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table length unbkt mm table width unbkt. mm burner heads unbkt. Control total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m Bqv0t3l more
Here we offer a plastic laser sintering system EOS. EOS plastic laser sintering system Laser sintering system Eosint P730 Installation is complete: New powder container (type Transitube DCL 800/30 PM & conveyor lines) Cooler (type Thermotek P803-18607-1) Unpacking & sieve station (type Perflux 501) Transport / lifting cars (type Haneu hxs 500/90) for framing Sand blast cabinet (standard finish) Effective building volume of 700 mm x 380 mm x 580 mm Construction speed (depending on mater... more
table-size 160 x 160 mm Control NC work piece lenght 1.064 nm frequency 20 - 200 kHz output Laser 20 W dimensions of the machine ca. 2,0 x 2,5 x 2,0 m Mvnov Laser Marking Machine BAUBLYS - BL 3000 / F20IP M30 - NEW- / Show-Room-Machine! - 4th Axis as an option - Fibrous-Laser - Operatingsystem Windows 7 - there are several units available IMMEDIATELY! - without suction more
Ruby Laser model LEVANTE, water-cooled Ruby Crystal laser device, pressure range: 100-600kPa, particularly for dermatological and cosmetic treatments including pigmentation, age spots and tattoos. Fo3adglfc The affected skin lesions are selective with laser light (wavelength of 694 nm red) irradiated, works with extremely short pulse. Good condition. Dimensions: 640 x 510 x 1100 / 1970mm, elek. Voltage 220V. more
Epildream One is an innovative cosmetic diode laser for epilation. Thanks to unique, unprecedented parameters in the world, it gives you the opportunity to perform individual, effective treatment programs. It is the first laser for permanent epilation, which quickly and painlessly removes hair in both facial and body epilation treatments. It leaves the skin smooth and velvety. High frequency of 20 Hz and 600 W laser power ensure high efficiency of treatments in a very short time. The unique coo... more
AMS Greenlight Prostat Laser The GreenLight HPS Laser System combines an optimal 532-nm wavelength with advanced laser technology to provide a superior solution for the safe, effective, and efficient treatment of BPH and other urologic conditions. Over 500 clinical papers and abstracts supporting GreenLight's safety and efficacy in the widest range of patient profiles provides clinical proof that GreenLight is indeed different than other laser technologies. Cmuhl2kqk In very good conditions. ... more
Here, we offer a laser sintering system. Laser sintering system for metal powder Lasers and optics 9jokhb9ft Laser type: CO2-laser Rated power: 240 W Wavelength: 10.6 µm Hazard class for closed optics room: class 1 Hazard class at the lens room: class 4 Laser beam delivery up distance with Plano field optics Diameter of the focused beam: < 0.45 mm F-Theta lens, focal length: 370 mm Laser beam deflection (scanner head) High speed rotating mirror deflection with precision galvanome... more


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