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Bag house dust collector for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Showroom machine Year of construction: 2018 Equipment and technical data: Bef0ndbmur Exit left with pneumatic Abrüttelrung with powder deletion Description: Dust extractors type NE 300 powder deletion with acceptance certificate by BGHM, including suction socket, 5 m cable with Plug and reversing switches, electric motor 400V/50 Hz,- / off switch, lockable motor starter. with compressed air tank compressed air pulse cleaning or pneumatic and motorized vibration, pressure difference display,... more
Spec to be confirmed: Technical Specification: Model No tbc Serial No 1145 Year of manufacture tbc Inlet size 180mm Number of Waste Bags 2 Number of filter bags 12 S2r0bxjg Motor Power kW tbc Dimensions H=3m x W=2m x D=.85m more
CATALOG NUMBER HZ0001 PRODUCT FEATURES As standard, they have mobile containers for sawdust, equipped with a clamping system that allows tightly connect the container with the machine structure. Thanks to this it is possible to achieve high underpressures without losses at individual connection points. Contaminants from the filter fall directly into hermetic containers with the possibility of quick unloading, which have a special suspension system and mobile wheels for easy and quick transpor... more
Motor power: 1,5 PS/HP (1,1 kW), year of construction: 1999, motor voltage: 1x 230 V Bfrrunaq9s more
Type: 617290, Year: 2006, Sheet steel case, Flow: 3.532 - 5.000 m³/h, Power: 5.5 kW Ngz8p more
:2780 m³/h Bfs8wrkjcz :13,8 m² :240 Liter :pneumatisch - :2 - :M - more
Machine Built: 1998 Technical data: Volume flow m3/h: 3,530 It7c327pq Suction nozzle: 250 mm Filter area: 25.2 m2 Number of collecting containers: 3 Underpressure: 2,500 Pa Volume collection container: 480 l Engine: 5.5 kW Automatic water extinguishing: yes Cleaning automatically Filter category: H2 Ce sign: Yes Weight: 740 kg L x W x H 3350 x 1020 x 2290 Location: Leinefelde Availability: short-term more
Spec to be confirmed: Spec to be confirmed: Technical Specification: Model No Serial No Year of manufacture Yr7xgg Number of Bags Motor Power kW Dimensions more
:1100-1850 m³/h Harbu7r :7 m² :175 Liter :ja - :ja - :0 Std :350 kg more
Engine power: 1.0 hp/HP (0.8 kW), engine voltage: 1x 230 V, type: S 01, suction connection diameter: 100 mm, chip bag capacity (ltr): 100 liters, suction capacity (m3/h): 950 m3/h Ddesosyv more

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Power: 1000 m3/h Weight: 140 kg Filter class M Bdandhhbdb No documentation available! more
:1850 m³/h Bfs8xemuk2 :9 m² :240 Liter :per Handbetätigung - :1 - :Klasse "M" - :2120 Pa :Innenraum - :überholt - more
used dust collectors Year of construction: 2011 Condition: very well maintained Beq8l08dc8 V nen: 1450 m² / h Negative pressure: 1600 pa 400 V Suction connector 160 mm Motor 2,2 kW Filter surface 9.5 m² L x W x H 2045 x 870 x 2125 mm Weight: 362 kg Availability: short term Location: Hochheim more
Series “TROLLEY BAG” exhausters are ideal for small-scale work and for those who operate in a limited space Power 3 HP (2,2 Kw) filtering bags 02 Bft3nhrd8p Ø 500 mm collecting bags 02 Ø 500 mm dimension 1.730x580x2.460 Air flow mc/h 2.500 more
mobile clean air dedusterALKO Mobil Jet 160Baujahr 2005Technical data:Connection 160mmMotor 2,2 KWMax. Volume flow 1850m³/hFilter area 8.25m²Dimensions 1645 x 673 x 2185mmWeight 195KG J9d3oj9z more
This listing is for 2015 JUNGHEINRICH Industrial Pallet Racking. We have 5 runs available each consisting of 8 bays with five shelves. The system is available as a whole or in parts. The total number of bays is 40. The maximum bay load is 12000kgs. Bays also come with low-level guard rails . Dimensions: Bay Width: 320cm Rack Depth: 110cm Rack Height: 11m approx Bftihnneoy more
Bag extractor with a capacity of 7000 m3 , power 7,5 kw , Connection fi 300 mm . Bug size 4 m height 2.8 m width 1.7 m Bfspcfedck more
:1108 m³/h :6,3 m² :240 Liter Bfs8w02ow0 :Hand betätigt - :1 - :H2 geprüft - :2591 Pa :Innen - :sehr gut - more
used dust collectors Year of construction: 1998 Motor 2,2 kW Beq8moaola Suction connector 160 mm 20 m 2 filter area Nominal volume 1900 cbm / h with automatic pneumatic cleaning with 2 filter cartridges and 2 tons of dust collecting Availability: short term Location: Hochheim more
Esta 31041 TK-4 small deduster The small dust extractors of the TK series are designed for sporadic use for single-seat extraction in mechanical workshops and metalworking companies. The cleaning of the dusty air is carried out by the cleanable fabric filter, whereby an air return to the work area is possible. Thanks to their low height, the dust extractors can be quickly and easily installed under tables or on shelves. Max. Airflow m³ / h 300 Connection diameter mm 60 Max. Negative pressure Pa... more
Bretzfeld, Germany Germany
dealership location
6647 km
:1700x750x2600 - Bfge8ngc93 :4 kW :250 mm more
This listing is for LINK 51 Industrial Warehouse Pallet Racking. The run consists of three bays with two shelves each and internal separators on the bottom row. Dimensions Bay Width: 270cm Nplcz Rack Depth: 110cm Rack Height: 5m more
Rheinbach, Germany Germany
6420 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Dear customers! Our experience has shown that communication by e-mail usually unnecessarily lengthens everything. We would like to help you quickly, but it is better to make three minutes of phone calls than to write three days of emails back and forth. Riedex DM-160/M Demonstration device/exhibition machine Specifications DM-160/M Engine power: 3.0 kW Rated volume flow 20 m/s: 1448 m3/h Associated vacuum: 3000 Pa maximum air volume flow: 2000 m3/h Filter area: 10.5 m2 Filter cleaning: motor ... more
:1850 m³/h :9 m² :240 Liter :nicht vorhanden - Bfs8xn7z83 :1 - :Klasse"M" - :2500 Pa :Innenraum - more
Used machineYear of construction: 2010Condition: very well maintaineddescription dust extractor NE 300Powder fire extinguishing automatic, including suction nozzle d=300mm, 5m cable with plug and reversing switch, electric motor 7,5kW, 400 V / 50 Hz, on/off switch, potential-free contact for machine monitoring and automatic start/stop function, motor protection switch, volume flow monitoring / differential pressure display, 3 mobile dust bins with inserted chip bag and clamp, solid filter module... more
Wet dust extractor HandteAir capacity: approx. 2,000 m3/h Dimensions: DM 700 mm Height: 1,900 mm C3kxgntk more
:2789 m³/h :1,8 m² Bfd7zg7w7d :160 Liter :120/100 mm more
This listing is for LINK 51 Industrial Warehouse Pallet Racking. The run consists of six bays with three shelves each. Dimensions Sthcg0 Bay Width: 270cm Rack Depth: 110cm Rack Height: 5m more
Riedex DM-200/MDust collector used, year of construction 2018 (12/2018)Technical data DM-200/Motor power: 4 kWNominal volume flow 20 m/s: 2262 m³/hRelated vacuum: 3000 Pamax. Air volume flow: 3000 m³/hFilter area: 16 m²Filter cleaning: motorRest dust content: ᐸ0.1 mg/m³Dust collection volume: 320 litresSound pressure level: 65 dB(A)Current: 400V/50HzRated current: 7.7 [A]5m Connection cable with 16A CEE plug 5-pole with phase inverterWeight: 385 kgDimensions (LxWxH), max.2390 x 840 x 2150 mmSuct... more
:5089 m³/h :30 m² :3x 165 Liter :Druckluft mit Tank - :Tonnen - Lbjujrkp more
Second-hand machine Construction year: 2014 State: Funktionsgeprüft Equipment and technical data: Diameter intake port: 300 mm Dsipou9 Motor: 7,5 kW Depression at Vnom: 2500 PA Rated speed: 2800 RPM. Weight: 1210 kg Location: Röllbach Availability: Immediately more
Extinguishing system including suction connection d= 300 mm, 5 m cable with plug and reversing switch, electric motor 7.5 kW, 400 V/50 Hz, on/off switch, potential-free contact for machine monitoring and automatic on/off function, motor protection switch, volume flow monitoring/differential pressure display, 3 movable dust tanks with integrated chip bag and clamping bracket, solid filter module made of galvanised sheet steel.Technical data: -Maximum volume flow rate: 6,000 - 6,800 m³/h- Nominal ... more
Type DC9030 I9dntzl Air delivery 3900 m³/h Inlet diameter 3x100 mm Fan diameter 300 mm Bag capacity 307 l Collector bag ø 480 × 4 3 phases Weight 63 kg more
This listing is for LINK 51 Industrial Warehouse Pallet Racking. The run consists of four bays with three shelves each. Dimensions Bay Width: 270cm Dmjy9k2 Rack Depth: 140cm Rack Height: 5m more
Extraction capacity: 1700 m³ / h Exhaust fan: 380 V, 0.75 kW Zc9209w Intake manifold Ø: 200 mm Space required: 980 x 490 x 640 mm Weight approx .: 70 kg more
Mobile Welding Dust Collector Kemper 84100 Capacity: 1.200 m³/h. No. of filters 1 (1090010) Bebac2gggx Connection: 380V. Machine LxWxH: 655 x 655 x 1.000 mm more
Hochheim am Main, Germany Germany
dealership location
6537 km
Deduster NE 250Used machine year 2009 vacuum filter incl. suction nozzle, suction side right, for suction and filtration of wood dust and wood chips H3 tested by the BGHM, explosion pressure test passed, pneumatic filter regeneration, 3 mobile tons (160 l, 4 wheels), powder extinguishing, electric motor 400 V / 50 Hz, on/off switch, lockable motor protection switch, incl. 5 m cable with plug and reversing switch Dimensions L x W x H (mm)3350 x 1020 x 2290Max. Operating volumetric flow (m³/h)5600... more
New dust collector units. 2550 m3/h Number of hoods - 2 Hood diameter - 100mm Plastic bag diameter - 500mm 50Hz - 1.5 Kw P7ietv 60Hz - 2.2 Kw more
GARGAZON bei Meran , Italy Italy
dealership location
6898 km
as good as new (ex-display)
•rugged dust collector housing •solid steel blow wheel •powerful motor and smart design - constantly high performance •big collector bag for economical and convenient operation •four casters allow total workshop mobility 0suat7ah •dust collector height adjustable included in delivery: collector bag, straps, filter bag MACHINE IS USED - THE CLIENT TEST A PRODUCTION LINE FOR 2 DAYS more
Dust Extractor Fabr. BASEMENT type uni-star serial No. 87/5845, built 1988 Technical data: Usage area: Capture dry industry pigeon Air flow 1000-3000 Nm3/h Total pressure difference 1000-400 N/m2 Spec. Gas weight at 20 ° 1,2 kg / m3 3.3 kW Gnf3iv37o Fan speed 2800 RPM Dimensions 800 x 800 x 2200 mm used, in good condition more
Wet dust collector Jakob Handte Bcy7y7qgma more
The DL range of valves are available with inlet sizes of 200 mm and respective capacities of 6 ltr/rev. Be3rmzjil7 Dimensions DL (as seen on the last 3 pictures) Type DL: 200 Ltr/rev: 6 ∅A: 200 A: 200 ∅B: 295 ∅C: 340 C: 320 D: 8x∅23 E: 14 F: 310 G: 155 X: 22,5° RR: 465 SS: 176 more
Second-hand machine Year of construction: 1994 Bekxxtimio Condition: Funktionsgeprüft; Have been newly replaced filter Technical data: Vacuum tested for commercial use Dust nozzle: 160 mm Motor: 2,2 kW Filter area: 11.5 m2 Vnom: 1780 m³ / h Vmin.: 1450 m³ / h Availability: Immediately Location: Hochheim more
We hereby offer you a VETTER Industrial Aircraft Liftingbag: Technical Specifications: Bd33j0iour 12 bar 174 psi DIN ISO 9001 more
Hump Polytechnic Mobile Duster EA 250-4 Art.nr.AE -R-16012 Be7uqk0cjx Diameter suction nozzle 250mm Rated volume flow 4600 m3/h Max. Volume flow 4800 m3/h Filter area 23m3 Collective volume 495 litres Dimensions: 2640x1250x2500mm 4KW Power connection 400V more
Machine for the construction of houses N2qhcrv7g The machine consists of feed before and after the saw, milling and drilling machines, drills, mills and cut the angle of the beam in the construction of houses more
KELLER Dust extraction Dust removal Dust collector Year: 1998 Efficiency: 75 000 m3/h motor: 160 KW Bdq0xvb2gz more

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