V3 configuration: Standard equipment The POKER V3 is equipped with a controlled lathe. Upon request, it is possible to connect the lathe to an automatic loader / unloader and provide the work center with a work table with a tilt f... more
All type of operations: - Vertical drilling (from bottom) - Frontal horizonthal drilling - Rear horizonthal drilling - Lateral drilling - Drilling for hinges (from bottom) - Multiple drilling for shelves (from bottom) - Blade group for grooving (from bottom) - Routing head group (from bottom) STANDARD CHARACTERISTICS No limit in panel length CNC WORKING CENTER with through feed panel, boring from the bottom and automatic panel return to the operator+ Device for front and back ex... more
CNC CNC IMA BIMA 300 CNC Machining Centre IMA BIMA 300 Buvevyww machine table with 6 consoles, safety foot mat, vacuum unit, central lubrication, protective grating, lateral with door, machining area X 3300 mm, Y 1400 mm, pendulum machining 2 x 1550 mm, max. clamping height from upper edge of suction plate 125 mm, traverse speed X 100 m/min, Y 60 m/min, Z 30 m/min, tool changing magazine 18-fold, plate changer, console table with 6 support arms and 2 switches, each 2 workpiece fences right a... more
Machining center SCM Morbidelli type Author 336 NB year 2007 Working area XYZ 3660 x 1250 x 180 mm (all units) G3u3hs0em Working area XYZ 3660 x 1500 x 180 mm (drilling) more
Rotterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
dealership location
6206 km
good condition (used)
Technical specifications: X-Axis travel: 3660 mm Y-Axis travel: 1260 mm Z-Axis travel: 115 mm Size beams table: 3100 x 1200 mm Work table: 3605 x 1041 mm Workpiece height: 80 mm Drills vertical: 28 Drills horizontal: 6 Spindle speeds: 12000 -18000 Rpm Main motor: 7.5 kW Dimensions: Length: 4800 mm Height: 2300 mm Width: 2000 mm Weight: 3800 Kg More info: CNC machine equipped with many drilling options. Oe3bv Milling motor equipped with 6 position changer. Incl software for computers. Notes: ... more
CNC drilling machine Brand: PRIESS & HORSTMANN Type: BAT-III-CNC-2Year: 1996 work piece dimensionslength: 100 - 1000 mmwidth: 100 - 600 mmthickness: 16 - 25 mm Yrgprk more
"CNC controlled feed / return borehole machine (400V, 3 Ph, 50Hz, (12kVA, 17.3A) * Multi-spindle drill head BK6 (13v / 2 + 2hy / 1 + 1hx / 1sy) * Grooving saw DM 125 mm / 4 mm * 1 vertical milling unit 4.4 kW / 3000-17000 rpm (shaft DM: max. 20mm - L max.120mm) 1 roller table 750 mm (Y-axis) foldable, for the front of the machine. 1 roller table 750 mm (Y-axis) foldable for the rear of the machine. 1 auxiliary stop 600 mm with integrated rollers "" complete with drill set! "" " Blngw0igni more
ACOUSTIC 2.0 - CNC BORING MACHINE Boring machine with through feed panel, boring from the bottom and automatic panel return to the operator. Hdrhogd CHARACTERISTICS Three controlled axes: X Axis - Panel movement by means of a strong pneumatic clamp Y Axis - Boring head movement Z Axis - Panel boring - Newly patented, high rigidity boring head movement on Y and Z axis. - Constant Side pusher: Side pusher with constant preload for perfect positioning... more
CNC machining centre Biesse Rover quick plug&play assembly wide range of sizes for processing different panel sizes Electrospindle 5 kW with manual tool change (1000 - 24000 rpm) 9 kW with automatic tool change ISO30 / HSK F63 (1000 - 24000 rpm) Tool magazine with 14 holders Work table made of aluminium - mechanical clamping via T-slots made of layered synthetic resin with vacuum system Blizfo0g0k FT-worktable with freely positionable vacuum modules Machinin... more
Made in Italy Technical specifications: X-Axis travel: 3280 mm Y-Axis travel: 1287 mm Z-Axis travel: 170 mm Working Speed ​​(XYZ): m/min 80-60-20 Vertical spindles: 10 Horizontal spindles: 3 Tool changing: 12 pieces Saw Blade Unit: 120mm 2r9zhe Milling Motor: 7.5 KW Vacuum pump: 250 m3 Voltage: 400 V Dimensions: Length: 1800 mm Height: 2500 mm Width: 2400 mm Weight: 4400 Kg More info: 4 axis drilling / milling machine Freesmotor HSK 63-F Notes: Availability immediately more
Barntrup, Germany Germany
dealership location
6496 km
CNC boring- routering machineBrand: VitapType: K2 2.0New machine With throughfeed panel boring from the bottom and automatic panel return to the operator. Number of vertical independent spindles : n°12 Number of horizontal spindles on X axis : n°(2+2) Number of horizontal spindles for drilling on Y axis: n°(2 + 2) (on both long sides of the panel) N°1 saw blade unit (diameter 100mm) N° 1Electrospindle 5 kw with ISO30 cone (rpm12000- 24000) Max panel size: X no limit, Y 1250 mm, Z 50mm Min. pa... more
X-axis NC-controlled - L 1800mm / 1 vertical drilling unit with 3 single. retrievable spindles Blkvtkybzd Z-axis NC-controlled / Y-axis NC-controlled / * Automatic start of the machine electronic * GIC glue monitoring system, * 4 vertical clamping cylinders 10 degrees in addition * Stop system for angle error compensation * Miter fence 45 degrees * Sensor query miter fence * Barcode laser * Software network connection TC programming system, more
K2 2.0 - UNIVERSAL CNC CENTER ALL TYPES OPERATIONS: - Vertical holes (from bottom) - Horizontal holes on the front - Horizontal holes from behind - Horizontal side holes - Holes for hinges (from bottom) - Multiple drilling for shelves (from bottom) - Blade unit for grooving (from bottom) - Router Group Electro-spindle with ISO 30 quick tool changer (from bottom) STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS: - No limit in panel length - Milling from the bottom and automatic return of the piece to the operator + au... more
Drilling 920 mm Saws 850 mm Brj3azjo X-axis 3000 mm Z-axis (plate thickness) 12-30 mm Minimum dimensions (X)300 mm x (Y)120 mm x (Z)12 mm Equipment: 4 pos. drill chuck and saw blade (slide) more
Axle 920 mm x-axis 3000 mm Material thickness Z 12 mm - 30 mm Feed speed 20 m/min. A - axis 360 degrees Minimum dimension: Plate: x = 300 mm Y = 120 mm z = 12 mm The machine is equipped with a 4 position drill chuck and a saw blade. Maximum and minimum hole diameters that can be drilled: 3 - 35 mm The saw blade runs in X - direction Max. bottom depth with saw blade: 10 mm Motor 0,75 PS , 400 Volt Required extraction capacity: 2300 m3/h Location: comes to warehouse 54634 Bitburg - immediately ava... more
Made in Germany Technical specifications: Control unit: CNC-HOMATIC 2000 X-Axis: 2600 mm Y-Axis: 35 - 650 mm Working area: 2300 x 600 mm Workpiece thickness: 30 mm Feed speed: 20 - 45 m/min Tools: Toll Clamp M10, diam. 11 mm Drill length: 57,5 mm Pressure: 5 Bar Dimensions: Length: 6000 mm Height: 2055 mm Width: 2000 mm Weight: 4700 Kg Approx More info: 8 Clamps free positionable that feed through the machine. Bl2tw9c3ie Notes: Availability immediately more
Barntrup, Germany Germany
dealership location
6496 km
CNC - processing centerBrand: COMECType: MD TOPThe ideal CNC solution to process narrow and complicated work piecesEASY with COMEC processing length up to 2.000 mmHead configuration individually customizable for: - saw with 360° - axis - milling unit for horizontal and vertical processing - drilling head with separate jumping spindles vertical and horizontal - multiple spindle drilling heads separate jumping even horizontal - horizontal milling unit with 360° C - axisSpecial developed clamping t... more
900211 CNC controlled double-sided fully automatic cutting, drilling, gluing and doubling machine PADE type Y 20, Working length: 2.500 mm, Cutting height: 120 mm, Saw blade diameter: 350 mm, Drill head: 360° rotatable. Fxvlngepe more
Three controlled axes: - X Axis - Panel movement seamlessly by “New patented belt system for panel movement”. - Y Axis – Boring head movement - Z Axis – Panel boring - Double “0” panel reference: Laser Sensor (controlled by the CNC) to read the end panel to create a double zero reference on the two ends of the panel in order to be equal for a perfect coupling of vertical and horizontal pieces. - Newly patented, high rigidity boring head movement on Y and Z axis. - Constant Side pusher: Side push... more
CNC machining center make WEEKE type BO5 OPTIMAT year of construction 1993 Technical data: working length 2500 mm Working width 650 mm Working height 50 mm Outer dimensions LxWxH 4000 x 1600 x 2000 mm Weight approx. 2 t with - CNC control HOMATIC with Graphic CAD CAM system - Vert. Drilling unit with 10 individually recallable suitable for drilling spindles N2eox - 6 pneum. workpiece supports - programmed strokes - Top drum unit 2,5 kW - Sawing unit - Frequency converter - Central suction un... more
Made in Austria Technical specifications: X-Axis travel: 3300 mm Y-Axis travel: 1280 mm Wsyhqjyf Z-Axis travel: 250 mm Tools positions: 10 + 18 Optional Workpieces: 100 mm Motor: 12/15 Kw Speed: 24000 Rpm Dimensions: Length: 6230 mm Height: 4235 mm Width: 2250 mm Weight: 3600 Kg More info: The 3-axis CNC machine has all possible accessories, vacuum cleaners, additional milling with HSK holders, drills. Included many tools ¨HSK¨, with an value of approx 20.000 € Additional you can purchase th... more
CNC BohrmaschineFabrikat: AlbertiTyp: Vector SHNeumaschine Diese CNC Bohrmaschine bearbeitet Werkstücke von oben mit 29 Spindeln und verfügt über 4 gesteuerte Achsen. Wahlweise ist die Vector als "Modulo-SH" mit insgesamt zwei Bearbeitungsköpfen (oben mit 30 Spindeln und unten mit 7 Spindeln) erhältlich. Bearbeitungskopf, von oben arbeitend Manuelle oder automatische Beschickung und Abstapelung mit Werkstücktransport längs Monolithischer Rahmen im geschweißten starkem Stahl Unabhängige Steuer... more
Tauberbischofsheim Germany
6644 km
ready for operation (used)
900208 CNC drilling and dowelling machine REM (SCM/Morbidelli) for drilling, milling, grooving and fitting on both sides, boards in longitudinal passage in vertical position and subsequent dowelling, incl. stacking and destacking of the boards Consisting of: - Mechanization RUNNER - Drilling machine REM type Pilot - Dowel drive OMAL Puhlm3 the plant is still in operation and can be inspected at any time Further technical data on request. more
Through feed CMS Router attached original specification available by request. Machine is working so available to view by prior arrangement. 4 axis machine with automatic pod positioning designed for producing doors. 13 kw water cooled vertical head at 18,000 RPM with 12 tool changer carousel. 4.4 kw horizontal head at 18,000 RPM with index positioning through 360 degrees for machining locks, hinges, concealed closers in all 4 edges of the door. Pneumatic through feed table that drops when the ... more
Code: 0504 Brand: REM - SCM GROUP Model: PILOT 06 REM 13 - Norme CE Vertical CNC boring - milling center - CE Standard - Year 2007 Working phase: The pre-loading phase prepares the panel, which is positioned in vertical position, so it can be fed into the machine . Once the panel is in the machine, it is locked by a chuck system. It is then pulled by the driving gear , the sliding roller which it leans on . At this point the revolver, which contains the head with the tools, starts t... more
Made in Germany Technical specifications: Control unit: Power Control PC 85 Working dimension X: 3050 mm Working dimension Y: 850 mm Working dimension Z: 60 mm Drilling spindles X: 9 Drilling spindles Y: 6 Min. workpiece measurements: 200 x 70 x 10 mm Max. workpiece measurements: 2500 x 850 x 60 mm Max. workpiece thickness: 12 - 60 mm Cutting diameter: 100 mm Milling motor: 5 Kw Engine power: 6000 to 18000 Rpm Voltage: 400 V Bl7axd90 Dimensions: Length: 3775 mm Height: 1600 mm Width: 2000 mm... more

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