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workpiece weight kg workpiece length 1100 mm Ymypnad0a diameter 220 mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
Balancing machine with full-automatic correction by driling: Pbrr97g77 Maximal rotor weight incl. centering kg 50 Maximal rotor diam. mm 500 Minimal correction diameter (for drilling unit) mm 50 more
Vertical balancing machine SCHENCK Fabr type 110 CBAA Fabr 1 AAA 0006-meter with microprocessor technical type CAB 641.7 Year 1995 Data: Number of measuring levels of a balancing speed of 2044 rev / min max. Workpiece weight 500 g max. Workpiece diameter 150 mm Driving power 0.86 kW Voltage 400 V operating voltage 230 V Dimensions 730 x 1120 x 625 mm Weight 130 kg - a - CAB 641.7 meter microprocessor [...Technical data truncated] Btisf more
SA 330 measuring system based on the triangulation’s principle. Simple measuring plates/targets are mounted on each, single wheel. During run out compensation routine the pattern of point on the target are determined In order to determinate the pattern of point on the plates sensors’ positioning, it is necessary to perform the run out compensation, always. Every wheels are sighted by two Cuha2xija cameras. Considering both cameras’ angle and distances the 3D measuring system can easily calculat... more
workpiece weight 360 kg workpiece length 2500 mm Ma3pr diameter 1000 mm total power requirement 3,5 kW weight of the machine ca. 1650 t dimensions of the machine ca. 4x1x1,6 m more
2-plane-vertical balancing machine, PC-based measuring unit model B11, Safety guard with air-operated door. equipped with : Fmq8aczhg - 2-plane-measuring system for reading the statice and dynamic unbalance - automatic positioning to correction position - spindle clamping device - air-operated workpiece clamping device BP Max. rotor weight, incl. balancing adapter kg 50 Max. rotor diameter (other upon request) mm 550 more
Belt-drive, machine bed length 1800mm, PC-based measuring unit model B11, sliding safety guard DEMONSTRATION OBJECT Rotor limitations Rotor weight range for symmetrical rotors: kg 1-200 Journal diameter range accommodated on roller Oprq8ycvc bearings included in the scope of supply: mm 5-100 Maximum rotor diameter over machine bed: mm 1.000 Maximum bearing distance: mm 1.650 Minimal bearing distance: mm 150 P x n²: kg/rpm² 200 x 106 more
■ Manual single - point or two plane balancing ■ Available in a removable and fixed version ■ Easy to understand, language-independent user interface icon-based ■ Five types of balancing (single position, 2 weights, 3 weights, fixed position and spreader angle) ■ Measurement range from 30 up to 100,000 rpm ■ Storing over 30 profiles of balancing and vibration patterns ■ Fully digital design to increase uptime and reliability ■ Favourable price ■ Can be used with permanently-installed equ... more
■ Increases productivity through shorter setup times 3mzgfrmaj ■ the workpiece quality through automatic balancing increases up to 0.02 Micron ■ a fully digitized electronic concept ensures longer life and higher reliability ■ Easy installation and operation ■ Longer lifetime of grinding wheels, dressing wheels and spindle bearings ■ Working with existing SBS plants ■ Compatible with PROFIBUS, Ethernet and USB 2.0 communication ■ for the international application: voltage, frequency, co... more

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