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Complete workshops / machine packages for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Number of machnines 3 St. Loading meters, approx. - m Total weight, approx. - kg Cmhey2ey 1. Vierseitenhobelmaschine: Magic R 22 4 Wellen: 4.500,- Euro 2. Hacker: Mawera TZW 30/40: 500 Euro 4. Olivenbohrgerät: Flender K 62S/2-H3 1x24mm 2x10mm: 1.000 Euro more
Barntrup, Germany Germany
dealership location
6496 km
Kantenbearbeitungsstraße Fabrikat: IMA bestehend aus:Maschine 1DrehkegelstationMaschine 2 9ttnnms more
Subfamily: Turning Device Max. Length of the panel: 2500 mm Max. Width of the panel: 1100 mm Rotation direction of the panel: yes Senso: from longitudinal direction to transverse direction and: with double plate Safety standard CE marking: yes installed total output: 2.5 Kw ... more
Bandsaw Canali 1100 with tilt hoist, in- and out feed, roller conveyors for package, lifting table etc. 1. Rolling conveyor with lift table 2. Tilt hoist Bfagdawf2p 3. Band infeed with steering rulers 4. Bandsaw Canali 1100 5. Outfeed rollers, kick off left/rigth with dividing rulers – – – Category: Woodworking industry machinery Status: Used, working condition More info! more
WORK TOP PRODUCTION - MACHINE LIST IMA Combima / I / R75, year of construction 2013 Feeding PE - HSL Stacking system PE - HSL IMA Bima 410 / V, type 140/500, year of construction 2005 CNC machining center incl. edge banding IMA Bima P 780 V 2H-D, type 130/420, year of construction 2011 Special machine for worktop production Meinert Storage System Type P 450, year of construction 1997 for 100 stack places for work top panels with revolving vacuum carrying unit 180 degrees, with servo ... more
I sell the complete Incutting line for wooden lamellas production. Infeed Weinig automatic conveyor system with feeding Cutting and moulding automat WACO Hydromat 5000 - configuration 1x saw blades spindle - 4x moulding top - bottom - top - bottom cross conveyor with turning Luxscan Scanner station 3 channel automatic conveyor 3 optimising saws Dimter Opticut 450Q each with their own lines Each line with 5 kickers for clean material + 1 channel for waste Fh7pytl 4-channel Dimter Stapelung stacki... more
Complete factory for veneer as follows: N. 5 Kuper wire splicing machines year 2003 N.1 Glue jointing machine for slicer Fisher Rukle Furnimaster 1400 mm N.1 glue splicer for veneer Fischer Rukle Furnimaster Plus 2100 mm N.1 Fisher Rukle gluing machine for veneer N.1 single blade cutter Monguzzi 3800 year 2008 N.1 Bilama Monguzzi 2600 cutter machine year 2008 Bjauer2goq N.1 Monguzzi 3600 cutter machine year 1999 N.1 Monguzzi 1200 Heading machine year 2008 N.1 Monguzzi 800 Heading machine year 20... more
Glued wood production plant consisting of the following components: Grecon - Optimization plant incl. transport belt VenjakobYear: 1995 Grecon - finger jointing plant (year: 1994) with Timme unloading (Baujahr: 1996) SCM - multiple rip saw incl. transport belt VenjakobYear: 1992 Ledinek/Rotoles planer plant incl. loading + planer plantYear: 2005 Torwegge press 1 incl. transport belt + unloadingYear: 1989 Torwegge press 2 incl. transport belt + unloadingYear: 1990 Sanding line consisting of:- Loa... more
Subfamily: Transfer Max. Length of the panel: 3500 mm Max. Width of the panel: 1700 mm Propulsion of the panel: yes with:: motorized roller conveyor Subfamily: Sliding table saw Max. Height of the panel: 60 mm Max. Width of the panel: 2500 mm Caterpi... more
ALMAB line with a Waco Attack 1000 1000 1. 3 package chains in, approx.. 6 m. 2. Tilt hoist with 4 arms. 3. Stick pocket with belt, under tilt hoist. 4. Side conveyor approx.. 1 m with 5 chains. 5. Moulder infeed with 9 plastic chains, hydr. with infeed wheel. 6. Moulder WACO Attack -92, 9-spindles, hydr. 140 m/min. uh-oh-rsh-lsh-hsk-lsk-oh-uh-uh. Bhngg7b9tw 7. Acc. belt after moulder approx.. 7 m. 8. Side conveyor approx.. 2 m with 7 wide bands . 9. Sideconveyor with 8 chains and fair ending. 1... more
HOMAG DOUBLE END TENONER LINE for wood flooring Consisting of: - Bargstedt feeding plant, double-sided - Cross saw - Turner - Angular transfer - Double end tenoner FL 20/06/10/S - Longitudinal processing - Angular transfer - Double end tenoner FL 20/06/30/S - Cross processing Bi0detyz7h - Turner - Angular transfer - Bargstedt stacking plant, double-sided more
ligne entaillage perçage au défilé avec transfert comprenant bande de transport, plage de transfert MAAS, perceuse au défilé DUBUS d'occasionâ?? ligne d'entaillage de crémones et perçage : tapis convoyeur, transfert à courroies (90°), tapis convoyeur de retour, usinage Online tapping drilling in the parade with transfer comprising tape transport, transfer range MAAS, parade drill in DUBUS occasional line notching and drilling of casement bolts: conveyor belt, transfer belt (90), return... more
Various woodworking machines are offered here. All machines can also be found individually detailed in our advertisements. BRI 100 Thickness planer BRI 101 Dresser BRI 102 Guilliet KXY 180 Four-sided planer BRI 103 Row drill Knoevenagel BRI 104 Double mitre saw WIGO Bfi7s97pbk BRI 105 slotted hole drilling machine WKG 2322 Altendorf Akzent V31 edge banding WKG 2303 Veneer guillotine Josting 2050 WKG 2320 Gannomat Superdrill 300 WKG 2318 Corner notcher, notching saw WKG 2323 Kuper FWM 630 Veneer ... more
Barntrup, Germany Germany
dealership location
6496 km
Edge processing line Year: 1999 1 1/2-sided edge processing machine Brand: HomagType: KL21/06/20/QA/30Feed speed 10-32 m/min Workpiece dimensions:Workpiece strength 8-50mmWorkpiece width: 80-2800mmWorkpiece length max. 5000mm Equipment:12 fold edge magazine for thin edge24 fold edge magazine for thick edge Single sided edge processing machine Brand: HomagType: KL10/22/QAFeed speed 10-32 m/min Workpiece dimensions:Workpiece strength 7-60mmWorkpiece length max. 5000mm Equipment:12-fold edge magaz... more
Subfamily: Transfer Max. Length of the panel: 2000 mm Max. Width of the panel: 1400 mm Max. propulsion speed: 11.2 m/min Propulsion of the panel: yes with:: motorized carpet Dimension in width: 1400 mm Dimension in length: 2000 mm Safety standard CE marking: yes ... more
Moulder Waco HM 200 -75; 6-spindles and Bandsaw Stenner VHM 36 1. Roller for package 2pcs á approx. 6m 2. Rollerbench into Bandsaw 3. Bandsaw Stenner VHM 36, 75mm blade, 15hp engine 4. Outfeed rollers, approx. 8m, kick off left/rigth with dividing rulers 5. Side conveyor approx. 5m with five V-Belt 6. Rollers into moulder infeed table.. 2pcs á 4m 7. Hydr. lifttable 3000kg 8. Buffer conveyor KFM -07 with 4 chains. . Frequenscontrol up to 100m/min. Ubfq80tn 9. Moulder Waco HM 200 -75; 6-spindles, ... more
Cable drum flanges production line SMA-REF-6580 Type: pallet production lines Manufacturer: Corali Model: KA Year: 1985 Components of the line: a) assembly table Bfo77phfcv b) nailing machine c) central hole boring unit d) oblique hole boring unit e) clamping bolt boring unit f) saw-/router unit g) packetizing Space needed: 30 x 4,5 m Working range: Flanges diam.: 700 - 1.800 mm Core diam.: 395 - 906 mm Nail circle: 230 - 1.700 mm Nails: 60 - 120 mm Capacity: 1 worker 800 - 1.000 mm diam. = 50... more
ligne d'usinage d'occasion pour bois de chalets OMGA composé de : unité HFM160 pour entaillage sur quatre face - unité UCR 237 pour fraisage pour joints à queue d'aronde - unité de perçage traversant de bois de chalets - section 240 x 140 mm maxiUsed machining line for OMGA wooden chalets composed of: HFM160 unit for notching four face - UCR unit 237 for milling for dovetail joints - drilling unit crossing wooden chalets - section 240 x 140 mm max B0ufw2nx more
Turnkey wall elements production line Complete production line for wall elements in a good operating condition. Capable to produce wall elements in dimensions: maximum 12 meters length, and max. 3,2 meters height. The line has worked as a processing line until now, when it has been disassembled. It consist in: Station 1 - upraiser working table with longitudinal handling transport system. Here can be made the assembly operations, and the table raises the element towards the receiver table on t... more
Crosswise- and lengthwise saw for laminate floor planksBrand: ISEType: ISL 205Year: 2003Technical data:Raw panel size: Length: 2440 / 2620 / 2640 / 2650mm Width: 2070 / 2080mm Thickness: 5-12mm max. curving approx. 30mmCarrying panel: HDF / MDF Surface melamin resin foil Cuts for raw formats: - Lenght: 1210/1308mm - Width: 202 / 337 /407mm - Thickness: 5-12mmPlant consists of: - Positioning station - Throughfeed saw for lengthwise panel cut - Angular transfer for lengthwise cut panels - Throughf... more
Lindesberg, Sweden Sweden
dealership location
6492 km
ready for operation (used)
ARI 2-blade, 3-blade, re-saw, edger etc. Bfagdtyrdr more
The equipment is intended for the production of plywood and for veneering of wood panels. It consists of: 1. Lifting table 2. Feeding device 3. Glue application machine 4. Disc conveyor 5. Feeding device with shelf 6. Belt conveyor for »sandwich« preparation 7. Belt conveyor with shelves for veneer 8. Loading device 9. Hydraulic press – 5 levels 10. Unloading device – 5 levels 11. Stacking conveyor Biwgbshjzp 12. Lifting table with roller conveyor 13. Roller conveyor 14. Lifting table 15. Contr... more
LIGNE DE PRODUCTION FEN�TRES d'occasion - Moulurière 4 faces 6 porte outils - 2 raboteurs de finition (dessus et dessous) - Positionnement numérique - Transfert automatique dans tenonneuse double - Tenonneuse double ouverture rapide - Arbres numérisée de 620mm de haut - Pare éclats automatiques - Transfert automatique dans profileuse - Prifileuse numérique droite et gauche - Belle installation compacte. WINDOWS PRODUCTION LINE used - Profiling Moulding 6 shafts - 2 planers finish (top a... more
San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine), Italy Italy
dealership location
7080 km
ready for operation (used)
Machine Condition: Used Bipa Code: 920503 Manufacturer: Conveyor, Sames and others Model: / Ezkbxks Machine Condition: Used Year of manufacture: 1995-2005 Water painting plant complete with 1,000 linear meter chain with cleaners, rails, supports, spray booths, Sames reciprocators with rotating cups, generators, painting pumps, blowers, drying tunnels, sanding benches and accessories. more
Barntrup, Germany Germany
dealership location
6496 km
Edge processing plant System consisting of: - Double-sided HOMAG format processing and edge banding machine - Bargstedt roller conveyor - Bargstedt curved belt 90 degrees - Bargstedt roller conveyor - Bargstedt folding rail angle transfer - Bargstedt belt conveyor - Bargstedt roller conveyor - Bargstedt stacking system pitless - Bargstedt timing belt conveyor - Double-sided HOMAG format processing and edge banding machine - Bargstedt roller conveyor - Meinert destacking Note:The specification... more
Subfamily: Glueing device Max. processable width: 1600 mm Max. processable height: 120 mm Max. propulsion speed: 19 m/min Glue spreader roller: yes Anz. rollers: 4 System: Unloading level Disc path: yes Width: 1600 installed total output: ... more
ALMAB line with a Waco Attack 1000 3000 1. Package intake with 4 st chain approx.: 6 m. 2. Tilt hoist with 4 arms. 3. Stick pocket with belt, under tilt hoist. 4. Side conveyor approx.. 2 m with 5 chains. 5. Moulder infeed with 9 plastic chains, hydr. with infeed wheel. 6. Planing machine WACO 3000 -82, 7-spindles, 4feedworks, stepless feed 120 m/min. fw-uh-oh-fw-rsh-lsh-oh-fw-uh-uh-fw. 7. Acc. belt after moulder approx. 6 m. 8. Belt conveyor approx. 8 m with kickoff. 9. bundling harp with 12st ... more
Complete interior door production for butt and rebated doors with panel saw, Sergiani press line, Homag-Bürkle-Viet double-sided laminating line, Homag edge processing line for butt and rebated doors, door leaf packaging, CNC-MAKA for special doors, power frame end processing line, various small machines. Door system can be completed with a lock and hinge system. D28mbt038 Capacity approx. 7-800 doors/shift, still in operation to be inspected. Detailed offers on request more
ligne de perçage tourillonnage BIESSE COMIL,dépileur empileur RBO d'occasion Bflc29ykvz more
Very good, fast and robust planing line. All equipment is in good working condition. More information on e-mail. Beovi8sknw more
COSTA grinding and calibration line Model: KK CCCT CCCT and double end tenoner Model Olimpia OK 5/45/112 and OK 6/51/132 consisting of: A) Lifting table and feed grinding and calibration line Grinding and calibration line COSTA model: KK CCCT CCCT, for calibration and sanding of solid wood workpieces, consisting of 1) Machine for sanding from below 4 sanding units; steel calibration roller 75 kW- rubber calibration roller 55 kW- rubber calibration roller 37 kW- longitudinal sanding unit with san... more
Subfamily: Loading device Minimum length of the panel: 240 mm Max. Length of the panel: 3000 mm Minimum width of the panel: 240 mm Max. Width of the panel: 1200 mm Station for the panel stack: yes Anz. Stations: 1 Line up: Store Max. Height of the panel stack: 16... more
Dyrebo Resaw- line with Stenner VHET 120 dubbel bandsaw. 1. Package intake with 4 st chain approx.: 6 m. 2. Hydr. tilt hoist with 4 st arms. 3. Stickpocket with belt conveyor approx.: 6 m. 4. Elevator with side conveyor approx. 1 m with 5 st chains. Nov0f 5. In feed with belt and side boarders approx.: 6 m. 6. Controller. 7. Stenner dubbel- bandsaw VHET 120, Machine nr: AK96178. 8. Belt outfeed with shark fen and pneum.. push left/rigth. 9. Stacker with 5 st chains, 5 st fork arms and fair endin... more
We are selling full working pellet factory for producing high quality wood pellets. The capacity is 4 tonnes per hour. All machines are fully working and everything is ready for export! We have constructed the factory to produce a high quality product. All machines are produced from leading factories and all of them are complaint with the main capacity. The production plant is build in 3 working zones. All zones are full automatized and are controlled true touch panels. What pellet plant content... more
Presse à fermettes PARKER d'occasion type WOLF - 15m x 5m - à démonter sur site (département 12)Used PARKER WOLF trusses press - 15m x 5m - to dismantle on site (department 12) Bhftmrrbq7 more
1.Rundstabfraese working diameter of 15-50 mm motor 3 kW feed motor 0.75 kW feed-3/5 M / min dimensions of 1100 x 650 x 980 mm weight 350 kg 2.Rundstabschleifmaschine Arbeistdurchmesser 10-60 mm-2 tapes motor 3 kW - Absaugungmotor 0.5 kW - dimensions Gen 800 x 900 x 1350 mm weight 360 kg 3.Rundendfraesen working diameter 20-40 mm motor 1.5 weight of kW-5000 RPM dimensions 720 x 560 x 820 mm working diameter 130 kg 4.Anspitzmaschine 20-40 mm motor 1.5 kW-5000 RPM dimensions 720 x 560 x 820 kg W... more
• Inclined transverse conveyor table (board unitizer) composed of 6 chain tracks with their conveyor stops, driven by its gearmotor. • Meson of Longitudinal Conveyor Rollers, driven by gearmotor. Length 15 m approx. • Transverse conveyor table consisting of five chain tracks with trailing stops. Length between axis 2 m approx. • Longitudinal feeding table with automatic centering system, lateral mechanical probes for copying the dead edge and ordering the appropriate position of the saws and "ed... more
Subfamily: Glueing device Max. processable width: 1360 mm Max. processable height: 80 mm Max. propulsion speed: 18 m/min Glue spreader roller: yes Crp2gxz for glue: fuse Anz. rollers: 2 Roller diameter: 250 mm automatic roller cleaning system: yes ... more
ALMAB end jointing line with Waco Dominant 1. 3 package chains in, approx.. 8 m. 2. Hydr. Tilt hoist with 4 arms. 3. Side conveyor approx.. 1,5 m with 5 chains. 4. Stick pocket with belt conveyor. 5. Unscrabbler with 5 st chains. 6. Side conveyor approx.. 1,5 m with 6 chains. 7. Side conveyor approx.. 1,5 m with 6 wide bands. 8. Drop shaft with 9st rollers 9. Side conveyor approx.. 2 m with 6 chains. 10. Moulder infeed table 9 st plastic chains, hydr. with infeed wheel. 11. Side conveyor under i... more
• Complete Feeding System composed of: a.- Inclined transversal conveyor consisting of 4 chain tracks with drag stops for "unitized" pieces. Chain drive by motorcycle reducer. b.- Meson conveyor longitudinal of logs, length approx 4 meters, roller set driven by motor reducer. Feeding table, centering, automatic, entry of the pieces. • Debarker brand VALON KONE model VK-26MX a.- Ring type barker rotor with 6 work tools. b.- Hydraulic pressure of the knives, adjustable. c.- Electric-hydraulic pu... more