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Circularsaw Make: Trennjaeger Type: TS-2 / PMC 8K Capacity: 200 x 600 mm Hpm3rw2 Year of make: 1997 Incl. measuring system: 12.000 mm Incl. Spray installation Incl. 2 Hydr. clamps Sawblade diameter: 660 mm. Cutting capacity at 90°: 220 x 650 mm Cutting capacity at 45°: 220 x 450 mm Saw adjustment:45º left/right Cutting speeds: 16/32 mtr/min. 22/44 mtr/min. Stock Number: zaag135 more
Cold saws from manufacturer IMET 8dcl2lgfj Type: Sirio 350 blade diameter: 350 mm Half automatic (air) Double miter more
Cold saws from manufacturer IMET Type: Sirio 350 Saw sheet diameter: 350 mm Half automatic Qac37vkj more
By manufacturer Bewo cold saw 7tkln0tsd Type: CPO 250 Saw blade diameter: 250 mm more
Hydr. MITRE - metal circular saw cold semiautomatic Fabr. KALTENBACH type PPS 401 H Masch. Built in 1991 Technical data: Blade size 375/400/425 mm Cutting width of 5 mm Cutting speed 10/20 m / min Cutting capacity round 130 mm 90 ° square 120 mm 45° rectangular 110 x 110 mm 90 ° flat 250 x 40 mm 45° flat 170 x 50 mm Saegeblattvorschubgeschw. 0-1200 mm / min 7c8gmkx9k Power 1.7 / 2.6 kW External dimensions 1170 x 1070 x 1960 mm Weight 1350 kg (machine only) little used, in ... more
Imet cold boater in very good condition. Type: Velox 350 SHI E UPGRADED: 350 mm semi-automatic with programable controller (manually) Pneumatic clamping fixtures Lpvjd more
Radial Circularsaw Elu Saw depth: 90 mm Cutting length: 550 mm Radial throat 880 mm Saw blade: Ø 300 mm Bladespeed: 2.650 Rpm Angle adjustment: 90° left/right Country of origin: Italy Bbcaib7hox Motor power: 3,0 kW Machine weight: 200 kg Machine LxWxH: 120 x 110 x 135 cm more
Used Log sorting and debarkingline Manufactor: SPRINGER (Length of sorting line 150 meters!) Controlingsystem: SPRECHER SPRESCAN 2D L 8 last standart ! (ready for diff. Languages) Sorting and debarking line for long and short logs, Log-length 2.5 to 15 m and 750 m Ø diameter, Calibrated control (Speaker mint condition !!)! debarking VK 32 750mm , engine runs very quietly !! (as OPTION we can offer NICOLSON A8 27'') Chop saw (circularsaw with stem fixation) 32 sorting boxes with rollover system... more
AZM 550 motor 7.5 KW Turningspeed 3600m/min Feed Control 0/1000mm/min AZM 800 motor 9.5 KW Turningspeed 3600m/min Feed Control 0/1000mm/min Ro3lw7vv9 The feedcontrol of the sawblade is infinitly adjustable through an actuator more

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