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Heidelberg sm 102 vp for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Heidelberg SM 102 VP Year 1987 Alcolor CPC 1.02 Bfs3gcm0cl 4/0 or 2/2 Impression 83mio Machine in production Test Possible Nice condition more
Heidelberg SM 102 FPYear.1991( perfecting 3/2) with added CIP3 The press is in production and can be inspected anytime. Oqedrwol more
Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-5-P Serial Number: 539709 Five Colours Format 72cm x 102cm Equipment: - Alcolor Vario continuous dampening - Ink unit temperature control - CPC 1-04 - remote controlled inking - Autoplate - Perfecting 5:0/1:4 - IR-Dryer Grafix - Blanket washing device - automatic - Ink-roller washing device - automatic - Preset feeder (auto. paper size setting) - Antistatic Eltex - Double sheet detection - electronic Mucwis - Powder sprayer Grafix Exatronic Plus max. Speed... more
Heidelberg SM 102-4 Conventional 4 Colors Cdfvvyb 125 Million Impressions Baldwin Refrigeration System Machine Working in Production more
Perfecting 2/2 - 4/0 CPC 1-04: Off Press Ink & Register Control Autoplate (Automatic Plate Changing System) Alcolor Dampening Grafix: Powder Sprayer Technotrans Cooling Device Washers Bgregtswcp Preset Feeder & Delivery more
Counter: 244 Mio. Perfecting: 8/0 - 4/4 CP 2000 control Autoplate semi Alcolor Airstar (Rietschle LV 1000) Combistar (Technotrans Beta C360L) Grafix Powderstar Duoplus, year 2003 automatic washers Steelplates feeder / delivery complete manuals no damages Npqf7 Plate bender / puncher more
Heidelberg SM 102-4P3 Year: 2001 ONLY 69 Millions Impressions Size: 72x102 CP 2000 Perfecting 2+2 Preset feeder and delivery Ink temperature control unit Giardina UV oven in Delivery INTERDECK 3 UNIT Technotrans device for cooling, mixing and dampening solution dosing Autoplate - semi automatic plate change press adjustments via CP 2000 center automatic size adjustment, pressure between cylinders, Bfv28bvkxu automatic ink zones and register adjustment, etc. automatic washing for rolle... more
Alcolor Autoplate All washing devices CPC 1.04 Be73kvvyd9 CPtronic Perfecting 1/2; 3;0 more
Heidelberg SM 102 Z+L machinenr 509770 , year 1977, reconditioned in 2007 comprised as follows: Standard feeder, reconditioned and equipped with steel plate to allow pallets to enter. suction brush with compressor to remove powder from paper. Electrical controls lacquer unit with circulationpump W2zvw Transportbelt with delivery, equipped with UV dryer, type Adnos 2UV/102, built-in in sheetdelivery with 2 UV lamps of each 24-120W/c=m more
Year 1994 – Impress. Counter 140 millions - Complete of: X7novkyk CP Tronic – Autoplate – Manual Inkers – Blanket washers – Perfecting 1 1 / 2 0 – CE marked – Manuals and tools more

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Heidelberg SM 102 FP approx 87 million impression 5 color 1+4 - 5+0 year 1993, first installation in 1996 Alcolor Dampering Mup0po CPC command table + CP tronic Semi Automatic Plate Change Automatic Blanket washing Device Preset (automatic format change) Visible in production no damages on gears and cylinders more
As owner, we have for sale : * Heidelberg SM 52-2+, Year 2004 37x52 - 2 Colors - ca. 74 mio impressions Equipped with: . CP Tronic . Autoplate (Semi-Automatic Plate Change) . Preset (Paper Size Setting) . Cocking Register . Automatic Washers Devices . Alcolor Dampening Bgrhc99gef . Baldwin Refrigeration System . Suction Tape Feeder . Double Sheet & Side lay Detector . Segmented Ink Knives . Bacher Pin Register . Powder Sprays MediPrint . Machine with Standa... more
Heidelberg SM 74-4-H used offset printing press 4 colours. Equipped with CP2000, Autoplate, Alcolor Vario, Technotrans cool- and circulation device, all automatic washup decives, palletfeeder, ion blowers, Alphatronic 200, and more Nppdh more
Rösrath, Germany Germany
6422 km
good (used)
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52-2-p+ Year 2000 approx. 35 mill. impressions Features : Alcolor CP-Tronic B3grofya Autoplate all washing devices Plus version Grafix Alphatronic more
SM 74-8autoplateink lineGood Condition ! Can be seen in production ! Begw9l2ya more
less used numbering unit for Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 / PM 52 Bdiuv3e2pp immed. from our stock more
Heidelberg SM 74-1, Year 1998 52x74 - 1 Color - ca. 61 mio impressions Equipped with: . CP Tronic . Autoplate (Semi-Automatic Plate Change) . All Automatic Washers Devices : Blanket / Impressions Cylinders & Inking Rollers . Alcolor Dampening Gfwz88h . Baldwin Refrigeration System . Suction Tape Feeder . Segmented Ink Knives . Chromed Impression Cylinders . Low Pile delivery . Powder Sprays Grafix Junior . Minus Version Included : compressors, Tools, Manuals and ... more
Number of Colours: 4 • Counter: 114 million Impressions • Max. Size: 520x740 mm (20.5 "x29, 1") • Max. Speed: 13000 imp./hour • Dampening: alcohol-Alcolor • Refrigeration device: Technotrans • Perfecting: 2 + 2/0 + 4 • Remote control: Ink and register-Print Center CP 2000 • Plate loading: Semi-automatic plate • Automatic wash up device: ink rollers, blanket Cylinders • Delivery: High pile • Powder Sprayer: Weko AP 232 • 0jv9cb3h more
Rösrath, Germany Germany
dealership location
6422 km
Numbering and perforation unit for SM 52 Features: 1x Inking unit 1x Shaft 1x perforation arm 2x rings Bp7epe8i 2x numbering units 2x plate base more
Machine is offered as owner, subject to unsold * Heidelberg SM 52-4-H, Year 2003 37x52 - 4 Colors with High Pile Delivery Counter: ONLY ca 36 mio impressions Equipped with: . Console Classic Center CPC 1-04 . CP Tronic . Autoplate (Semi-Automatic Plate Change) . Preset (Paper Size Setting) . Cocking Register . Automatic Washers Devices . Alcolor Dampening . Baldwin Refrigeration System . Suction Tape Feeder with Double Sheet & Side lay Detector . Full Drum after last printing unit . Bacher Pin ... more
Numbering and Perforation Unit for SM 52. Excellent condition. Never Used. Nlged Weight 67 Kgs. more
Orginal operation manuel for Heidelberg SM 74 in German language Beh882aros more
Numbering and Perforation Unit for SM 52. Excellent condition. Never Used. Weight 67 Kgs. Beluj79yyk more
Numbering and Perforation Unit for SM 52. Belukhq8ml Excellent condition. Never Used. Weight 67 Kgs. more
11 delivery trolley for SM 74 Bfiw3no3k0 more
paper segments for CD 102 with super blue V3aeyj more
2 color offset Heidelberg SM 52 2, straight- no perfecting, minus version, format 36 x 52 cm, Techno trans Apha cooling and refrigeration unit, alcolor dampening, Autoplate, autowashers, 158 mio. impressions on very long runs for stationary products. No damages on gears and cilinders- clean and well maintained. Complete withe serial equipment as well as plate bender and puncher. More photos on request! Npgut Can ship worldwide. more
N+P consisting of: 1 inking unit, 1 numbering shaft, Eo9lxnemm 2 mounting rings, 2 cams, 2 numbering boxes, 1 crossbar to fix perforator, 1 perforator. more
Size 36 x 52 cm, Cptronic, Alcolor dampening, MGE Cooling and recirculation, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Autoplate, Powderspray Machine nr: 201892, Impressions: 65 million Bfvf9aptb7 more
Perfecting: 5/0 - 2/3 Counter: 79 Mio. CPC 1.04 CP-Tronic Barnnmaw Autoplate ink unit temperature control IR dryer EXACTOMAT powder spray device Technotrans cooling and circulation Bacher plate punch and bender more
Heidelberg Sm 74-4-L 2001Cp 2000Automatic washers Autoplate Powder Straight press 129 mio impression Inking unit temperingUnder power Bgopx02idc more
impressions 55 Mio. Ihi3j7l max. printing speed sheets 15000 /h max. paper size 37 x 52 cm dampening system Alcolor plate clamping system Autoplate automatic impression cylinder wash automatic blanket wash-up device automtic roller wash-up device perfecting fully automated 2/2 more
Counter (m): 37.5// Speed : 15000 Bows / h Format (cm): Max.: 37 x 52 / Min.: 10.5 x 14.5 Paper size max: 37x52cm Bfvoz02ods Print format max: 36x52cm Number of Colors : 2 Central dampening Baldwin Powder device: grafix Equipment / further information CPTronic Suction tape feeder Autoplate more
Size: 370 x 520 mm Impression: 73 Mio. Equipments: CPC 1.04 Cxogh2f AutoPlate Alcolor continuous dampening high-pile feeder perfecting 4/0 - 2/2 more
Size 36 x 52 cm, CP 2000 center, Alcolor dampening, Autoplate, Anicolor inking units, Inking unit temperature control, Coating unit, Extended delivery, High pile delivery, Heidelberg IR dryer, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powderspray. Machine nr: 208047, Impressions: 47 million Bfvctxijwv more
Heidelberg SM 52-2 Size: 370x520 mm Colours: 2 Speed: 15,000 sheets/hour year of construction 2008, installation 2009 Impres.counter: 52 Mio Machine condition: like new Damage: no Location: Europe In production: yes Test possible: yes Equipment: Straight machine Alcolor automatic Film Dampening, CP-Tronic self diagnostic, Ihwu7jc2 control and monitore console, BALDWIN, Low pile delivery, Powder sprayer, Sheet decurler, New Model, Integrated register, programmed roller was up device, Inking rol... more
max. size 37 x 52 cm age 2009 SE model with max. 13.000 sheets/h - neutral running Prinect Press Center Compact ALCOLOR film dampenings cooling unit BALDWIN EasyPlate automatic roller and blanket washing devices antistatic device Cldmhzcq dry sprayer MEDIPRINT shown totalizer: approx. 78 mill. impressions more
impressions 40 Mio. max. printing speed sheets 15000 /h max. paper size 37x 52 cm Bfsrdxgyzg serial no. 206.034 dampening system Alcolor automatic impression cylinder wash automatic blanket wash-up device automtic roller wash-up device plate clamping system Autoplate more
CPC control console for ink and register 2rkzxu Stream feeder with suction belt Alcolor with cool and circulating device quick action plate clamps powder spray N+P device with ink box and numbering unints Low pile delivery more
Size: 370x520mm electr. pull lay control autom. blanket and impression cylinder wash-up device CPTronic Npcqd Grafix Alphatronic 200 powder Alcolor Autoplate standard equipped more
Size 53 x 74 cm, CPtronic, Alcolor dampening, Baldwin cooling and recirculation, Autoplate, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Eltex antistatic in feeder, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powderspray. great condition, no perfecting Machine nr: 622633, Impressions: 63 million (counter says 7 million) Bfuzsbrnij more
Counter (m): 56.8 // Power 15.000 Bows / h. Format (mm): Max.: 370 x 520 / Min.: 105 x 145 Water treatment: Baldwin Bfunpqmmly Dampening unit: Alcolor film dampening unit Equipment / Additional information: CP2000 Center Autoplate Formats: Largest bow: 370x520mm Smallest bow in fine print: 105x145mm Smallest bow in fine and reprint: 140x145mm Max. thickness: 0.4 mm more
Technical description in the overview: Heidelberg SM 52-4 Size: 370 x 520 mm Colours: 4 Speed: 15,000 sheets per hour Year of construction 2011/Installation 2012 Number of prints: 55 Mio Cylinder: damage-free Technical condition: very good Hddnqlab Location: Europe In production: yes Test possible: yes Equipment: Straight Press - Prinect Press Center - 4 Colors Super Blue - Automatic Washing Systems - Hydrostar - Ink Quantity Control - Superblue - Pull Lay Control - Suction Drum - Universal 50 &... more
Year 1998 - Complete of: Vsvxh3 Coater with Tresu and Anilox roller - Coating unit - Atlas copco compressor - AirStar Cabinet ( Air cooled ) - CP-Tronic self diagnostic, control and monitore console - CPC1-04 Ink and register remote control with Jobcard - ALCOLOR VARIO dampening system- TECHNOTRANS combi refrigeration and ink temp control - Autoplate (semi-automatic plate loader) - Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder washing device - Preset Stream feeder - Extended Delivery - ... more
Size: 370 x 520 mm Impression: 77 Mio. Technical details: Printing area: 360 x 520 mm Min. size: 105 x 145 mm Max. size: 370 x 520 mm Minimal Paper Thickness: 0,03 mm Maximal Paper Thickness: 0,40 mm Speed: 15 Power: 14 Kw/hp Net Weight: 4850 kg Measurements: 2900x1900x1700 mm B3pppt78 Equipments: cocking register AutoPlate Plus Version CP-Tronic blanket wash-up device more
- Alcolor- Autoplate- All washers- CP2000- Powder Spray- Straight- Overhauled in 2013 by Heidelberg- 86 Mio. Impression Bonpcs0y more
Size 53 x 74 cm, CPtronic, Autoplate, Alcolor dampening, Cooling and recirculation unit, Powderspray, Segmented ink blades, Blanket wash, Impression cylinder wash, Roller wash, Superblue in delivery, Low pile. Machine nr: 624591, Impressions: 50 million Bdqgr072xc more
CPC 1-04 Ink- and Register remote control Alcolor-Dampening Refrigeration Unit Autoplate Semi automatic plate changer automatic Blanket- and Roller washing device Bfxmyji8do Tresu chambered doctor blade coating unit Extended delivery IR-dryer Powder Spray more
Technical details: Heidelberg SM 52-4 Max. paper size: 370 x 520 mm Smallest size: 105 x 145 mm Bfx2sewpne Image area: 360 x 520 mm Speed: 13.000s/h. Length: 5520 mm Width: 1850 mm Height: 1620 mm Stock thickness: 0,03 – 0,4 mm Colors: 4 Perfecting: no, straight machine Counter approx.: appr. 70 mio Age: 1996 Overhauled 2016 Available: immediately Location: Europe Condition: good Condition ... more

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