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Unit comes from the pharmaceutical research (vivisection) without additional accessories or documentation Vaporizers are sold separately 3mjxorq3n Function and completeness not checked sales therefore for spare parts, more
Vaporizer from Draegerwerk AG, model Vapor 19.3 Ql0mu3dv Vaporizer, for Isoflurane / Forane / Forene, 2 pieces, price per piece. Further models also available, prices on request. When taking all the vaporizers good package price more
Vaporizer, Vaporisator, various models: A) 1x Ohmeda, type Fluotec 4, TEC 4 for fluothane Yfcewd3xo B) 1x Ohmeda, type Fluotec 4, TEC 4, for halothanes C) 1x Ohmeda, type Fluotec 5, TEC 5 for halothane D) 4x Ohmeda, type Isotec 5, TEC 5 for isoflurane 390 €, 7 pieces available, Price per piece, On acceptance of several devices special price more

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