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MC with traverse table for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
5-axis CNC work center - like new (approx. 20 working hrs) Glvrkst working field seize X / Y 5510 / 1620 mm Z axis 250 mm PRO-SPACE configuration "TECPAD wireless" control modul with 7" Touchscreen LED light for work spindle tool changer TRB14 (for Y=1620) tool changer FAST14 Kit automatic calibration for 5-axis spindle 1 Vacuumpumpe, capacity 250/300 m3/h at 50/60 Hz central optimised suction hood for drilling RO.AX F31LTC high performance drilling head hinges drilling unit - distance 45/9... more
Barntrup, Germany Germany
dealership location
6496 km
CNC BearbeitungszentrumFabrikat: ComecTyp: Variax JNeumaschine- Konfigurationsbeispiel: die Ausstattung richtet sich nach Ihrem Werkstück und ist individuell. -Das höchste Maß an Fortschritt für Ihre Türzargenproduktion: 6 gesteuerte Achsen und ein schneller Fertigungsprozess zeichnen die Variax J [...] Bearbeitungssupport - Alle Achsen verfahren auf kugel gelagerten BOSCH-REXROTH oder vergleichbaren Linearführungen - Bewegung / Positionierung der Bearbeitungseinheiten max. 70 m/min. - Ache X =... more
Year of production: 2004 Working dimension X 3060 Working dimension Y 1340 Working dimension Z 180 Bj3vcjcdmd Main engine power 4.4 kW Change tool position 8 Vertical drilling spindles 12 Machine table Table under and rails Number of milling spindles 1 Rotation speed max rpm 24000 Tool clamping system HSK-F63 Horizontal drilling spindles in X 4 Horizontal drilling spindles in Y 2 Number of consoles 6 Vacuum pump Safety device Bumper Space required: 6300x3650 mm more
4th axis, angular aggregate, working size X,Y,Z: 3200x1300x120 mm. Sales in customer order C0ycodhq more
Used machine Year of construction: 2001 Condition: Function tested Equipment and technical data: Milling head 4,4 kW Tool holder HSK 63 F Speed 1.000 - 18.000 rpm. water-cooled tool changer: 4-fold lateral Drill head: 9 vertical drilling spindles in 32 mm grid Horizontal drilling spindle: 1+1 vertical drilling spindle: 1+1 Grooving saw in X direction Control unit: Twin CAm 32 Vacuum pump 40 cbm/h Incl. vacuum cups Bjvxqj7rmv Travels: X axis: 2,685 mm Y-axis: 1,095 mm Z- axis: 140 mm Weight: Appr... more
4-axis CNC machining center SCM CNC TECH Z 27 working area: 2650 x 1240 mm Travel X-Y: 2995 x 1385 mm running length Z-axis: 200 mm passage height: 180 mm TV workbench Car. Tool changing device for 8 tools Horizontal milling unit for milling and grooving (lock case unit) Tool holder HSK Autom. central lubrication Vector axis of rotation 0 - 360 degrees Angular gear unit MIMATIC HSK 63 F Additional stop right with roller conveyor Laser facility Machine from craftsman's workshop From stock Lieboch... more
CNC processing centreBrand: WeekeType: BHC 550Year: 2003 Editing field X axis: 3,250 mm Y-axis: 1,350 mm Z-stroke: 370 mm Traverse worktable - 1 vacuum pump with 100 m3/h - 6 stepless in X-direction adjustable workpiece supports - 4 programm controlled workpiece stops, mounted as rear row of stops - 6 programm controlled workpiece stops, mounted as frontal row of stops - 2 in Y-direction lateral row of stops, mounted on an alu profile Equipment:Main spindle, HSK 63 F: - 6 kW, with liquid cooli... more
CNC Hüllhorst type: AB 15/8 year of manufacture: 1991 H2lm8el work area X 3200, Y 1300 mm with toolchanger horizontal routing unit dust transport band control NUM 750 vacuum pump Becker Was used to formatize door lamellas. Machine is in good working condition. more
- Machining dimension max. 3400x1250 mm N7l0f - Milling spindle 7,5 Kw(10 Ps) water-cooled Tool holder HSK 63-F - C axis 360° interpolating - Grooving saw tiltable 0 - 90°. Separate motor 1,5 Kw ( 2 Ps ) - Drill head motor 2,2 Kw (3 Ps) - 9 Drill X vertical - 5 Drill Y vertical - 2 + 2 drills X horizontal - 1 + 1 drill Y horizontal - 6 - tray plate changer travelling in X-direction - 1 Angular gear 2 Tool holders - 1 Angular gear unit2 4 Tool holders - 6 table traverses pneu. clamped - front & r... more
The machine is in use. Small repairs must be carried out so that all processing can be carried out. The sale price with or without repair is negotiable. 2rzmoa more
Used machine Year of construction: 2005 Condition: Function tested Equipment and technical data: Milling cutter 6 kW, water-cooled Tool holder HSK 63 F Speed 1.000 - 18.000 rpm. Yxc3l98 tool changer: 6-fold lateral Drill head: 9 vertical drilling spindles in 32 mm grid Horizontal drilling spindle: 1+1 vertical drilling spindle: 1+1 Grooving saw in X direction Control unit: Twin CAm 32 Vacuum pump 100 cbm/h Incl. vacuum cups Travels: X axis: 2,685 mm Y-axis: 1,095 mm Z- axis: 140 mm Weight: App... more
CNC processing centreBrand: BIESSE BREMAType: EKO 902Year: 2012Technical data:LOADING CONVEYOR WITH IDLE ROLLERS Loading conveyor with idle rollers complete with rubber rollers inclined bulkhead for panel [...] CARPET Safety carpet 2000x1000 mm2 able to stop the machine while the operator is physically in the working area. [...] MACHINE MOD. EKO 902 Normalized and sandblasted steel structure with a column entirely worked both on front and rear sides in order to be equipped with two-ball race gui... more
CNC 5-AXIS MACHINING CENTER MANUFACTURE OF SOLID WOOD FURNITURE, STAIRS, DOORS AND OTHER ELEMENTS Producer: HOMAG Type: PROFI BOF130 / 40/16 / 1F / K. Software: WODWOOP 5.0 Portal machine 2 TRAVERSE TABLES 12 kW Spindle 5 AXLES Work area: X-4500 mm Y-1600 mm Bi8yts9ngy Z - 880 mm 12 Tool magazine 2 x vacuum pump Central lubrication more
CNC - Machine Holz-Her Pro Master 7123K Year 2008 S/N 605/0804 Working area 3200 x 1300 mm 3-axis machine 6 panel consoles 4 jacks 2 work areas 18 tool changer Milling unit 6 kW HSK 63F Stt2gk Drilling unit - 17 vertical spindles - 6 horizontal spindles, 2+2 in x, 1+1 in y - Grooving unit in x-axis direction 120 mm diameter Vacuum pump 90 m3/h, Becker more
Drilling machine for stairs Climbing railing parts 2rx2qm Balustrade Tool is still on the machine Machine ran without problems until 2015 when the new CNC took over the production of railing parts. more
working dimension X mm 2700 working dimension Y mm 1144 working dimension Z mm 114 Main motor power 7,5 Tool changing postions:5 Vertical drilling spindle :26 (14+12) Machine control : Biesse XNC N° of routing spindles :2 Horizontal drilling spindles in X :6 Horizontal drilling spindles in Y: 2 Saw aggregate:90°turnable n° of consoles:8 Y8senj3r Vacuum pump total connection kw 14 CE-mark, year of production 1998 Dimensions: mm 5200x2300x4200 more
SKIPPER 100 Machinable panel length (Skipper 100 L) 90 - 3000 mm 3.5 - 118.1 inches Machinable panel length (Skipper 100 S) 90 - 2500 mm 3.5 - 98.4 inches Width of machinable panels 70 / 1000 mm 2.7 / 39.4 inches Thickness of machinable panels 8 - 60 mm 0.3 - 2.4 inches Vertical boring spindles (above+below) 29 + 29 Boring spindle rotation speed (max) 4000 rpm Horizontal boring spindles in X (above+below) 8 + 8 Horizontal boring spindles in Y (above+below) 2 + 2 Electrospindle kW 3.5 (above+belo... more
CNC Bearbeitungszentrum Fabrikat: Busellato Typ: Jet MasterNeumaschine Bearbeitungsmaß bis zu 6.700 mm in X und 1.720 mm in Y - Richtung Automatisch rüstender Arbeitstisch optional verfügbar Frässpindelleistungen 15 kW, 12 KW bei 5 Achs Werkzeugmagazin bis zu 24 Plätze als Tellermagazin und 32 Plätze als KettenmagazinHinten, 10 Plätze seitlich Unterschiedliche Bohrkopfausstattungen verfügbar Tragbares Bedienterminal für alle notwendigen Maschinengrundfunktionen GENEISIS EVOLUATION 3 D WOP Progra... more
CNC Biesse Rover 20 in very good condition. Year of manufacture 2000 Machine freshly imported, after reviewing, fully functional, connected test option. NC500 control Working range X 2200 Working range Y 950 Working range Z 100 Electrospindle 7 kw ISO 30 Saw in the X axis Vacuum pump 90m3 / h Vertical drills 10 Fmbgn2ham Horizontal drills X 4 Horizontal drills Y 2 Safety mats more
Wawrów, Poland Poland
6833 km
excellent (used)
CNC machining center HOMAG BMG 311 Profiline Year of production 2014 Working dimension X 6200 mm Working dimension Y 1550 mm Working dimension Z 250 mm Bjuytyrmba Electric spindle motor power kW 15 kW, liquid-cooled, has a C axis Tool magazine 14 pieces Machine control PC 85, woodWOOP Rotation speed max rpm 24000 Torque Handling Yes Tool clamping system HSK 63F Console machine Yes Number of consoles 10 Becker vacuum pump - 2 pieces Vacuum pump capacity m3 / h 100 CE mark CE declaration of confo... more
Machine for wood, plastic and aluminium Composition: Vertical Electrospindle with 4 Axys Automatic change tools with 12 positions Horizontal Electrospindle Bjwua2n3el Boring/inserting unit Numerical Control:Osai more
CNC processing centre Brand: IMA Type: BIMA/310/120/500 Year: 2002 Basic machineMassive steel [...] the machine bed the support is ordered in [...] table with 8 workpiece supports1 rear row of stops and 1 frontal row of stopsLED setup support for support and vacuum cups positioningConnection for template operation On the support there is the [...] the left hand side of the cantilever the support moves in Y- and [...] machinen bed with the integrated chip slide and the ordered stiffness rips ma... more
Biesse ROVER 23 CNC machining center, machine freshly imported after review, everything working fine. Machine connected, possibility to test. Production year: 1999 Bb0a9ej Machining area X = 2900 Y = 1310 Z = 155 Control: NC410 Electrspindle 7.9kw ISO30 SAW on the X axis Magazine for 5 tools Vertical drills 10pcs Horizontal drills 6pcs Vacuum pump 100m3 Security: Safety mats, gates. more
A Felder brand CNC machining centre is being sold. The machining centre has only 50 operating hours and is in mint condition. Also available at extra charge incl. suction & compressor. Equipment: - Automatic central lubrication - Fixed operating terminal on the left side of the machine - Hand terminal for controlling the axis speed incl. emergency stop switch - Machine software: Woodflash incl. CNC board, tool database and Program Editor - Positioning display of the workpiece supports and vac... more
Workspace: 2000x3000x850 (table 2050x3050) Spindle 10kW, 22000 rpm (HSD) Machine structure: steel, welded X - 3kW servo drive - toothed bar Y - 2 servo drives 2kW - toothed bars Z - 2kW servo drive - ball screw THK guides - Japan Max. operating speed 20 m/min Fast travel 50/50/15 m/min Positioning accuracy ±0.05/300mm AC 380V power supply Bjtnddkz09 Control Industrial OPEN OSAI control Weight Ok. 8000 kg more
Machine still in use, can be inspected after consultation! G0szf2f Runs well, only X axis a bit loud; Available from early September Technical data see brochure in the appendix more
4 axesMachining size max. 3000 x 1200 x 120 mmConsole table with 2 x 4 consoles per console 3 adjustable suction spindle with milling motor 7.5 kW with SK 30 holder and C-axisA saw (Ø 200 mm) Angle adjustment in X/Y via CNC control, manually controlled in Z2-fold lock case unit with long lock case milling cutter Ø 16 mm and short face plate milling cutter Ø 12 mm4-fold drilling and milling unit for edge machining Bfiqgocu3m more
CNC processing centre Brand: IMA Type: BIMA 410/V/7/4 Year: 1999 Technical data:Moving area of the main spindle:X = approx. 5700 mm, Y = approx. 1900 mm, Z = approx. 440 mm Moving area with standard units:X = approx. 4000 mm, Y = approx. 1200 mm max. clamping height from top edge suction plate Z = approx. 100 mm Height of working table approx. 1000 mm Changable field area:Without pendular processing: X = 2 x 1650 mmEmpty space central: X = 700 mm with pendular processing: X = 2 x 1250 mmEmpty s... more
HOMAG CNC MACHINING CENTER TYPE: PROFI BOF 714/58/22 / R PRODUCTION YEAR 2008 TECHNICAL DATA: - machine equipped with 2 independent raster tables movable in the Y axis, dimensions 2900 x 2500 mm 0g9rzi9f - maximum workpiece size 5800 x 2500 mm - the ability to process 4 separate elements at one time Maximum axis movements: X - 5800 mm Y - 2500 mm Z - 600 mm The machine has 4 electric-cooled spindles of 15 kW each with an integrated 10-tool magazine (HSK F63) Maximum spindle speed 24,000 rpm The... more
Format 4 Profit H10 22.32 CNC Nesting Work Centre with vertical drilling unit, 8 position tool changer. Working area X= 3120 mm, Y= 2160 mm, Z= 105 mm. Allows: cutting panels, milling, nesting, drilling, engraving, cutting foam. Ejzmkngl Two Vacuum pumps. Safety Fencing. Qty of Tooling. more
Drilling and grooving cnc centre Weeke BHC 280 !!!! without milling spindle !!! only drilling and grooving Year of construction:2003 Software: HOMAG WOODWOP 4.5 console table Bixqbu8g8n Foot mat Working range X=2750 mm Working range Y=1060 mm Drilling spindles horizontal X: 2+2 Boring spindles horizontal Y: 1+1 Vertical drills: 12x Grooving saw. DIA-100mm Space requirement LxWxH mm: 5600x3300x32400 more
Machining Centre 3 axles Boring machine group Bjpescvna2 X4500 Y1600 more
Barntrup, Germany Germany
dealership location
6496 km
CNC processing centreBrand: IMAType: BIMA Gx60 210/830Year: 2013 Machining 8500 x 2100 mm Ideal for Alucobond, PVC and wood panels 18-fold tool/adapter change magazine in plate design with servo motor NC rotary axis 360 Vertical drilling unit 5-spindle with grid 32mm Adapter unit Saw, 90° fixed, saw blade D200 mm, with clamping plate 2 vacuum pumps 250 m³/h Main spindle 7,5/10,0 kW, vector controlled, air cooled Program IMAWOP 8.0 Pendulum operation possible Table with vacuum grid Y=2100mm Left ... more
SECOND-HAND 5+5 AXIS CNC WORKING CENTER BACCI MOD. DOUBLE JET - PITAGORA Software - n. 5+5 interpolated axis - n. 2 loaders - max working length 3000 mm - n. 2 working heads - n. 1+1 spindles per working head (2+2 tools) - safety cabin - CE rules (year 2007) Fk33ijv more
Made in Italy Technical specifications: Control unit: Software type nc500 Working area in X: 3060 mm Working area in Y: 1350 mm Working area in Z: 155 mm Movement speed XY: 80 m / min Milling head insert: 12 pieces Iso30 Number of horizontal drill connections: 14, 4, 2 and 1 saw connection Motor power cutter: 7.5 kW Vacuum pump: 90 m3 / hour Extraction diameter: 250 mm P7v3cf Voltage: 380 volts Dimensions: Length: 5000 mm Width: 2400 mm Height: 2400 mm Weight: 3450 Kg Notes: Availability im... more
CNC Biesse Rover 24 Year of manufacture: 2001 NC500 control, widows XP Machining field: X = 3060 Y = 1300 Z = 200 Electro spindle - 7.5kW 24.000 ISO30 N3cfl Magazine for 7 tools Saw on X axis Vertical drill bits 14 pcs Horizontal drill bits 6 pcs Vacuum pump 100m3 / h A set of new vacuum cups more
4-Achs-Portal BAZ X: 1350 mm Y: 5200 mm Z: 450 mm Tsfxf9nd A: 2 x 95° Dimension: 7300 x 3400 x 2900 mm Weightca. 10.000 Kg + Electricity: 800 Kg Maschinen-Nr.: 420 716 Motor: 8 KW, 1000 - 18000 U/min Tools SK 40 Watercooled!!! Tools: 24 pces, Chain-Changer Very low motor runningtime: 3630 Hrs, yearly service from Machine-factory: MAKA Running Time ofer all: 5780 Hrs Control NUM 1060, currently battery empty without vacuum pump without tools Machine is currently running, mechanically... more
PROFILE BMG512/60/12/V/K A numerically controlled machining centre with mobile door construction, for milling and drilling into wooden or wood-based components, with a gluing unit. - with 1 main spindle and the cladding unit on the right-hand side of the door traverse - machine bed prepared for mounting console table "K" - dust-tight linear guide system - X and Y-axis drive by means of a sprocket - rolling screws for the Z axis - Siemens drives with digital control system, providing hig... more
CNC processing centreBrand: BIESSEType: Rover C 6.50Year: 2007processing dimension: X-axis: 4.600 mm Y-axis: 1.535 mm Z-axis: 345 mm workpiece passage: 250 mmWork table: 8 workpiece supports, each with 3 vacuum cups 3 stoping rows in X-direction Automatic pads and suction cup positioning EPSVacuum pump 250 cbm/hChip conveyor beltEquipment processing head: Milling spindle 9 kW, HSK 63 F, 360 degree C-axis for mounting and turning adapter unitsDrilling head BH 33 L with approx. 23 vertical drillin... more
Morbidelli work center Autore 600 Office pc Useful working range 4400 x 1669 x 180 mm piece passage Bumper CE regulations and nets Office PC NUM 1040-41 Automatic lubrication Centralized suction 4-axis electrospindle hp 10 HSK F63 Automatic circular tool change with 10 masked time positions Drilling head with 18 spindles 6 horizontal drilling spindles Bzwc3ttc Automatic blade group 0/90 diameter 220 mm Chip collection carpet 8 floors with 32 suckers 4 work areas 250 m3 / h vacuum pump more
Max. workpiece size: 2.600 x 800 x 50 mm, Bieplx8waa Technical data see PDF. more
CNC Biesse Rover 27 in 100% working order. Year of manufacture: 2000 XNC control Working field: X = 3423 Y = 1300 Z = 155 2x Electro spindle 7.5 kW 24.000rpm Magazine for 14 tools Drilling Head: Fanqkmsjg Vertical drills 20pcs Horizontal drills 8pcs Rotary saw 90degree - can work on X and Y Vacuum pump 100m3 / h Set of new vacuum cups Security: safety mats(stored) more
De Meern, Netherlands Netherlands
6235 km
good (used)
CNC-machining centre with a large working range and extensive configuration options for different applications. Brand: Biesse Model: Rover 30 Zu3cwkc Machine type: CNC-Machining centre Year: 2009 Made in Italy Specifications: X-Axis Movement: 9000 mm Y-Axis Movement: 1600 mm Table outer length: 9000 mm Table outer width: 1600 mm Material type: PVC, Wood, Aluminium Material Thickness: 40 mm Dimensions: Length: 9200 mm Width: 4300 mm Height: 2250 mm Weight: 4200 mm more
CNC processing centreBrand: WeekeType: Optimat BHC 655Year: 2004- axis movement (X-/Y-/Z-direction) via a compact linear guide system, dust-protected - ball screw spindle (Y- and Z-direction) and rack and pinion drive (X direction)Software: WOODWOP, machine data acquisition, provision of teleserviceBASIS-table basic equipment, 6 traverses 1 low-maintenance vacuum pump with 100 m³/h output 6 traverses, continuously adjustable in the X direction 4 program-controlled workpiece stops, mounted as a r... more