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Air forging hammer for sale

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Nominal weight of the falling parts: 750 kg Max. number of blows per minute: 105 Kinetic energy: 1900 kg Distance from an axis of the slider up to bed: 750 mm Cylinder diameter: 600 mm Diameter of the plunger: 630 mm Max. headstock travel: 835 mm Dimensions: -Left-to-right: 3940 mm -Front-to-back: 1430 mm Height above floor level: 3260 mm Y2ee3fua Weight: -With an anvil-block: 25600 kg -Without an anvil-block: 16600 kg more
Weight of the falling parts: 196 kg Number of strokes per min: 210 Effective kinetic energy of falling part by stroke: 330 kg/m Distance from ram axis-to-frame: 340 mm Anvil height above the floor: 750 mm Stroke run: 460 mm Striking area: 75x190 mm Motor: 15kW Overall dimensions mm: Bivvaf9sij -Length: 930 mm -Width: 1860 mm -Height: 2160 mm Weight of the hammer: 3450 kg Weight of anvil 1650 kg Price 3800 EUR more
Max mass of drop parts 150kg. Price 3400 EUR Hmwkrojh more
Type L7 dia of hammer: 300 mm speed: 125 str Bmzymqsurb more
Capacity: 25T Max RAM stroke: 1150 mm Max Energy: 9 bar 48,000 daN.m Min Energy: 6 bar 38,000 daN.m Hitting Energy: 480 Kj Max debit necessary for air: 321,5 Nm3/min Type: Pneumatic Yssle8 Length x width x height: 4920.0 × 2800.0 × 13700.0 Weight: 458000 kg In working state. In very good condition. No defection. Can be quickly delivered to the buyer. There is a transportation advantage due to its location near the port. Ps: If requested, there is also a 1600T PRESS which could be sold togeth... more
Type: L9 Cmbgcrwe Blow energy: 2040 kgm 100 automatic b more
Capacity: 10T Max Ram Stroke: 1400mm Maximum hitting energy: 25,000 Kgfm Max strokes per min: 100 Compressed air pressure: 7-9 bar Type: Pneumatic Distance between edges: 1000mm Length x width x height: 4400.0 × 2700.0 × 10470.0 Weight: 300,000Kg In working state. General condition is very good. No defections. There is a transportation advantage due to its location near the port. Sjoxfmm Ps: If requested, there is also a 1000T PRESS which could be sold together with the forging hammer. more
Type: 1.5 Dvktab3gk Blow energy: 1530 kgm Stroke: 685 mm more
Type: UHG 4000 Impact work: 400 000 Nm   Max. strokes per min. : 80 Number of strokes per min. : 6 Operating pressure Mpa: 07 + -0.5 Ram depth: 2100 mm Stroke: min. 2x710 mm max. 2x840mm Die height :250 min./mm Nominal line width: 1230 mm Projected output: kg / h 673 Coxue87g Average daily power: 23.12 Gross weight: 227 000 kg Planned staff: 5 Manufacturing year: 1975 GO year: 1984 more
This forging hammer is made in 1978 but never used before! This kind of hammer in this good condition its very rare and we have all the equipment to operate, one 190kw air compressor and the 3 pcs 10 000 l capacity air tanks, and the original manual instruction. Bmvhmjpicp more
ram hammer weight 480 kg stroke 710 mm throat 550 mm impact capacity 1250 mkp no. of strokes 210 Hub/min ram hammer stroke 710 mm work height max. 720 mm total power requirement . kW weight of the machine ca. 7,4 t dimensions of the machine ca. m pressure 400 kg Tjhudjzd Steam drive more
Cup air hammer L5 Bme7yaobef Own weight 8000 kg more
Compressed air demolition hammer Bbx9tkz -Operating pressure: 7 bar -Number: 4x demolition hammer available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 630/480/H120 mm -Weight: 24 kg more
Králova 279/9, 616 00 Brno-Žabovřesky, Tschechien Czech Republic
8406 km
excellent (used)
Technical parameters: Machine type: Banning KP1 Bl9tm22ims Year of production: 1955 Max. forming energy: 160 kJ Stroke: 1250 mm Max. number of strokes: 80 / min. Passage between lines (width): 700 mm Min. clamped die height: 360 mm Ram weight: 3000 kg The machine is fully functional, connected and operational. more
Nominal Hitting weight : 60 Kg Max.Hit Course : 220 mm Motor Power : 7,5 Kw Approximate Weight : 1300 Kg Anvil Weight : 355 Kg This Price For FOB Izmir Port Bkuwz388k7 more
The Old Bank, 153 The Parade, High St, Watford WD17 1NA, UK United Kingdom
7276 km
excellent (used)
Manufactured by Kalinin plant (Russia) Year of manufacture app. 1985 Nominal weight of falling parts, kg 1000 Gyrsdp22y Energy of impact, Kj 30 The greatest number of impacts in a minute, 103 Ram axis-to-frame distance, mm 800 Working zone daylight, mm 750 Die impression size, mm 360 x 140 Lower die impression-to-floor distance, mm 750 Optimum workpiece cross-sectional dimensions, mm: - square 160 - rounded 180 Main electric motor power, kW 75 Machine dimensions, mm 4400 x 1780 x 3570 Weight of ... more
ram weight 1000 kg stroke 1000 mm throat 800 mm impact capacity 4200 mkp total power requirement . kW Bkocdlisvg weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m Steam drive more
- produces parts which weigh between 50-400kg - Counterblow hammer (2 rams with 40T each) pneumo-hydraulic action - Oil pressure: 120 bar - Compressed air pressure: 6-8 bar Bl2p3ppt9j - Maximum impact energy: 350Kj - Place of manufacture: Germany - Total Weight: 160000kg more
Compressed air demolition hammer Cu3igz80 -Operating pressure: 7 bar -Number: 2x demolition hammer available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 640/365/H125 mm -Weight: 22 kg more
Kehl, Germany Germany
dealership location
7954 km
ready for operation (used)
Used forging hammer HUTA ZYGMUNT MPM 1000 A. The hammer is still installed on site but no longer under power. The mechanical condition is very good. Year of manufacture: approx. 1974 Working force in kgm: 3500 Ram weight in kg: 1250 Opening between the stands in mm: 650 Approx. weight of anvil in kg: 22500 Approx. total weight of hammer in kg: 35000 Height above floor in mm: 3800 Stroke per minute: 110 Stroke in mm: 900 2ikoymbb Ram size (lxb) in mm: 630 x 500 Overall size (lxbxh) in mm: 2500 x ... more
Forging Hammer CM3150 (3,15 to) made by Progresul Braila - Romania. The hammer was made after Huta Zygmunt drawings. The hammer is similar to MPM10000B HUTA YOM: 1980. Technical specifications: Maximum energy of impact at maximum stroke: 10000 kgm Ram weight: 3150 kg Mode of operation: pneumatic Stroke: 900 mm Number of blows per minute: 90 Working pressure: 5 - 7 bar Overall dimension 3300x2000x5900mm (LxWxH) Hammer Weight: 96000kg The hammer is delivered with additional new ram (as per attac... more
Maximum energy of impact at maximum stroke: 10000 kgm Ram weight: 3150 kg Mode of operation: pneumatic Stroke: 900 mm Number of blows per minute: 90 Bgrsr2wtwu Working pressure: 5 - 7 bar Weight: 105.000kg more
impact capacity 65 kp table length 250 mm table width 250 mm 160 mm stroke speed 210 /min throat 300 mm total power requirement KW Bkygre9 weight of the machine ca. 3 t dimensions of the machine ca. 1,4x1,4x2 m more
Compressed air demolition hammer -Operating pressure: 7 bar -Number: 1x demolition hammer available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 500/220/H70 mm Piq3golh -Weight: 6 kg more
Forging hammer EUMUCO 6.3TON For more information please contact us. Lhlut8f0 more
The Hammer is simmilar with Huta Zygmunt MPM 3150. -maximum energy of impact at maximum stroke - 3600kgm; -ram weight - 1250kg; -mode of operation – pneumatic; -table size (front to back) - 700mm; -stroke - 800mm; -number of blows per minute – 110; -working pressure - 5 - 7bar; -max. weight of upper die - 400kg; -die height - 220mm; -ram (front to back) - 500mm; -air consumption - 15m3 / min; -anvil weight - 24 t; -height of machine above floor - 3750mm; Cfnul9ios -total machine's height - 4380... more
pressure 3150 MKP stroke 500 mm strokes - infinitely variable 80 Hub/min table surface area 800x800 mm total power requirement . kW weight of the machine ca. t Bkpneha0vs dimensions of the machine ca. m The matching scraping press can also be purchased with the hammer more
Steam-air forging hammer KRAMATORSK M2147 5t Year: ab .1980 Tech data: Yr2vfw Nominal weight of dropping parts 5000 kg Actual mass of dropping parts without the Upper tool 5080 kg Effective kinetic energy of dropping parts at Full consecutive blows 125 kJ Number of strikes per min 50 Max course of the hammer block 1300 mm Min height of tools without shanks 400 mm Distance between columns 800 mm Length of the hammer block (at direction, Perpendicular to hammer front) 950 mm Length of the die hol... more
rated capacity 2000 KG Bkocgbdfjp ram hammer stroke 1080 mm throat 1100 mm impact capacity 10000 kgm no. of strokes 125 Hub/min ram hammer weight 2300 kg work height max. 620 mm total power requirement . kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m Steam drive more
ram hammer weight 250 kg stroke . mm throat 425 mm no. of strokes 150 Hub/min impact capacity 475 kpm total power requirement 20 kW N9ssh weight of the machine ca. 7,35 t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
Made in Czechoslovakia ZDAS High-pressure four-column press for free forging Condition: not under power Overhaul required There is only one roller-cylinder on the press, so its power is lower. The drive is on water. Press needs pump. Pump is not with press for sale. (because the pump was part of a battery station for several presses. It is necessary to set up a station with a pump, piping, pressure vessel ...) Weight approx 170 tons Documentation is in archive Bl3kn2gwal The press was used to st... more
Rotair Hammer 250kg, BJ 2013, good condition, suitable for 4-8 to excavators the hammer was installed on a Kubota U55 and very little used, transport and delivery possible, location is 32760 Detmold, Gehrenkampstr.15. Ikjaoon more
Package demolition hammers compressed air hammers with various chisels, 17 devices, ca 47 chisels Bfi7emt2lz more
Centrifugal fan, paint mist suction fan, fan, suction, blower Motor 1,1 kW 2760 1/min speed -Max flow rate approx. 1,900 m ³/h -Max pressure - kgf / m ² Connector input Ø 300 mm Connector output Ø 300 mm impeller Ø 310 mm Q9wnkla Connection 400 v -3 x available Price per piece Dimensions 900/630/H660 mm Weight 64 kg more
Extraction, oil mist separator AFS (Air Filter Systems) Type AFS 1100 Fog and smoke separator, filter system, oil mist extraction Serial No: 3341 Year of construction 2001 Air flow rate - volume flow approx. 1100 m3/h Suction connection Ø 200 mm Exhaust air grille 440 x 140 mm Engine power 0,5 kW Mains connection 380 Volt, 50 Hz. St90gs - 2 pcs. pre-filters made of wire mesh for cleaning - 2 pcs. prefilter with exchangeable fleece - 1 piece perforated plastic prefilter - Main filter of wire mesh... more
Hot Foil Stamping machine AIR HYDRAULICS AH Year 2006 - Serial-No. AH 930002 -We would be very pleased with your visit - more machines on Stock- -Available Immediately- -Can be inspect- Str2nw -On Stock Emskirchen / Nürnberg - Can b more
Designed for welding with 15 PAW (Plasma) method without additional material Cc7d0kkq Used to weld individual sheet metal sheets together (to the strip) and to weld the seal welds of the tanks (to the twisted sheet) Thickness of welded material 1-10 mm single-layer or multi-layer weld Maximum weld length 3250 mm Can be used for diameters from 380 to 1450 mm Plasma / TIG seamer benche more
Manufacturer: Hammer Type: F3 Year of construction: 2020 Motor voltage: 400 V (50Hz) Engine power: 5.5 PS (4.0 kW) Engine brake: Yes Weight : 280 kg Suction connection: 120 mm Milling machine Direction of rotation: Left/Right milling machine height adjustment: manual milling cutter angle adjustment: manual Bme08tnjkz Milling cutter swivels: 0-45°. milling spindle-Ø: 30 mm Speed steps: 4 max. speed rpm: 10000 rpm milling table opening: 180 mm more
Model: A3 31/05 Plane width - 30 cm Plane height - 23 cm Bm7ldsgjj9 Very good condition. more
-Respiratory protection filter -Clean AIR basic 2000 -P SL R Art. Lol 80 00 10 -Price per piece -Number 17 pcs. -Dimensions of 131 / 54 mm Be2whotnmy -Gew. 0.1 kg / pc. more
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
7301 km
ready for operation (used)
Condition Used Iwoysdzjs Listing name AIR LIQUIDE Arpege 70 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Vessel 70L Liquid Nitrogen Storage Vessel with temperature recorder.SELLERS NOTICE: If you have a competing quote for the item, we will always try to beat it. Items are ‘sold as seen’.ID: FFTF074 more
More pcs in stock! Print resolution 8 dots/mm (203 dpi) 12 dots/mm (300 dpi) 24 dots/mm (600 dpi) Print speed Up to 400 mm per second Tamp sizes (mm) Tamp-Blow standard of 12.5 x 7 to 160 x 300 mm, label lengths must be limited in accordance with label quality, longer or smaller labels are possible using special tamps Label gap Minimum 3 mm Label roll 300 mm diameter, up to 450 running meters, core 76 mm (3"), outside winding (optional inside winding) Data interfaces RS232, RS422, RS485, Eth... more
CAS 600 Manually fed wood waste burner. Able to direct heat into your factory Or it will vent to atmosphere. Bmptlzx9so more
Manufacturer: Hammer Type: C3-31 Year of construction: 2020 Motor voltage: 400 V (50Hz) Engine output: 4.0 PS (3.0 kW) Weight : approx. 610 kg Suction connection: 120/50 mm cutting height: 102 mm Hywa0eyow cutting width: 600 mm cutting length: 2000 mm Outrigger table size: 1100 mm crosscut fence: 1300 mm format sliding table: 2000 mm circular saw height adjustment: manual Circular saw tiltable: 0-45 circular saw blade Ø: 315 mm Milling machine Direction of rotation: Left/Right milling machine he... more
Only 20 hour of runtime Power 15 kW Capacity (m3/min) 8 bar 2.25 10 bar 1.82 Noise level dB(A) 60 +/- 2 Irs2v9hao Connection G3/4" Size WxLxH 91x70x112 cm Weight 225 kg Please check out our other listings as well. more
Pressure reducers, pressure regulators, manometers -for oxygen -Inlet pressure: max. 200 bar -Outlet pressure: 0 - 12 bar adjustable S0yhevger -Number: 1x piece available -Price: per piece -Weight: 1.4 kg more
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
7301 km
ready for operation (used)
Condition Used Bd9spehcfv Listing name AIR LIQUIDE Arpege 40 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Vessel 2008 40L liquid nitrogen storage vesselSELLERS NOTICE: If you have a competing quote for the item, we will always try to beat it. Items are ‘sold as seen’.ID: FFTF077 more
CNC plasma and flame cutting machine Air Liquide Welding (Lincoln Electric) Oerlikon Oxytome B40 E RS Year of construction: 2008 Oxyfuel: 2x MACH-HP propane machine torches (15-150mm) Plasma: 2x Hypertherm HPR260 with THC Dwsvzq Length complete: 32.000mm width : 5.895mm height: 2.400mm cutting length: 28.000mm cutting width: 2.500mm CNC: Burny / AMC 10 Filter system: Kemper Ink Jet Printer: Hitachi IJ Printer / Model PXR-D Commissioning on request more