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1 x Contex SD 4490 44 inch scanner incl. HP Compaq 6000 Pro Contex solutions: first choice Fast scanning and image editing, the contex optimally is solution to archive and copy of drawing sets. The batch mode allows simultaneous scan-to-print and copy to the printer queue while the scanner for new jobs is ready. With the large touch screen control panel can images immediately edited be - without rescanning, or printing of bad copies. Scan-to-E-mail provides quick, easy access and an eff... more
for sizes 50x70 up to 70x100 cm Rpkqwy7fp more
Here we offer a Elbrus scanner ELBRUS iXSCAN. In order to secure the efficiency of Chalkopyritsolarzellen it is necessary for their industrial production to monitor the lateral homogeneity absorber (thickness, composition) of flat substrates. The frame including housing takes on all mechanical components and provides radiation protection safe. Dimensions (W x D x H) approx. X1890 2350 x 1640 (in loading position: 3770 x 1890 x 1640) about:. Follow 180 kg more info! Type: ELBRUS iXSCAN included: ... more
Plate Scanner/Plate Reader for Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102/SM 74, SM 52, Plate Image reader, for measuring the printing part of the surface of offset plates and stores the measured values on the job Memory card or in the CPC data Memory, for on-line transfer of the values to the press's control unit (for calculation of ink fountain zone openings and ink stripe widths in CPC 1 control unit), for all types of printing plates up to SM 102 plates format, ca. 1995 Btt9dj7 more
Boards scanner Bdnxxu73 HD CPC 31 more
The flatbed scanner Creo / Scitex Ever mart Pro is the professional solution for the high-end scanning. The scanner achieved by XY technology is an absolute top quality and high productivity. Various features and a series of automatic or manual control and control the complete range of functions from. Built advanced technologies to ensure an optical resolution of 3,175 dpi on the entire SC [...Technical data truncated] Oqd8fhnm more
flat bed scanner linotype Topaz 3240 with LinoColor 6,0 Scansoftware for Mac trilinear color CCD line AutoScaling for the stepless computation of the yardstick in the scanner AutoSharpening for optimal and fast computations in the scanner vorlagenhalter: - 1 universal tray for originals supervision/examination, max. Format 305x457mm assembly aids: - leuchttisch in the scanner integrates - assembly rulers for accurate aligning of collecting mains on the vorlagenhalter collecting main format max.... more
the Eversmart pro is the professional solution for Highend scanning. The scanner achieves an absolute top quality as well as high productivity by the XY technology. The equipment has the following characteristics: - flat bed scanners also over the entire scan range mobile sensing head (firm Scanglas) - trilinear Color CCD 3 x of 8000 pixels - sample accuracy 14 bits/pixel - max. density of 4,0 max - optical dissolution 3150 dpi - scan range 305 x 432 mm - examination (position, neg.), supervisi... more
Fujifilm / Fuji / Crosfield Celsis 6250 Drum Scanner in Excellent condition & full working order. Comes with Fuji scanning software Celsis 6000 & Dongle, Bkra2 1 large Drum (used), 1 Small Drum (used), 1 Drum load table , Original Type Transparencies or Reflection, Colour and Black and White, Positive and Negative Scanning Area 505mm x 710mm large cylinder, 505mm x 350mm small cylinder Scanning Resolution: 315 l/mm (optical), up to 1000 l/mm (interpolated) Magnification Range: 10% to 3199% ... more
Heidelberg Topaz 3240-2 with LinoColor 6 flatbed scanner model 1997 trilinear color CCD line with 3 x 8000 image elements AutoScaling special hardware for the continuous calculation of the scale in the scanner AutoSharpening special hardware for optimal and fast calculations in the scanner Software to re digitisation of the films CopyDot and Descreening Iygh3f2z Holder: -2 universal tray for original oversight/review, maximum format of 305x457mm -1 Copixtablett with 4 tab bar installa... more
Heidelberg Nexscan F 4200 flatbed scanner with NewCopix Redigitalisierungsoption (model 3270-1, built 07-2001) Specifications: - vertically mounted scanning (without mirror deflection) - Dual CCD technology (tri-linear CCD with 3 x 8000 pixels, second CCD with 12,000 pixels for Redigitization ) - Max. Original Size 315 x 457 mm - Optical resolution max. 5080 dpi - interpolated resolution max. 11800 dpi - Template types supervision, transparency, positive, negative, color, B / W - max. Density 4... more
The scanner achieved by XY technology is an absolute top quality and high productivity. The device has the following features: - Redigitalisierunstool Copy-Dot for processing the present color separation films - Flatbed scanner over the entire scan range mobile scanning head (fixed scanning glass) - Trilinear Color CCD 3 x 8000 pixels - 16 bit / color - max. Maximum density of 3.9 - optical resolution 5000 dpi - Scan Area 350 x 470 mm - Templates inspection (pos, neg), supervision, slides, 3D ob... more
3 x HP Model: Designjet HD Scanner CQ654B Machines are two year old, never used, original Packed Copyresolution: Up to 9600 dpi Scanresolution,hardware: Up to 600x600 dpi Scanresolution,optical: Up to 600 dpi Scanspeed Colour(200dpi/400dpiTurbo): up to 8cm/sec; Black and white(200 dpi/400dpiTurbo): up to 25cm/sec Scansize(flatbed),maximum 1067-mm wide In stock in Munic, Germany. Price per unit: € 5.500,- EURO Price for all 3: € 13.500,- EURO 9yvhfss2m more

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