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Beam packs for sale

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ID000566Board pack roller conveyorLength: 1300 mm,High: 800 mm,Width: 3530 you need more information about the equipment, please contact our manager.  Bky89thvl2 more
size of profile - max.:1000 mm Number of drilling agregates:9 Stk. bore diameter:8 - 40 mm total power requirement:40 kW weight of the machine ca.:9 t Peddinghaus beam drill line TDK 1000 for drilling of heavy steel profiles in the construction and steel trading industry. The Peddimat beam drilling machine has 3 drill axes each with 3 drill spindles so that it can be drilled with different drill diameters. The drill spindles are equipped with an internal air cooling and are therefore suitable ... more
Manufacturer: Voith Traun Model: Double beam bridge crane Max. weight capacity: 350 ton Bdrc80ac8m Width: 25110 mm Travel speed min-max: 1,2 - 63 m/min Installed power: 260 kW Total weight: 155 ton Lifting carrier 1: Lifting capacity max-min: 350-10 ton Stroke: 19000 mm Travel speed min-max: 0,6 - 32 m/min Main lifting system speed min-max: 0,07 - 3,7 m/min Secondary lifting system speed min-max: 0,5 - 21,9 m/min Lifting carrier 2: Lifting capacity max-min: 75-20 ton Stroke: 21000 mm Travel sp... more
ID000578Roller conveyor for packsHeight: 410 mm,Length: 12450 mm,Width: 1400 you need more information about the equipment, please contact our manager. E3ep97k7 more
Manufacturer: Bauma Bdrda3ykkt Model: Double beam bridge crane Max. weight capacity: 150 ton Width: 25110 mm Travel speed min-max: 5.6 - 56 m/min Total weight: 116 ton Lifting carrier: Lifting capacity max-min: 150-30 ton Stroke: 18600 mm Travel speed min-max: 2.8 - 28 m/min Main lifting system speed min-max: 0.34 - 3.4 m/min Secondary lifting system speed min-max: 1.04 - 10.4 m/min more
Support claw, sheet metal clamp, sheet metal claw, clamp, sheet metal gripper, material gripper, material gripper 89ainszaw Sheet metal claw Clamping width 0-40 mm capacity 3500 kg -2 x clamps available Award pieces Weight 30 kg more
Beam saw with automatic loading station - Giben Sigmatic 125 - Max cutting size 4400 * 2200mm Oh7yh - Working table height 950mm - Saw opening 120mm - Max cutting height 125mm - Main blade 430mm - Scoring blade 200mm - Year of construction 2006 - Weight 19,000 kg - Program Cdrive AXS Total dimensions built up: 10310 * 10965mm (L * W) All documentation available in English and Italian. more
Newmachine Year of construction: 2017 Equipment and technical data: cutting length 3200 mm - Pivoting sawing unit - Pressure beam for 90° to 45° saw cuts - Crosscut fence extendable up to 2,500 mm with a stop, mounted on a fixed extension table 1,000 x 510 mm - 2 parallel motorised width stops for dimensional adjustment up to 1,300 mm, mounted on a fixed attachment table 1,000 x 400 mm - automatic stop reversal for extremely small space requirement - Mobile support table 800 x 200 mm, front and ... more
weight max. 1 t Nndfr clamping width 7.200 mm weight of the machine ca. 1,4 t more
- 350 X 2000 mm wooden cross sections - saw blade D 900 mm Bgkegtds - Machine was after the overhaul only about 5 hours in use OPTION one drive unit over the desired glue binder press more
Support claw, sheet metal clamp, sheet metal claw, clamp, sheet metal gripper, material gripper, material gripper Sheet metal claw Clamping width 0-30 mm capacity 2500 kg 89amaa3rc -1 x clamps available Award pieces Weight 15 kg more
PC control with optimization, automatic cutting length detection, Side pressure device, Air cushion tables, infinitely variable feed of the saw carriage, Bmfqdnlr7y Manual control unit, Touch screen, Label printer, Grooving equipment ----- Technical data ----- Cutting length: 3,900 mm, Cutting width: 3,100 mm, max. cutting height: 70 mm, Number of collets: 6 pcs, Engine power main saw: 11 kW, Motor power scorer: 1.1 kW, Saw blade main saw Ø: 350 mm, Saw blade scoring saw Ø: 180 mm, Suction conne... more
throat min.: mm throat max.: mm Support arm position: ° lifting capacity: 100 kg weight of the machine ca.: 9,0 t dimensions L x W x H: Ausleger: L:6,1xB:1,7xH:2,2 m dimensions LxWxH: Säule: L:4,1xB:1,7xH:5,3 m Submerged welding system Movable column carriage with extension arm for 2 welding arms Column frame: Ezar0xb Column size L: 700 x W: 300 x H: 4600mm Foot flange Ø 1100mm Support carrier for auxiliary carrier = 2x L: 540mm and 2x L: 750mm (angle steel) Frame rotatable 180 ° loading capaci... more
Used machine Year of construction : 2007 condition completely overhauled cutting length mm : 3.900 travel distance program slide mm : 3.100 with air cushion tables Number of collets : 7 feed max m/min : 70 Infinitely variable feed : Yes Saw blade projection mm : 82 Saw blade diameter max mm : 350 Main engine kW : 11 scorer : adjustable from the outside grooving device : with 2 height settings Groove depth adjustable from 2-12 mm to max. 9-19 mm Angle cutting device : for freely definable angle c... more
weight max. 2 t Be70m9slrq clamping width 6.700 mm weight of the machine ca. 1,9 t more
lifting capacity 2 x 5,0 t lift -- mm span width 23500 mm travel of hook 6000 mm weight of the machine ca. ca. 3,5 t connected load frequency 400 V control voltage 230 V Dowep2in - with 2 trolleys as cantilever crab 5 to. - Length shortened to 23.5 mtr. - Corridor operated - The crane has 4 wheels, as does the cat - Roller diameter crane: 400 mm - Roller diameter cat: 200 mm - Wheel load at least 30.6 kN max. 77.9 kN more
Reflection light beam device Bvbbsgbo Type WT45 P660 -DC 10-60V Dimensions 105/60/H180 mm Weight 0.7 kg more
lifting capacity : - 15 t lift: mm span width: 21 500 mm type of control: elektrische Steuerung lifting capacity: Hilfs-Kran: 3000 kg lifting height max. hook position: 12,0 m speed: Haupthubwerk: 8 m/min speed: Hilfshubwerk 18 m/min wheel base: 4400 mm weight of the machine ca.: Brücke 16,1 t Bridge with hook block Cu9iz79u Main hoisting gear 15 tons; Rope: Ø 17,5mm, length 90 m; Hook N516, load capacity 20 Mp, brake force 80 kgm; hydraulic brake system Auxiliary hoisting gear 3 tons; Rope: Ø... more
Exhibition machine Year of construction: 2019 General equipment features: Sawing unit tiltable up to 46 Pressure beam, incl: LED lighting with 3 different action colours: - WHITE: Machines in rest position - RED: Pressure bar is lowering or emergency stop function - BLUE: Saw unit travels Telescopic fence extendable up to 3,200 mm with 2 digital displays, for adjusting all 3 flip stops 4 parallel motorised width stops moveable to 2,000 mm wide support table, dimensional adjustment up to 1.300 mm... more
centre distance 5.000 mm hook 4.000 mm Yfhp908r weight of the machine ca. 1,9 t 2 speeds 2 available more
weight max. 3 t stroke 6500 mm stroke speed 9 m/min weight ca. 1,4 t Jbngenpd with travel drive (head carrier) Two-rope Details see pictures more
Support claw, sheet metal clamp, sheet metal claw, clamp, sheet metal gripper, material gripper, material gripper Sheet metal claw Span 203-457 mm capacity 6000 kg -1 x clamps available Bd3ugrjqbl Award pieces Weight 19 kg more
Holzma HPP 250 Beam Saw. Cut line at 3800mm x 3800mm. This machine also has a lift table integrated into the back. You can load a pack of boards directly with a Fork lift and the machine will feed these through the cutline. This is effectively a compact rear loader to eliminate the slow and heavy front loading of your sheet material. 0tf9jzud more
throat min.: 3000 mm throat max.: 4040 mm Support arm position: 360 schwenkbar/ swiveable ° weight of the machine ca.: ca. 1,5 t S8xlfhaxd space requirements of the machine approx.: L:5,3xH:2,77 m dimensions L x W x H: m welding stand for positioning of a welding torch / welding source on big work pieces. diameter of ground frame/base = 1750x1750mm jib length without additional jib arm: 3000mm with additional jib arm + 1040mm jib position over floor : 2490mm All adjustment have to be processed ... more
Working width 600 mm Working height 250 mm Working height 4-side 250 mm Number of cutterheads 4 (option: 5th bottom spindle 11 kW) Spindle configuration b-t-r+l Spindle diameters X-X-40-40 mm Motor power 11-15-11-11 kW Working width adjustments Digital adjustments Working height adjustments Digital adjustments Feed speed 30 m/min Feed motor 4 kW Driven bed rollers 3 Infeed rollers 4 Outfeed rollers 2 Constant table height 800 mm Jbfp0jvhs Champfering spindles 2 x 1,85 kW Voltage 400V 50Hz 3Ph. W... more
weight max. 5 t clamping width 9.400 mm 2 lifting speeds Bgxxlmuwg9 weight of the machine ca. 4 t more
Beam saw Brand:Magic Type:M135 No:85001 Year:1995 Beam/panel saw Magic.Dismantled and packed by our skilled technicians us at factory, where it was in full fuction. Transported and packed by us, now ready to be sold and delivered to customer. Ogowt Techn info: Total saw length 4500mm x depth 4500mm Pusher/gripper speed 0,6-25m/min 7 pcs of pneumatic controled grippers Max saw blade diameter 400mm Spindel diameter 30mm Max cutting hight 90mm Speed main saw blasde 4800 v/min Saw carrige speed 12... more
Support claw, sheet metal clamp, sheet metal claw, clamp, sheet metal gripper, material gripper, material gripper Sheet metal claw Span 160-254 mm Capacity 4000 kg Itqqsisnk -1 x clamps available Award pieces Weight 11 kg more
Crane traverse Load capacity 10 tons Gripping width 2600 mm 13 adjustments Bi2zzw7uyu Length 3300 mm width 200 mm Height 200 mm more
Leipzig, Germany Germany
dealership location
8021 km
x-axis: 7000 mm y-axis: 700 mm z-axis: 600 mm control: Sinumerik number of spindle speeds: 1200 / stufenlos U/min. tool changer with: 22 tool tool clamping: interface: boring spindle: SK 40 mm/min total power requirement: kW air-pressure connection: 6 bar voltage: 380/50 V / Hz weight of the machine ca.: 13,0 t dimensions of machine: 13,3 x 3,2 x 2,5 m dimensions electric cabinet LxWxH: 1,5 x 0,6 x 2,70 m The drill spindle unit is traversable. with tool changer 8 pcs. clamping fixtures, which ... more
arm length 5300 mm workpiece height 5500 mm current capacity kVA Travel vertical 5000 mm movement longitudinal 4000 mm welding length 1400 A total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t Gdftjaiey dimensions of the machine ca. m more
Demag P Bm39mb3yst weight max. 30 t weight of the machine ca. 17 t more
LONGITUDINAL TRAVEL: 9000 mm TRANSVERSAL TRAVEL: 2950 mm VERTICAL TRAVEL: 1250 + 2200 mm RAPID FEEDS L-T-V: 3 - 3 - 2 m/min Tajqig7d TABLE SIZE: 2800 x 8000 (5000 + 3000) mm MAX ADMITTED LOAD: 6400 Kg SPINDLE: 20 - 600 rpm; 100 kW; 13000 Nm; ISO 60 DISTANCE BETWEEN UPRIGHTS: 3200 mm DISTANCE SPINDLE NOSE-TABLE: 2806 mm OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 21000 x 7800 x 6650 mm ACCESSORIES: GEAR BOX NOTE: No 1 90° HEAD; No 1 REDUCED 90° HEAD; No 1 VERTICAL EXTENSION; No1 TILTING HEAD; 3-STEPS GEAR BOX PRICE: ... more
Support claw, sheet metal clamp, sheet metal claw, clamp, sheet metal gripper, material gripper, material gripper Becpsys0wd Chain length 1000 mm Span length of 350 mm Capacity 5000 kg Weight 25 kg more
maximum capacity load 2,000 kg flange width 66 to 220 mm flange thickness 25 mm maximum smallest curve radius 1.15 m Cnwzfvui manual force at nominal load 7 kg weight approx. 16 kg 20 units on stock - price per unit more
throat min.: 2600 mm throat max.: 4200 mm Support arm position: 360 schwenkbar ° weight of the machine ca.: ca. 1,75 t dimensions L x W x H: L:5,0xB:1,6xH:2,8 m space requirements of the machine approx.: 6,61x1,4x2,8 m WELDING STATIVE for positioning a welding torch/welding source on large wide workpieces. - The device for adjusting the gas cylinder is integrated in the frame. - Dm of the base frame = 1480mm - All adjustments are made manually. - With welding device Make: KOLBE; Type: SC 400 - 4... more
USM cart beam punching machine, hydraulic, manual as well as automatic, in good condition Bmct9vntmv more
Double side planer (Double Surface Planer ) Maximum working width 610 mm Maximum working height 200 mm Bk7itzh0bv Heavy cardan feed system Special spike feedsystem Unlike the conventional chain drive systems, this machine employs a patented synchronized transmission system along the four fitting columns. Electronic height adjustment Spiral cutterheads top and bottom Latest generation IE-3 motors Spindle and feed brakes CE Top 22 KW Bottom 18.5 KW more
KR 46 SPIN saws, turns, saws, employee operates 2nd machine! The first real fully automatic sawing centre Horizontal pressure beam saw for panel materials from batch size 1 to series production innovative ROTOMATIC system automatically rotates workpieces in the machine fully automatic, operator-independent sequence up to 800 parts per 8 hours shift in part mix (for single plate processing, for multiple plate processing Mvecq8 the number of pieces increases accordingly) 25% higher productivity, 4... more
Support claw, sheet metal clamp, sheet metal claw, clamp, sheet metal gripper, material gripper, material gripper Izl3zr7cc Span width of 450 mm Capacity 1.000 kg -2 x available price per piece Weight 8 kg more
Pickup only: 63322 Rödermark Hn3ehpdwc SCHELLING Panel dividing plant Panel - saw Pressure beam saw FW 430 / 430 Track program slide 4300 mm Saw blade diameter 400 mm Year of manufacture 1990 more

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