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General information Hjcl028ie Medical device Producer: SIEMENS Model: SOMATOM DEFINITION AS Construction year: production 2015 Equipment SOMATOM Definition AS STRATON MX P Tools for immobilizing the patient Control cabinet Control station SIEMENS IRSmx3 TOWER station more
Perkin Elmer 1450 LSC Luminescene counter Description: • MicroBeta TriLux® is a multi detector for Flüssigszintillations -, gamma -, and Lumineszenzdetektion samples in microtiter plates, tubes or filters. JET, PLUS and TriLux. Standard features: • Selection of 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 detectors that can count in 24 - or 96 -, 96 - and 384-well formats. Software features include the ability to include non-standard 4 x 6, 16 x 24 formats. • Unique detector design consisting of two photo multip... more
2008 Philips Mammo Diagnost (re-badged Siemens Mammomat 3000) Mammography system for screening and diagnostics.First installed 03 2008 Analog Mammography system calibrated for CR with an 18x24 bucky, Anode: Mo Filters: Mo/Rh Grid table: Philips 18x24cm ,Philips 24x30cm Xbpcno7r Face shield: Standard 16cm, Long 21cm Carbon fibre table /mag table: 1,5 18x24 Siemens Carbon fibre table/ mag table 1,8 18x24 Philips Spot kompression plate 1,8 Philips Spot kompression pl... more
Used factory recycled CT Siemens Somatom Emotion 6 equipped with injector-type CT 9000 Year: November 2003 Year factory recycling: April 2008 Emotion 6 standard package: Gentry X-ray tube DURA 5.0 MHU - defective X-ray generator 40 kW Workstation Leonardo: Graphics Card 2GB keyboard software Oncology Gxsj322 Monitor cart Software syngo Neuro Perfusion CT #L Software syngo InSpace 4D AVA #L Software syngo Osteo CT #L Software CARE Bolus more
Automatic HCHO Analyzer for very low concentrations. The AL4021 is a fully automated and continuous formaldehyde (HCHO) Analyzer for gaseous and liquid samples on the basis of the Hantzsch reaction, which is suitable for very low concentrations of HCHO (ppbV for gaseous samples, and μg / L for liquid samples). All of the AL4021 functions are controlled over a 7"touchscreen on the front panel. The AL4021 is easy to use, reliable and low maintenance and has a built-in HCHO source for automatic... more
The LightCycler multiplies the DNA of the genetic code in a thermal process Rapid availability of results through innovative technology Efficient parameter analysis by multiplex offering six detection Flexibility in the choice of Detektionsformate and fluorescence dyes Versatility: qualitative detection, genotype differentiation, relative and absolute quantification and mutation analysis Very good reproducibility due to the common reaction chamber for all capillaries Security and ease of... more


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