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Heidelberg sm 74 4h for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Heidelberg SM 74 4 H Year of Manufacturer: 1997 Impression: 126 Mio 4/0 straight Printing CPC 1.04 Autoplate All washers Muuobk High pile Alcolor Powder device IR Dryer Technotrans more
Heidelberg SpeedMaster 74-5 · Age: 2008 · Counter: 115 mio (December 2019) · Max. size: 530 х 740 mm · Min. size: 280 х 280 mm · Max. print area: 510 x 740 mm Specification: · Prinect Axis Control - control console inclusive LAB · Preset in the feeder and delivery · StaticStar Compact - antistatic in the feeder · EasyPlate SAPC · Technotrans metering, cooling and recirculation, incl. alcosmart dozing head for reduced IPA printing · Auto ink roller wash · Auto blanket ... more
Autoplate Autowash CPC CP tronic Perfector Cvfijr9y Varnishing unit - Lack Technotrans IR Dryer Mios 207 more
Dimensions (L/W/H) 97x83x131 cm Nlpzf accessories and equipment: 1 for PM 74 and SM 74 +version more
This Heidelberg SM 74-5 H is equipped with Autoplate, Alcolor Vario and high pile delivery Control Unit: Heidelberg Prinect Press Center CP 2000, Measuring system: Axis Control, Feeder type: Pile feeder, Number of printing units: 5x, Plate changing: Autoplate, Dampening: Alcolor Vario, Washing device: all automatic washing devices, Delivery type: High Pile Delivery , Powder device: Alphatronic 200 3ery0lvy more
Perfecting 2/4 - 6/0 O3to3k7h CP 2000: Touch Screen Console All Washing Devices Automatic Heidelberg Autoplate (Automatic Plate Changing System) Grafix Alphatronic 200: Powder Sprayer Ink unit Temperature Control Technotrans (Watercooled) Alcolor Dampening more
Heidelberg SM 74-4 P3 H Age: 2000 Size: 52x74 cm Counter: ...approximately 140 million. Impression Equipment: Perfector 2/2 4/0 CP2000 touch screen Autoplate Alcolor Technotrans All washing devices Superblie IR-Dryer ComCon110 9ee0wi high pile Powder Alphatronic 200 more
Size: 520 x 740 mm Impression: 187 Mio. Technical details: Printing area: 510 mm x 740 mm Min. size: 210 mm x 280 mm Max. size: 520 mm x 740 mm Nwp2n Minimal Paper Thickness: 0,03 mm Maximal Paper Thickness: 0,60 mm Speed: 15 Power: 54,5 Kw/hp Net Weight: 18420 kg Measurements: 7630x2760x1860 mm Equipments: high-pile delivery CPC 1.04 cylinder cocking Alcolor continuous dampening Blanket wash AutoPlate more
Nr. 4 oscillating form roller for heidelberg SM 74 Parts 100% new,never used in stock available immediately Cupg0d2 more
Mönchaltorf, Switzerland Switzerland
dealership location
6694 km
excellent (used)
Equipment - Prinect Press Center - Axis Control - Machine speed 15000 - Suction belt feeder Preset - Double sheet control Standard and ultrasonic Double sheet control - Fully automatic turning 2/3 - Alcolor film dampening units with Vario - Circulation and cooling CombiStar beta.c with AZR and inking unit temperature control (air-cooled) - Autoplate - Automatic ink roller washing device - automatic blanket and impression cylinder washing system - Coating unit with chambered doctor blade and LVG ... more
CPC 1-04: Off Press Ink & Register Control CP Tronic Control System Autoplate (Automatic Plate Changing System) Alcolor Dampening Technotrans Cooling Device Grafix IR Dryer Impression Account: approx. 103 Mio. Fully Cleaned! High Pile Delivery Muydt0 Steel Plate in Feeder & Delivery Automatic Washing Devices more
Min. size: 210 x 280 mm Max. size: 530 x 740 mm Max. material thickness: 0,6 mm Straight machine without perfecting Plate punch and plate bending device Alcolor dampening system R0rt0u0 CPC, control system: PrintCenter Inking unit washup device Blanket washup device Powder spray devices: Alphatronic 200 Dryer: HD-IR + HL-Preset Dampening solution circulation and cooling: Combination unit Inking unit combination device, dampening solution temperature: Water-cooled Product designation: Technotrans... more
CPC 10R Turn 1-1 Alcolor Autoplate Baldwin fountain solution circulation and cooling Rubber washing device Plate cylinder chrome-plated High Pile Delivery Pull Mark Control Double Sheet Testing Unit Powder sprayer Alphatronic 200 78 million Em383kujs Immediately available more
Alcolor automatic Film Dampening CP 2000 Control Center Autoplate (semi-automatic plate loader) Yif8hi3 Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder washing device Technotrans refrigeration Straight machine High pile delivery Sheet decurler GRAFIX Alphatronic 200 powder sprayer counter 74 Mio In Stock more
Spare part side protection for Heideberg SM 74, immediately available Bixfe88qr2 more
Counter: 107 mio Bfmazrkg8g Combistar , Alcosmart, Drystar Ink, Drystar Coating, IR dryer, PowderStar AP 232, Axis control, StaticStar compact, Presscentee Instant Gate more
Size 53 x 74 cm, CP 2000, Alcolor vario dampening, Technotrans Combistar Beta C, Autoplate, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Heidelberg Alphatronic 200 powderspray, Perfecting 4-4 or 8-0 Bhjz33xjqi more
max. size 52 x 74 cm age 2013 Prinect Press Center Easy Control online ink quality and regualtion system ALCOLOR film dampenings cooling unit TECHNOTRANS AUTOPLATE automatic washing devices PRESET dry sprayer GRAFIX Alphatronic 200 low pile delivery shown totalizer: approx. 67 mill. impressions Bg3v3bsf83 Delivery time: immediately from stock more
Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany Germany
6467 km
ready for operation (used)
approx. 257 million impressions (March 2020), AxisControl, CP 2000, Alcolor, Autoplate, Technotrans dampening circulation and cooling, NonStop pilefeeder, high pile delivery, NonStop delivery rake, dryer HD-IR+HL-Preset, dryer cabinet aircooled, powder device Alphatronic 200, antistatic device Simco, airsupply cabinet aircooled Dnxzreo9u more
Machine is Fully cleaned and painted! Alcolor automatic Film Dampening CP-Tronic self diagnostic, control and monitore console Autoplate (semi-automatic plate loader) Bh3joodkvf Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder washing device Straight machine Sheet decurler Low pile delivery Counter 53 Mio more
Heidelberg SM 74-4 P3 H Age: 1997 Format: 52x74 cm Counter: 254 mio. Impression Equipment: Alcolor Technotrans Bhuflrooao Autoplate CP 1.04 CP-Tronic Washing devices Perfector 2/4 4/0 High Pile Powder more
Maribor, Slovenia Slovenia
dealership location
7195 km
good (used)
- CPC 1-04 - CP Tronic - Alcolor I9ecuut - Autoplate - Autom. ink roller, blanket and impression cylinder wash-up device - High-pile delivery - Perfecting 2/2 - Streamfeeder - Powder sprayer more
Size 53 x 74 cm, CPC 1-04, Cptronic, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans cooling and recirculation device, Autoplate, Double sheet control, Sidelay control, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powderspray, Eltex antistatic device. F3yqgfb Machine nr: 622678, Impressions: 135 million more
max. size 52 x 74 cm perfecting: 5/0 - 2/3 age 1994 CP-Tronic Nobtt ink remote control CPC 1-03 ALCOLOR film dampenings cooling unit TECHNOTRANS AUTOPLATE automatic washing devices dry sprayer GRAFIX Alphatronic high pile delivery shown totalizer: approx. 78 mill. impressions Delivery time: immediately more
Size 52 x 74 cm – ca. 100 mio impr. Perfector 2/3 - 5/0 Alcolor CP 2000 Axis Control Autoplate F9yhixd ink unit temperature control powder spray PowderStar AP 232 already dismantled more
Prinect Press Center Alcolor dampening Baldwin refrigeration Circulation Heidelberg Autoplate Automatic blanket, roller and impression cylinder wash-up devices Low pile delivery Weko AP110 powder sprayer Sheet decurler Electronic double sheet control Straight machine counter 60MIO Max paper size 530x740 mm Smallest size 300x280 mm Image area 520x740 mm Plate size 605x745 mm Power consumption 49 kw Length 5570 mm Width 2760 mm Height 1860 mm Endb9kb Weight Approx 16120 kg Machine is... more
Heidelberg SM 74-4 P3 H Age: 2000 Format: 52x74 cm Counter: ca. 215 mio. Impression Equipment: Perfector 2/2 4/0 CP2000 Touch screen Autoplate Alcolor Technotrans All washing devices Superblie IR-Dryer ComCon110 High Pile Powder Alphatronic 200 W3j3o New roller 2018 more
115 mill impressions Preset Y0r9kryd SAPC Autoplate Alcolor roller - blanket - impression cylinder wash-up device temperature control for rollers (just cooling) Axis Control incl. LAB High pile delivery PowderStar AP 232 more
CP 2000 center Alcolor dampening watercooled technotrans high pile delivery powderspray Weko AP232 perfector 4/0 or 2/2 blanket and roller wash double sheet and side lay control ionistation feeder and delivery Machine nr: 627677 Pt2pee more
HEIDELBERG 74-4P 3HL Size 52 x 74 Year 1999 115 my impressions High Fleece Stream feeder with empty straps - preset - double spreadsheet detection - electromechanical double sheet detection - electronic side for lay control, photo electronic and Akustic - antistatic on power supply and delivery - Alcolor continuous wet system of Technotrans alcohol dosage; cooling and recirculation unit system - ink temperature control - control of the CP Tronic machine and diagnosis from plasma monitor / auto d... more
Heidelberg SM 74-4 P3 H Age: 2000 Format: 52x74 cm Counter: about 141 mio. Impressions Equipment: Perfector 2/2 4/0 Speed 15.000 s/h CP2000 Touch screen Autoplate Alcolor Technotrans Refrigerator Electronic control of double sheets Preset Automatic Paper Size Pt2sxy All washing devices IR-Dryer Ink temperature control High Pile in Delivery Powder spray Grafix Alphatronic 200 more
Completely cleaned, checked and partially repainted. Built-in register Ink rollers Programmed washing machine HD register Super blue Standard flow feeder Language Spanish and English Automatic damping of Alcolor film CP-Tronic, self-diagnosis, control and monitors -Console Autoplate (semi-automatic plate loader) Harivrb Automatic device for washing clothes, rollers and impression rollers Powder spray Direct machine Baldwin more
Size 53 x 74 cm, CPtronic, Alcolor dampening, Baldwin cooling and recirculation, Autoplate, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Eltex antistatic in feeder, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powderspray. Bfuzsbrnij great condition, no perfecting Machine nr: 622633, Impressions: 63 million (counter says 7 million) more
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-5 P3 year 1996 91 million impression machine fully overhauled in perfect condition, without any kind of damage ready for any test Alcolor dampering Semi Autoplate Vstdfi Perfecting 2+3 size 52x74 CPC1.04 command table more
Hückelhoven, Germany Germany
dealership location
6354 km
good (used)
Prinect Press Center Princet easy control high pile delivery Autoplate Alcolor dampening Technotrans refrigeration Ba2jgwpxvf Automatic wash systems Grafix Alphatronic 200 powder spray more
CP 1-04 CP-tronic Alcolor Bhu7c7cnac Autoplate automatic blanket washing automatic roller washing automatic impression cylinder washing ink unit temperature control Grafix Alphatronic 200 more
Schijndel, Netherlands Netherlands
dealership location
6281 km
ready for operation (used)
CP-Tronic, Suction feeder table, Anti static device, Steel plate in feeder, Number of printing unit(s): 2, Machine with perfecting: 2/0 - 1/1, Autoplate, Alcolor Vario dampening, Automatic blanket washing device, Dampening system: Baldwin BasicLiner 2.0 L, Ink temperature control, Powder spray unit, make: Grafix T0r73afh more
Heidelberg SpeedMaster 74-6 P3 +L 2/4 or 6/0 with perfection Year: 2000 Format: 520 x 740 mm CP2000 AutoPlate Alcolor dampening Coater unit Bi8ehhbr8l Weko antimaculate powder Rollers washer Blanket washer Impress.: aroun 158 mill. Max. Speed: 15000 sheets / hour In production more
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-5-P2+L Year 2004 CP 2000 Autoplate Alcolor dampening Technotrans refrigeration Auto roller wash Auto blanket wash Auto impression cylinder wash Dedicated Coating unit Standard delivery Weko powder spray device Heidelberg IR Dryer 108 mill impres In production Bieejdhpc0 Available inmediatly Very nice and clean machine Ask for more info more
Heidelberg SM 102-4-P3 1998 year model Bi8vljd3d0 Mil - 190 Autoplate Alcolor Cp tronic Cpc 1.04 more
Drum Anriebsmotor, for Suprsatter A52/A74/A75 New! 3pfmadqp7 more
impressions 40 Mio. max. printing speed sheets 15000 /h max. paper size 37x 52 cm serial no. 202.672 dampening system Alcolor automatic impression cylinder wash Glv0jwd automatic blanket wash-up device automtic roller wash-up device plate clamping system Autoplate numbering unit optionla avaiable more
CPC 1-04: Off Press Ink & Register Control CP Tronic Control System Perfecting 2/3 - 5/0 Alcolor Dampening Technotrans Cooling Device Grafix Alphatronic 200: Powder Sprayer Autoplate (Automatic Plate Changing System) High Pile Delivery Impression Cylinder Washing Device Ink Roller Washing Device Blanket Washing Device Number of Printing Units : 5 Units Print Output Maximum : 15.000 Sheets / Hour Print Output Minimum : 3.000 Sheets / Hour Max. Sheet Size X : 370 mm Max. Sheet Size Y : 520 mm Lar... more
Size: 530 x 740 mm Equipments: exchange parts Ink duct foil 80 pieces Color Yellow 7 pieces various machine parts for Heidelberg CD 74 4x ink rollers Cadxhtye Blade Color Cyan 6 pieces Color black 6 pieces Color magenta 20 pieces more
Counter: 65mio Size: 37x52cm Autoplate Perfectung 2/3;5/0 Alcolor Vario Ycheiui Baldwin High pile Ir dryer Alphatronic more
Control Unit: CPC Classic Register Remote, electromechanical double sheet control, Double sheet control, Number of printing units: 2, Perfecting: Perfecting Unit 1/1, Plate changing: Autoplate, Dampening: MG Eco, Alcolor, IPA, Plate cylinder chromed, Washing device: Automatic blanket & roller wash up, Delivery type: Low Pile Delivery, Max sheet size: 370 x 520 mm, Min sheet size: 105 x 145 mm, Max print size: 360 x 520 mm, Output: 13.000 sheets/hour Bhu9q9wpai more
Alcohol damping unit: ALCOLOR Suction belt table Colour control system: CP 2000 Biyhrittvh IR dryer Electronic double sheet control Sheet decurler Automatic plate clamping and tensioning device: AUTOPLATE Blanket washing system Impression cylinder washing system Ink roller washing device Powder sprayer: ALPHATRONIC 200 Cooling unit: TECHNOTRANS ALCOSMART Coating unit more
impressions 40 Mio. max. printing speed sheets 15000 /h max. paper size 37x 52 cm serial no. 206.565 Yshvcc dampening system Alcolor automatic impression cylinder wash automatic blanket wash-up device automtic roller wash-up device plate clamping system Autoplate more

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