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Water treatment plant / compounds wastewater recycling plant Fabr. Rösler type Z 300 HA Turbo-Floc V8unc3uv Masch.# 13727 year 1995 Technical data: Hours of operation 13300 with -Agitator -Circuit operation -Timer -CE identification without centrifuge needed special PRICE more
Plant includes: (1) Reverse Osmosis System SCHALLER WTI: soft water output: 17.5m³/h, osmosis water output: 10m³/h, year of construction: 2010 (2) Condensate Cleaning System KARRASCH & ECKERT: output: 20m³/h, with double gravel and activated carbon filter, year of construction: 2008. Caaxawlk more
Here, we offer a reverse osmosis system. This small muscle man from SG works with a desalination rate of 98%, which is achieved through the semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane. It can easily produce particularly robust euRO from unvorbehandeltem city water quality clean water. So that it stays this way, will be in front of each Switch off ensures an automatic free rinsing of the membrane with permeate. To continue to extend life expectancy, the maintenance intervals are and candle cha... more
electrocoagulation Wmmd8 more
Here we offer a SG RO reverse osmosis plant. SG RO reverse osmosis system with upstream water softener for industry and large consumers SG RO reverse osmosis system Double tank system Kinetico water softener The double tank - construction is the only system that enables a backwash, without interrupting the regeneration M202f (this will guarantee a continuous supply of soft water). Type: SG - DEA - Kinetico Condition: pre-owned / used Scope of delivery: (See image) ... more
9h8l933ux- max. mud fill 0,01 m³ - centrifuge rotational speed 2.850 rpm - Motor centrifuge 5,0 kW / 400V-50Hz - clean water tank with rotodynamic pump for delivery of clear water more
Herco Wassertechnik Model HP 20-K-S m P. D. Z3h0pw9i BJ. 1999 little hours, last maintenance 10-2010 Permeatausbeute 20Liter/hour Tank 200 liters more
Output: 600l/h, voltage: 230V, connectd load: 4.5VA, ambient temperature: 5-50°C, high pressure pump supply: 4A, raw water valve: 1A, K2 LF-Störung: 1A, conductivity probe: K=0.1, measuring range: 0-199.9µS/cm, length: 1440mm, width: 1440mm, height: 1360mm, including accessories and spare parts, plant is currently defective. M7z7j more
Here, we offer a reverse osmosis system. The leading technology in the State of the art design- This is our successful series. The plus stands for the high quality of the pure water and for the profitability of the plant thanks to El-Ion®. Here was one of the technology of reverse osmosis with the Electro deionization, the El-ion® cell, combined. The euRO... plus is characterized by low energy consumption, High pure water yield, low operating costs and high Quality out. ... more
The unit is equiped with an ion exchanger, 3 filters, 1 microfilter, ultraviolet light, circulating pump. Kyj9xad more
rate of flow 2.000 l/h rate of flow . l/min Cvueist0 liter capacity 2.000 L/ h 0 230 V more

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