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6-color for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Colortronic, Densitronic S, CX package, Non-Stop feeder , Suction feeder table, Steel plate in feeder, Number of printing unit(s): 6, Straight machine, P32 model, SAPC semi automatic plate change, Varidamp dampening, Automatic inking roller washing device, Automatic blanket washing device, Automatic impression cylinder washing device, Dampening system: Technotrans Beta.C, AlcoSmart, Ink temperature control, Number of coating units: 1, Water base coating: chambered ductor system, Make Harris & Br... more
ROLANDMATIC dampening system TECHNOTRANS cooling + circulation unit PPL Power Plate Loading (semi-automatic) PECOM press center Preset - automatic size device Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder washing device Chromed cylinders RAFIX IR dryer UV dryer Grafix powder sprayer anilox coater Chambered blades Extended delivery Continuous feed + delivery Preloader Max. paper size: 590x740 mm Smallest size: 260x400 mm Image area: 520x740 mm Speed: 18.000s/h. Power consumption: 78 kw Lengt... more
Impression count: 72 MIO: Equipment: PQC Ink- and register remote control KOMORI MAtic dampening Royse refrigeration Unit Bzu93rz Quick change plöate clamps Non Stop Feeder and delivery Powder Spray more
Increase productivity with this Heidelberg XL 145-6-LX UV EOP, equipped with both Non-Stop feeder and delivery and Autoplate XL which reduces the makeready times, so it prints more jobs in the same period of time. Control Unit: Heidelberg Prinect Press Center , Quality control: Prinect Inpress Control, Wallscreen, Feeder type: Preset Plus Feeder, Non-Stop, Ultra Sonic Double sheet Control, Double sheet control, Number of printing units: 6x, Number of coating units: 1x, Coating unit with chamber... more
RCI: Remote Control Desk Graphometronic Densitometer PPL Semi-Automatic Plate Change Roland Deltamatic Dampening Grafix Hitronic: Powder Sprayer Dwzmuq Powder Removal Grafix Technotrans Cooling Device Kersten Antistatic Device Feeder & Delivery Automatic Blanket Washing Device Automatic Impression Cylinder Washing Device Automatic Ink Roller Washing Device Ink. Temperature Control Grafix IR Dryer Coating System Tresu with Doctor Chamber Blade Extended Delivery 2477 mm Raised 560 mm more
Speed 17.000 c/h, DensiTronic S, QualiTronic Professional, SIS Sensoric Infeed System Electromechanic sheet control Additional Double sheet control, Non-Stop Rollo on feeder, ACR control - video register, Non-stop feeder with automatic pile logistic FAPC fully automatic plate change Ink, blanket and impression cylinders automatic washing devices, Filtration System of the dampening solution Technotrans Beta.f, Technotrans Hi-Tech Combi beta.c cooling device ink temp control combined with damping ... more
Schijndel, Netherlands Netherlands
dealership location
6281 km
ready for operation (used)
CCI, Prepress Interface CIP 3, Non-Stop feeder , Suction feeder table, Steel plate in feeder, Number of printing unit(s): 6, Straight machine, PPL semi automatic plate change, Roland Deltamatic dampening, Automatic inking roller washing device, Automatic blanket washing device, Number of coating units: 2, Water base coating: chambered ductor system, Make Tresu, Roland Seccomatic IR / Hot Air dryer, Extended delivery, Non Stop delivery, Powder unit, Machine raised by (cm): 275 mm Corvfqps more
CD 102 6 LX Hybrid UV & IR Hybrid Rollers for Conventional and UVI Jobs TECHNOTRANS beta.c Elevated Machine 60 cm 3 UV lamps in the delivery 2 UV Interdeck lamps between 1&2 and 3 & 4 fixed Spectral Accelerated Drying system 1 Anilox Roller Machine is connected to a central air supply Heidelberg Register system air cooled Infra red dryer Machine very well maintained with all books and tools Alcolor automatic Film Dampening CPC1-04 Ink and register remote control with Jobca... more
Year 1995 - Complete of: Vkzwv9ad Perfecting 2/4 - 6/0 - High pile delivery - Steel plate on feeder and delivery with ramp (for plastic or wooden pallets)- Stream feeder with belt - Electronic double sheet detectionX- Electromechanic double sheet detection - Electronic side lay control, fotoelectronic and akustic- Anti-static on feeder and delivery - Alcolor continuous dampening system with Technotrans's alcohol metering; cooling and re-circulation unit system - Preset (autom. paper size and th... more
Here we are offering you an amazing KBA 162A-6+L CX with both Non-Stop feeder and delivery, extended delivery, and cardboard package. Control Unit: Control Pult with Screen, Feeder type: KBA Feeder, Non-Stop, Double sheet control, Anti static, Number of printing units: 6x, Number of coating units: 1x, Coating unit with chamber doctor blade, Plate changing: PWHA semi auomatic plate change, Delivery type: extended delivery, Non-Stop, Anti static, IR Dryer, Powder device: Weko, Cardboard Packag... more
Perfecting 2/4 - 6/0 CP 2000: Touch Screen Console All Washing Devices Automatic Heidelberg Autoplate (Automatic Plate Changing System) O3to3k7h Grafix Alphatronic 200: Powder Sprayer Ink unit Temperature Control Technotrans (Watercooled) Alcolor Dampening more
Heidelberg SpeedMaster 74-6 P3 +L 2/4 or 6/0 with perfection Year: 2000 Format: 520 x 740 mm CP2000 AutoPlate Alcolor dampening Coater unit Weko antimaculate powder Rollers washer Bi8ehhbr8l Blanket washer Impress.: aroun 158 mill. Max. Speed: 15000 sheets / hour In production more
Schijndel, Netherlands Netherlands
dealership location
6281 km
ready for operation (used)
CCI, Suction feeder table, Anti static device, Steel plate in feeder, Number of printing unit(s): 6, Straight machine, PPL semi automatic plate change, Roland Deltamatic dampening, Automatic inking roller washing device, Automatic blanket washing device, Automatic impression cylinder washing device, Dampening system: Technotrans Beta.C, AlcoSmart, Ink temperature control, Number of coating units: 1, Water base coating: chambered ductor system, Make Tresu, Number of Anilox roller(s): 3, IR drying... more
Hückelhoven, Germany Germany
6354 km
good condition (used)
Easy control Pre-charge the device Anilox coating unit IR dryer Non-stop feeder Non-stop delivery Powder sprayer Shortage supply 550 l / h air-cooled Included in delivery for UV tests Giwth0j Non-stop rake Dryer combination box Multi-sheet detector Double sheet detector Extended, 2 module X2 Antistatic device compact Chamber blade Ipa measurement bonus Extractor hood dryer AirStar Pro Prinect Press Center CP 2000 ALCOLOR VARIO damping systems Semi-automatic plate loader Automatic washing device ... more
KBA RAPIDA 105-6 SW2 PWHA YEAR 1999 Oerhauled IN 2015 Bjqkj9c9dq MAX SIZE 72X105CM MIN SIZE 36X52CM Pefecting 2/4 Image area: 710 × 1030 mm Speed: 15,000 copies / h Dampening alcohol baldwin system Blanket washing: automatic ink roller washing: Automatic Plate Change: Semiautomatic Dryer: IR Elthos Command table: Colortronic Softw management: Colortronic varidamp (register, dampening and inking system of remote control) Registers: Axial - Circumferential - Diagonal State Machine: New rollers ... more
This Heidelberg XL 75-6+LYYL (F) UV in 605 × 750 format delivers top efficiency, maximum productivity, and total ease of operation for the greatest possible success. The offset printing machine offers you extensive configuration options for the most demanding requirements in commercial, label, and packaging printing. The machine is equipped with two coating units and unique on the market. Muss8w The result is a customized press. Control Unit: Heidelberg Prinect Press Center CP 2000, Feeder typ... more
6 Colour Straight + Coater Roland Deltamatic Dampening RCI: Remote Control Desk Colorpilot Densitometer PPL Semi-Automatic Plate Change 1st Printing Unit with UV dryer (but no Interdecks) All Washing Devices Automatic Ink. Temperature Control & Technotrans Cooling Roland Seccomatic IR/TL Dryer in 6.Unit Coating System Tresu with Doctor Chamber Blade QuickChange Coating Fast Coating change-over Airglide Delivery Extended Delivery UV preparation in Delivery Roland Seccomatic IR/TL Dryer at Deliver... more
CODIMAG VIVA 340 - WATERLESS labeling machine - Serial 160 - year of construction 2002 - Waterless-Offset - Semi-rotary 340 mm. Bandwidth - 6 printing colors - UV drying - In-line Screen printing unit, Bjmstpkin2 - FLEXO UV printing unit, - Rotating die with "Gap Master" system, - Unit for HOT-FOIL application - Speed up to 90 m./min. - Development up to 12" Available : Immediately Note: Video Available !!! more
Year 1989 - Complete of: Nonstop feeder – Nonstop Rollomatic delivery – Elevated machine (300 mm) – Automatic roller wash – Bjk2zaqij3 Automatic blanket wash – Rolandmatic dampening system – RCI-2 Ink control remote – Quick action plate clamps – Weko powder spray – Coater - Baldwin refrigeration + recirculation – Mabeg feeder. Technical Data Max paper size: 1000x1400 mm Smallest size: 600x850 mm Speed: 10.000 sh/h Width: 4650 mm Height: 2900 mm Colours: 6 more
Hückelhoven, Germany Germany
6354 km
excellent (used)
KBA RA 105-6+LV ALV2 Hybrid P-40 model Max speed 18.000 sh/h Foil kit for plastic 2 UV Interdecks 1/2 & 4/5 UV Interdeck after unit 6 3 IR lamps in the delivery Non Stop feeder and delivery Hot Air Kba Rapid dry Grafix Multicontrol BALDWIN FAPC: Fully Automatic Plate Change UV Dryers in extended delivery w/ Grafix Interdecks Foil Package High Pile DensiTronic Professional Cooling for Ink rollers Automatic washing for ink rollers, blankets and impression cylinders. 3 washing c... more
Komori L640 LX Year: 1994 Maximum Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm Non Stop Feeder, PQC, KMS, Presets Komorimatic, Technotrans Chiller, FAPC Automatic Plate Change ( Fully Working Highly Maintained), Bjkihflbyi Automatic Blanket Roller & Impression wash, Chrome cylinders, Powder Spray, Tower Coater, IVT IR Dryer, De-curler, Non Stop Delivery more
CPC1-04 CpTronic Alcolor Autoplate autom. impression cylinder washing unit autom. ink unit washing device autom. blanket wahing device IR dryer Heidelberg Grafix Alphatronic 200 Gac2rmur more
- 6 printing units + coating unit (chamber duct) + extended delivery - Chamber duct system Tresu - Ink remote control RCI - Ink control system ColorPilot - Roland Deltamatic dampenings - Cooling unit Technotrans - Ink unit temperature control - Automatic plate change - Automatic washing devices - Antistatic device - Dry sprayer Grafix Cantronic - Powder absorbing Schneider - IR / TL dryer Roland Seccomatic Bjbqew02yp - AIRGLIDE delivery - Air supply closet Becker VariAir more
approx. 207 million impressions (April 2019), CX-device, NonStop device, SIS, NonStop Rollo delivery, fully automatic plate change, High-tech cooling combi device Technotrans, Alcosmart AZR, varnish tower with chamber ductor blade and screen roller, varnish suppy and cleaning device Harris & Bruno, extd. delivery 2600 mm, IR-/ Thermo air dryer in extd. delivery, airsupply cabinet aircooled, ACR-control, DensiTronic S, Qualitronic professionell, incl. Logistik von Krifft & Zipsner Bfowx97zct up ... more
Impressinon count: 142 MIO. Size: 530 X 740 mm Stock thickness max. 0,04 - 1,0 mm Speed max.: 18.000 s/h Equipment: RCI Ink- and Register remote control Color Pilot FM 19 PECOM Control Roland Matic dampening System VARIO TECHNOTRANS COMBI beta.c Refrigetion Unit Ink unit temperature control APL full automated plate changer Nxhox automatic make ready all automatic washing devices double size impression- and transfer cylinder Double... more
Model XL 105-6+LX3 Elevated 525 mm Preset Plus Extended delivery X3 Coater with Chamber ductor blades + Anilox roller Press voltage 50 Hz (380 V) Heidelberg Autoplate Combination unit Coating Unit Varnish form rollers 10 cm 3 Varnish supply 550 l/h Chambered blade air cooled Non Stop pile feeder Intercom to delivery Multiple sheet detector Dryer equipment 4 slides in unit exhaust hood dryer Non Stop rake CleanStar Weko AP 500 powder sprayer ELTEX antistatic de... more
KBA RAPIDA 105-6 L CX ALV2 450 Max paper size: 740 x 1050 mm Min paper size: 350 x 500 mm Max print size: 730 x 1040 mm Max speed: 16 000 sheets/h Substrates: 0,06 - 1,2 mm VARIDAMP alcohol dampening Ergotronic Color Control Erfotronic LAB Qualitronic ColorControl Qualitronic ColorView ErgoTronic ACR LogoTronic CIPLink Colortronic (Register, Dampening and Ink Remote System Control) Technotrans refrigeration Extended Delivery SAPC Semi-automatic plate change Harris & Bruno varnishing to... more
Model, Concept, 6-colour wet offset, year 1995, Reel-reel- fold and sheet with stacker Unistack 2000, with many different formats cassettes, Fb8up89 24" inch 25" inch IST UV curing GP Tinter with automatic colour change system optional Flexo printing cassette perfect conditions. more
Year 2007 - Complete of: Dtowwznfm Impressions 39 mio at January 2020 - CP2000 - PresetPlus Feeder - Preset Plus Delivery X3 - Alcolor Combistar - Autoplate - KIT Foil (antistatic for plastic print) - ink agitator every printing unit - UV all printing units - UV dryer delivery UV EOP 200W IST - 3 Interdeck UV IST 200W more
KBA Rapida 104 Year 1991 Max sheest size : 1060x745 mm 6 Colors + varnish Varnish UV/IR - switchable lamps + Hot Air Enc9klj Baldwin Electronic register on all 7 modules (inks + varnish) Colortronic IR/UV Cooling system - Wallace Knight System non stop delivery and feeder Powder system Central lubrication system PWHA Semi automatic plate change Automatic wash for cylinders rubber lot of spare parts and accesories over 250 CTP plates included more
MAN ROLAND 706 3B Year : 1995 Colours : 6 offset Print format: 70x100 cm. Table size: 795x1040 mm. Speed: 15,000 sh / h Print layout: 2-4 / 6-0 Complete with: control console with LCD Touch screen Included: autoplate, preset, roller cleaner, cylinder washer, cooling refrigerator. No. of copies: approximately 116,000,000 Documents: EC REDUCED Price !!! : 98.000 Eur (Loaded) Gvxbbo Important Note: Machine disassembled and ready for loading !!!, before dismantling, performed by very experienced... more
MAN ROLAND REKORD RSK3B 135 milion Impression YEAR 1987 ROLANDMATIC DAMPENING RCI 2 Stream Feed Electro mechanical Double Sheet Detect RCI Linear Edelmann Cooling Quick Action Clamps Perfecting 2+4 Sp9x2siqv Weko Powder Spray Visible in production more
Model, Concept, 6-colour wet offset, Muxn08 year 2003, Reel-reel- fold and sheet with stacker Unistack 2000, with many different formats cassettes, 24" inch 25" inch IST UV curing optional Flexo printing cassette perfect conditions. more

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