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Boiler thermal oil for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
-Thermal oil boilers suitable for thermal oil ovens -with magnetic pump Bgzqz30i2y -with gas burner -heating capacity 500 kW -Permissible operating overpressure 4 -Permissible operating temperature 300 degrees Celsius -content volume 405 litres -operating voltage 400 Volt -connected power 15.6 kW -rated current 22.5 A -minimum volume flow 26 m3/h -built in 1999 more
HEIZA boiler plant for thermal oil heating with a Weishaupt burner Boiler: capacity 4.000 KW / capacity 3.425 L Burner: capacity 800 - 6.100 KW incl. a safety device for the gas line Gas consumption 500 m³/h Bflpxio8q7 Oil consumption 380 kg/h more
With gas burner with new Glaswole New side plates new bearings engine Electric cable renewed Power max. 465 kW The boiler is sufficient for approx. 75 square meters of baking area Boiler is equipped with magnetic pump 9d78igonz Permissible operating temp. 10 bar. The boiler is in good condition Operating temperature 300 degrees Celsius Capacity 355 liters minute Vol Str. 18 m3 / h more
Used thermal oil deck oven Heuft make VO 216.25 year of manufacture 2007 14qm total baking area 7 stoves per W 120 x D 160cm 2 pull-out cookers Secondary circuit Turbo for 3 cookers F9yaidt with loader and unloader Heuft Concord Sale from stock - furnace completely assembled, loader disassembled more
4 rack oven and 1 deck oven thermal oil 5 Herdig from Daub. Bjfdycoham Stoves still in good condition. Can still be visited. Thermal oil will be drained from 30.9.2020. May 1.10. then be dismantled. Price is for self-dismantling more
for Daub / Heuft stoves and others Fbfncodz 2900 1/min more
DIMENSION OF THE PLATENS 3500 X 1300 MM 160 TON MAX TOTAL THRUST The new GS range designed to meet all customers needs: the best choice for panels and doors pressing. The wide range of models and configurations suits every production requirement. Structure quality The sturdy structure has been engineered with a G72e29i high safety coefficient to guarantee the highest level of resistance and rigidity in each processing phase. Hydraulic cylinders The steel rod is chromed with a thick layer ... more
Used thermal oil plant Daub consisting of: THERMO-ROLL RDTO SX08-Year 2004 10qm baking area for surface 58 x 78 cm, with 4 trolleys Nsqoh With extractor hood DAUB HEIZKESSEL KO 160 with gas burner OVENS AND BOILERS REGULARLY SERVICED Furnace and boiler have already been dismantled professionally and are ready for collection. Price ex location including loading more
Oil tank 1000 l with nozzle Content: Thermal oil Mobiltherm 605 (approximately 540 l) You can like to come for a visit. You will receive a regular invoice. Also a net invoice can be created for foreign customers. Prerequisite is a valid Ust.Indent.Nr. Subject to prior sale. Specified trade names, and trademarks are property of their owners and are used only for identification and description of products. The structure and the electrical connection of the machine / unit, must be carried ou... more
Stutensee-Friedrichstal, Germany Germany
dealership location
6589 km
good (used)
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Power: 32kW, max. working pressure: 3bar. Bhweygcgbf more
4 x VTR thermal oil furnace with 10 editions Juzzd3 digital control more
For thermal oil boilers or ovens Ewatf89 unused Year of construction 2013 more
For thermal oil boilers or ovens unused Bcqbkmxmfr more
Product code of Kamarakis website: STE – BOI – LOO - 001 Used steam boiler LOOS made in Germany, produced by metal sheets and pipes of voest – alpine and thyssen krupp stahl row materials (with inspection certificate), ready to use. Technical characteristics: • Υear of manufacture: 1999 •Type UL-S 16000 X 13 in very good working conditions. Fn22arp •Productivity 16000 kg /h at 13 bar. •Fuel oil burner (mazout) made in USA by company Industrial Combustion. •Two feeding water pumps by Grundfos,... more
boiler + silo extraction system capacity 1160 kW (at the moment adjusted at 850 kW) combustion chamber with NEW refractory lining (4/ 2019) for EUR 3.500.—, invoice available big door for cleaning with micro switches weight approx. 13.000 kg Bfvf8nnhz2 incl. accesories 2 micro switches for doors exhaust gas thermometer boiler thermometer exhaust gas fan exhaust gas thermostat switchboard cabinet for boiler and extraction system including: programable SIEMENS control unit for full automatic ... more
Lifting tipper Kemper HK 200 for Kemper SP 150 AL boiler -for spiral kneader bowl from Kemper SP 150 AL -Building height approx. 380cm Rfwdlnu more
Boiler data: Maximum allowable heat output 1200 kW Maximum allowable operating temperature of 110 C Maximum allowable working pressure 4,0 bar Furnace and fuel data: Max allowable furnace output 1405 kW Output control range 40-100% Efficiency approx. 86% Wood firing system: Design calorific value 4,72 kWh/kg Bjjlboxhsl Referred to a moisture content of 6-8% Maximum fuel throughput of 296 kg/h Minimum fuel throughput of 120 kg/h Type of fuel: wood dust, shavings and chips, homogeneously mixed S... more
1 used steam boiler V3pzxr ----- - mounted on frame - manufacturer : LOOS Gunzenhausen type : UL-S heating surface approx. : 80 qm boiler capacity max. : 4.000 kg/h allowable working pressure max. : 10 bar increased test pressure : 19,5 bar water contents low level approx. : 6.030 l water contents full approx. : 7.200 l year of construction : 1989 equipped with Weishaupt combined burner gas & oil RGL10 / 1-D, ZMD, 1.000-3.950 kW, 10-140 mbar, fittings for gas supply, switch cab... more
Gilles 145kw wood pellet boiler. This boiler has only consumed 2 tonnes of fuel during it life and was removed to allow for extention to Factory. Comes with auger feed system and control system Bjbcyfabtr more
Woodchip boiler complete automatic working, with following equipment: screw conveyor, Multicyclone, ash removal unit, steering unit. Already dismountled, ready for loading. Visit: anytime possible by appointment. Very maintained condition! Bzqegkeo more
1. roasted steam boiler Manufacturer: LOOS Type: UHD Year of manufacture 1996 Steam output: 1250 kg/st Operating overpressure: 10 bar Bjlo8lecsg Gas burner Weishaupt G5/1-D -Asführung ZD: Output 175-940KW: year of construction: 1996 Connection pressure 15-500mbar. With existing fittings Dungs DN40 Tüv certificates and CEOC available more
1 used steam boiler ----- mounted on a frame, manufacturer : LOOS type : UL heating surface approx. : 240 qm capacity : 10.000 kg/h allowable working pressure max. : 10 bar water contents low level approx. : 14,40 cbm year of construction : 1993 equipped with Weishaupt combined burner oil & gas, RGL 70/2-A, ZM, oil throughput 150 - 920 kg/h, 1.000-10.900 kW, switch cabinet, eco and the existing small and large-scale fittings. Vs8udq more
Vacuum-Impregnation boiler / Autoklav Scharf year of manufacture: 1985 length 15 m inside diameter 1600 mm carriage length approx. 15 m Bjicxat9db max. operating pressure -1/12 bar max. operating temperature 50 °C volume 32,2 m³ more
Biofire biomass combustion grate. Rated Output 500kw Year of Manufacture 2011 Gxtly2l Complete with control panel and documentation for plant automation and various spar parts. more
LAMBORGHINI CALORECLIMA Busfwhcm Diesel boiler - tybe SES 90 ref.: e/baa/dc year of construction: 2000 80/90.000 KCAL/H/U 93/105 KW/H/U more
Reference: CEEC350H 350kW Mu2zs0 10x 35kW electric immersion heaters 550l Volume Minimum flow rate: 7m³/h Pressure, PS: 7 Bar Temperature: 105°C max Fabrication: 06/2017 more
Steam boiler used Manufacturer: LOOS Type: UHD Bjlkssmt9r Year of manufacture 1998 Steam output: 500 kg/st Operating overpressure: 13 bar Gas burner Weishaupt G3/1-E -Asführung ZD: Power 90-630KW: year of construction: 1998 Connection pressure 15-500mbar. With existing fittings Dungs DN40 Tüv certificates and CEOC available Мы говорим по русски! Visits please only after telephone arrangement! Preferred sale to dealers, tradesmen or export. All information without guarantee... more
1 used steam boiler ----- - mounted on a frame - manufacturer : LOOS, Gunzenhausen type : UL-S 8000 heating surface approx. : 170 qm capacity max. : 7.000 kg/h former allowable working pressure : 10,0 bar N2exp water contents low level approx. : 10.900 ltr water contents full approx. : 11.990 ltr year of construction : 1981 equipped with Weishaupt combined burner yoc 1987, type RGL 60 / 2-A, ZMD, 800-6.600 kW, oil throughput 120 - 556 kg/h, fittings for gas supply, switch cabinet... more
Industrial boiler with gas burner for sale. Manufacturer: Viessmann, Model: SM112 Bhwej3jx9v Currently disconnected, in very good condition. We issue invoices. Technical informations: • Production year: 2000 • Oil / gas rated power: 1120 kW • Water capacity in the boiler: 1671 liters • Max. boiler operating pressure: 6 bar • Max. flow temperature: 120 degrees C • Rated voltage: 230 V. • Max. rated current consumption: 6 A. For more information, photos or video of the machine, please contact ... more
Steam boiler with gas / oil burner steam boiler Manufacturer: Giese-Kazép Machine type: MGK-3000/12-G 3000 kg / h Year of construction: 1998  Operating pressure approx.: 6 bar increased test pressure: 16.5 bar Design pressure: 12.5 bar Condition: very good Description: Steam boiler - equipped with Weishaupt gas- oil burners. Burner data: Manufacturer: Weishaupt Type: G40 / 2-A Year of construction: 1998 Connection pressure: min 15 max 500 mbar Power: 500 - 3450 kW Heating oil: according to DIN... more
1 used steam boiler Fabricate: Viessmann Type: Vitomax 200 HS Year 2006 Steamcapacity: 8000 kg/h Bljyzgfb3 Max. pressure: 10 bar Testpressure: 18,5 bar Max. temperature: 184°C CE 0035 Complete with appendages, Elco gasburner, year 2006, Controlpanel Viessmann economiser 333 kW, 147m², year 2006, automatic blowdown more
Pellet hot air heating systems is our engineers´ latest ingenious idea. We have adopted and incorporated all the advantages of woodchip furnaces into our pellet hot air furnaces; with the exception that pellets are used as the energy source. Thus, pellet furnaces are now alluring for Lower heating costs through the use of pellets Bjk0xk2msl Depending on the market situation, pellets provide significant cost benefits compared withfossil fuels. In addition, there are enticing subsidy opportunitie... more
ETA wood chip boiler 90 KW with screw conveyor currently still in operation, runs smoothly 2rv9x3 Charge for exchange to boilers with higher output due to extension incl. room discharge approx. 3,50 m Remote control panel for 4 circuits newly serviced, annual maintenance was carried out regularly Self collection more
1 used low pressure steam boiler ----- manufacturer : LOOS, Gunzenhausen type : U - ND heating surface approx. : 31 qm capacity : 2.000 kg/h allowable working pressure : 1 bar water contents approx. : 1.692 l Puhds3 year of construction : 1997 equipped with Weishaupt oil burner, switch cabinet built on boiler body, feed water pump and the existing small and large-scale fittings. more
Operating overpressure 16 bar; oil firing/gas operation; group V according to steam boiler regulation § 4; incl. burner and pumps, feed water tank, electrical components. The purchaser shall undertake free of charge the professional and environmentally friendly removal and deployment, including the cost of a crane for loading. Dwxupu Dismantling possible from 1st/2nd quarter 2021! more
Wood chip boiler system with double combustion chamber, can be switched off separately. Completely automatic work run, with screw conveyor, multi-cyclones, ash removal, control. Width of the burners: 295 cm! Still in operation. It is only accessible from June 2020. No: 22922 Visit: after prior appoinmtment possible. Very well-maintained condition. Hpoidit more
Hot press with wood fuel boiler - COOPER C 504 platens dimension 2500x1300 mm daylight 425 mm No. 4 cylinders diameter 80 mm hydraulic pump motor power 2 hp Dnpmw93l wood fuel boiler Sceat included more
Hot water boiler 6.5 MW N0rwn Burner for oil - Klockner more
Boiler lifting tipper Diosna model: HK 115 Bfekrgxm23 For planetary kettle stainless steel 2 dumping heights DGUV V3 tested Connection 400V, 16A-CEE plug Used machine cleaned and tested with 6 months warranty more
Loos quick steam unit Brszzwbm ----- capacity: 1.000 kg/h 10 bar, yoc 1997 Weishaupt gas firing, Speck feed water pump, saftey valve, steam valve more
Operating overpressure 16 bar; oil firing/gas operation; Group IV according to steam boiler regulation § 4; Weishaupt burner; incl. flue gas heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, feed water tank, electrical components. The purchaser shall undertake free of charge the professional and environmentally friendly removal and deployment, including the cost of a crane for loading. Dismantling possible in the 4th quarter 2020! Etoeptlxo more
Woodchip boiler system, with complete, automatic work run, with screw conveyor, multi-cyclones, ash discharge, control. Still in operation. It is available from June 2020. Inspection after Biqqxllnvc Appointments possible. Very well-maintained condition. more
We sell boiler on biomass from austrian manufacturer BINDER. Boiler is in excelent condition. Bjbble8qc0 Year: 2008 Power: 500kwh Automatic working with material humidity up to 60% Price: 20.000€ more
Dennis Baldwin 3000kg p/ hr steam boiler with Dunphy gas oil burner (2007) Dwvol3 more
Loos quick steam unit ----- capacity: 1.500 kg/h x 10 bar, yoc 1997 Jvloru switch cabinet, feed water pump, valves more