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Automatic screen printing machine for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
3/4-Automatic Screen Printing Machine THIEME 3030 L printing size: 100 x 140 cm, parallel lift, with movable printing bed, with gripper system and belt delivery to the left, with infinitely adjustable squeegee stroke, with pneumatic squeegee pressure control, screen frame insertion from the front, with pneumatic frame clamping, mobile operation panel with display foil keyboard, useable either at the left side or at the right side, max. sheet size: 103x142cm, max. screen frame size: 145x175cm, w... more
Fully automatic SVECIA line. Noegx The Svecia Printmaster prints virtually on any flat material to a max. thickness of 4 mm. max. Speed 1050 - 1350 /h. The Printmaster is perfect for medium and long production runs, delivering superb. quality results. more
Automatic machine for screen printing, Oval type, made by dutch Viprotech, 16 pallets, 10 colors, synchronic print for all print heads, print format 40 x 48 cm, screen size 58 x 84 cm, worked till very end at first owner in Netherlands Bfmddon0f8 more
automatic cylindrical screen printing machine with feeder + wicket oven 1000 sheets. printing size 52 x 72 cm. In perfect condition Bw8vpcy more
max. sheet size 1050 x 750 mm min. sheet size 560 x 350 mm max. working speed 800- 4.000 pcs / hour max. printing area 1050 x 740 mm size of screen frame 1300 x 1170 mm paper weight 90-420 g/m Bbdgxzi2t3 dimensions 4750 x 3060 x 1720 mm more
3/4-Automatic Screen Printing Machine ATMA PC67 Beuuuxs390 parallel lifting machine with retractable and extendable table plate and conveyor belt to the back, precision screen printing machine with unwinding cleaner at the inlet area of the table plate, printing bed: 800x1000mm, vacuum field: 620x780mm, printing size: max. 600x750mm, screen frame size: max. 1000x1050mm, height of printing objects: up to max. 20mm, completely with pneumatic frame clamping, pneumatic scqueegee press control, inf... more
Fully-automatic Printmaster MK2 The Svecia Printmaster prints virtually on any flat material to a max. thickness of 4 mm. max. Speed 1050 - 1350 /h. The Printmaster is perfect for medium and long production runs, delivering superb. quality results. Printing size 880 x 1250 mm Fe7xfgz more
- Without pictured Wandres unit!!! (Sword brush) - maximum print size: 100 x 140 cm - Connection: 400V, 50Hz / Current consumption: 4.0 A - parallel lifting machine with extendable table top - with gripper system and belt outlet to the left - infinitely adjustable squeegee path - pneumatic squeegee pressure control - Siebeschub from the front Jvdaxi - Compressed air 6 bar necessary! more
Automatic machine for screen printing, Oval type, made by dutch Viprotech, 16 pallets, 10 colors, synchronic print for all print heads, print format 40 x 48 cm, screen size 58 x 84 cm, worked till very end at first owner in Netherlands Harczbz more

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SOPHIA - Single-colour automatic screen printing machine for t-shirts One in a kind! SOPHIA has been designed and built to satisfy a specific request of our customers: to have available a single-colour automatic screen printing machine for printing garments that is compact in size, easy to use, with an excellent production per hour and above all low-cost. SOPHIA is particularly suitable for printing work and promotional clothing. Bewltvorqi Moving printing table The need of our customers has ... more
with TC 800 UV dryer D2gevhv with TC 800 S automatic stacker max. size: 520 x 720 mm min. size: 250 x 300 mm framesize: 900 x 920 mm speed: 400-2400 / Std. power: 3 P 380 V 50 Hz 7W weight: 3550 KG dimensions 3250 x 2550 x 2080 more
Screen Printing machine The max print size are 1100 x 1500 cm It is a complete line with stacker – printe maschine – dryer and loader. Hmoqv8z The line is from 2001 and its been little used. The line is from 2001 and its been little used. But fore a yare ago the line was taken down. more
Screen printing machine, screen printing machine, stencil printer, rotary screen printing machine, coating machine, coating machine, automatic coating machine, screen coater -Screen printing machine for round printing R9zmrl9b -Printing machine for cups, cups round containers -Dimensions 995/690 / H1620 mm -Weight 216 kg more
Printable media:Plastic foils, foils, glass, and various rigid and flexible mediaMax. Print format / max. print format:approx. 500 x 700 mmFoil thickness / film thickness:approx. 0.1 to 40 mmMax. print size / max. print size:approx. 500 x 700 mmFoil thickness / film thickness:approx. 0.1 to 40 mmMax. print size / max. print size:approx. 0.1 to 40 mm Sieve frame format / max. sieve frame format:approx. 800 x 1000 mmVoltage / voltage:approx. 400 V / 40/60HzConnection value / connected value:approx... more
Screen printing semi-automatic 70x100 together with wash-out basin and drying cabinet with tray trolley in a very good condition ..plus various squeegees and screens... 2hrmdr3 more
CyberPress CP2 unit SPS ClassicJet M2 (2H/1C+UVi) / 2 x heating stations UV cooler ST2 stacker delivery Max paper size : 720 x 1020 mm Min paper size : 320 x 450 mm Screen size : 1140 x 1280 mm Speed : 3300/h Noopp More pictures available upon request. more
Used machine, in very good condition, table size 700x500 mm, print size 600x400 mm, The machine is ready for operation Bgtcyvqyi more
Perfecta IC JuniorUniversal washing machine in desk form for screen printing stencils, tampon clichés, ink basins, etc.., completely made of chromium-nickel stainless steel - explosion-proof stainless steel - brushless cleaning by nozzle holders arranged on both sides - two tanks for solvents for pre-washing and rinsing in the substructure - tanks with bottom rinsing - edge suction when door is open - electric door lock - separate control cabinet with connecting cable - the washing cabin can be ... more
Semi-automatic Screen Printing Machine THIEME 520 (92) Beuuvkvih3 Angular lift, printing size: max. 75x105cm, screen frame size: 120x140cm, vacuum table: 100x125cm, vacuum field: 80x100cm, electro-pneumatic machine, electronically adjustable squeegee speed, infinitely adjustable squeegee stroke, with pneumatic frame clamping, printing table plate central height-adjustable via hand crank for printing objects up to 50mm, simple screen frame insertion from the front, cleaning position with increa... more
Thieme screenprint 3/4 automat 5040 format 120x160 cm year of construction 2001 - Thieme 5040 3/4 automat Ut8ghow - Machine-Number 1993; year of construction 2001 more
Sakurai feeder with cylinder print unit Trumax dryers Sheet delivery Size 72x102 Suitable for print, scratch, blister. 2 lamps operating at 50 & 100% frame machine for lighting washing tray for frames 20 aluminium frames for repeats Bfpsmq9s9l more
3/4-automatic screen printing machine print size up to 1000x1400mm Ss39cg Short set-up times more
Screen printing machine cylinder with Mirus feeder, print size max. 100x70 cm, Bfo0sf92xn min 25x30 cm, with sliding mark, machine is in general condition, in very good condition, ready to print. This is the first model of Sakurai, the engines and steering is from Mitsubishi more
old good Schenk, 8 pallets , 6 colors, strongly build, many milled alloy parts, with original german pneumatic parts, before chinese era Bacsa9des more
We bid: Screen printing machine ALRAUN - AT500 230V 50 Hz 230 W Manufacturer : Alraun Maschinenbau GmbH Staig-Steinberg Type: Mandrake AT 500 Year of construction: unbk. Max. Pressure height: 400 mm Max. Print length: 550 mm Max: Print width: 150 mm Muonyg Connection: 230 V 1A 50 Hz Dimensions. approx. 120 x 60 x 140 cm Weight: approx. 200 kg Condition: used, as seen, ready for use, see photos, The plant is currently still located at the customer's site in Saxony-Anhalt. The sale takes plac... more
THIEME 3000 GS format maximum 800 x 1200 mm, year 2002 3/4- or fully automatic flatbed screen printing machine for printing on glass and other rigid materials. Nondn High productivity Small set-up times Storage of machine parameters Programmable panel dimensions via operation panel Storage of complete order parameters Modular construction, suitable for multicolor conceptions Excellent print quality and max. preciseness more
Semi-automatic screen printing machine for notize blocks is for sale due to operational resolution. The machine rotates the block automatically. Year of construction is unknown. Bdnzv7d3 more
Screen printing machine Fabr. Ahmad & WILK type PC Vertomatic Fabr.# 5236 mod 4, built in 1986 Technical data: maximum print format 700 x 1200 mm Max pressure casting thickness 25 mm Plate dimensions 800 x 1600 mm Vacuumfläche 730 x 1300 mm Plate height 1000 mm maximum screen frame size 900 x 1660 mm Max. Bars 900 p/h Print motor 1 HP Vacuummotor 0,25 HP Air volume 50 l / h Nbehp Power supply 380 V 50 Hz External dimensions 1080 x 2290 x 1350 mm Weight 900 kg used, in good condition - function... more
Facts Max printing area: 1600x3050 mm Max Papersize: 1660x3400 mm Paper thickness: 7 mm Smallest Papersize: 700x1000 mm Number of printing units: 4 st Printing method: Screen Resolution: 25-40 dpi, everything larger than 2100 mm is 25 lpi, smaller sizes are 40 dpi. Colors: European scale, PMS and Vanish Productivity: 600 sheets/hour Color: UV Color for indoor & outdoor application Material: paper, cardboard, plastic, vinyl etc. Machine dimensions: 33,6x7,0x2,6 meters Weight: unknown Bezyaccu... more
10 Color 12 Stations 20 Pallets max. printing area 70 x 90cm Precise registration system Multifunctional Touchpanel IPC15'': one-finger-tip commands chemical resistant Laserlight Safety System 3 x 400 V 50 HZ Electrical reqirement max. : 3,7 KW Airconsumption max. : 850 l/min Bfmcmgsdlq Length/Width: 13,2m/ 4,2 m (520"/165") Pallet 61cmx90cm (24"x36") Suegee/Floodbar 60cm (24") Palette 41x80cm 16x32 Suegee/Floodbar 41cm (16") Foor pedal more
Semi-Automatic Screen Printing Machine SIRIMAC 4560E 9qsp7ky printing size 45x60cm, vacuum printing bed 60x80cm, max. screen frames 75x100cm, electro pneumatic machine, parallel lift, screen frame up and down motion via gear-self-braking motor, with cross-running squeegee unit, squeegee drive motor adjustable, print and flood speed separately adjustable, squeegee stroke adjustable via limit switches, pneumatic squeegee reverse, pneumatic print and flood pressure adjustable via manometer, squeeg... more
Offered is a Mini Lab Noritsu printing machine. Bdn3kaajn8 film scanner Noritsu S1.II with various accessories more
Thieme Semi-automatic 1010 E My. 1999 Sokkk3yz E110991003830203 Thieme Rakelwerk Pressure height: max. 50 mm Print size max 570 x 770 mm Frame Outdoor:1000 x 1100 mm Printing table: 800 x 930 mm new printing table top Harteloxiert Power: 900 pcs/h El.. /Compressed air: 400/230 V / 4 A, 50 Hz / 6 bar Dimensions 1.7m X 2.5m H=1.6m 1200 kg more
Halbaut. Screen printing machine Fabr. Ahmad & WILK type mini printer mod II Built in 1988 Technical data: maximum print size 400 x 600 mm 02gbjzbs Max pressure casting thickness 20 mm Plate dimensions 550 x 700 mm Vacuumflaeche 430 x 630 mm maximum outside size 640 x 820 mm min. frame inside size 400 x 200 mm Max. Bars 12000 p/h Power 0.75 HP Vacuummotor 0.75 HP Power supply 380 V 50 Hz External dimensions-1040 x 1260 x 1330 mm Weight 300 kg with -Drying trolleys -Cast vacuum base plate with ... more
EMM 444 DVA three quarter machine with retractable table top Print size 100 x 140 cm machine description: Bcrcmmfqmp Screen printing machine with retractable table and parallel abhebendem printer for printing of Plastics and other materials from 0-40mm thickness. Register accuracy +/-0.05 mm more
Automatic screen printing machine VINDICATOR 14 station, 10 colors, standard print format 50 x 75 cm, with double index 135 cm x 75 cm, lately huge format was printed Giwew9j more
Semi-Automatic Universal Screen Printing Machine SFM 650 DHE Flat printing machine with parallel liftin gupper frame, printing size: 400x600mm, with motor squeegee motion and height-adjustable feeding table incl. x/y-adjustment, adjustable slot stone printing bed 650x950mm. Height adjustment of the feeding table: approx. 300mm, max. height of the printing object: approx. 450mm. Machine with base frame and safety bar sideways, required compressed air: 6bar, supply voltage: 230V, 50Hz. 2fix2kszq... more
Screen printing machine for pocket lighter with Rotary plate part more Details on the photos, on the document and after request Yreh2s more
Rothenburg T., Germany Germany
dealership location
6687 km
good condition (used)
Screenprinting Machine, Svecia SM 550 x 750mm printing area,4 post vertical-horizontal print head lift,infinitely and independently controlled squeegee and floodcoater speeds, fully integrated delivery system, in as new condition. Bvj9rgdm more
Number of colours: 2, print size: 1600x2600mm, sheet size: 1660x2660mm, frame size: 2400x3400mm, substrate thickness: 0.1-10mm, substrate weight: 120-3000g/m². Bbb3zzkf2f more
Data: - Year of construction: 1983 - Type: 3000 SR, ¾-Automat with vacuum printing table - Printing format: ca. 2500 x 1350 mm - Machine dimension: - Length: ca. 3300 mm - width/depth: ca. 4700 mm - Height: ca. 1500 mm - Rakel plant: pneumatic - Power supply: 220 / 380 V, 50 Hz Nm3hl - Control voltage: 220 V - Power supply: 4,35 kW Price on request more
printing size: 72 x 106 cm | automatic feeder included | anti-static system included Ba3xg8ah9r more
Semi-automatic screen printing of the German company Fleischle, tilting machine, piston bridge on pneumatics, printing format max.B3-A3, machine after renovation, fully operational, ready to work. Bezawwv8bz more
refurbished Screen printing machine ISIMAT 1000 P with new main cylinder stored program control Mso87 more
SVECIA SSM 1/2 Automat Baujahr 1995 Gfwxia9 more
Power supply: voltage: 400V/3 phase/50Hz, control voltage: 230V, installed power: 350kW, average consumption: 180-200kW, inlet temperature cooling water: 10-16°C, pressure: 2-4bar, amount of water: 20m³/h, mechanical speed: 5-100m/min, production speed: 60m/min, operating air pressure: 6-8bar, air pressure consumption: 3-3.5m³/h, print width substrate: 1200mm max., web width substrate: 1250mm max., dryer heating: thermal oil, temperature range flow: 250-280°C, pump capacity: 80m³/h, heat output ... more
Automatic UV varnishing/coating machine S.C.T. ASP 1020 with UV-Dryer tunnel 1200 and 105C stacker. Machine manufactured in China. Complet from one manufacturer. This is a faithful copy of Sakurai. Format B1+ (1040x740 mm). Paper weight from 100 to 350 g/m2. Max grid size 1280x1140 mm. Working speed up to 3000 sheet/h. Ikigax7 Machine manufactured in 2016. Working time only 1300 hours! Machine dimensions: 11200x2350x1320mm. Weight 7600 kg. All the time in production. Possibility to see the mach... more
UV spot machine Sakurai SCM112, age 1988 Equipped with: - Pallet fedding - Automatic Mabeg feeder - Double/missed sheet control - UV section - Drying conveyor - 2 UV lamps with separate control – possible to run low and high power - Max speed 3000 sheets/h - Heating section – for glue based products - Pallet delivery with jogger - Heat extractors – pumps with wires – overheating safety switch - In production, available immediately Bdvjzjokgz more
Lettengasse 18, 73486 Adelmannsfelden, DE Germany
6697 km
ready for operation (used)
Tecno 5, 6 color screen printing machine Ncpqf Modell: RC 693 Year of construction: 2004 more

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