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2-storey shelf-shelf system with staircase Shelf rack system brand MECALUX in 2002. The facility is very well preserved and was used for small materials. Further, the plant does not have the stacker was been served. The racking stage has a capacity of 350 kg / m ². Floor below: 4 row with 9 squares and 1 level and ground plane, load capacity: 350 kg, box 2,700 x 800 mm Top floor: 1 series with 9 fields, 2 levels and ground plane, load capacity: 350 kg, box 2,700 x 800 mm 3 rows with 8 fiel... more
Shepherd, type R 3000 300 m available shelving rack mint condition, 2014 Lnl0f 50 cm depth available Trial price: € 1.480,00 net Offer consists of: Approx. 20 m shelf, 2.3 m high, depth 50 cm, weight 100 kg / specialist. Field width ca. 100 cm 21 St. posts or frames, 2,3 m, bright zinc-plated 100 St. shelves, capacity 100 kg / tray, galvanized 4 St. Cross associations for Ausssteifung. 5 levels per field (there are of course several extra charge possible) Ot... more
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Wide clamping rack or pallet rack, 88 F

HofheimGermany dealership location
6538 km
good (used)
Wide clamping rack or pallet rack, used with chipboard, 88 fields - -: Site price: Price at time of purchase of the total: €6.950.-(net), dismantled and loaded! Subsets on request! Manufacturer and type: unknown Capacity: unknown Year of constr.: 2016/17 T2yviu7j All levels with wood floors (panels) and deep webs for increased payloads Partly with pallet stops (as Trusses) Variant 1 - 52 fields -: Width: 2, 7m Depth: 0, 8m Number of layers: 4 Variant 2-36 fields -: ... more
DESCRIPTION Before you buy, we would advise you by telephone. Brvxtmxw 1 rack of company Mac for shelving rack / double gondola. Bbbz8jrgvs Ideal for storing small parts and or presentation of goods. Height: 2, 8m depth: 120cm color: white Jura 2 frames result in a field of 2, 7 m in length connected by appropriate cross-arms and perforated plates (see our other offers). The double-sided construction results in a usable area of 5, 4 m and a potential presentation area of 14 squ... more
For sale is a wide clamping rack to the store plates. We had stored plates with 3000x1500mm. Baqlv3pqyl Weight 3000kg Opening approximately 3.18 m Height 4 m 3 units available Year estimated Primed surface. Everything is a welded construction cannot be dismantled but sow stable. Sale without warranty of Price is incl. VAT more
Height 2, 30m Depth 0, 80m Width 2, 80 m, with webs of depths of 2 compartments Field load 6400 kg Technical capacity of 2600 kg Price: basic shelf 180,-€ + VAT I3cx0zz Price: growing rack €130 + VAT Heights up to 8, 0 m, 2.30 m, 5.60 m, 8.00 m, price on request! more
11 m pallet rack SLP Used, see pictures! Manufacturer SLP Height: 4.62 m Depth 110 cm Strap length 3.6 m Load / specialist 2960 kg Frame blue RAL 5010, new, galvanized infill Panel and foot Board Field load of 12 tons carrier orange RAL 2004, second-hand . Negotiating price: € 730,00 net ex warehouse Offer consists of: + 4 PCs part-assembled, new, 12 ton box capacity, depth 110 cm, height 4.62 m + 12 PCs carriers, used, length 2.7 m, 2960 kg load up / trade + 24 St. a... more
10,000 pieces gratings for pallet racks top condition, see pictures galvanized as new. 93omyfcn9 Year 2014 Grating 105 x 60 cm Supporting Rod 35 mm Mesh size 6 x 3,5 cm Negotiating price: € 15.00 per piece ex-warehouse larger volumes on request! Gratings in various sizes, mesh sizes and support staff present: Grid East mesh supporting Rod 100 x 100 cm 6 x 3.5 cm 30 mm x 2 mm 105 x 25 cm 6,5 x 4,5 cm 35 mm x 2 mm 105 x 60 cm 7 x 3,5 cm 145 x 125 cm 7 x 4,5 cm 105 x 60 cm... more
Wide clamping rack / basic shelf / 2550 x 2500 x 600 WxHxD wide clamping rack, new Dimensions: L 2550 x H 2500 X 600 mm Gt77nc incl. 4 shelves Load capacity: ~ 250 kg at evenly distributed basic shelf: 2 x shelf stand, 600x2500mm unmounted, including lateral and diagonal braces. Plastic foot plates 8 x traverses 2450mm, incl. locking pins 4 x shelves 2440x549mm, Thickness: 25 mm #-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-# ... more

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