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Combined planing-thickenning machinery for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Sankt Peter im Sulmtal, Austria Austria
476 km
excellent (used)
motor kW 2,2 3-knife cutter block Ø Mm 85 speed U/1’ 5000 suction connection Ø mm 120 working table size mm 1850 × 350 min. / max chip removal mm 4/ 210 feed speed m/ min 7/ 14 weight ca. kg 300 star/ triangle switch mechanical height adjustment manual + spare parts list cutter block guard tillable planer fence Bfhvrzou89 Advise used machines: • Technical data without obligation, mistake and intermediate sale reserve. • Price is considered ex-location price • All articles or mach... more
NXSD310 400 v weight: 280 kg Surface Planer Planing width: 310 mm 9cy3d8xbn From makeready tables length: 1400 mm Drum diameter: 70 mm Spiral cutterhead Rpm: 5500 Dressing stop dimensions: 1300 x 150 mm Bias setting dressing attack: 90-45 degree Maximum depth of cut: 4 mm Motor power 4 HP Thickness Planer Thickness Planer table dimensions: 430 x 310 mm Forward Thicknesser: 230 mm Feed rollers diameter: 30 mm Feed speed: 6 m / min Accessories: Spiral cutterhead Handwheel adjustment thicknessin... more
New machine year of construction: 2019 Equipment and technical data:Digital version with motorised thickness table adjustmentWith TERSA cutter shaft for planer blade change in secondsTERSA planer blade system enables particularly low-noise operationSteel feed roller with helical teeth for constant and uniform material feedMaterial feed at two speedsThe particularly long dressing tables enable easy and precise dressing of workpiecesWorking tables are made of grey cast iron, After annealed and str... more
CATALOG NUMBER 5566 TECHNICAL DATA GRINDING: - shaft width 510mm - 4-knife shaft - fence - top length 2280mm - silencing comb at the shaft - both adjustable tops - shaft cover - both tops are raised simultaneously THICKNESSING: - max thickness of workpiece on 270mm thicknesser - shield for thicknesser shaft - electric table top lifting in advance: - latches - pulling, toothed input shaft - clamps - planing shaft - clamps - pulling pulling shaft, smooth - 4 types of rotation speed - electric br... more
working wide: 630 mm kutter head: Streifenmesser number of blades: 2 surface teble length: 2000 mm surface fence adjustable: yes maximum workpiece thickness: 220 mm table adjustment: handwheel readout tablehigh: Scala feed speed: 7 / 14 m/min Bfexgqwqgm feed roller: teel outfeed roller: steel pressure beam: straight table roller: yes motor power: 5 kW motor brake: no suction connection: - machine length: 2000 mm machine wide: 1200 mm weight: 1400 kg more
combined dressing and thickness planer -Working width 400 mm -max planing height 230 mm -Motor power 4 kW -4-blade shaft -Total length for dressing 1645 mm -Extension 500 mm -engine brake Ue99p7e -Swiveling stop -Dimensions 1800/850 / H1100 mm -Weight 500 kg more
New machineYear of construction: 2019Equipment and technical data:Dressing and thicknessing machine with 520 mm planing width and motor-driven thicknessing table adjustment Sturdy cast steel constructionLarge, ribbed dressing tables made of grey cast ironSmooth running due to high dead weightFour feed speedsMotor-driven thicknessing table stroke with two speeds and digital displaySegmental pressure beam in infeed 4-blade shaft, Precision bearingsHerrated steel draw-in roller for particularly eve... more
planing width 520 mm planing height 250 mm 7,5 kW Dwl0r3 more

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The New SCM FS7 is a precision machine aimed at the more demanding user who wants a high performance combined planer and thicknessing machine. The combined form factor allows you to operate in areas where space is limited without having to give up the high performance levels and high quality finishes associated with single-function machines. Changing from surfacing to thicknessing is now easy, safe and effortless - the automatic servo-system makes change overs a dream. The tables are opene... more
working wide: 520 mm kutter head: strip knive number of blades: 4 surface table length: 2200 mm surface fence adjustable: ja fold up the surface tables: pneumatic maximum workpiece thickness: 220 mm height adjustment thickness table: elektrisch read out for thickness table: Digitalanzeige feed speed: 7 / 14 m/min Bfexhdy2oo feed roller: steel out feed roller: steel pressure beam: segmented table roller: no motor power: 5,5 kW motor brake: yes automatic suction connection: 150mm ... more
long planer tables working table from cast iron simultaneous opening and closing of both planer tables thicknessing table lifted via massive cylinder star triangle switch main switch working width 530 mm working height 3 - 230 mm table length 2200 mm planer shaft DM DM 120 mm max. chip removal 8 mm Swntj2l9 fence 1000 x 140 mm cuter block with 4 knifes knife dimensions 530 x 35 x 3 mm motor 4,0 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz feed speed 8 - 16 m/ min dimensions L x W x H = 2200 x 1150 x 1040 mm weight 750 ... more
Working width:450 mm Working height:200 mm Motor output:4 kW Nlsan Length of the planing table:1800 mm more
max. Arbeitsbreite : 530 mm Messeranzahl : 4 Stk Messerwelle : Tersa-Messerwelle max. Durchlaßhöhe : 250 mm Motorbremse : Ja Hobelwellenschutz : ja Abrichttische : gemeinsam hochklappbar elektromotorisch Gesamtlänge des Arbeitstisches : 2300 mm Tischlippen : gezahnt max. Spanabnahme : 8 mm Hhmqkfjn Höhenverstellung Abrichttisch : manuell Anschlagsystem : schrägstellbar Hilfsanschlag : ja min. Dickenhobelhöhe : 4,5 mm Dickentischverstellung : elektrisch Anzeige Dickenmaß : elektrisch mit... more
Working width:300 mm Working height:4 mm Bfd7yt2lvb Motor output:4 kW :270 kg :1725 x 880 mm more
The Wadkin FSP offers straightening, surfacing and thicknessing operations in one easy pass through the machine, saving time and space in comparison to traditional methods. The FSP includes a rigid 2 mtr long infeed table providing a sound base for perfect straightening whilst giving maximum timber support. Pneumatic pressure to the feed rollers Bfnmx7g27v Bed lubrication Mechanical spindle breaking Idle steel bed roller in outfeed bed Mechanical digital readouts Technical Specification: Mode... more
working wide: 307 mm kutter head: strip knife number of blades: 3 surface table length: 1660 mm surface fence adjustable: ja maximum workpeacethickness: 225 mm thicknesstable adjustment: electric read out workpeace thickness: Scala feed speed: 7 m/min first feed roller: Stahl second feed roller: Stahl pressure beam: durchgehend table roller: nein Ysmak7gu motor power: 2,9 kW motor brake: ja, automatisch suction connection: 100mm machine length: 1400 mm machine wide: 750mm weigh... more
Sankt Peter im Sulmtal, Austria Austria
476 km
excellent (used)
electric height adjustment of thicknessing table long planer tables planer tables made of ripped cast iron structure simultaneous opening and closing of both planer tables large planer fence thicknessing table lifted via 4 dust protected spindles roller in lower work table Ptzfp3 autom. star triangle switch TERSA cutter block main switch motor power 5,5 kW working width max. 510 mm working height 3 - 230 mm planer table length 2200 mm chip removal max. 15 mm planer fence dimension 1000 x 140 m... more
Combined SCMTyp 2250 Planing width 51 cm Planing height 23.5 cm4 Knife shaft Strip planing knifeClamping take-off 8 mmLength dressing table 220 cm5.5 kgWeight approx 900 kg Cf9pbczk more
mit Tersamesserwelle Hobelbreite 410 mm Lagerort: Garbsen B0caabrk more
The Wadkin FSP offers straightening, surfacing and thicknessing operations in one easy pass through the machine, saving time and space in comparison to traditional methods. The FSP includes a rigid 2 mtr long infeed table providing a sound base for perfect straightening whilst giving maximum timber support. Pneumatic pressure to the feed rollers Bed lubrication Spec to be confirmed once in eta tbc: Technical Specification: Model No FSP220 Year of manufacture Serial number 124 Test ... more
working width: 230 mm maximum workpiece thickness: 130 mm working spindles: 5 spindle following: down, right, left, up, uni motor power spindle down: 5,5 kW motor power spindle right: 5,5 kW motor power spindle left: 5,5 kW motor power spindle up: 5,5 kW Yt2whblu motor power spindle uni: 4 kW adjustment spindle down: crank adjustment spindle right: crank adjustment spindle left: elektrisch / Mobilspindel adjustment spindle up: elektrisch adjustment spindle uni: crank kutter head: t... more
- extra long - one piece - planing tables (2250 mm) from cast iron - simultaneous opening and closing of planer tables with locking system - heavy duty industrial style main motor - fixed suction hood - planer fence dimension 1200 x 150 mm with small parts fence - feeder with 4 feed speeds and separate motor - thicknesser table mounted on 4 solid spindles and linear guides - high quality steel anvil roller - rubber coated outfeed roller - digital display of thicknessing height - autom. star tria... more
Hofmann AD 630AD planerTechnical data.motor 5,5KW 400 VoltWorking width : 630 mmMesserwelle with 2 Tersa knivesmax. Throughput : 240 mmTotal length of the worktables: 2500 mmTable lips : slotted max. chip removal: 5 mmm manual adjustment Chip removal /dressing tableSwivelling stop ruler min. thickness planing height : 4 mmmax. Thickness plane height : 240 mmDickentischverstellung elektisch,manuelle FeineinstellungAnzeige Thickness gauge: mechanical numerical displayForward feed at 2 speeds 7 14 ... more
AD - Planer hammer A3-31, very good condition, BJ. 2008, standard equipment, including blades, 3 kW, 1380 mm table length, 3 blades, 310 mm planing width, 250 kgPreisänderungen reserved, errors, printing, and typographical errors reserved Bcvxsw0ard more
Working width:530 mm Working height:230 mm Motor output:5,5 kW Length of the planing table:2500 mm Feed speed:8-16 m/min. Dust suction hood:140 mm Cutterblock diameter:120 mm Number of knives:4 St. Bfoy307mv0 Knives type:TERSA :4800 U/min Dimensions (L/W/H):2500x1000x1200 mm machine weight ab.:850 kg :250 mm more
The tried and tested planer/thicknesser from the Felder 700 series is renowned for its excellent planing results and reliability. In the new design the AD 741 offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio and is a perfect entry level model into professional woodworking. Like all planers from Felder, the AD 741 is equipped with the revolutionary Silent-Power? spiral cutterblock guaranteeing optimal working conditions by halving the noise emissions. Easy, synchronised opening of the solid planing ... more
motor kW (PS) 3(4) 3 knife cutter block Ø mm 88 cutter block speed U/1’ 4900 Nho3z suction connection Ø mm 120 planer table seize mm 1820 × 350 thicknesser table seize mm 550 × 350 min. / max work piece height mm 4/210 feed speed 6,5/13 m/ min - feeder with sprockets - no V-belts! weight approx. kg 410 star triangle motor start mechanical planer table height adjustment manual cutter block guard suction hood planer fence tildable 45 deg. incl. long hole drilling unit Advise used mach... more
combined planer and thicknesserJET JPT 410- machine with drawbar undercarriageTechnical data:motor 3,7KW/400Vplaning width 407mmplaning height 4-225mmmax. chip removal 4,5mmfeed 7m/minWeight 315KG Ctyrnjhs more
AD - Planer Rema DYMC-8, good condition, 2.2 kW, 250 mm HobelbreitePreisänderungen reserved, errors, printing, and typographical errors reserved Bcrmct7rba more
Planing width Dressing 260 mm Planing width Thicknesses 250 mm Planing thickness Thicknesses 140 mm Planing table length 1040 mm Thickness-table length 430 mm Height with frame 820 mm Speed planing shaft 6500 rpm Stepless chip removal (depending on wood species) 0 - 5 mm Motor power: 230 V AC 1.5 kW / 2.0 PSWeight 90 kg Bftus3voeh more
Designed for flating and straightening hard and softwoods, adjustable thicknessing table [...] fence to 45 degrees Solid Infeed roller, Manual rise and fall of thicknessing table, Both in and out feed table can be adjusted, Kick back fingers fitted Bcecpo3q Technical Specification: Model BAO/S Serial number 75372 Timber capacity 308x180mm Overall length of tables 1070mm Length of thick table 710mm Maximum depth of rebate 12mm Fence dimensions 760x110mm Number of k... more
Combined dressings and thicktene planers by Rugel and Lutz Type AD 63 Same construction with Kölle HK 63 Beacsnibpw Planing width approx. 63 cm Hobelhoehe approx. 25 cm 2 sliding rollers in the bottom table Weight approx. 1350 kg more
- Exhibition machine - Table opening to the rear, TERSA planing shaft, helical toothed feed roller----- Technical data ---- Planing width: 300 mm, dimensions thickness table: 565 x 300 mm, table length: 1,510 mm, max. chip removal: 4 mm, planing shaft Ø: 72 mm, number of knives: 3 pieces, clearance height: 230 mm, min. workpiece thickness: 3 mm, feed speed: 7 m/min, Speed: 5,200 rpm, suction nozzle: 2 x 120 mm, engine power 400 V: 5.5 PS / 4 kW, weight: 270 kg Nfgvh more
AD - Planer Bernardo PT300, BJ. 2017, like new, 3 kW, reserved 1520 mm table length 305 mm table width, 4 blade, 280 kgPreisänderungen, errors, printing and typographical errors reserved Gutolfj more
Strip planing knife 4 pieces sliding rollers in thickness table, electric up/down Bhxqbk8ko more
The SCM FS410NOVA Combined Planer and Thicknesser is a high quality industrial combined planer and thicknesser giving high performance planing with a space saving design. SCM feature traditional build quality at an affordable price. Exclusive use of aged cast iron tables. The machine has heavily ribbed long cast tables are machines to the highest tolerances, this ensures maximum strength and ergonomics. The P1 version machine (optional extra) features counter balanced tables, powered rise & fa... more
combined planer and thicknesserJET JPT 410- machine with drawbar undercarriageTechnical data:motor 3,7KW / 400Vplaning width 407mmplaning height 4-225mmmax. chip removal 4,5mmfeed 7m/minWeight 315KG Ikiifdn more
- Exhibition machine - Precision planing stop, Adjustable planing shaft protection, Sliding wood handle----- Technical data ---- Planing width: 307 mm, max. chip removal dressing / thickness: 3 / 4.5 mm, dressing table length: 1,400 mm, thickness table: 540 x 307 mm, planing shaft speed: 5,500 rpm, Swivel range stop: 45 / 90 °, passage height: 4 - 225 mm, min. workpiece length: 150 mm, feed speed: 5.5 m/min., suction nozzle: 100 mm, dimensions (LxWxH): 1,400 x 750 x 1,000 mm, motor power 400 V: ... more
Wood professional Mortiser for KDR410, good condition, CEPreisänderungen reserved, reserved errors, printing, and typographical errors Ba3cxswuo0 more
This machine is the only self centering planer in the world. It is patented. In some cases, the machine gives up to 20% savings on material compared to a standard planer. Machines are manufactured in Canada. About 84 pieces work on the American market. In Europe, it is a novelty. MM is the only representative of OSI in Europe. For additional information please contact us. Ibke2lh We will organize tests on your wood. more
A late example of a Wadkin Dominion combined surfacer and thicknesser. Three feed speeds available, gear box running in oil bath. adjustable anti friction rollers in the thicknessing table, Solid infeed roller, manual rise and fall of the thicknessing table, comes with guarding. DC braking Anti kick back fingers fitted Technical Specification: Model DAA Machine number 1802 Timber capacity 410x230mm Motor power 7.5hp Gfww8ip Feed speeds 6,9 and 14m/min Max depth of cut on su... more
Motor power: 5.5 kW2-knife shaft (strip planer)feed: 2 speeds (7 14 m/min)max. planing width: 630 mmmax. planing height: 240 mmtable length dressing planer: 2.51 melektr. table height adjustment,display of planing height via counter steel infeed and outfeed roller2 adjustable table gliding rollersCentred suction device: 160 mm connection motor brakeWeight approx. 1,350 kgWeight limit stop newly welded ! Npjnl more
Dressing table length 2250 mmDressing stop swivelling 90-45°Thickness height 4-254 mmelektr. Thickness table adjustment Power DrivWith LED Display stepless thickness feed 4-16 m/min10 PS (7,35 kW) Motor SD-Start 2013only 1 pc available! Bftasogt7c more

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