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Screen printing machine for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
2011 - FULLY AUTOMATIC CYLINDER SCREEN PRINTING PRESS Overview: The new Sakurai SC 112AII is a full automatic cylinder screen printing press which enables to print variety kinds of substrates. Like the other SC models, has been designed for high speed printing up to 3,200 I.P.H. with ultimately accurate registration. None of the reciprocating cylinder presses are competitive to Sakurai’s SC 112AII in performance, printing applications or business opportunities. Specifications:Printing Area up t... more
Screen printing machine, screen printing machine, stencil printer, rotary screen printing machine, coating machine, coating machine, automatic coating machine, screen coater R9zmrl9b -Screen printing machine for round printing -Printing machine for cups, cups round containers -Dimensions 995/690 / H1620 mm -Weight 216 kg more
NEW - 3/4 screen printing flat machine very solid and fast 1200 pieces per hour possible. expandable with a powder machine - drying tunnel and stacker. We have been building screen printing machines for over 22 years and are 70% cheaper than the brand machines you know. Make an appointment for a viewing or send an email for more photos and videos. printmachines4all.nl Ysbpqg more
Warburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6519 km
ready for operation (used)
Silkpier frame with Vacuum pump Size 147 x 132cm, swivel on rolls with yellow lamp Nkinz Rubber cloth good condition Condition very good, was only a reserve device Visit possible at any time. Private sale, no guarantee, no withdrawal, unwrapped Only self-collection or transport by one of the buyer Representative forwarding company. Shipping from work. The buyer may bear any customs duties. more
SILAIR BDM 812 Screen Printing line, year 2002, printing mesure 80x120cm + Uv drying module + 2 hot air drying modules + cooled module + tacking module + camera Cf2rzg0 more
Müller gas dryer 150 cm strip, Npzfn 4 mtr drying section, Year of construction: 2011 in good condition. more
Argon 70x100 Semi-automatic UV oven 70x100 used very little for our internal use in typography, for spot realization of painted covers for the printing of ...Affair Cnk7bvrq more

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Screen printing machine cylinder with Mirus feeder, print size max. 100x70 cm, min 25x30 cm, with sliding mark, machine is in general condition, in very good condition, ready to print. This is the first model of Sakurai, the engines and steering is from Mitsubishi Bfo0sf92xn more
Sakurai feeder with cylinder print unit Trumax dryers Sheet delivery Size 72x102 Suitable for print, scratch, blister. 2 lamps operating at 50 & 100% frame machine for lighting washing tray for frames 20 aluminium frames for repeats Bfpsmq9s9l more
Rothenburg T., Germany Germany
dealership location
6687 km
good condition (used)
Screenprinting Machine, Svecia SM 550 x 750mm printing area,4 post vertical-horizontal print head lift,infinitely and independently controlled squeegee and floodcoater speeds, fully integrated delivery system, in as new condition. Bvj9rgdm more
UV spot machine Sakurai SCM112, age 1988 Equipped with: - Pallet fedding - Automatic Mabeg feeder - Double/missed sheet control - UV section - Drying conveyor - 2 UV lamps with separate control – possible to run low and high power - Max speed 3000 sheets/h - Heating section – for glue based products - Pallet delivery with jogger - Heat extractors – pumps with wires – overheating safety switch Bdvjzjokgz - In production, available immediately CONTACT US FOR SPECIAL PRICE!!!! more
Newlong Screen Printing Machine System, LS 56TVA (LZ 1041) 8j3pqtg Model: LS56TVA (LZ1041) Serial-No.: 011-1028 (001-1001) YOM: 05/2011 Electrical Source: 400V / 3P / 50Hz / 5kVA Air Pressure Source: 0,4 MPa / 100l/min(ANR) Size: 2090x2660x2030mm Printing area 400mm×500mm Height of table 900 ±20 mm Dir. of table movement left → right Screen-frame dim. □950~1100x1200 (Thickness: 30~40) Overall repeat accuracy ±0.02mm of machine Alignment accuracy ±0.01mm Table stop accuracy ±0.01mm Clearan... more
New The best powder machine for the lowest price direct delivered from supplier to customer. check the video printmachines4all.nl L2mdf0b9 more
The machines work and can be tested on site. For more technical information, please contact us. There are two SVECIA Printmasters and Hyperjet Dryer for sale with dryer. Hpn8urd more
I can offer you a SPS cylinder printing machine Vitesse Classic G2 complete with Mabeg feeder, print size 72cm X 102 cm. Outlet height 950mm. The price is with Feeder Mabeg M7, Camuvhfs the Feeder only has streamfeed, without single sheet operation. more
SVECIA SSM 1/2 Automat Baujahr 1995 Gfwxia9 more
3/4-automatic screen printing machine print size up to 1000x1400mm Ss39cg Short set-up times more
Dit is een nieuwe vol automatische zeefdrukmachine voor het drukken van full colour sheets via de kopieermachine in registreert via de paskruisen op elk individueel sheet dit is de beste volautomatische machine voor de laagste prijs, bekijk de video in deze advertentie. Demo is te zien op afspraak. G0smgz7 more
Printable media:Plastic foils, foils, glass, and various rigid and flexible mediaMax. Print format / max. print format:approx. 500 x 700 mmFoil thickness / film thickness:approx. 0.1 to 40 mmMax. print size / max. print size:approx. 500 x 700 mmFoil thickness / film thickness:approx. 0.1 to 40 mmMax. print size / max. print size:approx. 0.1 to 40 mm Sieve frame format / max. sieve frame format:approx. 800 x 1000 mmVoltage / voltage:approx. 400 V / 40/60HzConnection value / connected value:approx... more
Machine description:Semi-automatic screen printing machine with angle-opening top frameIn 2015, the machine was completely rebuilt, all new including controlsPrint format 105cm x 145cmStainless steel printing tableTeach-in squeegee paths, pneumatic squeegee pressure compensation, pneumatic screen clamping, etc.560,000 printsMachine base frame:The machine base body is an all-steel construction with large-dimensioned precision steel tubes. A closed base plate provides further stiffening of the ove... more
Fully automatic SVECIA line. Printing size 1050x1450 Very good condition. Bfuvi8urj7 UV tunel not icluded. more
Svecia Druyer 1300 mm 2 sections Bfutws70qu more
SCREEN PRINTING "STOP" CYLINDER MACHINE (ESC-710) SIZE 72X102 CM COMLETE LINE WITH COMBI DRYER AKTIPRINT UV 2 LAMPS + STACKER VERY GOOD CONDITION Max. Print Size W1050*D730mm Max. Work Size W1050*D750mm Min. Work Size W560*D350mm Work Thickness 0.05-1.0mm Bevzxo39ui Frame Size W1300*D1170mm IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE more
New! Flat pressure semi-automatic very solid and modern version. Available on order within 2 months with choice options as desired, such as auto explanation or fully automatic. To be inspected while working in the Netherlands. Quality price is the best in Europe. (videos available on request). Demo present Bfia9ysrvl more
Ready-covered screen printing frame 'strung and stripped' The frames can also be put together individually. Price we will inform you then as a package price. Shipping by forwarding is possible, the transport costs are borne by the buyer. Frame size 117 x 158 cm Number: 13 pieces 3 pieces 77-55 yellow 1 piece 77TX yellow 1 piece 90-48 yellow 1 piece 120-34 yellow 3 pieces 150-34 yellow 2 pieces without fabric Frame size 93 x 118 cm Number: 28 pieces - 2 pieces 43T white - 1 piece 48T yellow -... more
CyberPress CP2 unit SPS ClassicJet M2 (2H/1C+UVi) / 2 x heating stations UV cooler ST2 stacker delivery Noopp Max paper size : 720 x 1020 mm Min paper size : 320 x 450 mm Screen size : 1140 x 1280 mm Speed : 3300/h Can be inspected in working conditions. More pictures available upon request. more
Textile print Karusell brand SIAS Italy Beutfbwy00 6 colors, 6 stations. Older year of construction, very stable and fit for pass. more
3/4-Automatic Screen Printing Machine THIEME 3030 L Beuusljp9s printing size: 100 x 140 cm, parallel lift, with movable printing bed, with gripper system and belt delivery to the left, with infinitely adjustable squeegee stroke, with pneumatic squeegee pressure control, screen frame insertion from the front, with pneumatic frame clamping, mobile operation panel with display foil keyboard, useable either at the left side or at the right side, max. sheet size: 103x142cm, max. screen frame size: 1... more
- coating machine for screens - for maximum screen format: 1750 x 1500 mm - front loading - Option R (coating trough cleaner) Bfecwskrnt - Option T ( hot air dryer) - Machine documentation in German language - Professional automatic coating for any kind of application more
Thieme screenprint 3/4 automat 5040 Ut8ghow format 120x160 cm year of construction 2001 - Thieme 5040 3/4 automat - Machine-Number 1993; year of construction 2001 more
3/4-Automatic Screen Printing Machine ATMA PC67 Beuuuxs390 parallel lifting machine with retractable and extendable table plate and conveyor belt to the back, precision screen printing machine with unwinding cleaner at the inlet area of the table plate, printing bed: 800x1000mm, vacuum field: 620x780mm, printing size: max. 600x750mm, screen frame size: max. 1000x1050mm, height of printing objects: up to max. 20mm, completely with pneumatic frame clamping, pneumatic scqueegee press control, infi... more
MHM CARROUSEL PRINTING SIZE 70x100 6 colors, 10 pallets Pneumatic blocking screens 1 set of pallets 75 cm 1 set of pallets 45 cm 1 set of pallets 32 cm 6 sets of squeegee / floodcoater 72 cm 6 sets of squeegees / floodcoater 54 cm 6 sets of squeegees / floodcoater 45 cm 6 sets of squeegees / floodcoater 32 cm 6 individual settings of contact 3 IRK7 dryers + 2 dryer supports +- 40 of large format frames included Bfqw0mxlzt MACHINE CHECKED EXCELLENT CONDITION more
This dryer is designed to dry UV curing screenprinting inks and solvents with a minimum flash point of 32 celsius only. Conveyor belt 1700 mm x 7050 mm Dvh2ttr more
Rothenburg T., Germany Germany
6687 km
excellent (used)
ideal cutting machine fortematic 525 Std09w more
Print format max. 460 x 460 mm possible substrate thickness up to 30 mm Cewbmxpp more
Screen printing machine Fabr. Ahmad & WILK type PC Vertomatic Fabr.# 5236 mod 4, built in 1986 Technical data: maximum print format 700 x 1200 mm Max pressure casting thickness 25 mm Plate dimensions 800 x 1600 mm Nbehp Vacuumfläche 730 x 1300 mm Plate height 1000 mm maximum screen frame size 900 x 1660 mm Max. Bars 900 p/h Print motor 1 HP Vacuummotor 0,25 HP Air volume 50 l / h Power supply 380 V 50 Hz External dimensions 1080 x 2290 x 1350 mm Weight 900 kg used, in good condition - functiona... more
- Without pictured Wandres unit!!! (Sword brush) - maximum print size: 100 x 140 cm - Connection: 400V, 50Hz / Current consumption: 4.0 A - parallel lifting machine with extendable table top - with gripper system and belt outlet to the left - infinitely adjustable squeegee path Jvdaxi - pneumatic squeegee pressure control - Siebeschub from the front - Compressed air 6 bar necessary! more
UV dryer Technigraf 900 mm 2 lamps with 120 W/cm Machine overhauled Ca22ku0v more
Automatic machine for screen printing, Oval type, made by dutch Viprotech, 16 pallets, 10 colors, synchronic print for all print heads, print format 40 x 48 cm, screen size 58 x 84 cm, worked till very end at first owner in Netherlands Bfmddon0f8 more
Sell here an almost unused 4-color professional silkscreen carousel of the brand Weiss Denmark. The following accessories are: Device with 4 stations and the recordings with all fine adjustments in all directions, as well as jump and inclination are adjustable. 4x Standard pallets 38x43 cm 4x Sleeve/trouser leg palette 15x48 cm Visac78xfwb The device is up-to-date and you get accessories at all times and, if necessary, spare parts! Invvy3a3 The sale is made without warranty or withdrawal... more

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