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used from Commons resolution: 1 x PA screw feeder unit steel frame BJ. 2007 consisting of: 2 x PA ZSG 6A 1 x PA dental scaler 6A Fh3shjl 1 x PA vibration conveyor Trogmasse Lxwxh: CA. 500 x 165 x 150 mm 1 x PA vibrator Ø 350 mm 1 x PA vibration conveyor – length: approx. 500 mm was pumping nuts (Telle Ø 17 mm) 1 x PA weight loss unit - travel: 230 mm Dimensions Lxwxh 1200 x 850 x 1650 mm There are 2 identical systems. more
Here, we offer a Bosch Sigpack Systems with Manz AICO counterpart hand-held programming device. Bosch Sigpack Systems with Manz AICO counterpart hand-held programming device Bosch Sigpack Systems XR31-3 with Manz AICO pendant P51 hand programming device 80017134 Bosch Sigpack Systems Type: XR31-3 Manz handheld programming device Type: 80017134 Condition: pre-owned / used Scope of delivery: (See image) (Errors and omissions in the technical data, information are reserved!) We can answe... more
INTERROLL AUTOMATIC SORTER ,Crossbelt Sorter Boxes, packages, packaged food, catalog products, padded envelopes, multimedia products, clothes, etc. . S89yuk9x Up to 6,000 shipments per hour min. 100 x 80 x 5 mm max. 600 x 600 x 500 mm Weight min. 100 g Weight max. 35 kg Double carrier: max. 1200 x 800 x 800 mm, 35 kg capacity / speed reference values: 335 x 300 mm = 15,000 products per hour (1.65 m / s) 660 x 800 mm = 8.500 products per hour (1.7 m / s) High availability, high s... more
Automatic sorting of tablets, dragees, candies, chewing gums, soft and hard gelatine capsules according to diameter or length, twins, broken pieces and thickness 30ct3aotz more
Accumulation silicone machine Ilse man Type: ILM 11 Year of construction: 2002 Weight ca. 2,5 t Eqnacnehq operated until decommissioning, legendary German technology, robust and compact possibly as carrier of part of,... always remember, there are hardly any spare parts more
For sale a NVL is cross belt sorter. The Sorterverfuegt about 233 vehicles with right left drop goods (640/650 mm) Sorting speed of 1, 8 m / s and per hour, we reach an output of 8640 packages per hour. 7ob23taay Powered with 10 Siemens Motors including inverter. The sorter has over 115 Pakplaetze. 8 article Infeeds per integrated with 4 belt conveyors to the acceleration, timing and synchronization. The price for the sorter incl. Infeeds is € 250,000 net without installation. ... more
Manufacturer cabin: Manz Manufacturer robot: Bosch E3voyz03m Robot type: Sigpack Systems XR31-3 Control: Kollmorgen Panel: Aico Year of construction: 2008 New machine without operating hours Data robot: Pads-No. Zyklen(min): 185 Max Beschleunigung(g): 0.455 Cycle time (s): 0.32 Working area (mm) 48 x 9.2 Maintenance rate: None Assembly time: 2.5 hours The robot is built into a housing, complete with control, servos, UPS, cabling, software, etc. If ne... more
2 vibratory RNA SRC N 400-1R and SRC-N 400-1 L, unused In addition: 1 rack with 2 other sort vibrators WEBER, used 1 linear feeders or screw feeding system NITTO SEIKO used FM 502 H, Vibrating head HOeRMLE and others Eqnf9htue See images below more

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